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Katie Holmes: 'Don't Be Afraid of the Dark' In Theaters Friday!

Katie Holmes: 'Don't Be Afraid of the Dark' In Theaters Friday!

Katie Holmes makes her way into a studio with her laptop and iPad in hand on Wednesday (August 24) in Los Angeles.

The 32-year-old actress stayed comfy in a t-shirt, sweatpants, and Toms shoes.

Katie took a trip to the gym the day before.

Katie‘s film Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark hits theaters this Friday (August 26)!

The horror flick follows a young girl (Bailee Madison) who is sent to live with her father (Guy Pearce) and his new girlfriend (Holmes), and discovers creatures in her new home who want to claim her as one of their own.

10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes at a studio and the gym…

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  • dani

    Ugh. As usual no style sense.

  • blah

    oh, the airhead again!

  • Joji

    Katie and Joshua Jackson attend the same dinner party with their significant others:

    Kate acts like she is in hell. why did she even go?

  • @Joji

    Wow, everyone is having a good time and Katie is just standing there. I love how cool Josh is.

  • missy b

    Did you guys even watch the video? You can see her smiling and chatting. I guess people see what they want to see.

  • @missy b

    She looks very uncomfortable. Especially in the beginning. There are several shots of her standing by herself. Her smile at the dinner table looks totally fake. If she is uncomfortable being alone why didn’t she bring her design assistant–Bella (step-daughter) or Jeanne Yang.

  • kelly

    jean yang is there. she’s katie’s date. she’s the only one katie is talking too while maria, halle…everyone else are meeting new people. she’s anti-social. did you see josh meet halle for the first time–social. diane kruger was fun. cute dress too.

  • Oh god

    Jeanne yang is there!….. But she’s a dud too…. Katie Holmes is so lame. Totally unnatural and you can tell by the way she greet people, she thinks she’s #royal or something. Keep trying Katie Holmes, Kate Middleton your not and never will be!

  • @Joji

    Great fly-on-the-wall video. I think it’s very telling that Katie didn’t give an interview. Whether or not you like Halle, she is very profession and a hard working. Katie is just a spoiled brat. Oh, and Jean Yang looked like CRAP!

  • Eww

    I’ve always despised Katie Holmes… And I often root celebs on…even Tom cruise with all that wacky stuff doesn’t perterb me… Just something, which I really can’t put my finger on, irks me about this woman. Maybe it’s the suri bragging and pretentious smirk like “look how great I am, I have so much stuff and a big life and you don’t” attitude. But I’m not the only one, Katie holes is not someone you would bring up in conversations in my circles, she’s a joke. I’m not jealous, I have a great life, i always support great actors, but this woman has no clue what a joke she really is b/c people kiss her ass to her face and I think she needs a big smack in the face. She’s like a little bratty girl who never grew up.Shes messed up.

  • ?

    She’s so trying hard to be Kate middlton lately… Next to Kate m, Katie holmes is white trash.

  • The Parasite

    Check out Jean Yang when Maria Shriver walks in saying “hi.” Jean literally has her arms crossed. Her body language is even worse when Katie is getting her picture taken. She’s such a pain the azz.

  • tweener

    everybody was mingling with other people. you see joshua jackson practically talking to everybody .

    katie holmes on the other hand, was just taking to jean yang. they were the hole time by them self.
    nobody even wanted to join them .

    you could tell from halle berry body language , that she wanted to take the picure with katie holmes so quick as she can , and get the hell away from her.

    i think katie holmes didnt talk to joshua jackson, she thinks she is now better than the rest.

    katie holmes is just out of here; i think even josh doesnt want to be near here anymore, THE FREAK

  • Joji

    “They’re considered magical.”

    Check out this clip from her new movie. She is amazing. Amazingly bad!

  • Joji

    I knew i was in bizarro world when Jean Yang was advising Halle Berry. hahahaha!

  • tweener

    i you watch closely , you could see halle barry rolling her eyes after jean yang gave her “advice”

  • annie

    Gee funny enough the only person who didn’t seem too happy was Diane Kruger- but guess you all missed that hugely obvious fact.

  • lucy2

    It’s always a fun story when Katie and Suri’s bio-Daddy are at the same event. Let’s recap the past year, shall we?
    1) National Movie Awards May 2010: Tom(who is supposedly such a gracious and friendly man-haha) puts an entire awards ceremony on lock-down – this was for celebrities, not the “common folk” to keep Josh away from Katie
    2) Post Oscar or GG party: Tom and Katie arrive, smiling for the cameras. Josh and Diane arrive and Tom and Katie disappear (down a service elevator I presume)
    3) Memorial day party with several other celebs: Josh and Diane arrive and Katie is sent to wander aimlessly on the beach with Suri – dressed inappropiately in high heels on the sand
    4) Haale Berry Ddinner party ? don’t know this story yet. How did Katie escape this time? Regardless…I bet Tom was pissed!!!

    tick tick tick Tom – your day is coming. Pathetic pathetic little man!!

