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Alexander Skarsgard: Birthday in the Big Apple!

Alexander Skarsgard: Birthday in the Big Apple!

Alexander Skarsgard wears a pair of Persol 649 sunglasses while walking down the street in the rain on Thursday (August 25) in New York City.

The True Blood hunk turns 35 TODAY! Happy birthday, Alex!!!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Alexander Skarsgard

Alexander, who’s in town to film his latest movie, What Maisie Knew, has reportedly signed on for another project.

Variety reports he’s attached to star in the drama Disconnect, “which follows a large ensemble of characters who are affected – and in some cases destroyed – by the Internet and other forms of modern communication.”

Alex is set to play a former Marine who is in financial trouble and “is emotionally cut off from his wife, prompting him to seek an affair.”

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Credit: Thornton/Swarbrick/; Photos: INFdaily
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  • Canuck

    Heh, all that gym time has made his shirt too small across the chest. Happy Bday Mr. S, hope it’s a good one!

  • Canuck

    @Sawit: but his ex girlfriend was neither…

  • Macy

    Hot stuff! I wish that shirt was a little wetter though, then we’d see through it to those gorgeous pecs. Maybe he’s working out so much because the new movies he may be doing have shirtless scenes? We can only hope.

  • Ria


    well first I doubt its’ true and second ..IF it is, do you blame him? ERW and KB USED him to get their worthless selves more notoriety and any american broad he would hook up with now would run right to TMZ or some crappy rag and sell their ONE NITE WITH ERIC NORTHMAN story…he’s learned a lesson….

  • Anni

    Holly shit – truly amazing – i am totally obsessed now! Can anyone blame me for that? This man is killing me – happy birthday Alex!

  • Ria


    except for me ofcourse…

  • Manly

    Boring Guy

  • Lilla

    Grattis Alex!!

  • Mracler

    Were her girlfriend??? Go Alexander

  • Writnig

    Happy Bday man

  • Jen

    Happy birthday to Alex… Like a fine wine, he gets better looking with age!.

    Gawd, I’m jealous of that shirt…god bless you gym equipment that help give him those pecs!! You are truly doing the Lord’s work!! LOL

    Seriously though, hope he has a great day!! :)

  • Rob

    Wellcome is new age Happy 35 Birthday

  • just me

    Happy Birthday Alex ! Hope you have a good one. Sure is getting alot of jobs lately. good for you cute.

  • Camille

    I love him in button down shirts. He looks great. Hope he has a fun birthday. It looks like he’s already started last night, hanging out with Kiki Dunst. I’m sure they had a great time, and they’ll have fun at TIFF too.

  • WWE


  • Just call me cute

    Sorry i mean 35 years old

  • Q

    Happy birthday big Apple

  • William

    Happy BIRTHDAY pretty handsome MAN

  • sandy


    and you know this how…?

  • pamela

    LUV U :) !

  • AbFab

    He looks incredible! Happy Bday!

  • ka simply amazing

    happy b-day

  • ?

    well some of the women he has probably been with carn’t be all that famous i’ve never seen them/ or they have not been reported by the media.
    and how do u know he only dates swedish???
    the only ones I know and known only for sleeping around are ERW and THE BOZ (crap, talentless) and they were both american and not swedish
    which other famous pple are u talking about that he has sh*gged? names please?

  • Anni

    I got a song in my mind – I wanna do bad things with him ;)

  • trish

    Happy Birthday to one of the most beautiful man! Hope you have an amazing one Alex.

  • Anni


    what for? for singing a song in my mind?

  • ladybug

    Scans from Wonderland magazine:



  • Sarah

    Bthirthday Askars looking hot as always.

  • To Professor Nelly Fang

    Happy 35 !

  • jack

    @Anni: you’re an idiot
    shove that vibrator in your mouth

  • Joyce

    It’s happened. I didn’t think it was possible, but it has. I’m totally bored out of my f****n’ tree with Alex. Maybe it’s because the pictures are dull and the interviews I’ve read all have such vapid questions that I’m getting no sense of the man. Really, he’s pretty, but there has to be more to him than a photo shoot. I’m leaning towards Lainey’s view of him these days.

