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Leonardo DiCaprio & Tobey Maguire: 'Great Gatsby' Guys

Leonardo DiCaprio & Tobey Maguire: 'Great Gatsby' Guys

Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire begin their training in vintage cars on the set of their new film The Great Gatsby on Thursday (August 25) in Sydney, Australia.

The 36-year-old actor took a hold of the steering wheel while Tobey sat in the passenger seat for the practice run.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Leonardo DiCaprio

Leo and Tobey will star with Carey Mulligan and Joel Edgerton in the new adaptation of the classic story by F. Scott Fitzgerald. The film is expected to be released in November of 2012.

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Credit: Andy Athineos; Photos: INFdaily
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  • @just say

    You made some very good points I really like your comment ( #49 )/

  • or maybe

    good points indeed. somethings fishy

  • @just say

    Leo looks smiley and carefree on photos when he is without her and only with his friends. Like now with Tobey and his godson, Milan. On the first photos on set from Sydney he was trying to hide from photographers. We have seen smiley photos of him from sets before ( Inception – Leo strut… ).
    He does look better and more relaxed since he broke up with Bar but I don`t think it`s because of Lively and something is definitely fishy with this romance.

  • in love with leo

    Looks like Leo is going to be to busy filming Great Gatsby and will put all his energies into that movie. It’s will be a classic remake, i have read the book and know the entire plot. Buz Lurham is an outstanding director and will not disappoint and the cast is superb. Thanks for making this movie.

  • just say

    @or maybe: darling i said IF LEO WAS BE IN A USUALL DAY i’m in not on set for his movie and had that smile i could say he broke up 100% but now who knows?just themselves and god! his smile in these pics exactly is look like his smile after break up of br! if he did broke up bl like at least 5/6 times since 3 monthes ago to now, i will be so so happy! just i hope this time whenever he break up with her, it’ll be forever! i feel he def. needs this free time and focus on himself more insted of involving in this kind of relationships!

  • @just say

    You are taking the words out of my mouth. Leo seems like to be scared to be alone for more than a week without a girlfriend. Everyone – even a Hollywood movie star – need some time after a ending a long term relationship instead of diving into a new one days after the break up. He seems so relaxed and happy without her and depressed and sad around Lively.

  • http://deleted just say

    @@just say: thanks for ur infos about resturant! i even didn’t know that cause i’m just reading a little bit about them not all of articles about one subject!u know?!
    and yeah somehow when i look at thier photos”He seems so relaxed and happy without her and depressed and sad around Lively.”!

  • http://deleted just say

    like larson i love to see people come to leo’s alone articles more and more!when leo is with a girl -not important whom she is- it come to the top of jj and etc sites but a few times we have leo’s alone articles at the top! that’s why we never can have leo’s alone treads a lot in jj or others sites like jj!that’s why i love to see leo’s fans whom gave up , back again+they r so nice more than having bl’s fans in here!
    i like leo’s alone treads and the sm stuff,that’s why i want to share some of the latest predictions about his sm here with u to continue these comments here not in the latest leo+bl’s article!
    if u like the sm stuff u can join of these comments,if not so u just can talk about leo’s alone treads but at least we r together more about leo’s career and leo’s life only without bl! i hope u enjoy it!

