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Leonardo DiCaprio & Tobey Maguire: 'Great Gatsby' Guys

Leonardo DiCaprio & Tobey Maguire: 'Great Gatsby' Guys

Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire begin their training in vintage cars on the set of their new film The Great Gatsby on Thursday (August 25) in Sydney, Australia.

The 36-year-old actor took a hold of the steering wheel while Tobey sat in the passenger seat for the practice run.

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Leo and Tobey will star with Carey Mulligan and Joel Edgerton in the new adaptation of the classic story by F. Scott Fitzgerald. The film is expected to be released in November of 2012.

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Credit: Andy Athineos; Photos: INFdaily
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105 Responses to “Leonardo DiCaprio & Tobey Maguire: 'Great Gatsby' Guys”

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  1. 26
    YUMMY Says:

    I agree, @Larson. I prefer comment on these posts, talking about his work or stuff like that. But people here are so concerned about his personal life that they forget that he has a profession. It’s much more interesting discuss this post… but people keep commenting about that one, on Umami Burger.

  2. 27
    not true Says:


    that’s not true. they’re not talking about Blake on the Umami thread, they’re talking about Leo and his future soulmate, numerology, astrology, 2012, and other topics. Probably they stay on that thread to continue on with the discussion rather than moving to a new thread where people won’t be following along with the conversation. It makes more sense to continue the discussion on the old thread. It has nothing to do with Blake.

  3. 28
    YUMMY Says:

    @not true… So, I’m sorry. I had no idea… was wrong, I assume. No problem.

  4. 29
    sos Says:

    Yep,they are in a serious discussion over there,interesting stuff.Nice another Leo/Gatsby post!I see the Greek tweets were false.That car is really cool looking.Can’t wait to see some professional shot stills.

  5. 30
    SM question Says:

    as much as i love reading and talking about Leo’s future mate. Why dont we discuss his movies. I think I’m going to see the original Great Gatsby online. I saw it in school but I want to envision Leo as Gatsby already.

    How do you guys feel about Inception? Do you think he was stuck in limbo world at the end or did he come back?

  6. 31
    not true Says:


    no problem :)

  7. 32
    not true Says:

    @SM question:

    you must watch Gatsby if you haven’t done so already. You will fall in love with that character and it will make you all the more excited to see this movie, trust me :)

    I think he was stuck in limbo for sure, the totem kept rolling at the end…so yeah, he got stuck ..

  8. 33
    SM question Says:

    I watched the original back in school but its been a while lol. i have to see it again because even though i know nothing beats original movies, i have a feeling this one is going to make everyone fall in love with Leo again like they did back in R&J or Titanic. =)

  9. 34
    SM question Says:

    im watching inception now and i agree with you. plus i just realized the kids voices sound older than when he remembers/sees them

  10. 35
    sos Says:

    I don’t know the totem did kind of wobble at the end??Which made me think he got out.I need to re-watch Gatsby,it’s been a long time since I’ve seen it.

  11. 36
    SM question Says:

    it wobbled and looked like it would stop but then the credits rolled. we will never know. maybe christopher nolan will tell us 25 years from now lol.

    leo is such a great actor but i have to say, i’d really love to see him in some comedic part. even if its a cameo. im actually a little surprised he hasnt made a cameo in Entourage. Its sort of up his alley

  12. 37
    sab Says:

    @SM question:
    i think he got stuck in limbo too…………….but even more than that…………why were his kids (in inception) always in the same outfit……..everytime …..they were wearing the same clothes?????….and also at the end they were in the same clothes that that they were wearing when he had to leave them in the first place… not sure if that was chris nolan’s intention, to confuse the audience……….probably was…………(it sure as hell confused me)……………also, you know when ever he remembered the kids the last time he saw them, they were in the garden playing on the grass………………….well, i assumed they lived in an apartment on the top floor (or on upper floor)……how did they have such convenient access to a garden?????………………….was it because they were always in limbo (or dream state)……therefore anything is possible???……………just things that i noticed……not sure if anyone else noticed these too….

  13. 38
    not true Says:

    @SM question:

    I agree SM, this will definitely make people fall in love with him. Who wouldn’t fall in love with Jay Gatsby, and even more so Leo as Jay Gatsby? lol I’m going to have to watch that movie again myself :)

  14. 39
    SM question Says:

    @not true: And to think. We only have to wait another year lol. Such a long wait

  15. 40
    Daisy Says:

    More pics here. He looks so carefree and happy.

