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Gerard Butler: 'Romancing' with Katherine Heigl?

Gerard Butler: 'Romancing' with Katherine Heigl?

Gerard Butler takes his pug Lolita for a walk on Thursday (August 25) in Malibu, Calif.

The day before, the 41-year-old Scottish actor visited an office in Beverly Hills, where he was joined by Live with Regis and Kelly host Regis Philbin.

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Gerry is reportedly being considered for a role in the reboot of the 1984 classic Romancing the Stone.

Also rumored to be possibly joining the film: Katherine Heigl and Taylor Kitsch.

Bigger pic inside

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gerard butler romancing katherine heigl

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  • Alaia

    Jesus, I don’t think I could take another film with these two bores together. Not to mention, a remake of Romancing the Stone.

  • Maggie P.U.

    Love love love his hair….:)



  • Anne

    Stop with the remakes already! you mean to tell me there is not a single original screenplay out there or a screenwriter that can come up with a decent idea?! look at the stats…some of these remakes aren’t quite making it.

    however, if anything we should see Gerry in 299…the prequel to 300.

  • jess

    NOOOOOOO….no remake of Romancing the Stone! Enough is enough, Hollywood!!!!!

    ESPECIALLY not with this douche! He’s as bad as Reese Witherspoon about calling the paps. I think he’s seen on here five times a day. What’s up, Jared? Enough is enough on that, too.

  • ewww

    Oh god I think I’d rather watch grass grow than watch these two together again. Oh and he looks so busted lately

  • lolita

    Darlin, now that’s what I call bed head. Sooo Cute!!

  • bnt over

    bitchen his feet stank

  • bent over

    stinkin feet

  • Denise

    @ewww: second that! And I would add I would rather watch paint dry and smell the fumes. All of the rebooting and remaking is pathetic and just wrong.

  • Thoughtful

    Well, if there weren’t so many doggone remakes coming down the pike I’d say YESSSS!

    Only because I’ve been thinking along these same lines for ages – how cool it would be to see Gerry play up the adventurer-type (a la Indiana Jones or Romancing the Stone)!

    He’d be perfect.

    But with Heigl? Um…not so much. And this remake craze is way overdone.

    Who knows. Could be decent.

  • Beck

    @Anne: Of course there are, it’s just that most of them are indies.

  • Mellifera

    Oh please no. No to the remake, no to him co-starring with Dame Heigl again, no no NO.
    Jeez I didn’t even have time to look at the pics, I was in such a rush to post this.
    Why does HW feel the need to remake every movie from the last 30-odd years? GRRRRR

  • Enough Already

    OMG, Gerry baby, let me run my fingers through that adorable mess!!

  • Mellifera

    OK, I’ve calmed down now and had a look at the pic. It looks so nice and sunny where he is. *jealous*
    And I have to say this, I do know I’m in the minority here, but…

  • http://Ja Slig o lambert ^_^cute

    Scohttis eyes walk

  • lolita

    Wow, those eyes can either make you melt or freeze in your tracks. They look so blue there.

  • Explanation

    Er …. it’s only a RUMOUR. Not a fact.

  • Anna Butler

    Just about to watch my sexy scottish hunk on new movie .can’t wait to see Gerard oh my god yay about time so happy XXX LOVE LOVE LOVE…

  • TheGR8NPwrfulOZ

    MIght be good as long as they leave Heigl out of it !

  • Maggie P.U.

    @13…. EA….nnnnooooo!!!!! I saw him first!!!!!!!!! I’ll get you another PG subscription and a case of classic…….!!!!!



  • chelsey

    My god…it’s amazing what make up and special camera’s can do. This is what he looks like…wowwwwww

  • sockpuppet

    @Alaia: f/o stupid.

  • Dragonette

    Even the SHORTS are cargo. Dayum. That’s commitment (maybe the only thing he can commit to… *raised eyebrow* j/k.)

    He’s said he generally doesn’t like the idea of remakes, hasn’t he? I hope he sticks to that rule in this case. Remakes and sequels seem to be flopping left and right, e.g. the $90 million-dollar Conan The Flopbarian making $10 mill on opening day…

  • Enough Already

    @Maggie P.U.: Oh Maggie!! You can’t have him all to yourself! Seriously?? Do you really think that I would settle for a PG mag and a Coke instead of that HOT MESS of a man??? LOL Can’t we just toss his fine A$$ into the gutter and share him in a civil and peaceful manner?? I’m sure he could handle the both of us. Or maybe not. =)

  • Enough Already

    @Maggie P.U.: Oh Maggie!! You can’t have him all to yourself! Seriously?? Do you really think that I would settle for a PG mag and a Coke instead of that HOT MESS of a man??? LOL Can’t we just toss his fine A$$ into the gutter and share him in a civil and peaceful manner?? I’m sure he could handle the both of us. Or maybe not. =)

  • Enough Already

    Not sure why that posted twice. Maybe I got a little excited??