  • http://deleted just say

    more about the SM @ 08/22/2011 at 9:55 pm +6

    I wanted to add something about the SM, I think she’s tried several times to disconnect and forget about Leo on a soul and physical level, but she keeps getting drawn back into the gossip/news about him. Because that is really the only way she has of connecting with him. I think that unconsciously he is the one who keeps drawing her in. His soul is calling out for her, as crazy as that may sound,and I think that she doesn’t know what to do about him. She cares for him deeply and loves him very much. I think she sees him as a little boy who hasn’t grown up and needs a good spanking and some guidance if that makes any sense? but that is what I get, she wants him to grow up and be authentic and not be afraid to let his light shine. Do you remember the pre-titanic days, those videos of Leo and how insanely goofy he was? he was fearless and seemed very carefree and unaffected by Hollywood. As soon as Titanic happened to him, he went into this shell and hasn’t come out since. She resonates with the old Leo from the pre-titanic days and knows that is who he really is in truth. The hiding behind the fake romances really bothers her, because she knows he doesn’t need that to feel safe, he’s strong, brave and fearless..that is the real man she knows in her heart for him to be. I think it bothers a lot of the people who post here, not just her. A lot of people here seem to resonate with that. And he is such a beautiful soul and to keep all that hidden is a shame and it’s unfair to him and to the rest of the world too. It’s weird, but I think when we have a strong soul connection to somebody, we can feel their sadness or if they need help..we can feel something is wrong. And that is why a lot of the people who have posted here have felt the same thing. We can see that he is not free to be who he wants to be. That is really apparent, at least to me it is. Leo is very magnetic and his energy is strong, I think that’s why so many people can feel him. And i get that his SM is sensing that very strongly. She wants him to be free and not care about what people think or stressing out about an Oscar, all those things are great, but not at the cost of losing yourself. She wants to see him being happy, goofy and carefree not just around his trusted friends and family, but around everybody all the time. She wants him to claim his freedom and dammit so do I. LOL Even if they never meet, she just wants to see Leo being Leo, because I think she can sense his unease and that believe it or not is affecting her too because she can feel/sense the restlessness. She wants him to break free. She also wishes he wasn’t famous, because she doesn’t like what it’s done to him.. I don’t think she takes the bashing of the gf’s too seriously. she’s very playful and doesn’t like to take things too seriously. That makes her uncomfortable, she likes fun people, loves to laugh and be silly…hence the reason she loves the pre-titanic uninhibited side of Leo the most.
    okay that was a lot of info. If you resonate with it great, if you don’t that’s fine too. But from the messages I read on here, I think a lot of his fans are feeling the same thing, just expressing it in different ways. :)

  • http://deleted just say

    Standing Ovation @ 08/23/2011 at 11:15 am +8

    Standing Ovations to all the SM predictions out there, you guys are really tuning in. Fans are soooo drawn to him because of his energy. Everything is energy and energy is everything. Despite his dating style, PR or not, Leo is a force to be reckon with. He has all the potential in the world. Everyone has all the potential in the world. As our consciousness is shifting more fans pick up on this and I feel it is truly amazing time. It almost feels like, a lot of his fans most likely may have a past life with him, for example, most fans could have been soldiers in a past life time and was under Leo’s command and fought with him in some wars, and are incarnated back into this life time to fight for him.

    Reincarnation is real, and because most or some of us have lived so many life times and we currently carry all those life times in our present life today. So this strong connection that Leo’s fan feels today is probably a direct result in a past life connection.

    I also believe that Leo is learning from his relationships, although we don’t see it, or know it, he is learning and expanding his consciousness. As a Scorpio and double Libra, how can he not…plus his birthday being 11:11 that huge! Read more about the number 11 here. People see these signs so much, it’s a call to awaken your spirituality and intuition, or psychic side.

    So with that being said, Leo hides under his baseball cap not because he’s scared to be truly who his, but because he doesn’t have his equal by him side, plus it will take away from his acting. I get why he’s private. his Scorpio nature needs boundaries with the public, and people, not to know too much about him.

    I also believe that Leo and his soul mate are connected to the earth, they both have a deep bond to help save the earth. They will know and connect with that as well. They have the same passion for life and I honestly feel that his soul mate will set him free from the whole Hollywood charades. Leo is in his power but Leo has not show his true powers, because he doesn’t have anyone by his side or to back him up. It’s not about being incomplete, Leo is complete, he needs to meet an equal to him, a mate, a mirror, a reflection of him in female form. His Yang to his Ying. The soul mate is very spiritual and as she steps into her power she does draw Leo’s energy without knowing it, as someone stated in the previous post. There energies have always been together and they always have known, but it’s hard to put this notion into the physical world. You’re drawn to something and you don’t know why. Like the universe is guiding you. These two will be introduced to each other by at a special event gathering, or a meeting that was set up for a project. When, where and how we don’t know even the best psychics have a 50/50 probability to predicting exact time and place because these two people will help change the world on a huge scale. They will be the humble power couple. They will teach each other so many things that will help them evolve to a higher consciousness. For Leo, I feel he didn’t become an actor for the fame and fortune, he became an actor for the Love of it, which lead to him being one of the riches people in the world.