  16. 41
    not true Says:

    @SM question:

    My favorite scene is when Nick says to Jay, “you’re worth the whole damn bunch put together”… that part it like makes my heart sink every time I hear that… I also think Tobey was perfectly cast for the role, he even has that same personality and look as the Nick in the original. I really can’t wait to see this movie. :)

    here’s the scene starting at 1:18 to 2: 20…

  17. 42
    not true Says:

    @SM question:

    I know, it’s too long of a wait… :S what to do, what to do… LOL

  18. 43
    SM question Says:

    @not true:

    OH yes, Tobey was perfectly casted. I cant wait to see them work together. Theyve been friends forever and i think this is the first time they do a movie with each other (i think). This is going to be a great picture. No wonder he looks so excited in those pictures

  19. 44
    Elena Says:

    @sab: oh snap, those were some good catches! i already thought he got stuck in limbo but i didn’t notice his kids were in the same clothes, now i’m sure he was still in dreamland when the movie ended!

  20. 45
    larson Says:

    Guys if you go to the inception imdb board, the thing with the clothes is explained. They are not the same, they just look similar, which was done on purpose. I think that movie had a couple of plot holes so I truly don’t know what to believe at the end.

  21. 46
    ichi Says:

    @E: Sorry, but I don’t see necessary for him go to the university, his an actor, that is his career, I don’t see the point to study someting just for have the diploma on the wall, because is obvious he like what he does, so he is one of the best, and also a lot of people study for been actor but him has a gift, I have a conventional career I’m a lawyer, and don’t get me wrong but the major time just because you have a college education it doesn’t mean that you will be the best and also less dumb!

  22. 47
    just say Says:

    @Daisy:he looks happy and as i see these pics of leo , he looks at paps and smile/shakes hands for them! is he has this tread when he is at work?anybody knows?!
    if this is first time so maybe leo def. changed somehow!u know what i mean?can somebody say he almost has laugh for pops in front of paps in his movies?if it was in the street in a usual day with one of his best friends with these happy face and look at cams like this i would say he did broke up thats why he is so happy /at least wants to show it because he always has this tread in front of paps just when he break up and is def. free!meybe this time again there’s something that we don’t know yet!maybe he changed as i said! or maybe i’m wrong and he has this tread always when he is at work and i didn’t know that,yet!which one?! would some one say it?!thanks!

  23. 48
    or maybe Says:

    @just say:

    or maybe its just a different surrounding all together. Paps over there maybe kept their distance and said Welcome to Australia so he didnt want to snub them. Like you said he’s working so its a diff story. Doubt they “broke” up yet.

  24. 49
    just say Says:

    i’ve read the article of leo’s gift for bl’s dad! it was in his b-day(agus 14) but now at the time of bl’s b-party time came out exactly after the time when bl’s pr wanted to show leo did bought a car for bl and it was showed false! i feel there’s something wrong cause why bl’s pr didn’t say nothing about leo’s gift to her for her b-day ,he got to did it before his travel to aussie but they just talked about a COMIC BOOK while his father bday was at agus 14(almost 10 days ago)! how they talk about everything in thier relationship so fast but this time they opened thier mouthes after 10 days! why after 10 days a witness got to talk! why her friends always say posetive and negative about them and almost it is from bl’s close friends?!and why almost of the times the news comes from us mag.?! i think he is not that smitten in love with her as just they say! maybe her pr wants to just link her to leo as whatever it can! maybe this relationship is just a pr deal( but why did leo accept it?!)! maybe her pr is just trying so hard to turn all articles from split or something like that to crazy love esp. these days when leo is so far from her as he always did with the other girls, to say he is in defferent mood this time just because of her and use him as much as they can for holding bl at the top of gossip sites for while till leo shows he dumps her and that time they will find a way to relate her to him for the first month or more as a victim or as she didn’t want him(as we see for ryan gos.) then another subject will come for her!i don’t know maybe i’m wrong and leo def. changed this time( i hope it be false)!u know better than me( because i came to see leo’s articles just for monthes), leo was always in split/far away from his ex-girls or even when he was around/had linked to them he never had that much attantion to them at all and if we look at leo for bl this time is look like his treads over his ex-girls! just his ex-girls didn’t had this power pr as bl’s!
    can u london-larson and……….. whom always r here and look after leo’s treads since long time ago say really what’s going on here?i’m wrong about leo?or u r confused like me and def feel u don’t know him at this point this time ?!or this is just pr which make every thing look different than before and in real leo is still in his treads over bl like his other girls?!

  25. 50
    @just say Says:

    That story about the gift to her father sounds BS. Tell me why would Leo, Lively, his mother and both her parents go to a Hollywood hotspot restaurant, Madeo, to PICK UP food but not eating there. And why would Leo give the guy his bday present in the middle of the restaurant while waiting for their food? The article said they left after they got their food for a private celebration so why not giving the gift in private? It doesn`t make sense at all. Not to mention Leo was seen at that restaurant alone ( tweet ) and he was seen leaving alone ( JJ has a post ). Nobody saw or mentioned his mother, Lively or her parents? It doesn`t add up to me… And this was like 2 weeks ago. Why post it so late?
    This romance sells at lest it did at the beginning. Now it`s indeed getting boring so who knows maybe it`s just a way to spice it up?

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