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Taylor Swift & Reese Witherspoon: Lunch Date!

Taylor Swift & Reese Witherspoon: Lunch Date!

Reese Witherspoon takes control of the wheel as she and Taylor Swift leave a lunch date at Boa Steakhouse on Friday (August 26) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 35-year-old actress and the 21-year-old singer have something in common – they both famously dated actor Jake Gyllenhaal!

Taylor is taking a break from her Speak Now tour to attend the MTV Video Music Awards this weekend. Reese recently returned from a family vacation in Hawaii.

Also pictured inside: Reese going to the gym with a friend on Thursday (August 25).

25+ pictures inside of Reese Witherspoon and Taylor Swift out and about…

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taylor swift and reese witherspoon lunch date 01
taylor swift and reese witherspoon lunch date 02
taylor swift and reese witherspoon lunch date 03
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taylor swift and reese witherspoon lunch date 05
taylor swift and reese witherspoon lunch date 06
taylor swift and reese witherspoon lunch date 07
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taylor swift and reese witherspoon lunch date 12
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taylor swift and reese witherspoon lunch date 14
taylor swift and reese witherspoon lunch date 15
taylor swift and reese witherspoon lunch date 16
taylor swift and reese witherspoon lunch date 17
taylor swift and reese witherspoon lunch date 18
taylor swift and reese witherspoon lunch date 19
taylor swift and reese witherspoon lunch date 20
taylor swift and reese witherspoon lunch date 21
taylor swift and reese witherspoon lunch date 22
taylor swift and reese witherspoon lunch date 23
taylor swift and reese witherspoon lunch date 24
taylor swift and reese witherspoon lunch date 25

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62 Responses to “Taylor Swift & Reese Witherspoon: Lunch Date!”

  1. 1
    Sarah Says:

    ohh poor Jake! they probably said a lot of bad things about him…

  2. 2
    oh no Says:

    wow they were laughing @ jake gyllanhall, huh?

  3. 3
    Ashley Says:

    LOVE them both! They had lunch in Nashville a few months ago too.

    And btw, they knew each other BEFORE Taylor dated Jake. So, people thinking they’re only friends because of him….

  4. 4
    Twist Says:

    Taylor befriends all of her ex-boyfriend’s ex girlfriends. She did the same with Ashley Greene(Joe) and Selena(Taylor)

  5. 5
    Love Them! Says:

    These two knew each other back in 2010 when Taylor played at a benefit in Los Angeles. Reese is from Nashville and Taylor lives there now. Plus they both dated Jakey Pooh. I am sure Jake is going to love hearing about these two.

  6. 6
    Tay and Reese!! Says:

    I don’t think their friendship has that much to do with Taylor befriending her ex’s girlfriends. Taylor stated in 2009 in a online web chat that she did before Fearless came out that Reese was one of her favorite actresses in Hollywood.

  7. 7
    Tay and Reese!! Says:

    Taylor has a show the same night of the VMA’s. The VMA’s are at Nokia Theater and Taylor is going to be at the Staples center on the 28th.
    I love Tay and Reese.

  8. 8
    LOL! Says:

    I love this!

  9. 9
    Evie Says:

    Reese “The Famewhore” Witherspoon!!!

  10. 10
    Beck Says:

    They must’ve had the most boring conversations.

  11. 11
    amanda Says:

    They’re also both similarly uptight and insanely boring.
    Only Reese is actually Southern and Taylor just likes to fake like she is.

  12. 12
    Mrs. Toth is a JOKE!!! Says:

    Notice how she is starting to promote MM clothing line also? She is so Fcuking PATHETIC! FAKE BEOTCH!


  13. 13
    Oh Shut Up! Says:

    Beck and Amanda are the same person and more than likely logging on and off her computer to boost her ratings on her comments.

  14. 14
    LOL! Says:

    @amanda: How in the world do you know they were having a “boring” conversation?Where you at the steakhouse listening in on what they were talking about? Do you know them personally?? You comments I have to add are laugh out loud funny and not in a good way.

  15. 15
    Indy Says:

    @Mrs. Toth is a JOKE!!!: Wow. Such harsh words for someone sitting behind their computer with nothing else to do with their life besides making fun of people online. GET A LIFE!