    As for his soul mate, my advice to her is to continue to follow her life path and step into her power. She is so amazing, so beautiful inside and out that it wouldn’t matter if she wasn’t model material, but her energy is so beautiful. Though, I feel that even though she was been told she is Leo’s soul mate, I feel that she’ll only believe it when she meets him. As for now, she focuses on herself and on that energy she feels of her soul mate with out labeling it as Leo. She knows that the world operates under fear, she knows she will under scrutiny once she’s with Leo, but she’s hoping to change that because she has an incredible energy that’s life changing. People may poke at her looks, but it won’t matter to her. She operates at a higher vibration so name calling and or trying to make her feel she isn’t worthy of Leo’s love, or whatever hater’s will have to say won’t phase her. I’m not saying she’s perfect. I’m saying she’s perfect for Leo. She’s not going to perfect to the fans, but she’ll be perfect for Leo. She will know how to handle pressure, gossip, the media. She will handle it with grace and class, not feeding into the negative thoughts and fears of people and fans. This is why she will be with Leo. She needs to have a strong spirit and a strong personality to fend off the bad media.

    There’s a bigger reason why Leo and his soul mate are being drawn to each other. You guys are helping in the collective consciousness in bringing these two together by already seeing them together. The power of visualization is crucial. In due time, we will see these energies in the forefront helping guide the way to a greater understanding of life, love and our connection to mother earth.

  • http://deleted just say

    Standing Ovation @ 08/24/2011 at 2:43 am +4


    The soul mate is loving, warm, very intelligent, definitely not a push over. She also is very child like. She loves to laugh and joke around. This is where she and Leo will get along really well. She holds her own. She’s had a long struggle to fight for who is she and accept who she is and her life path. I feel that she comes from a very traditional family where they expect her to be something she’s not. So most of her life, she’s been trying to prove her family that she doesn’t want a traditional career or a 9-5 job. I sense a creative soul within her that she maybe just tapping into. So as for a job, she is drawn to something creative behind the scenes. Possibly an artist, photographer, writer, theatre, something behind the scenes graphic designing or even retail visual, even dancing. Something creative to express her soul. She has been repressed by her family, so she is seeking out her true self and not letting her family decide what she should be doing.

    She’s definitely a visionary, likes to create things. She’s evolving to her purpose and path that involving helping humanity and the environment. I do feel she’s been to readers asking for her soul mate. I feel that she really hasn’t gotten a solid answer or believed any of the answers given to her. I sense that she didn’t really follow Leo’s career. She was more focused on her goals her studies, and her relationship with her family wasn’t going to well. I feel her family situation consumed her. Leo wasn’t on her radar then.

    I don’t think Leo came into her conscious radar until 2008. I also have a feeling that she had an opportunity to meet him but didn’t want to meet him. She wasn’t that impressed at the offer because why would she be just other girl trying to meet Leonardo Dicaprio. I do feel that her work has enabled her to be around celebrities, so she isn’t phased by any movie star. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s lived in NYC to figure out her creative path.
    Timing is everything. After 2008 I feel was the inception and the curiosity of the soul mate. I’m wondering when did the soul mate postings start? I wonder if JJ can tell us what year the Soul mate threads started. Apparently, I’m not the only reader posting on these threads.

    I sense she has a strong connection with mother earth, she’s very empathic. I also feel that she’s always felt an energy around her that she can’t explain.

    At this point in time, I feel she’s going through a spiritual quantum leap, as the rest of the world is going through at their own pace. She has a lot of spiritual guides around her, which I’ve said and other psychic have said in the past. Meeting your soul mate is more of a challenge then a dream come true, people don’t realize that being with your mate is intense, intoxicating in a good way or bad way depending on the evolution of one’s soul.

