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Gerard Butler: Surfing Lessons in Malibu!

Gerard Butler: Surfing Lessons in Malibu!

Gerard Butler hits the waves for some surfing lessons on Friday (August 26) in Malibu, Calif.

The 41-year-old Scottish actor took a dip in the ocean with two instructors before heading to the showers to rinse off.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Gerard Butler

The day before, Gerard was spotted taking his pug Lolita for a walk around the neighborhood.

Gerard reportedly “might be in talks” for the big screen adaptation of the novel “Firing Point” retitled Hunter Killer.

The film would center around a team of NAVY Seals in a submarine sent on a mission to Russia to stop an admiral from starting war with America, according to

10+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler taking surfing lessons in Malibu…

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gerard butler surfing lessons shower 01
gerard butler surfing lessons shower 02
gerard butler surfing lessons shower 03
gerard butler surfing lessons shower 04
gerard butler surfing lessons shower 05
gerard butler surfing lessons shower 06
gerard butler surfing lessons shower 07
gerard butler surfing lessons shower 08
gerard butler surfing lessons shower 09
gerard butler surfing lessons shower 10
gerard butler surfing lessons shower 11
gerard butler surfing lessons shower 12
gerard butler surfing lessons shower 13
gerard butler surfing lessons shower 14
gerard butler surfing lessons shower 15
gerard butler surfing lessons shower 16
gerard butler surfing lessons shower 17
gerard butler surfing lessons shower 18
gerard butler surfing lessons shower 19

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  • Manny

    It seems Butler is going to need a surfing double… After all this time he doesn’t seem to have mastered much IMO. Reese Witherspoon looked better on a board than Butler. I wonder what she is doing next month??? Joking kiddies. :P

  • lolita

    Have to say he really is taking this part seriously. He also is getting a skill that he can enjoy after the movie is made. Looking good!!

  • lolita

    Good heavens I would love to help him out of that wet suit. Well I better get to packing more boxes and getting the big brute off my mind. Have a good night JJr’s enjoy those new pics of him, I know I am.
    Hi Manny, have a great evening!

  • God Bless yoou all!

    Mark 11:25
    New International Version
    And when you stand praying, if you hold anything against anyone, forgive him, so that your Father in heaven may forgive you your sins.

  • Enough Already

    Come here Gerry baby, let me help you dry off. MAGGIE, do we have any clean yellow towels??????

  • Truth

    I see Mr Butler is packing some heat in that wet suit! I can see it all lol

  • Maggie P.U.

    @ Enough (7) Yep…. **runnin’ with towels!!!!*** u start at the top and I’ll do the bottom….. we’ll get him nice and dry in no time… yeah…no time…. **babbles as heads back to the gutter/spa**


    MPU/”The Stone”

  • Enough Already

    @Maggie P.U.: WHAT?? There ya go again taking the BEST part! Ya gotta share the bottom Maggie!! This could be my last chance, I might blow away in the hurricane!! Give a friend a break, will ya????

  • Maggie P.U.

    Ok Enough (10) since ya put it that way….. I will “do” the top…..but keep in mind while you are “south of the border” things may “happen” while I am taking care of the “northern parts”…. like the “raisin’ of the storm flag”-in your won’t be the only one gettin’ blown away in that hurricane…. boy…u better remember this…. cuz its my turn the next time!!!! **mumbles on way back to gutter/spa to get lotion…**



  • N.

    Is he getting a lesson from Frosty? Sure looks like him.

  • gossiphound
  • Enough Already

    @Maggie P.U.: Now that’s the kinda hurricane I wouldn’t mind being blown away in! I’ll remember that it’s your turn next time. Hope I don’t lose an eye in the raisin’ of the storm flag.

  • Maggie P.U.

    @Enough (14) nah!….doubt you will now he might :)….



  • Enough Already

    Well, that’s okay, he’s got another one he can use.

  • nyob

    I knew this day would come. Caught showering with another man.

  • Enough Already

    @Maggie P.U.: Oh for heaven’s sake, hand me a Coke, will ya?? Sheesh, I might need something stronger. LOL

  • Maggie P.U.

