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Hayden Christensen: Toronto Takeoff

Hayden Christensen: Toronto Takeoff

Hayden Christensen catches a departing flight at Toronto Pearson International Airport on Tuesday (August 23) in Toronto, Canada.

The 30-year-old actor was recently included in‘s “10 Best Scenes for Young Actors” list.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Hayden Christensen

“[Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith] has two scenes that make the list of best scenes for young actors. This first one is the scene where Anakin Skywalker (Christensen) chooses the dark side and helps kill Mace Windu (Samuel L. Jackson). It is a strong moment in the movie made poignant by this young actor,” the website writes.

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  • trisha

    Yeah!! Always good to see Hayden.

  • lillybell27

    Off to be with Rachel for 30th B-day.

  • ozzie

    Always glad to see Hayden. People always bash him for Star Wars but the dialog for those 2 movies was so awefull there wasn’t much he could do with it. I liked Jumpers a lot. He seems to have given up on Hollywood and I don’t blame him. =)

  • Lilakoi

    cool glasses!! =) love him

  • lexy hates bilson

    Poor Hayden…it’s sad that his career seems to be over. At this rate Josh Schwartz will have to start giving him jobs too!

  • just me

    @lillybell27: why he always have to go see her everytime he leave home?Hayden has been to germany to a game show. That jared failed to mention to you all. If he did his research. All those men rachel being with and you failed to noticed ?You don’t know where he is going. You need to stop using hayden everytime he leave home. Rachel is the one that mess up hayden career by wanting him to be with her in la. He don’t need to see her on her birthday. He needs to go there for work instead. That’s what he do when go there anyway.Let those men that she was hanging out with there for her birthday. And stop using hayden when those men she be with don’t pay her any attention anymore. Then people wants to use hayden for escape goat for her. I hope he don’t come there only for work and leave. He wasn’t with her last year. Why should he be with her this year because he ‘s not working anywhere. That’s wrong for you to say. when she been with other guys.

  • @ just me`

    You need to chill out and stop acting like you know everything Hayden and Rachel do, you sound like a stalker or something! You do not know them, quit acting like you watch everything they say and do, lol!

  • screwed


  • searlus

    It looks like that Manakin’s doing another set of photo-ops on the” beach” all over again…. poor tool!

  • C3

    You’ve all missed it somehow. Didn’t you forget? It’s sexy Rachel’s birthday. If it were me and she was my hot girl do you think I’d miss my chance getting another hot f**k with that sensual hot thing? Damn you girls are so fickle. If you’re hot man doesn’t see his hot babe on her birthday then he won’t be getting another hot f**k from that sexy girl. He might be out of work and he might be dressed for street walking lol. But the dude’s not stupid enough to ditch his shot for a 1000 more free hot nights getting in on with Rachel. Now her choice in men? She’s got a soft spot for mutt dogs. Her biggest downfall. She’s not doing a thing to hurt Christensen. Maybe it’s the other way around. She knows where she wants to live and she’s not torn between two countries. She doesn’t go to Canada unemployed or try to line her pockets with the pennies Canadians pay her for whatever bit part she can get. She doesn’t live jobless in Canada while the rest of us try to work hard for a living or at least look like we’re interested in working. She’s not done one thing except love living in Los Angeles which is her home morons. And she’s not stupid enough to say ” I Do” to Christensen when he’s so indecisive. I thought you girls liked a man who knew what he wanted. I thought you girls who liked a man who goes out and takes charge and knows what he wants. Well some of you are so damned stupid and show just how horny you are and that’s all that drives you for him.

    Hayden keeps going to the united states to live off Americans as some two bit unemployed actor who can only get bit parts in movies or obscure films no one will remember him for. He’s f**kng indecisive and he looks like a kindergartener with his shoes unlaced all the time. You’re 30 years old Christensen. Grow the hell up.

  • @C3

    How does Hayden live off us Americans? He can’t get unemployment here and I don’t see him asking for money like a homeless person.

  • C3


    Sure he lives off you Americans and Canadians too. He does it by shacking up with Rachel and doing these worthless films which he gets all the pennies out of the pockets of housewives who have school girl hots for him. He’s taking your money. So he’s living nicely shacked up with Rachel, taking YOUR money for NOWHERE films that do nothing good for his career.