  16. 16
    Indy Says:

    I support this friendship. So cute!

  17. 17
    Coral Reef Says:


    You’re the only one who seemed to figure it out. It is ALL about famewhoring. Reese and Taylor play the same game. Taylor is probably thrilled and so is Reese. Reese loves the platform marketing of Taylor’s brand. The reason both are successful $$$ is because they are constantly marketing themselves. Constantly. I laugh every single time I read some fool saying, “But she doesn’t need publicity…” LOLOL!

  18. 18
    Mrs. Toth is a JOKE!!! Says:

    Oh Fcuk! Here come the Reese and Taylor lovers!

    @Indy—Your know nothing about me and what I do, so if I were you, I would STFU and GET A LIFE!!!

  19. 19
    Psycho Much? Says:

    @Mrs. Toth is a JOKE!!!: You have issues. It’s Tay and Reese. What did they ever do to you?

  20. 20
    Guess Who Says:

    Ugh, last time I checked, we were free to speak our minds in this country even if other people didnt like the comments. So with that being said……………

    @Mrs. Toth is a JOKE!!!, Coral Reef, Amanda, Beck, Evie………


    Witherspoon is the BIGGEST SELLOUT IN HW!

    and Im sure she is spewing some sh!t out of mouth since the Kardashian wedding’s spread in People surpassed her wedding by 50% in views alone on the website and that doesnt even include hardcopy sales yet!!!!

  21. 21
    vool Says:

    how awkward..

  22. 22
    Jennie Says:

    Aww. This is cute. I love them.

  23. 23
    Yet Again Says:

    Does a day pass where there aren’t any pics of Reese Witherspoon.? I have never seen a celebrity photographed more than she is. Complete and total Famewhore, to the worst degree. She must have every single paparazzi on permanent speedial. I guess as she ages and her movies aren’t doing well at the box office any longer, she has to resort to the nonstop, publicity hungry, selling of herself to remain relevant. She has zero class.

  24. 24
    DollsFkcer Says:

    I bet than between these two Reese is the funniest ! Taylor is f*cking boring !

  25. 25
    DollsFkcer Says:

    And how can you go lunch with Reese Witherspoon and go two days later go with Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez ! That girl is weird !

  26. 26
    Kelly Says:

    @Guess Who: You live a sad life. We live in a world full of hate and you somehow justify yourself by making fun of people online. SAD! Everyone has free speech but there is also a time when you should also keep you opinions to yourself and show respect.

  27. 27
    Guess Who Says:

    This blog is too sensitive today……

    I live a very very WONDERFUL LIFE! and I will continue to speak what I feel and everything I say about someone, when the chance comes for me to meet them in person, I will have no problem telling them exactly the same thing that I write!

  28. 28
    Wendy Says:

    @Guess Who: I highly doubt you have any friends then. Who wants to be friends with a jerk like you?

  29. 29
    InTheIndustry Says:

    @Mrs. Toth is a JOKE!!!~~~~~~~

    Are you getting people’s panties in a wad? LMAO!!! :-)

  30. 30
    ComeOnNow Says:

    Taylor Swift fans are like RPatz fans. Your not allowed to say anything not nice about them.

  31. 31
    Mrs. Toth is a JOKE!!! Says:


    I guess so!

    But oh well, wont be the first time or the last! So its all good!


  32. 32
    LOVE THEM!! Says:

    I love these two gals. They had lunch not to long ago in Nashville. So pretty and cute.

  33. 33
    Guess Who Says:

    Way too sensitive people, way too sensitive!

  34. 34
    LMAO Says:

    WTF is up with WitherFake sticking out her chest, sucking in her gut and standing straight up?

  35. 35
    Miranda Says:

    I don’t get all the hate on this website. Anways I love these classy ladies. It’s nice to see them out having fun together. I saw Tay Tay in concert two weeks ago and she was amazing. She definately knows how to sell out a stadium.

  36. 36
    Fake Dumb Blonde Says:

    Holy Shizzzzzznit Batman!

    The Swifty fans are out in full force tonight!

    Keep it real, @Mrs. Toth is a JOKE!!! and Guess Who

    Keep it real!!!!