    So hopefully when these two meet, they will be where they just need to be in order to grow together and support each other.

  • http://deleted just say

    Standing Ovation @ 08/24/2011 at 11:02 am +4

    I read London’s question about elaborating on the soul mate, but I wasn’t ready to tune in and answer at that moment. Then the earthquake happen and I felt it, as I’m on the east coast. The after affects of the earthquake made me realize none of these questions matter if this had been more of a catastrophe. It made me realize how time is so precious that sweating the small stuff doesn’t even compare. But after listening to the music you all have posted, especially the last one, “OVERJOYED” I meditated and tuned into to Leo’s energy to get to her as well as the source energy. Energy vibrations are all different and I can tell if the intention is about obsession or admiration, but as I really tuned in and honed in, the energy I felt about the soul mate was her energy of herself. It really takes practice and concentration doing this.

    I mostly talked about Leo’s astrological info, and gave some examples of what the soul mate would be. She’s could be an earth sign Taurus which is his opposite sign, meaning this is going to soooo intense, or really terrible. It’s black and white in this relationship. And the other possibility is she could be water sign, Pisces or Cancer which they will have compatibility in emotions. Leo does have a lot of Air in him, being a double Libra. Hence, because of this Libra in his chart, he can’t be alone, he wouldn’t know what to do with himself. I’ve said this before Libra’s are in love with the idea of a relationship not necessarily the person itself.

    Ergo Blake just right after Bar. So convenient right? Even if it’s PR, he’s not alone. That is why Kate and Libra get along with each other. Kate has full blown libra in her chart and look how many marriages she’s already had. She can’t be alone. Leo connects with her a very deep bond that they share together, so why are they together and give each other platonic rings of love. To much air can get stuffy, there needs to be a balance. Scorpio has boundaries, being in a relationship Kate might smoother him. But as friends and colleagues they are perfect, because they admire each other sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much and they can be who they are towards each other.

    The whole Blake and Leo thing is what it is, folks. Most of you guys are already picking up on their energy. Virgo and Scoripo. Virgo’s are controlling. This is just another phase of Mr. Dicaprio’s Libra pattern of not wanting to be alone. Really Beside’s Gisele, who is a Cancer with a Scorpio Moon, they really had a connection and you saw some real PDA, there. I also feel with Bar and Blake… funny their name’s start with a B, for Blah and Bore, they are so long, they don’t know who they are yet. As souls, they are not as evolved as Leo, but if we are talking about drawing in mirrors, Leo has done that. He as drawn in people that are a reflection of himself right now, which is the part of him, that he is unsure of, which is his relationship part of himself, so he is matched up with these young adolescent woman who have not peaked spiritually or mentally. If you look at it this way, it makes sense. Maybe Leo isn’t ready for his soul mate just yet. Even though there’s this knowing and feeling and energy it’s like a build up and preparation. I really feel, Leo’s soul mate is in her early 30’s, but looks like she’s 25.

    When you meet people of the same vibration or energy, there’s an amazing thing that happens, and it doesn’t have to be romantic, but in Leo’s and his soul mate’s case their lives are crossing paths to fulfill their soul contracts to help humanity understand the connection we have with mother earth. So how they will influence each other is going to be like a dance, a balance of your energies to generating a oneness energy. The earth lives in a duality. This could be said same of Leo and Martin Scorsese, and their creative energy together. All I can say is that when Leo and his soul mate are together they will bring out the best in each other which means they will help each over come obstacles and issues. It’s a beautiful cosmic match up.

    Super excited about the Great Gatsby!!!!! BAZ is a Genius!!! Viva Moulin Rouge. Gatsby is more about unrequited love. Maybe Leo will channel is unrequited and longing love for his soul mate, which whenever leo performs from his heart, OMG we will feel it! hello Oscar. Tap into that inspiration of your soul mate Leo!!!! Have fun in Sydney!

  • http://deleted just say

    Standing Ovation @ 08/24/2011 at 12:49 pm +4

    @great song for Soulmates: It doesn’t matter whether he’s famous or not, but there’s always probability lines when meeting your soul mate, and all the factors include timing, evolution of their souls and other things.

