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Gerard Butler: Surfing Lessons in Malibu!

Gerard Butler: Surfing Lessons in Malibu!

Gerard Butler hits the waves for some surfing lessons on Friday (August 26) in Malibu, Calif.

The 41-year-old Scottish actor took a dip in the ocean with two instructors before heading to the showers to rinse off.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Gerard Butler

The day before, Gerard was spotted taking his pug Lolita for a walk around the neighborhood.

Gerard reportedly “might be in talks” for the big screen adaptation of the novel “Firing Point” retitled Hunter Killer.

The film would center around a team of NAVY Seals in a submarine sent on a mission to Russia to stop an admiral from starting war with America, according to

10+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler taking surfing lessons in Malibu…

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194 Responses to “Gerard Butler: Surfing Lessons in Malibu!”

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  1. 101
    Maggie P.U. Says:

    @ 86 Angels….. the more the merrier!!!! Enough and I have plenty of room in the gutter/spa…. just push the PlayGirl and yellow towels out of the way…. since you are new bidding rights to “top” and “bottom” of the Gman are “grab what ya can”. **Please ignore the deflated doll….. Enough got carried away due to frustration because I have her studying the Cosmo on how to handle the “one eyed dragon” before she works the “top”…..*** Have a good one.



  2. 102
    leslie51 Says:

    If you read Ted’s column further you will note that he now says the ‘vice’ is not all that shocking. I don’t believe he has anything on Gerry. Before this, whenever he was asked anything TC had nothing at all ‘vicey’, or even of much interest, to ‘reveal’ about Gerry, except that he uses bad pick up lines LOL. Now all of a sudden G is more in the media spotlight with 2 upcoming movies and TC hints at what he claims is a ‘juicy’ vice for him. Except then he responds to a fan saying it’s not really that juicy or shocking? Give me a break!

  3. 103
    Latesummer's Eve Says:

    I didn’t think LC and GB were together that long. And how do you justify a relationship as “together” when you’re not together the majority of the time? It’s like I said. G’s “relationships” are by cell phone with the occasional hook up. The first time I saw them together was in March in Paris last year and the last time was when he was in Mich filming MGP. Was that six months? No matter.
    I do believe that the women are “using” Gerry right now and it’s going to get worse before it gets better, especially if he gets an Oscar nom or wins one! They’ll be coming out of the woodwork! And I don’t think he and PC ever hooked up really. Just friends.
    I wouldn’t believe everything this Ted guy says although they say that rumor has an element of truth in it. He has a blind vice, it’s an “old” one, amongst all the other “skeletons” in the closet, and it’s not that big of a deal and he’s more savvy now, meaning he’s better at hiding whatever it is.
    I would venture a guess that it’s just his smoking. And that could turn more than a few women off to him. I hate it myself but I’d just make him quit…..period…. even if I had to borrow a cancerous lung in a jar of formaldehyde from a hospital and place it in front of him every time he lit up! LOL!

  4. 104
    Can'tGetEnough Says:

    @Maggie P.U.: We should probably dispose of the doll at this point, unless Angels can find a good use for it.

    Decided to change my name since “EnoughAlready” was rather derogatory and in response to “you know who” on the previous threads. This new one is much more appropriate, don’t you think Maggie?? Of course, I’ll leave it up to you to decide what I can’t get enough of.

  5. 105
    Latesummer's Eve Says:

    I was wondering if we’ve ever seen Gerry standing straight up and hanging ten yet? I’ve got a feeling that it’s not important that he become a really good surfer but just able to get up on the board so they can pan back to a stunt double who’s a pro. They could probably use a wave simulator like the ones on cruise ships and shoot in front of a green screen.
    Usually, insurance companies won’t allow actors to get too risky with their stunts and it’s obviously not like he’s real good at it (better then me, LOL). Seems like he was doing better before the groin pull. He’s probably nervous about re-injuring it now.

  6. 106
    Maggie P.U. Says:

    @104…yeah like the “new one” better… especially in your case LOL…



  7. 107
    CC Says:

    No one can fill out a wet suit quite like the Butler *sighs*

  8. 108
    Oh dear Says:

    Definately think the french chick suddenly talking about the relationship she had with  GB is a mutual PR for their up and coming projects.  Particularly for GB who wants to find a deflective answer to all those relationship and girlfriend questions which he’s about to confront. As for the Ted C comments –  he’s definately gonna have some big ole scary skeletons in his cupboard.  He’s a good looking man, who’s now in his forties, who’s been single more than coupled up, parties like a twenty year old, and is extraordinarily almost obssesively ambitious. And also when you look at some the company he keeps.  Especially in the states. Well. The mind boggles  at what things he and his slippery looking male friends who look more like hangers on get up to.  It’s always a relief when you see in the company of someone like Paul Haggis. You know what they say, you lay down with dogs…


  9. 109
    so gullible Says:


    Well there are so many ****** Real Housewives and so many actors on the cusp of A list.