    When will you wet pantied girls open your eyes and see him for what he is and not what you want him to be or imagine in your fantasies.

    He’s lined his pockets with hard earned pennies you housewives slave to get. And he’s shacking it up and getting laid with Rachel. Isn’t that what he’s been doing? Are all of you women like little girls or something and not have brain? Do you girls like it when a man lives with you and doesn’t have a job and only comes a calling when he wants to get laid? I would have thought you girls would be smart women.

    But it’s just Christensen attracts certain kinds of women. Maybe you can figure out the rest.

  • Gilly

    @C3: I think he’s just going to LA for Rachel’s birthday because she’s his girlfriend and he loves her.

  • juniper

    Why is it that those 2 JUNKper couplet hasnt been married yet?! They really deserved each other as as both of them are “No-Talent-Screwed-Up-Losers”!

  • @C3

    Nobody forced anyone watch his movies it is a choice, and as it’s obvious that you are not American or Canadian should you not be worried about actors from your country–cause your schoolboy fantasy about Rachel ain’t going to happen soon.

    Go buy a R magazine or something.

  • C3


    And you are one of those twits who has her panties in a tangle over Christensen. How old are you? 50 years old? I think we all know how many older women are here trying to hang onto their sexual fantasies before they get too old.

    First, I’m from Canada. Second, sometimes I do work in a foreign country. And what makes you think I’m a “foreigner”? Be careful princess. You’re answer may sound like a snied racist remark. It’s silly and unintelligent to assume I’m from a “foreign” country. I think “your country” might be considered “foreign” to others who may live in Australia or New Zealand or Great Britain.

    I have plenty of Penthouse with women far sexier than Rachel Bilson. But I happen to think she’s hot and saucy. If I think any girl is hot and saucy I’m going to say so.

    And who says I don’t want to watch Hayden in a movie in hope he might succeed? I don’t hate the dude. And I don’t hope he fails. I do wish people would see him for who he is and tell it like it is seperate from their hot wet fantasies of him. You talk like school girls over his physical appearance and then turn around and complain about Rachel’s physical appearance. You slam her but get defensive when an “intelligent” person points out some good points about Christensen. You must be an uneducated woman. I feel sorry for you.

  • CC

    @ Gilly

    I agree with your assessment, Hayden is back in LA because Rachel is his girlfriend and he loves her. They spend alot more time together now than they used to, Rachel is working again and admited in her Instyle Makeover magazine that they are together. Hayden had a movie he could have made recently, but did not for reasons of his own.There is not alot to say about them anymore, compared to one year ago at this time, big difference in the number of comments on both of them.

  • fact

    Justin Timberlake that is a singer, does more film than Hayden, that is actor.

  • juniper

    @17 – There is not alot to say about them anymore…
    Coz they dont have a career anymore – all are/were just their PR manufactured media hype – that only JJ (their gossip pimp) would only ($$$) care about.

  • fans?

    There are less comments because alot of so called fans have stopped commenting on Hayden and Rachel because they don’t like them together. When they broke up, there were lots of comments on how great it was they weren’t together anymore, etc.. So alot of those who don’t like them together have chosen to not comment much on Hayden and Rachel anymore. Need an example of these so called fans losing it because they are together? Check out the last post of Hayden and Rachel together here on JJ from the beginning of July. There were some comments on there that like “Hayden should disappear in shame” for being in photos with Rachel when they were shopping. It is probably better to not say anything than be a so called fan and fall apart because a celebrity has a girlfriend/boyfriend that you don’t like. The nerve of Hayden and Rachel for thinking they have the right to be together, when other people think they should not be! Not liking a celebrity anymore because you do not like who they date is rather childish. If you don’t like them, fine, but base it on their work, etc., not on who they date/marry.

  • C3


    Yeah ditto. What “work”? I’m almost positive that if there WERE any films and activity in their careers WORTH mentioning then all of the attention on relationships would be quite hampered. All that seems to be out there for “FANS” to talk about concerning the career of these two happens to be their relationship. Because that is all they have given the public. So you complaining about disappointed fans is really rather mute. Most “fans” enjoy their celebrity of choice because of the hype surrounding their wonderful career. When a career has been downgraded to fame whoring on sites like JJ just to spruce up the gossip and get attention for actors who are STAGNANT and going nowhere in their careers there will of course be negative views. Live with it. Or go somewhere else like Desiring Hayden where they will not allow you really to express your dislike in public. But they will allow you to write the filthiest fan fiction and share in “private”. This is really about CONTROL and guess what? You cannot control the freedom of speech of fans.