    You have to draw and want that energy to come towards you, so no matter where they are in the universe you can still connect with that same energy and that energy will never change. What I meant about 2008 was when I felt that the soul mate really had that moment of could Leo really be her soul mate. There energies have been together since they were born, but split apart so they have to find there way to each other. So throughout their life, there has been this energy of the other half. How they will meet is up to them really and the timing of the universe. I didn’t know that the soul mate stuff started in ten years ago… so I guess that’s after Titanic… Well… it’s a long awaited journey for Leo and his soul mate. Plus everything is relative to your understanding. We are all creators of our own lives really.

    How about people reading these post. I bet a lot of you haven’t been with the right person, or thought you were with the right person and you find out they weren’t the right person. Even worse have have intimacy issues. It’s no different then for Leo and his soul mate. everyone has to learn their lessons in order to expand their consciousness. Thanks everyone.

    This is all a very interesting topic to me that goes beyond Leo and his soul mate, because everyone has to look withinthemselves to see where they are in your soul evolutions, what lesson we all need to learn. the main one’s are to love yourself, not judge yourself, to be open minded, and to know we are all connected.

    Leo and his soul mate are just like us. We’re all on the same boat to find love, happiness and our purpose of life, aside for the egotistic people and material people they have other agenda’s but people who want more out of life, such as love and happiness and peace will find it if they seek it.

    Everything evolves around our readiness and timing.

  • http://deleted just say

    MissPlaceCrystalBallHere @ 08/24/2011 at 10:13 pm +6

    @Standing Ovation: Very lovely and insightful words. Definitely a light-worker there. :)

    @Come on: I agree with you about Leo being in a rut because of bad habits he’s gotten comfortable with. Still, everyone poops. They might want some to believe they’re extraordinarily different to “regular” people, but a celebrity is just a human on a pedestal. But they can afford better masks.

    To pre-empt haters, yes, it’s a frigging book. No, I don’t have a sequel planned.

    “Captain Obvious” Disclaimer: All that I type is simply what seems right to ME.

    Leo, first: Scorpio is a sign that thrives on passion, intensity, and the black and white of life. The sign of extremes, it’s influence when it comes to love is the stuff of every romantic tragedy you’ve ever read. “Romeo and Juliet.” “Revolutionary Road.” “Titanic.” (He’s not attracted to these roles simply for an Oscar. )The taste for drama doesn’t mean they go looking for things to make their lives difficult, but if something difficult crosses their paths, they are up to the challenge, and can appreciate it because they believe nothing worth having comes easily. With that sun sign, you would think Leo would be the kind chasing femme fatale after femme fatale. So why does he usually pick women who seem about as powerful as Hello Kitty? Because, along with being intensity junkies, Scorpios are power hungry. And one of the fastest ways to lose your power is to give it away to another. No one has more power to hurt you better than someone you love and trust. Someone else having the power to wound them scares most people, but giving someone else a view to their soul and weak spots is like risking death to a Scorpio. Not the most trusting sign, and they do not respect what they consider weakness. They will die to defend the weak, but they will never call them an equal. He can cherish and protect a woman he considers a frail little mush-flower, but no way will that woman be an equal partner, they will do what HE wants to do most, if not all of the time. And eventually, that will bore him and make them both resent the relationship. They also understand that really loving someone else involves the death of the ego, and that feels like a lot to give up until it’s proven they have found the one by testing THE ONE until that poor soul is a drooling mess. In a nutshell, Leo wants and does not want his equal. The only woman he would commit to is one powerful enough to scare him off initially. Of all the girlfriends, Giselle is the only one he was remotely serious about, and I believe she had the right type of personality (strong-minded, passionate, warm), but was sort of a test to see if he was ready for a twin flame relationship. Giselle is one of his soul mates and almost like an appetizer to his twin flame. Bar is a karmic soul mate and someone who mirrored his bad habits back to him. And Blake is a WTF? Some will take this the wrong way, but his relationship with Blake only makes sense to me if it’s only PR, he’s gay, and/or much more shallow than I believed. Not because I have anything against Blake personally. She just does not read like a match for him to me. And if she is, I am shite at intuiting. Self-defense demands I stay with “WTF?”

