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Gerard Butler: Surfing Lessons in Malibu!

Gerard Butler: Surfing Lessons in Malibu!

Gerard Butler hits the waves for some surfing lessons on Friday (August 26) in Malibu, Calif.

The 41-year-old Scottish actor took a dip in the ocean with two instructors before heading to the showers to rinse off.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Gerard Butler

The day before, Gerard was spotted taking his pug Lolita for a walk around the neighborhood.

Gerard reportedly “might be in talks” for the big screen adaptation of the novel “Firing Point” retitled Hunter Killer.

The film would center around a team of NAVY Seals in a submarine sent on a mission to Russia to stop an admiral from starting war with America, according to

10+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler taking surfing lessons in Malibu…

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gerard butler surfing lessons shower 03
gerard butler surfing lessons shower 04
gerard butler surfing lessons shower 05
gerard butler surfing lessons shower 06
gerard butler surfing lessons shower 07
gerard butler surfing lessons shower 08
gerard butler surfing lessons shower 09
gerard butler surfing lessons shower 10
gerard butler surfing lessons shower 11
gerard butler surfing lessons shower 12
gerard butler surfing lessons shower 13
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194 Responses to “Gerard Butler: Surfing Lessons in Malibu!”

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  1. 126
    angelsrock Says:

    She’s done it again. engchikie has made some wonderful videos of Gerry. This is very well done and depicts Gerry past and present. Very cool.

    Irene is knocking on my door. Lots of wind and rain, but major impact here between 2am and 6am. Hope all you east coast JJers are safe.

  2. 127
    gossiphound Says:

    Notice Frosty has a goatee or is that soul patch right now LOL.

    Actually the picture of Frosty and Jay from around 1995, the time period this movie will cover, that Manny found, shows Frosty had true blonde hair, yellow if you will not white blonde. He’s gone white since then and he did not seem to have any facial hair but he was pretty stocky even then. He would have been in his late forties at that time. This is why I think some people were confused as to why Gerry was getting so thin esp with the PR spiel saying it was for the Mavericks role. Guess we will be getting the Hollywood version of Frosty.

  3. 128
    gossiphound Says:

    Okay I can’t resist. THIS IS ……………SANTA CRUZ.

    Frosty is going to be Leonidas Light.

  4. 129
    Manny Says:

    @Latesummer’s Eve:
    Totally agree that Butler is not looking much like Frosty IMO. Maybe Butler is terrified of the feedback after Barbados and doesn’t want a whole movie with him looking anything but muscle.
    I was actually giggling at the piccies above. Lolita is right… the skinnier he gets the bigger his nose looks. I miss Butler with some meat on him.
    Keep your head down and godspeed Angel…
    *giggling* Both in weight and in leather knappies. :)))

  5. 130
    tapon39 Says:

    Where has Gerard been hid’ing haven’t seen him around in a long time. Looking “HOT” there Mr. Butler.

  6. 131
    oldbutnotdead Says:

    @Manny: You missed the point completely. I just wanted to post some links, pics, vids, have fun, and not be bothered with the name calling and attitude of other posters, such as the post you display above at 119, admittedly one of your milder ones. It was fun having a different persona.

    Your posts often display a foul mouth and foul attitude as well as frequent cruelty that I find unpleasant; in my view, you are a bully; Eve frequently rises to the same level, but not always as unkind, except when she is ranting. I have seldom seen this kind of behavior in adult women, just young girls still in school, as well as some immature men who still write and talk like this. Yet you have your fans, so keep on keepin’ on.

    Generally I tried to avoid you, Eve, Darba. I just want to keep things fun, you have a need to call people names on a regular basis. I was so shocked about the way you wrote to Paisley Swansong that I actually contacted her separately. She had many people do that privately by the way, after the display you put on, which was rather toxic.

    Neither as sockpuppet nor as OBND have I lied, I did have fun with a different persona; sockpuppet is just the down home version of me. In fact, here is a sockpuppet aphorism: “I do not give a flying f…k”. This attitude is crucial to lawyers who have to develop a thick skin in order to function in the legal system, which is all about attack and counterattack, and I learned that early. Sockpuppet represents my lawyer attitude to bullies and some of the JJ posters. OBND is the nice old lady down the block that wants people to be kind to one another.

    Too bad you feel “sad” about my other persona, but your sadness is not anything I am concerned about. It is fun to provide links, the rest is over the top. I like a few people here, and avoid most of the rest.

    I wish the best to LLL, Red October, Maggie, Lolita and a few others who just want to have fun, provide information, not malign people and amuse the crowd with nasty remarks and name calling.

  7. 132
    Truth Says:

    Before sockpuppet came at me sideways I actually liked her! I enjoyed the pictures and the videos. How about bring her back and leave obnd on the bench. Or just post as yourself and keep posting pictures and videos that we all enjoyed very much via your alter ego. Please don’t become offended by anything done on here, this site is purely for entertainment purposes.