  • LLL

    I couldn’t help but giggle….this pic is so funny….sooo Gerard! Gotta love him! He should know by now that someone is going to “catch” him and snap a photo. Without a doubt, there were a few more taken as he walked along. I wonder if those will show up online somewhere??

  • lulu

    He is such a pig, sticking his fingers up his co stars butt, kissing women he passes on the street, full of himself and why? He looks gross.

  • Ewwww

    bitchin his feet stank -

  • blind v-ice

    ted c said he had a blind vi-ce i wonder ‘who’ he is….
    anyone know?

  • grossfatpiggerard

    was on famous hookups – saw his roster.
    the guy gets around doesnt he???

  • ƒkatey†mckibbinƒ


  • Broke.

    Don’t forget the donut that he put in his butthole and back in the box for the co-stars and cast to eat.
    Nasty dude. I bet his crack is hairy as fµck.

  • Broke.

    ********* < that was supposed to be bµtthole.

  • Liar

    If that dude is 41, I’m 19 and dating Taylor Lautner.
    He looks every bit of 50.
    SOMEONE is a lying sack of sh*t.

  • lulu

    @Broke..forgot about that, he is just so disgusting!

  • Seriously

    Leave the Romance Scripts alone, Does your Agent need to be FIRED!!!!

  • Sally Tomato

    The food at Cafe Habana keep you up last night, kid?

  • Dragonette

    @Broke.: They weren’t actually the same donuts. The prank was to make the guys think they were eating them.

  • Latesummer’s Eve

    I don’t understand why people have such a problem with remakes. How about True Grit? I think it’s a smashing idea and I would love to see Gerry do Jack Colton and Heigle do Wilder. I think people are forgetting how good the first one was with the treasure map, the emerald, the chasing through the jungle. Doesn’t anyone want to see Gerry all muddy and wet in the jungle? I hope this one happens! It’s sort of like a culmination of all of Gerry’s genres, action, comedy, suspense, thriller, and romance! LOL!

  • Joyce

    For f**k sakes Gerry, get a haircut and shave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Latesummer’s Eve

    Hey they’re doing a Ghostbusters 3 and having some trouble with Murray getting on board. How bout Ger as a Ghostbuster? He wouldn’t even have to use his proton ionizer. He could just stare at the ghost and they’ll be BUTLERIZED! LOL!

  • Amanda

    I love it when Gerry and his adorable pug Lolita are together. They say dogs are mans best friend. They demonstrate what love is when together.

    Katherine Hiegl is a good choice to play opposite Gerry in Romancing The Stone!

  • sockpuppet

    @Seriously: Same troll talkin to itself back and forth.

    Gerard has so many fans, and poor troll got none! ha.

  • Maggie P.U.

    @25…ok, we can toss him in the gutter BUT! I get him first…. you can play with his cell phone and since I take no prisoners and show no mercy……(in a civil and peaceful manner :) no gurantees…. I’ll have him drink a few classics to get his mojo runnin’ again if he is able and then you can have him…… So sure I’ll share!!!! Then we will see how he handles his “visit to the EAMAGs” gutter and spa (we always have a relaxin’ atmosphere…)



  • justsayin’too

    As a screenwriter having attended several conferences lately, it’s all about the advertising budget and audience recognition. If a movie has a $40 million budget, the advertising budget is at least 20- 40 million. I had the pleasure of sitting with the writer and both directors of crazy stupid love and I asked this very question about remakes. This was the answer, if a movie already has an audience from a book, TV, graphic novel, etc… they don’t have to spend as much on advertising. That’s why so many new movies are indie. Studios want a sure thing, but hopefully they are seeing the public is SICK of remakes. Please no Romancing the Stone remake and not with GB and Heigel. The only way great scripts will be made into great movies is if the paying audience demands it. I say we boycott any remake or rehash of an old movie.

  • gossiphound

    Okay now that hair is a mess. Cargo pants are hot, according to my Walmart flyer. Like I said boy need pockets apparently.

    A romcom remake? Granted a superior romcom before romcoms got SOOOO boring and predictable. So why ruin a romcom classic. Walk away Gerry just walk away. You want to do something with Heigl, do something original.

    Are there no decent original scripts in Hollywood. Surely there are thousands of good novels that could be adapted into something interesting.

  • gossiphound

    Ha Lolita looks like, “I’m not with him, really”

    Just kidding. She’s not a little girl anymore is she?

  • LLL

    I hate wading through the muck and mire postings that are on the first few pages of a JJ Gerard Butler thread. It is always nice to see familiar posters’ names.

  • gossiphound

    @justsayin’too: I see your point but it’s all a matter of timing, the quality of what you are remaking and how well you adapt the premise to make the story seem fresh.

    True Grit was a great movie to start and far enough removed from the memory of most current moviegoers combined with a great cast and great tweaking.

    Romancing the Stone is still too fresh in the minds of many moviegoers, judging by the people on Facebook and Twitter saying ixnay on this emakeray.