    The addition of Libran energy in his chart only aids him in his quest for power. Some think of Libras as these wishy-washy, whatever-you-want-darling types, but watch them closely and you’ll see they manage to get their way a lot. Their opposite sign is Aries, the sign of the holy trinity of “Me, Myself, and I.” Aries is direct and impatient, “I am taking that yesterday.” Libra, though, is “Thank you for giving me what I wanted all along.” I’m not saying they’re manipulative, but they know how to charm and “work” people when they want. This added Libran energy can make Leo a difficult man to pin down. It can give a woman a false sense of security, make them think they are steering the ship, and months later have them wondering how the hell they got where they are.

    We’re all students and teachers at points in our lives, consciously or not. You might be a Scorpio who only seems to date Cancers, or you could be one who can’t get enough of Geminis. I believe it depends on what you came to learn in life, and if you want to be astrologically scientific about it, the signs your personal planets (sun, moon, mercury, venus, mars) and ascendant are in can give you some clues as to why you’re attracting whatever it is. Astrology so far has worked well for me, but I don’t use it to determine wheter or not someone is right for me, just to learn more about others. I don’t believe we meet unnecessary people.

  • http://deleted just say

    MissPlaceCrystalBallHere @ 08/24/2011 at 10:50 pm +3

    @TheTruthIs Thank you, dear. I don’t know much about Blake either, and I don’t think she’s a bad sort, she just seems like a way out of left-field match. I feel like Leo was on the right track with Gisele, ignored his map and made a “wrong” but ultimately useful turn with Bar, and now his personal GPS is just cussing directions at him.

    Anyway, I’m off, time to feed.

    @reply | Flag This
    # 267 MissPlaceCrystalBallHere @ 08/24/2011 at 10:56 pm +4

    @265 Sorry just saw your post. I don’t like to post about the twin flame anymore as it doesn’t feel right since she has not chosen to be a public figure. But I will just say that I do feel there is some karma that needs to be cleared. I mentioned in another post the story “Eros and Psyche” resonating with them for me, that could be a source of karma, if I’m not insane. They can clear karma individually by dealing with their personal issues before they meet, or take the risk that the same character flaws will cause events to just repeat until they get it right. I don’t believe in deadlines for life lessons, so all at the pace best for them. Don’t rush, just get it right, you know?

    Really off now. Good night. :)


    Yes… exactly this kind of discussion I wanted here. It’s great to see that his fans really care about his career. The discussion about Inception was very interesting… I don’t think he was still in limbo, because the scenes when his father appear are real, for me. Many people talk about a sequel to this movie, but I don’t know if it would be good because suddenly, the script cannot sustain the story, the film may lose all that charm, and the public may lose interest… but let’s wait, suddenly the film may bulldoze again or do even more successful. I’m reading these posts about astrology and predictions… it’s really interesting, although I don’t understand much about it.

  • @just say

    Did you notice that your soulmate reposts started at 11am and then one of your posts was posted at 11:11? I don’t think that was a coincidence like in the other thread!! Thanks for posting those here and getting everyone to leave the other thread.

    Can any of the intuitives tell us what the relationship with the SM and Leo’s mom will be like? Will she like her immediately or will it take a while to get to know her?? Hos mom is so important in his life that I hope that they like and love eachother.

    I like these pics of him and tobey. Must be nice to work with your best friend!!

  • Well…

    According to Lainey Lively was seen boarding a flight from NYC to Hong Kong on her way to… Australia. That didn’t take long. If his soulmate exists she better start running ( away from Leo ) before it’s too late.
    PS: Lainey was the one who first reported about that dinner in Nov in NYC and about someone looking like Leo leaving her NYC apartment just after he broke up with Bar.

  • But

    @Well…: what do u mean run away who are you to say whether someone should find their soulmate or not?? How do u feel when I say, I hope urs runs away too?