    Pryianka has been using Gerry to further her career since Day 1. Nothing new there. She is especially anxious to crack Hollywood.

  10. 110
    PsychoB Says:

    The most,likely vice is the Adam Pounce-Pr#ck one. It follows with his personality. If he had a sig GF I would say King Schl#ng. Nothing we wouldn’t think twice about. But not a flattering story none the less.

    I agree Oh Dear, his friends seem sleazy. But doesn’t Haggis have his own reputation with sl/utty behavior.

  11. 111
    She's baaaaack... Says:


    He’s looking for an Oscar (MGP).
    PC’s looking for listeners (signed w/ record co).
    LC’s looking for a job (supposedly “in talks”).
    Ted C sometimes posts purposely misleading crap to get more hits.
    They’re all adults.
    And all players in the same game.

    Looking forward to MGP. Bump the rest.

  12. 112
    gossiphound Says:

    @How do I put this…?: Quel faux pas. Weinstein Company actually is distributing Coriolanus. Weinstein’s current enemy, Relativity Media is distributing MGP in North America. Weinstein is suing Relativity Media so I assume they are not on friendly terms.

    Quel awkward for Gerry as they are both gunning for Oscar noms for their films.

    My sense is for the most part the French media are so not terribly interested in Cholewa that without a mention of Butler with anything she has to pimp it would get even less attention.

    Does the article in Closer mention she is or was dating her boss at Direct 8. He got fired, around the time one of her shows got cancelled. Gee dating your boss I guess that one worked a bit better career wise until he got fired. She seemed to be cavorting for the paparazzi in a bikini in Miami at Xmas time and they mentioned Gerard again of course but um looked like the boss boyfriend was with her too, which was conveniently omitted. I guess there were no offers pouring in from US Entertainment news show.

    And we wonder why Gerry is so paranoid.

  13. 113
    GFW Says:

    I’m with the poster who finds it odd the LC (so last year) “story” comes out… now. Just as Machine Gun Preacher and Coriolanus are due out with both garnering Gerry with critical acclaim. Might she want those contacts increased by way of putting her “feelings” out publicly now she’s in a better place? LOL Really think Gerry’s smarter than all that.
    Likin’ these photos even if his mouth says it all in some of them. He really does have a sharp eye for cameras!
    Once upon a time, not so long ago, the impulsive more aggressive part of his core personality, now managed well by him, would have flipped the photographer the international symbol of how he was really feeling. And he thinks nothings changed? It has. It’s called a growth ring. The kind that strengthens the tree unseen from within. Only seen if the tree is felled. Which this one won’t be for a very long time. The change isn’t noticed by the tree, but by others as its able to withstand more yet flexible enough to withstand high winds. Trees bend so branches don’t have to break.

  14. 114
    so gullible Says:

    @PsychoB: The problem with that is that same vice could just as easily be Jason Segal. The clues all fit him too. Which I would have to say very clever of whoever writes those things.

  15. 115
    so gullible Says:

    What Gerry needs to do is ignore the paps like Leo DiCaprio used to and even purposely ruin the photos until Leo conveniently fell in love this summer with Weinstein’s protege Blake Lively and suddenly he’s caught smiling all the time. Of course this is assuming Gerry is actually surprised the paps are there. Notice the photos are coming from 2 different photo agencies. Does Gerry look less annoyed in the second set for a reason?

  16. 116
    God Bless yoou all! Says:

    Prov 16:16
    New International Version
    How much better to get wisdom than gold, to choose understanding rather than silver!

  17. 117
    Me2 Says:

    I see LC’s back to her old ticks again. Who cares if she was with Gerry for 6 months, more than a year ago?…. I mean seriously. I doubt bringing up the past is gonna help her career much. If she had real talent, then she wouldn’t need to use Gerry or anyone else to get attention . For some reason I don’t think its a mutual PR thing. I’m sure Gerry has people way better than LC to use for PR purposes.BTW… love the surf pics!

  18. 118
    Me2 Says:

    I meant “tricks” not ticks …JJ ,edit button please.