    @ Enough (19)…. **passes a coke** Yeah…the rate you are goin’ ur gonna need somethin’ stronger…… tell ya what I will get ya a boy doll and you can practice…. while you are practicing…. well, think I will go surfing….. **grabs a couple of yellow towels** don’t want to miss the “wave”…..



  • The Noise In The Walls

    Lookin good Gerry!! Hey.. He’s gained alittle weight back… But that’s a good thing… !!

  • Scottish Bath


  • sockpuppet

    still too thin, see pic 13. send cupcakes…

  • ;-)

    He’s working with enough…not huge but not small either!

  • Where’s That Jackasss?

    Where’s Brooke the phannie pop-off fantasy psycho? Seems she’s been run off. Man, was she fun to laugh at!
    I heard the Priyanka stories were 100% a fabrication of Priyanka’s people. I believe it. Her people wanted her career to blow up in America. Unfortunately, Americans have no need for actresses with an Indian accent.

  • Truth


    The question is does he know how to use what he is working with?!?!?!?

  • curious cat

    My my. I’ve been absent here so long I had to sign in all over again.

    Why I hardly stop by any more–and some will call it a blessing I know–is that it has all been said ad infinitem. Why do so many peeps post comments so empty and derogatory they get hidden? And will someone please tell me once and for all why peeps here keep criticizing his HAIR? He’s a MOVIE ACTOR. His hair style usually reflects the role he is shooting or preparing for. And more, who looks like a fashion plate while walking a dog on the beach or surfing? Nobody I know.

    The day is long gone when stars were studio-controlled, even to whom they married for publicity’s sake, and were always expected to show up looking glamorous, dressed to the nines, coiffed and made up, even to go to the local grocery.

    For the record, re last thread, I am appalled by any rumor of a remake of Romancing the Stone. OMG. A trashy movie the first time. Wasn’t that the one in which Kathleen Turner screamed every 5 minutes?

    Admittedly, I’m a snob and a highbrow about movies. Sure, I can enjoy a really clever, smart comedy, but RTS never was IMO. A producer acquaintance (not very successful) once told me my taste in movies is like that of people who eat spinach “because it’s good for you!” He never got it that some people actually LIKE spinach. Even LOVE it.

    IMPO, again, I feel Hollywood is mostly run by a bevy of adolescent males (not meaning young necessarily) who keep on putting out the same schlock that sells to the lowest common denominator in audiences. Fill the seats with brainless excitement. If a film got box office once, remake it forever.

    You don’t get “The King’s Speech” that often.

    Shout out to the old regulars like gossiphound, manny, cubedweller and any of the old guard I forgot, for hanging in for this dumbfest.

    I miss the name of old but not dead. If you come around OBND, I left a message for you on the New York Yankees baseball hat thread, a CENTURY AGO, which was quickly abandoned for new threads.

  • Latesummer’s Eve

    @Enough Already:

    Put some rum in that coke and please, stop saying “blow”. LOL!

  • Enough Already

    @Maggie P.U.: You’re killin’ me Maggie. lol

  • Enough Already

    @Latesummer’s Eve: Eve, I’ve ditched the doll and I’m making a beeline for Maggie. She’s got what I want! LOL

  • redOctober

    @curious cat:

    Glad to see you back , CCat. Agree with you about remakes and all the HW flim flam …though sometimes something like “The King’s Speech” happens. Thankfully.

  • Anna Butler

    He is soo Handsome!! .i love him so much

  • Enough Already

    @Maggie P.U.: LOL I’ll take the top. LOL It’s better than the doll–and don’t keep him out in the water too long—he’ll shrivel and you can kiss that one eyed dragon goodbye.

  • Enough Already

    @Maggie P.U.: So many thumbs down tonight. Too many jealous people? At least give me a chance to “ride a wave” tonight. LOL Poor guy, you’re gonna wear him out.

  • Maggie P.U.

    Enough 36….ROTFLMAO!!!!! Thats where you come in real quick like and with a warm towel prevent any/all shriveling….. like emergency CPR…. just revivin’ somethin’ else using a warm yellow towel….:) oohhhh… bad thought just came over me **drags feet goin’ to the gutter/spa**



  • Enough Already

    @Maggie P.U.: LOL I’m off to the gutter myself. I need a nap!!