  • Canuck
  • jack

    @Canuck: you first, you crazy loon

  • Rita

    Happy birthday to the sexiest vampire there is!!

  • Canuck

    @jack: Heh, you don’t know Jack…

  • ladybug

    @Ria: ERW and AS barely dated, and never admitted to it publicly, well she did but not until recently, so I can’t agree with you that she used him.

  • That’s low

    I believe Alex was into Kate more than Kate into Alex. A good (great) looking guy can have the women he want, but he chose to be with Kate for almost two year.
    And he took her to Sweden

  • now a 35 d*uchebag

    happy birthday 35 d*uchebag!!!

  • Danielle

    ok, happy birthday, sexy-but-dumb Alexander.
    Enjoy drinking like a Viking and get naked because you are from Sweden XD

  • ladybug

    @That’s low: Yes, he was way more interested in her, that’s why for the last few months of their relationship he looked like he’d rather be cleaning out nuclear reactors.
    And he looks so terribly terribly sad now that they’re no longer together.
    And two years together, probably more like 13-15 months, depending on when they actually started dating, and if they really broke up last August for a month.
    Face it, she got dumped.

  • Idiots

    You are all idiots. especially 38 That is all. Stupid inbreed idiots. LMFAO!!!

  • Danielle

    After the news of the break up, Kate looked like always (skinny)
    But Alex was smiling like “look at me, i’m so happy, yeah” smiling to the paparazzi and all that. OVERCOMPENSATION at its best.
    Because after a break up, who is the one that act like that? the one who got dumped.

  • Danielle

    ohh, negatives. Damn, is my opinion. I’m not a fan of Kate. I’m just trying to find some sense in The Enquirer report.

  • knackered giraffe

    So, Alex has the sads after KB dumped him, eh? I can tell by the ear to ear perma-grin he’s had plastered to his mug for the past month or so, and the way he’s been walking around like he was just pardoned from death row. I know. That’s just a mask to hide the tear stains and snot factory his face has become since KB walked out on him. Uh huh. Wait. I can’t even begin to muster the amount of sarcasm necessary for this bit of intel. Hate to break it to you, but Alex wasn’t the one riding the starvation train to 80 lbs-ville or dunking his head in a toilet full of tidy bowl in a fit of post-break-up blues either. I know it’s all kindsa hard, but you do the math. It really does help if you’re at least in the parking lot of the ballpark.

  • Monroe

    I hate to bring up Bonesworth but I’m too curious not to ask; does anyone know who ended the relationship, Alex or Kate?

  • cacalle

    Happy Birthday Baby hope you enjoy it. Please do not go back to that piece of poison you were with for almost two yrs. You can do so much better. Remember where she is concerned dick off brains on. Love Ya

  • Mary

    Their publicist ended it, don’t you know?

  • Camille

    Thanks for the scans, and yeah it’s pretty obvious that he was unhappy for a long arse time. I’d say it was not quite a year and a half that they were together. Took a break last fall and then most likely ended very early this spring. They didn’t start dating until Jan 2010 even though some people would have you believe otherwise. KB was still spotted with James Rousseau as of Dec 2009. They may have hung out as friends before then, but I don’t think they became a couple until early 2010.

    I think it’s pretty obvious the Enquirer story is a load of BS. The guy hasn’t looked so happy in nearly a year and she went and hid out and we saw hide nor hair of her until she could cling onto a new man. Meanwhile Alex was still out and about doing his usual things. That says all you need to know.

  • Camille

    I posted this on the previous thread but I see that it was removed so it must have hit a nerve and had some note of truth to it, but the timing of this article coming out is suspicious and pretty much sums up the BS nature of it. It’s his birthday, he’s got major movie news coming out and magazine covers and photos being released today. This story was probably floated out to several rags and the Enquirer is the only one that picked up on it. Obviously KB or someone in her camp floated this on purpose. This is designed to make him feel bad, and isn’t a move by someone who did the dumping but rather the person who was dumped and feels jilted. It’s a written twist of the knife basically and a way to get back in the news for her. Just like when the news for the Melancholia trailer broke and we all were super lucky to see her be topless in Mexico. It’s the same skeevy attempt for attention.