  8. 133
    Manny Says:

    There is no way of talking your way around it. My behavior has nothing to do with you lying and being a coward. You have to own that all by your little self.
    Too bad, I thought much better of you. You are no better than the rest of us you were referring to in your post. In fact you are worse. We at least were honest and up front in our feelings even if not kind, at least we were not deceitful. You are a fraud. To me that is much much worse.
    And don’t you even try to justify yourself using me, Eve or anyone else. You said sh!tty things under your sock. Funny that someone who spoke so highly of being fair about Gerry is the epitome of what you were criticizing in others. And the hilarious part, I’m even above that. You have really sunken that low. What excuse are you going to use now… I was just playing??? Are you really GFW now socking and lying your way through the thread??? How many pairs of socks are you sporting, not that we could take your word for it. See what you have sown…
    Damn shame…….. LIAR and COWARD will follow you now…

  9. 134
    legends Says:


  10. 135
    redOctober Says:


    I wish the best to you, too…and the same to all others posting here. We have a really wide range of “personas”, I think. And we can enjoy each other company and learn a thing or two in the process. We cannot be too different after all we came here following the same man *wink* ; D

    …forgive the teacher in me but I love photos with kids

    People in the path of Irene…stay safe!

  11. 136
    who cares? Says:


    who cares? why are you even replying? you both got to say your thing, now drop it and move it. it’s when you reply like this that you DO become a board bully.

    i like the fun butler joking manny better. stop taking this place so seriously sometimes.

  12. 137
    Manny Says:

    So does that mean me, Eve and the others are more grown up than you??? You know the old saying… if you can’t stand the heat…
    redOctober and Lolita are the sweetest things on the planet and are still here, actually talking to us evil meanies and not socking… Your excuse is absolutely ridiculous. You are not the only source of information here so that doesn’t hold water either as an excuse to sock/lie… Geeeesh…. you’re a lawyer and you say this??? Good grief and then some…
    You could have posted anything under your old moniker and not lied. Just skip what you don’t like. Are you that fragile??? I’m sorry but your pity poor me is just a crock.
    You are on JJ, an OPEN gossip board that is for posting opinions both good and bad. I can’t believe you of all people are that childish/overly sensitive… Like I said, a damn shame… Liar and Coward…

  13. 138
    legends Says:

    Don’t worry so much about Manny; ‘she’s’ most likely a ‘he,’ and a hypocrite, to boot! She talks about some posters being ‘chicken sh*t’ – I can’t really think of anything more ‘chicken sh*t’ than making yourself into a cyber-bully. Do you think ‘she’ would ever have the b*lls to say the things ‘she’ does to anyone’s face??? Uh, no.

  14. 139
    Manny Says:

    @who cares?:
    Sorry, I’m not a fan of liars and socks. It is my opinion. As OBND/SP tried to use me as her excuse for her poor behavior, I’m not going to just sit and say, “Okay you lied to everyone and you can blame that on me.” She has to own her own decisions. Funny things is, if she hadn’t gotten caught she would still be doing it. BTW are you OBND???
    As for joking, where have you been??? Apparently having a sense of humor about Butler doesn’t play well. Take a look at my joke on the front page… How dare I make a joke at Butler’s expense… funny damned if I do, damned if I don’t.
    Same back at ya babe. Here is my email address… Let’s see who has the b@lls…

  15. 140
    Try sitting ina office allday Says:

    @lolita: Hi, how are you? Who is this TedC ? I have never heard of him? He is completely unknown in Australia? is he a gossip reporter or a psychic ?
    I don’t understand -he is implying he knows something but dropping hints- but they are hints that mean nothing????
    Skeletons?? – GB has been single forever and is 40+. whatever !
    Hope you are safe away from Irene.

  16. 141
    Manny Says:

    @Try sitting ina office allday:
    This is who Terd Crapablanca is…

  17. 142
    Manny Says:

    It looks like Robert Luketic is the person talking up the Butler/Heigl Romancing the Stone rumor… He was the director on TUT. I guess he needs work. :P

  18. 143
    GFW Says:

    Manny, are you that desperate for attention? Really? Have you cracked open and gone crazy?
    Balls for what? To take your firing back at the world, one JJ poster at a time, because you’re stuck in your lousy rut of a life? Will never get close to Gerry? Seriously. Get.Some.Help.
    who had Gerry shower much like that in her first story, right Manny? ;o)

  19. 144
    Manny Says:

    What nothing to say??? Email is open and ready for you… *tapping toe*

  20. 145
    Try sitting ina office allday Says:

    @Manny: Thank you!
    After my post, i thought ” just goggle him”.
    Can i assume that as he works for a large well known organisation & looks like he as been around for a longtime he has some credibility ?
    mmmm, I think like most gossips, giving the impression they ‘know stuff’ is what keeps them in a job.
    I’m sure as he works in the biz he has access to lots of info but probably would’t be able to print/say any of it.
    Also, assuming you have libel&defamation laws in the US, so even if he knows ‘stuff’ he is better off implying rather than reporting as fact.
    Sounds like a great job !!
    thanks again.