  • larson

    @just say: Well I haven’t been here long. The ones who have been here long are long gone, lol. Like tinkerbelle. I just think he’s going through somethings in his personal life that we don’t know about. He’s acting pretty erratic. The thing is he’s always been happy and smiling around his friends, so that is a given. He also is always sullen looking around his gfs, so that is also a given. But all the other stuff is just weird, so to me it’s looking like he goes through ups and downs like he’s depressed. Have you ever seen mean girls? I remember when regina says to gretchen ‘gretchen stop trying to make fetch happen’. Well blake’s pr is desperately trying to make bleo or dilively happen and it just isn’t. These two together are boring and dull. They are no bradgelina. They lack charisma together. Blake looks like she should be somewhere studying to become a librarian. She is that dull and boring. Leo looks like he should be somewhere fixing someone’s computer. He looks like a nerd. It was cool speculating in the beginning but now it’s just tiring. I hope I never see these two together again, but if I do it’s no biggie. Leo can’t even fake show affection for this chick. If I see her in australia, I know it’s most likely for real and she signed her contract to be his girlfriend, then we can look at pics of them looking miserable together for the next 5 or 6 years give or take.

  • Well…

    @But: I’m someone with an opinion. I didn’t mean to tell a non-existent person what to or not to do. Relax and let others post their opinion even if it doesn’t agree with you! Chill!

  • sos

    @larson: I agree with you,not sure if I agree on the 5 to 6 years though.It’s not a big surprise that Lainey said she might be on her way,the Aussie sites have been saying she’s expected.Like I said before the BIG surprise would be if she didn’t show up.Is it just me or does Lainey revel in posting about these two.Maybe she’s getting a lot more website hits and Damn we just started having a good time too.BTW on the US weekly article someone on Bellazon “shiver” posted that isn’t even her dad’s B-day.Plus JJ said Leo ate in the restaurant and then left.
    Back to the movie discussion:Inception is one of those mind bending movies isn’t it?I liked it because of that.You should have seen my friends face when I was trying to explain what was going on in it.They are in a dream within a
    Shutter Island had a WTF ending also.I was like so…he’s the one who’s crazy?Now I’m crazy…

  • blake :/

    So i guess blakes pr did a good job at letting us know when she was gonna be there. apparently shes on her way. :/

  • sos

    @blake :/: Of course…
    Ya’ll check Bellazon they’ll be first to know.. they are actually excited about
    How about this article says Leo still hasn’t found a place he likes yet???

  • twitter

    Lively has a verified twitter account. Yesterday she tweeted that she was going to be on the Savages set `tomorrow` which is today. I guess we will see soon enough.

  • twitter

    Also she tweeted about Leo. That`s surprising for some reasons and I don`t believe Leo likes stuff like that.

  • @twitter

    blake doesn’t have a verifyed twitter account. its a fake!

  • twitter!/BlakeLively25 This says it`s verified.

  • blake :/

    Yeah Blake doesn’t have a twitter account. I wish it was true and she was staying, not going to wherever, but its a fake :/

  • twitter

    Sorry it seems real to me and it says it`s verified. We will see. If she is going to Australia I guess we will hear about it immediately. She has a great PR team to make sure that we have the info.

  • blake :/

    @twitter it doesn’t say its verified, and blake has sad herself she doesnt use twitter. its weird because it seems like something she would totally do, and i’m shocked she doesn’t have one considering she loves to keep herself in the spotlight.

  • twitter

    There is a link on that account. If you click on it it says verified. So Blake said she doesn`t have twitter? Like she said it wasn`t her on those naked photos? Yeah, I take her word for it.

  • blake :/

    @twitter you can argue all you want, she doesn’t have one. i wonder if that lainey article was blakes pr letting everyone know shes going to australia. it figures…..

  • twitter

    No, I don`t wanna argue with you. I believe it`s real and we will see what`s going on. One thing we agree on is that Lainey was probably notified by her PR team to make sure the word gets out. Isn`t this the game from the first day of their relationship? Lainey tends to break news like this. Can someone tell me WHY is Leo up for these PR tricks and this woman at all? Is he whipped or `into her` or what?