  37. 37
    COOL BEANS Says:

    I hate when people use the word hate!

  38. 38
    InTheIndustry Says:

    Yes there are alot of Swift fans out tonight!

  39. 39
    Evie Says:

    Reese is so desperate for attention these days.

  40. 40
    Withersloth Sucks! Says:

    Is that Jim Toth in drag? :-P~~~~~~~~

    Most def…..

    Way too sensitive tonight…..

    but there is always tomorrow since Greasy Reesey is an everyday thing everywhere!!!!

  41. 41
    French Bistro Says:

    I really hope Taylor has NOTHING to do with the VMA’s this year. She has her own concert that night.

  42. 42
    Oh Please! Says:

    and the day after that, and the day after that, and the day after that………

  43. 43
    Speak Now Says:


    People who say Taylor is boring are projecting themselves and need to grow up. Go and listen to your autotuned crap!

  44. 44
    Speak Now Says:


    Taylor fans are mature and don’t post hate. Unlike some people, who thrive on hate.

  45. 45
    Speak Now Says:

    People who are making idiotic mean comments tonight are as dumb as rocks.

  46. 46
    nicky Says:

    Hopefully Reese Chunkerspoon left food for Taylor to eat.

  47. 47
    eatyourheartout Says:

    What a pair of lovely ladies. :) Beauty and talent overload. :))))

  48. 48
    yaso Says:

    Taylor swift is an IDIOT exactly like her rabid fans!

  49. 49
    Blow Balloons Says:


    You can tell the under 12 crowd is out!

    Im sure Reese was just telling Taylor how to “be cool” in Hollywood and how to make it!

    It was probably nothing more than that! :-)

  50. 50
    walden Says:

    Two of the most rabidly ambitious women in entertainment. Don’t count Reese out. She won’t go quietly into semi-retirement like other actresses she is desperate and will attach herself to popular youthful acts like RPattz and Taylor to cling to her 15 minutes.

  51. 51
    ace11 Says:

    the Conversation:

    Taylor to Reese (about jake)

    “did he want to put it in there”??

    Reese to Taylor: “every single time sweetie”


  52. 52
    good girls my a$$ Says:

    For all of you who believe Reese is a down home sweetheart please check out this week’s US Weekly. There is a TWO PAGE SPREAD of her poses on that surfboard and hugging Toth. These were set up pictures for the purpose of promoting herself. Her children hate the paparazzi they are embarrassed in front of their friends when they appear in magazines yet she hires a photographer to document her family vacation. FOR HERSELF, FOR HER BRAND, TO GET HER NAME ON THIS AND OTHER SITES. Please stop buying into her crap. She is the worst fake fameHO out there. Now she is giving Taylor lessons on how to do the same thing. They both make me sick.

  53. 53
    LovesToTease Says:



  54. 54
    Boy Oh Boy! Says:

    Fake Famewhore!

  55. 55
    Mrs. Toth is a JOKE!!! Says:

    Hey, pssssst….

    Are the Taylor Swift fans gone yet?


  56. 56
    Kim Says:

    Love Reese!

  57. 57
    really reese Says:

    I feel bad for Reese’s kids. She pimps them out constantly and married a guy she knew less than a year. Then she tries to sell her motherhood as part of her whole deal. I am so so so so over her. I hope her expiration date is soon.

  58. 58
    Morgan Says:

    Reese has such an awkward little body. Look at the way she is walking…roflmao

  59. 59
    Sara Says:

    Every time you see Taylor she’s got that open mouthed “DOH!” look on her face and her fake porcelain veneers make it even worse. I don’t hate her, but I really don’t see what’s so great about her. She has everyone fooled, especially the little girlies. She’s laughing all the way to the bank.

  60. 60
    Karl Says:

    Anyone not notice that Taylor is not in these photos except for in the Merc… and to me that looks almost photoshopped in….

    But the blonde in running gear with Reese is not Taylor….

  61. 61
    Love&Justice Says:

    2 Dumb Blondes

    Isnt that a name of a group? :-)

  62. 62
    gay is OK Says:

    Jake Gyllenhaal has TERRIBLE taste in BEARDS –
    Reese Witherspoon and Tayror Swift are fugly phonies.

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