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Gerard Butler: Beverly Hills Office Meeting

Gerard Butler: Beverly Hills Office Meeting

Gerard Butler grins at photographers as he heads to an office on Wednesday (August 24) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 41-year-old Scottish stud was joined at the office by Regis and Kelly host Regis Philbin!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Gerard Butler

Late last week, the trailer for Gerry‘s latest movie, Machine Gun Preacher, was released! The film will be out in theaters nationwide on September 23.

Gerry will also hit the big screen soon in Coriolanus – did you see the newly released poster for the movie yet?

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gerard butler office building beverly hills 05

Credit: Richard Beetham; Photos: Splash News Online
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  • LLL

    @GFW: I understand now…You are thinking Regis Philbin would be a good role model in Gerard Butler’s personal life. Maybe there is a certain void in his life in that respect. Regis Philbin seems admirable in those qualities. Professionally, Gerard Butler is actor/producer in feature film and Regis Philbin has been a long time talk/variety tv host. I don’t see a connection there that he might serve as an mentor in the line of business Gerard is pursuing…more than being supportive as a friend.

    @Enough Already: JJ thread script states “Scottish stud was joined at the office by Regis and Kelly host Regis Philbin!”. It seems odd there no pictures of them greeting each other as the walked through the doorway. Maybe another site has those photos. Until there are pictures or a public announcement…as always fans will just have to speculate.

  • Paisley

    @Enough Already: @Enough Already: You too hon!

  • Paisley

    @Appilonia G. MontiNegro: YES…what you said! ;-D I couldn’t agree more, Appilonia. Well said! I promote and support Gerry as well, but the vast majority of my support gets put into my Live Journal honoring this truly unique, beautiful and talented man. Click on my name to visit if you would like. I’d love to have you!

  • Paisley

    @Enough Already: I tried to ask you…where on the east coast are you? Apologies if I double post – JJ seems to be having a few minor hiccups today…

  • Enough Already

    @Paisley: I’m in NJ, about 60 miles from NYC. I thought I heard on last night’s news that NYC might get a direct hit, but I’m guessing that’s just one of the projected paths of this storm. Lived most of my life on Long Island and we’ve been hit hard on occasion before it heads up to your area. Still hoping it turns eastward and spares us all.

  • Enough Already

    @GFW: Ok, I wasn’t sure if it was actually mentioned somewhere that they were attending a meeting together or if it was just assumed because they happened to walk into an office building together. Hey, where’s his man bag that he always carries to meetings???

  • LLL

    @gossiphound: Style is subjective and it is ever changing. There are many influences as to what one decides on as “my style” in clothing. But mostly I think it has to do one’s position in life or business as to what one can wear. I agree with your statement about females… they are slammed frequently for fashion choices. Seems the public expects more from females and is more forgiving toward males where fashion is concerned. But then again if Regis Philbin was the one in the rumbled clothes, he would really get cut down for his choice. Maybe it is all public perception and what we have become accustomed to seeing a celebrity wearing. As we all know Gerard Butler usually looks great in a suit/tux on the red carpet. But maybe he is at the point in his career where feels more comfortable letting his wardrobe say…”this is the real me”. I think he knows what he can get away. Gerard is unique…and it seems he is not afraid to show his individuality.

  • GFW

    @101, LLL, don’t see why what they do (as their chosen careers) has to do with with it mentoring. And I wasn’t specifically referring to the business (like each other) side to it but that Regis has made it successfully in the quicksand that is Hollywood. Hard to explain. But more on a personal nature… but of course this is all speculation after seeing a photo of them walking together! ooOOoo gossip, but good gossip. :o)
    Think Gerry, after a decade in the business, is learning how to use Hollywood and not the other way around.
    His whole ambiance seems better too. His posture. His aura. Okay… I’m sounding like dardingbat. LOL I have a saying about Gerry that you have to be careful what you drop in the water. In other words, who he chooses to hang out with… he becomes. That can shift from good, like Regis, to bad, like with people who betray his privacy. Who betrays privacy but (perhaps) people wishing to sabotage or steal his joy? I’ve another saying too, F.E.A.R. (for everything a reason).

  • Appilonia G. MontiNegro

    @Paisley: Hey that is just Great! How beautiful , well done, thank you for the invite. I put a message in your journal but I do not know if it went threw. Appilonia G. MontiNegro…Thanks again…

  • Enough Already

    @GFW: “His whole ambiance seems better too. His posture. His aura. Okay… I’m sounding like dardingbat.”

    Okay, I really did laugh out loud when I read this. Dardingbat. Love it. LOL Good one GFW!

  • Latesummer’s Eve


    “He makes the Home Depot crowd look dapper.”


    What’s that suppose to mean? You’ve never been in a Home Depot before? I love that place! LOL!

  • LLL

    @GFW: I agree. Your points are valid.

  • Latesummer’s Eve

    “Okay, I really did laugh out loud when I read this. Dardingbat. Love it. LOL Good one GFW!”


    OK, sockpuppet, it’s chastising time! Is is not cruel to name call? LOL!