  • leolovergr

    I’ve read tweets on blake’s twitter before and they sound pretty ‘lively’! all the gossip girl co-stars are sending her stuff as well, so how can it not be the real deal? Even when she went on the Nausea tour she made a couple of tweets saying she’s having a great time and talking to the other GG cast. i’m pretty sure it’s her twitter alright, she should have kept her ugly horsemouth shut and not posted any words beginning with ‘leo’ and ending with ‘ardo’. It might give her a boost on twitter, but it might be the beginning of the end. Leo not likey…

  • larson

    Wait didn’t Blake say in her article with glamour that she doesn’t have a twitter?

  • twitter

    Just like she said that it wasn`t her on the nude photos? That account has 56,000 followers. Pretty good for a fake one.

  • But

    @Well…: Calm down honey did I say you cant post ur opinion? I just asked how u feel when I say it back!


    Hello… this topic is about Leo. Who cares if Blake has or not a twitter?

  • TheTruthIs

    Ahahaha! Just went to check out the “official Blake Lively Twitter” and here’s her latest twit:

    “But Leonardo will be with me today all night. Awww!:)”

    That’s fabulous, LOL.

  • TheTruthIs

    @twitter: What does it mean “is he whipped’? The expression, what does it mean?

  • larson

    @YUMMY: Because she said something about Leo. I’m pretty sure if bar said something about leo we would be commenting on it. Anyway it does seem like it’s hers. Maybe she got hacked. No one calls him leonardo, everybody just says leo.

  • TheTruthIs

    @larson: maybe it was hacked. Or maybe, just like with her nudes, she does and says things like that herself and then says “oh, it was not me!”

  • larson

    @TheTruthIs: I have realized that there are a lot of non Americans on this board which is kinda cool to me. Bellazon is full of his non American fans. I imagine if you aren’t American you wouldn’t know what that expression means. It’s short for pussi( spelled with an i instead of y so it will show up) whipped and it’s kinda hard to explain but if you google the term you can probably pick up def from urban dictionary.


    I know, larson. But isn’t her and it’s so pathetic. People believe in everything.

  • yhyh

    @larson: English are foreign but they made the language.

  • twitter

    Why don`t you read all the posts regarding her twitter account? It`s not just about what she said about Leo. It`s about the fact that according to Lainey she is on her way to Hong Kong / Australia but according to that twitter account she was working on her movie today so she can`t be on her way to Sydney. That`s where the `argument` about the twitter account started. Some believe it`s fake some believe it`s real. If she shows up in Sydney obviously it means it`s fake. We`ll have to wait and see. I think it`s real but I`ll admit if I`m wrong and she is indeed visiting Leo not working on Savages. I have no problem admitting if I`m wrong…

  • http://deleted just say

    @@just say: after posting all comments , i did pay attantion to 11 and 11:11! yeah i think it’s great!it’s like there is a real thing on it!i love it!

  • http://deleted just say

    @Well…: darling as i know lainy was full of lies about them before!did i remember good?! but even if it’s true, why she got to go to hung-kong then go to aussi?i can’t recognise this part! there is a direct flight from amer to auss and it take long 10 hours as i know!if she had some work in hung kong her pr would say it because hung kong is not like la or ny which full of paps who knows bl so if she has something to do there her pr would say that for hung kong media to share it! whatever is real we will find it out so soon!

  • http://deleted just say

    @larson: hony i heard about horrican yesterday! i was so shocked! all the time i was thinking about u besides 55 mil peopl more! last night i had a lot of bad dreams! i’m so worry about u and other americans! glad u’r here and still post! i hope u ur family and another americans be safe and this horrican won’t have a tragedy with! can u say comments after horrican and say u r safe and say about peopl i’m def. so so worry (and also anothers who living in somewhere is on the way of horricans)?i pray for america!
    and dear thanks for response me!but i don’t know exactly what’s going on in this relationship yet!it seems even u r confused too, yeah?!