  • Maggie P.U.

    Yeah Enough (33) I was thinkin’ the same thing…ain’t nothin’ like goin’ red knowin’ it is cuz we ruffled some jealousy feathers….. not to mention they don’t have the imagination we do…:) So, yeah we need to go to the gutter for a bit….



  • sockpuppet

    @Where’s That Jackasss?: @Truth:

    Troll alert! warning…warning…

  • legends

    Lord have mercy . . . that man is one beautiful specimen!!! No one compares! Word.

  • oldbutnotdead

    @curious cat: Hi Curious! I probably missed your prior post; did you have a question? I read here, but I seldom post. Trolls, and infighting too aggravating… although the fighting has calmed down, the trolls are still annoying. Hate wasting my time spinning through that silliness.

    I expect a percent of crazies (male and female) on any site, but when I read extremely cruel comments made between and about other women on the site, it began to be too much for me. Women should never do that to one another. Usually I am over on WO, as they are the first with good info.

    I understand what you are saying about what is coming out of Hollywood. I often complain about the nonsense coming out of Hollywood. Conan has been an expensive flop, Green Lantern was disappointing; I saw Thor, and also Cowboys and Aliens, and was sorry I did, although I like both lead actors, and saw it for them alone: Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig. I hated Get him to the Greek (although I like Russell Brand), and loved The Bridesmaids.

    I have hopes for both of G’s movies this year. Have my fingers crossed for some good action movies from him in the future.

  • Scots lover

    Holy sh*t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Swoon. I’d almost rather NOT know there’s someone out there that looks that good!! He makes me WANT him . . .

  • Tonto

    I can almost feel sorry for the poor guy. I did say ALMOST. He looks at the camera as if to say, “Not you again.” He doesn’t have any privacy. But, I guess it’s all part of fame and fortune. And we wouldn’t be here if there wasn’t new threads and new pics once in a while.

    It does look like Frosty. He may be training Butler so he can look realistic and professional while training Jay in the movie. He really gets serious about developing his characters doesn’t he? Okay now what are the odds on tomorrow’s thread, Butler pumps gas while getting a coffee after walking Lolita on the beach in his wet suit, his hair all fluffed out while talking on the phone while Lolita drags his cargo pants and orange laced sneakers in the sand. Does that cover his normal day? Oh, and while he winks at a bikini clad babe walking past him. That should cover it all. What’s next in the continuing story of the pap’s favorite boy?

  • Truth


    What do you mean?

  • Truth


    I just realized you were calling me a troll! Before you go calling names go and read all of my previous post in all the Butler threads. I have had nothing but positive things to say about him. I can make mention of his wet suit pic if I choose to. Just like you can and have!

    The nerve of you calling folks names when you were on here acting all nice prior. Now your true colors have shown.. Grow up troll!

  • snap

    Hold up!!!!!!!!!!!!! That man’s body should be illegal!

  • cubedweller

    Glad to see Butler is conserving water by showering with a friend.

  • legends

    Pure sex, that man is!

  • Stupid Sockpuppet

    Sockpuppet is another kissa** – do not take her seriously.
    Look at her name for buttlerssake…

  • niknoks


    Yes, Sockpuppet has shown herself to be somewhat of a hypocrite, she piously chastised both myself and Latesummers Eve for our ‘mean’ comments yet in the last few threads she has had no problem name calling, swearing and making more than a few ‘mean’ comments herself. She has one rule for herself and another for the rest of us it seems.

    The man has always tried to be environmentally friendly driving hybrids and participating in Live Earth, I guess showering with friends just seems the natural next step. ;-p

  • I Can ‘Sock’ TOO…

    I am a frequently posting REG, just wanted to say that most of you have your nerve talkig sh8t about Butler and other posters.
    Most of you don’t have a man so you’ve made him your fantasy man (EVE, MAGGIE) but that doesnt make him the second-coming.
    Grow up, all of you.
    Thanks, back to my regular name now!

  • niknoks

    @I Can ‘Sock’ TOO…:

    Okay that’s your opinion, you’re entitled to it like everyone else is entitled to theirs but why not have the guts to say that under your regular moniker?

    Just a question?