  21. 146
    Manny Says:

    So are you socking as legends today??? Oh yeah… it can’t be you because you always sign ~K, huh Kathy??? Like no one can tell who you are…
    Other than being delusional ~K you aren’t the brightest bulb in the package either…
    Did you spend your whole morning in bed with your hubby??? I did. Did you get a promotion at work this week because of how hard you work??? I did. Did you break your personal best in the mile this week??? I did…. You can make fun of my life all you want. I’ll take my rut of a life over your delusions any day. :)
    See there is more to life than Butler and a blog…. Cheers!

  22. 147
    curious cat Says:

    I was going to make individual replies but too complicated. I need to whiz by. I too am sure a pro surfer stunt double will do most of whatever surfing Frosty has to do. But he is after all a coach, the movie isn’t about HIS career as a surfer. I suspect GB’s main job will be to learn enough to look and sound as if he knows what he’s doing on a surfboard. He certainly has been working at it. Kudos.

    What is this item of Ted Casablanca’s that is being discussed? I went to his blog or whatever you call what he does, but didn’t see anything that seemed to apply. I don’t know how to get his back history if it’s not a new item. Anyone have a link? Or preferably just a direct quote? I’m super scared of viruses here. Maybe I missed where this started here but suddenly this was being talked about.

    Thanks gossiphound and others who provided discussion of the releasing companies for Coriolanus and MGP.

    I was sorry to see bad blood squirting between two posters I like and respect. We have a lot of different personalities here. Even in cyberspace we won’t all get along. I prefer to stay out of personal conflicts. I hate to think how much I sound like my mother, who used to say in any conflict, “There is right and wrong on both sides.”

    Maybe I’m donning my highbrow hat again here, but I want to weigh in on socks. I’ve said this before but a reminder doesn’t hurt. We all post anonymously here so we CAN post under any moniker we like. ANYTHING we like. ANY TIME. Maybe it’s my years as a journo writing publicly under my own name, being accountable every day for what I wrote, and getting both slings and arrows and praise too, but

    1) I try not to post anything I’d be ashamed to have revealed under my own name if it somehow came to that. It’s not that I think it would, but some day the internet world is going to get caught up in the legal world of free speech, libel, etc. Imagine yourself in court in the witness chair having your posts read aloud. Worst case scenario, and I don’t mean to say it will happen or convey fear. I’m just sayin’, keep that worst case scenario alive when you write stuff.

    I’ve had the experience of having my notes subpoenaed and journos always fight this because there are laws that protect us from revealing confidentialities as long as we can prove the veractity of what we write. Nobody has to prove *** on the internet. SO FAR.

    2) I never use a sock although I’ve been accused of it once or twice. Someone used my moniker once and said something I’d never say. You can’t stop that, but I think if you consistently use a moniker and people know it, they get to know who you are and know it’s fake if someone steals it. The feds can trace it to the source anyway.

    3) I am not CC who also posts here.

    4) I do have another internet moniker for the research I do, totally unconnected to JJ, Butler or any of this. And that is accidental. I’d use one moniker just so I could remember it, but had signed up before my visit to JJ under a moniker that kept coming up. Being a bit of a computer klutz, I didn’t know how to change it and decided, it’s easier just to sign in. But tthe sites I visit under that moniker have nothing to do with anything here.

    I’m not interested in playing games or messing with people’s heads.

  23. 148
    Manny Says:

    @Try sitting ina office allday:
    You are absolutely right. I call him Terd Crapablanca because he is just like that dirtbag Perez Hilton who loves to out people and takes great joy in destroying celebrities. Now that is what a cyberbully is…
    E! has a huge legal staff and corralling him and Chelsea Handler must be a handful for them. :)))

  24. 149
    Manny Says:

    @who cares?:
    I still think the producers should check and see if Reese is available for a surfing double… apparently she has mastered what Butler is still struggling with…

  25. 150
    curious cat Says:

    The one thing this LC said that might be true is that GB isn’t as the press portrays him. Oh yeah? This is no brainer watching him ad the stories about him.
    I got pissed off recently when I saw a story about another star, a famous singer I like. The reporter wrote that said singer married late in life, at age 37. Not only did the writer editorialize about what is “late in life” (37 for a man building a career would not really be late) but she seemed not to know that this was his SECOND marriage! He’s been married and had two kids before! How can people just put out such glib stuff?
    I was trained by tough editors who didn’t let a story go to press without thorough research and accuracy. And you were held responsible for what you wrote.

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