  • Sunshine

    I’m sure that Diane was disgusted by faux fashionista Katie Holmes’ presence in the room. Not to mention that Diane loves Josh and knows that Josh and Katie’s friendship ended very badly due to Katie’s nutzoid induction to the cult and subsequent contractual marriage to the cult master himself.

  • dani


    Come on Annie, even with all your love for Katie can you honestly say she looked amazingly happy, magically thrilled and totally awesomely bowled over to be at this event? Look at the shots of her alone and at the dinner table. She seems awkward and uncomfortable. Yes, I actually felt sorry for her. Way in over her head or she just plain didn’t want to be there.

  • blah


    ugh! the girl actress is so much better and so natural!
    Katie on the other hand…a joke!

    they should have had someone else in Katie’s place!

    she cant act to save her life!

  • joji

    didn’t know about the memorial day party. lol. what happened to tomkat’s confident passionate love? they’re so easily shaken up these days.

  • Gigi

    I LOVE Diane Kruger’s dress!! She is the true fashonista.

  • Where’s Tom?

    She sure goes out a lot without her husband and he without her. But, Tom always looks like he’s having a great time.

  • pooper

    very doubtful this movie will be successful. It does not matter who the director is…….Katie is awful! Saw the trailer with the little girl. The little girl was super. Katie. NOT! Katie’s attempts to act- laughable!

  • @pooper

    She must be on pins and needles this weekend waiting to see if it is successful. If it is not–well one more in a string of really bad bombs. They are estimating it will make $15 million this weekend and come in second behind The Help. Should be interesting. Katie is probably sweating bullets. The woman cannot act. The scenes w/her in the trailer are awful.

  • Romeo

    #5 is right, #6.

    There’s nothing to suggest she thinks is royalty, #8.

    Why is everyone comparing these two women, #11? They’re nothing alike.

    Stop with the body language drivel, #13!

    That first thing never happened, #18! So what if she didn’t attend a party and spent time with her daughter?

    You say that about her everywhere, all the time, #20.

    She’ll survive, #26.

  • dani

    What do you mean I say that about her everywhere all the time. As far as I know my major issues with her are fashion. And this is the first video I’ve commented on.
    I think you are reaching for things to criticize among the posters Romeo. When you can’t find anyone to attack you go off your ever lovin’ rocker (not that you are on it ever).

  • lucy2

    Yes Romeo. Number 1 DID happen. It was reported in the media and I saw an interview the day after where Josh was asked about it. Chris Rock, who was sitting next to Josh during the interview is actually the one that spoke up and confirmed the insanity of what Tom did at the awards show.

    Quit defending the freaks.

  • @ ROMEO

    Freak… do you spend your time defending celebs on jj and other sights, perhaps. That’s a pretty pathetic gig you got going. Katie Holmes is a gold digging airhead… you might as well hop on the real housewives threads and defend their shenanigans.

  • dani

    @@ ROMEO:

    He doesn’t really defend anyone else on JJ. But he does troll other threads so that he can jump in (especially the JP’s and Kidman) and talk about the “double standards” that poor Holmes and the GMD are subjected to. For some reason he never reads the posts on these two couples that are cruel, much crueler than anything said about TomKat and child. It doesn’t seem to bother him when racial slurs are used on the adopted JP children or they are criticized for blankies and sucking their thumbs like Suri is.

    Doesn’t seem to bother him when the anti-Kidman haters spew horrible venom, again much worse than anything said here about Katie and Suri. Absolutely doesn’t bother him a bit when the Jolie and Pitt haters call her a ‘ho’ and worse and Pitt all sorts of names. BUT if someone brings up TomKat and spawn–he is right there defending them. Or when JP and Kurban haters spew obvious rumors and lies that are detrimental to either couple. BUT let anyone say they are better parents than TOMKAT and wow he comes out boxing.

    He obviously has a problem that goes well beyond just being a fan. I believe he is from the Cult of Xenu. He denies it. But they are often taught to answer criticism calmly with another question. Or just a statement.

    Notice Romeo, who has been posting on JJ for years, never gives links to his answers. Never gives new information. Says NO or agrees, but never has any proof. If you say something he doesn’t like he calls you an idiot, moron, stupid etc. but takes offense if Katie’s actions scream the same adjectives.

    Yes, I’d say Romeo has a problem that goes far beyond just being a simple fan.

  • blah


    Romeo….YOU stop YOUR mindless drivel.

  • @romeo

    Did you watch the tape? Did you see Katie standing alone about a third of the way through looking very uncomfortable? Did you see her awkward “I don’t wanna be here” pose when her picture was being taken? Did you see her fake smile at the dinner table? We’ve all seen Holmes genuinely emoting happiness or joy and she was totally fake here.

  • toria

    Probably very few of the guests really wanted to be at this event. They went for the free swag and the publicity it would generate for their careers. The difference between them and Holmes? They can act, she can’t. Look at them coming through the doors laughing and looking excited. They maintain their act throughout the evening. Holmes is unable to simply because her acting skills su$ck big time. On screen and off screen.