  19. 119
    Manny Says:

    @Latesummer’s Eve:
    Don’t forget that within two weeks of that roll with Liar Chowchow Butler was porking Martina the Mouth. Six months, my ass. Chowchow is just desperate for another chance at a show/work. Will she still be doing this in ten years to get work???
    @Latesummer’s Eve:
    My point exactly. We have yet to see Butler succeed at surfing. It seems it is something he is not mastering easily. I thinnk the producers have brought in the surfer-whisperer in Frosty.
    @Oh dear: & @PsychoB:
    ITAWY… if we took a real hard look at the situation, Terd Crapablanca probably does have some dirt just not entertaining dirt. That is why he is hedging IMO. So Butler one-night-stands, BFD. More entertaining if he were married, gay or whatever… it is all about the shock value in Terd’s business.
    @so gullible:
    Piggy Chops and Liar Chowchow are neck and neck in the PR wh*re race IMO… Kind of pathetic that they lack enough talent to be able to carry their own careers so they need to coattail on Butler’s.
    @so gullible:
    Since it is the same two photo agencies it smacks of PR motivated tipoffs IMO.
    I don’t know that it will be hard for Butler when it comes to the Oscar nods and PR… yeah he will help fill the seats but Ralph’s cast is so deep with award-winning actors that they will probably roll out them instead of Butler to up the ante on the highbrow Oscar snob club. If Butler happened to be nominated for both that is the only way I see any kind of conflict and I don’t think the Academy will be that generous to Butler especially with the competition out there this year.
    ticks works for me… or should we say fleas when it comes to Liar Chowchow…
    Happy Saturday JJers!

  20. 120
    Manny Says:

    It’s a shame that you lacked the courage to just speak your true feelings under one moniker instead of socking. Not only did you prove yourself to be a liar, you proved to be a total chicken sh!t. Makes me sad. :(

  21. 121
    Truth Says:

    Da%n Manny tell us how you truly feel!!! BRAVO! on both your post 119/120.

  22. 122
    GFW Says:

    Once you burn a bridge with Gerry you don’t get a second chance.
    Because if you’re talking behind his back, you’re in a good position to kiss his ass!

  23. 123
    How do I put this...? Says:


    I stand corrected. You are right.
    I did *mean* to put Coriolanus, NOT MGP. Didn’t notice I did that, until I came back to shut things down for maintenance.


    I’m hoping there’s a temporary truce between Relativity/The Brothers at least over this person/these movies. With the US releases being so darn close together, one can’t help but feed of the other positive press. Although backroom bickering could potentially be even more PR…and some think that ANY press, etc. Didn’t Relativity have MGP before The Brothers picked up Coriolanus?

    But you have to admit, The Brothers’ power (purchasing, promoting, and political) is long-standing and far-reaching. So I still stand by Ted’s dubiousness. Why is Gerry’s dirt treated so much more precariously than others, who have more to hide/lose? Forget LC, PC, or even LMNOP, for the moment. Ted’s recent floundering on this man specifically = there seems to be something up with HIS “relationship” with Gerry. =D


    I read “ticks” as d!cks, so that tells you where my head was at. HA! Showering shots (without old dudes) and wetsuits rock.

    It’s not like it requires a mutual, amicable agreement for someone to “incidentally mention” the other ((unless ordered by the courts – O_o)), so you could be just as right about Gerry’s hand not being in THESE particular rounds of releases (some other leaks, I will disagree) . He was getting more and more positive attention before Frenchie and Piggy started with the yap, yap. So, it would be lop-sided, at best. Tis the nature of the beast (that he has been known to feed himself).

    I agree about Frenchie’s questionable importance. And Piggy was even longer ago and father away, and had there were NO “leaked” pictures of them kissing, dating, and whatevering, so I REALLY don’t get her relevance to him and his current life at all.
    (Psst. I’ll admit it though, I would LOOOOVE to know what happened in Detroit with LC. Didn’t someone here [a "friend of a cousin of a..."] said he was blowing her off big time all day/palming her off on “Poor overworked/underpaid Amy” on the set *THE* pics were taken of him almost in a full trot walking away with [read from] her? Porquoi, mon amie? SPILL IT OR STFU, FRENCHIE! HA!)

  24. 124
    Latesummer's Eve Says:


    That’s right, Martina was during that six months time frame wasn’t she? How quickly I forget! And she reported that he did or he didn’t snore for credibility to the whole thing. LOL! Gerry and his women!
    I think all Gerry needs to do is get down Frosty’s style, like getting on the board and what he does when he falls off the board, LOL, so he looks like he knows what he’s doing and looks like him out there. They’ll have a pro to do the fancy stuff I’m sure.
    Gerry looks nothing like him in stature and I’m wondering if he’ll dye both his hair and his beard white and put on a couple of pounds! Frosty seems like the “stocky” kind of build.

  25. 125
    Oh dear Says:

    @psycho B

    Oh no! How disappointing if that’s true about Paul Haggis.

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