    That all being said. I’m no fan of Christensen. But Rachel sure is hot and delicious.

  • fans?

    @ C3

    People can say whatever they want about these two. Hayden may not have worked much for awhile, but he is always getting attention for the “work” he did in Star Wars, whether it is recent or not. When Hayden and Rachel were in Jumper, there was plenty of gossip about them. There is gossip about lots of celebrities relationships, even though they are currently working. Kate Bosworth and Alexander Skargard, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, there are lots of current celebs that work and are talked about for their relationships as well. So comments and gossip about currently working celeb couples is not hampered by their work, whether it is good or bad. There is less work to comment on, those who don’t like Hayden and Rachel comment about that regardless, you always find those comments. Yes, if there was a movie of Hayden’s to talk about, there would be more comments. Rachel has a TV show in the works that will probably get more attention when it comes out. Some people like seeing photos of Hayden and Rachel, or any celeb they like, and enjoy seeing them on here. So the fact their photos are on JJ and other sites will have to be dealt with, as well, since you cannot control that, either. I could care less what people say about either one of them, I just find it rather funny that people who claim to be fans of Hayden and Rachel bash them for being together, and act like they do not have the right to choose who they want to have a relationship with. People who don’t like one or the other will always comment negatively, I would not classify those people as fans. Have a nice day, I’m done here!

  • C3


    You don’t like my opinion lady that’s fine. But it doesn’t mean you are right and I am wrong. Let’s face it. No one has anything better to talk about. No movies, not anything. So if you have something better to talk about then have at it. But don’t TELL people how to talk, how to think, or even that they are wrong because they TALK about what Just Jared puts out for that purpose alone. Just Jared puts photos out of Hayden and Rachel. They do it to to get the attention where they want it. If you don’t like that then don’t visit Just Jared. They will continue to post these kinds of photos and the fans WILL continue to display their opinions. Some will be nonchalant, neutral, others will be hot opinions and then there will be the one’s where people say they dislike. You just have to live with it. This is Just Jared. They are doing their job nicely. Now let every one who is a person say their opinion whether it agrees with yours or not. Have fun arguing with me princess. I love to argue with housewives who sit in front of their computers all day drenched because they’re hot for Christensen but have NO sense in what is considered quality acting or quality acting material. Rachel and Christensen are NO Brad and Angelina. That’s hilarious!!!!! And that’s the whole point.

    You don’t have to visit. If you want to stay I’d love to talk more with you princess. You arouse me and have just made me horny. Keep chatting your bull. But I doubt that’s going to change my mind sweetheart.

  • pathetically lmao!

    … that some IMDB fan w/ that creepy-crawling insect name just cant get enough or more like cant live w/o defending at all cost her favorite unemployed hacktor on gossip blogs!

  • pathetically lmao!

    …… that some IMDB fan w/ that creepy-crawling insect name just cant get enough or more like cant live w/o defending at all cost her favorite unemployed hacktor on gossip blogs!!!

  • annie

    poor hayden, no work or decent him stinky bilson.2 people known for bad in bed.

  • OMG!


    C3 is an example of someone’s brain trying to expell too much gas. No one reads past the fourth line dude.

  • C3


    Except you princess. LOL

    You’re seething either with hate or you just love me darling. Are you steaming mad or steaming hot for me? Everytime you think you’re pricking me I can’t help but laugh because it tickles! LOL I’m awful glad I have something in the brain to expel. Some little girls just have space in there and don’t know how to be women. Or they are middle aged women wishing they were young enough to pump Christensen. Too bad lady. You need to take care of your own husband instead of dreaming about Christensen taking you away.

    You’re hot sweetheart. Keep it going. I love all you girls. Especially the girl from Alaska.

  • Voice of Reason

    Sorry for the late reply to your obvious post “pathetically Imao!” the words are in your siggy at your Imdb account, however I have better things to do than make you look more stupid than you already are.

  • chloe

    love him!!!