  • Paisley

    @Appilonia G. MontiNegro: Hi Appilonia…I’m so glad you like my little corner of Gerry-worship! Nope, I don’t think your comment went through but that’s okay. You are welcome to visit as often as you like and you can always try again! :-)

  • LLL

    Let me clarify my agreement with GFW in post #108. She does makes good points. “Think Gerry, after a decade in the business, is learning how to use Hollywood and not the other way around” I think he is very good at networking. He knows how and where to make contacts and connections. I also agree that the people one hangs out with can be a good or bad influence ….that is general good advice in anyone’s life. With that said, I am not agreeing with GFW if she is referencing Gerard Butler’s personal life or friends..that is her personal point of view and opinion…

  • LLL

    After re-reading my posts… Sorry fellow JJ posters for my left out words and misspells. Some days are just that way. I guess I won’t be getting any high marks for multi-tasking today.

  • sockpuppet

    @Enough Already: evryone is wonderin. Regis on Craig Ferguson last nite saying doing lots of meetins. I think he might meet with Gerard just to do a week of hosting, but no more. Regis is 80 as of today, and he was up with it and funny on Ferguson. Gerry has been on his show 2 times 2009 and 2010.

  • sockpuppet

    @Latesummer’s Eve: u were challengin her right at her, tryin to get her to answer. name callin is a diff thing. sorry not so good at explaining!

  • sockpuppet

    @LLL: u shld not apologize, my spellin and typin r bad, but I do not give a flyin f..k ha!

    I am the worst 1 here.

  • angelsrock


    Our energy provider left messages on all thier customers phones to help with preparing for Irene. They said to expect power outages.
    We’ll stock up on bottled water and plenty of nonperishable foods!
    And batteries and maybe a few extra flashlights. I want to finish The Help this weekend before I see the movie. Stay away, Irene!!!

  • LLL

    @sockpuppet: Thanks. i always enjoy your humor and good common sense

  • Dragonette

    @cubedweller: IAWTC. Dude clearly needed to have a meeting with an iron. Meanwhile you have Regis beside him, who’s twice his age, looking fly and GQ as hell.

  • God Bless yoou all!

    For those of you on the east coast, our prayers are with you.
    Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.
    John 14:27

  • Try sitting ina office allday

    @lolita: Hi, I’m not sure what i mean?? Don’t get me wrong he still looks completely handsome & fabulous.
    always good to see G smiling & happy !
    all the best with your move.

  • sockpuppet

    @Dragonette: lots of his fans love his wringkld look; makes us want to help him get dressed…. ha!

    or undressed:

  • Candice

    Gerry’s rumpled look is so him. Thin, built, scruffy, understated and rebellious. I think his long hair and hair color finally is adjusted to suit him. The blond wasn’t working. He looks very happy.

  • niknoks

    @Latesummer’s Eve:

    Yes, it seems it’s one rule for one and another for the rest of us plebs. ;-D

  • lolita

    @Paisley: Hi, Paisley. Still packing boxes. The place looks like a warehouse. I am a pack rat that’s for sure. I did get someone to come and take the appliances, they are shocked because I don’t want anything for them. I am just happy they are taking them off my hands and I won’t have to move them. I’m excited and a little nervous about the new life I am starting, but what the heck everyone needs a change once and awhile. I like Gerry’s casual look, the only thing is, when you see his back in the pic with Regis, his pants look twisted. I know I am caught again checking out his butt (or lack of one). Can’t seem to help myself.

  • lolita

    @Try sitting ina office allday: Try, I think the difference is he darkened his hair and his beard is getting a little grayer. We seem to be adjusting to his new slim body to where it doesn’t seem to shock us anymore. I know you think he is a handsome bugger and I agree with you there. Did you find out about any release dates yet for your area? I hope they start advertising the trailer soon with more info on where and when the movie will be available to the general public. Take care and talk to you soon.

  • Pete

    Gerry seems to like cargo pants.

  • lolita

    Good grief, I just checked on the hurricane, it looks so huge. To all the JJr’s in its path please be safe. Where I am in NY we might get the outer edge but not like what is heading up the shoreline.
    Our earth seems to be going through some major changes, and not for the good. Some much destruction happening all over the world.

  • Looker

    Socketpuppet….thanks for the video…. I haven’t watched that in a while and I just loved watching Gerry strip down especially with that stripper song… what a hoot….What I would have given to have been there helping out…I feel just like Apilonia(?sp)…I could really gush over him. I just love him…love everything about him…don’t know why….but “he does have a spell on me”….lol

  • Honey

    Pls stop wearing cargo pants, I hate it!!!!!!!!! clean on top, raggedy on the bottom.

    Love you 300x

  • Latesummer’s Eve


    It’s the pockets! They’re full of cell phones.

  • lolita

    New thread!!

  • Mellifera

    @sockpuppet: You’re so right…we all see different things! Right now I’m more focussed on his nice smile, so if he wants to wear baggy ole pants then I’m gonna say “go for it, Ger!”, lol.

  • Mellifera

    @lolita: already?

  • lolita

    @Mellifera: Melli, you silly goose, baggy ole pants. Yeah, I’m with you, I’d like something tighter to show off his long lean legs. I’m sure you agree.
    New thread but not so nice of one so far.