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Vanessa Hudgens: Nail Salon and Jamba Juice!

Vanessa Hudgens: Nail Salon and Jamba Juice!

Vanessa Hudgens smiles at the photographers while getting her nails done at a salon on Friday (August 26) in Studio City, Calif.

The 22-year-old actress was joined by her mom Gina for some mother-daughter bonding time while getting manicures and pedicures.

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Vanessa and Gina made a pit stop at Jamba Juice for some refreshments before heading to their pampering session.

Earlier in the week, Vanessa wore cute maxi dress as she left a friend’s house in Studio City.

25+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens at the salon…

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vanessa hudgens salon stop with mom 01
vanessa hudgens salon stop with mom 02
vanessa hudgens salon stop with mom 03
vanessa hudgens salon stop with mom 04
vanessa hudgens salon stop with mom 05
vanessa hudgens salon stop with mom 06
vanessa hudgens salon stop with mom 07
vanessa hudgens salon stop with mom 08
vanessa hudgens salon stop with mom 09
vanessa hudgens salon stop with mom 10
vanessa hudgens salon stop with mom 11
vanessa hudgens salon stop with mom 12
vanessa hudgens salon stop with mom 13
vanessa hudgens salon stop with mom 14
vanessa hudgens salon stop with mom 15
vanessa hudgens salon stop with mom 16
vanessa hudgens salon stop with mom 17
vanessa hudgens salon stop with mom 18
vanessa hudgens salon stop with mom 19
vanessa hudgens salon stop with mom 20
vanessa hudgens salon stop with mom 21
vanessa hudgens salon stop with mom 22
vanessa hudgens salon stop with mom 23
vanessa hudgens salon stop with mom 24
vanessa hudgens salon stop with mom 25
vanessa hudgens salon stop with mom 26
vanessa hudgens salon stop with mom 27

Photos: GSI Media
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  • Haters Suck!

    I don’t think you’ll see them hang out anymore until they start doing the promo for journey. I never fealt they were anything more then friends. This is just a theory but they both took a lot of unnecessary crap for hanging around each other including from u Mia, I remeber u from the bowling alley post, I made a point of remenering some people from there cause i knew when this was all done people were gonna owe them both an apology. Don’t think that crap didn’t get back to them as Stella more the once had to come to josh’s defence on Twitter. And from that point I think they decided to stop hanging around each other. Again this is just a guess but that what I think happend.

  • Mia

    Yes, I admit I was mad. It looked like they were more then friends and I thought back then she lied. Nothing wrong with lying, but i honestly believed her the friends and wanting to be single thing and then it looked like she already moved into another relationship with another co-star, again. And that 2 months after she ‘hooked up’? with zac in january. I have nothing against a friendship, but I think she should be single. I’m sorry I got so mad back then, but that was how I felt.

  • Emma

    @Monica: She will not return to him , again

    If she had had the mind to return to him , she would have already returned to him .

    I hope she will meet a better man and be happy

  • Gina

    I love the way Vanessa accessories!:-)

  • Holly

    Vanessa is so beautiful!

  • Camille

    I’m so happy, vanessa is attending the VMAs, I’m so gonna watch it now.(:

  • maria

    @lauren: What I mean by the “caretaker” in the relationship, is that she took care of him, in every way. She supported him, took care of his home, responded to social invitations, did his laundry, picked up medicine, etc. That’s what I mean. It left her a lot less time for herself, but she loved him. It wasn’t meant to be derogatory in any way.

    @Haters Suck!: You don’t need to change your mind in any way; I haven’t. I still feel the same about the way he treated her. He can’t go back and undo what was said and done in the past. I can only hope they both learned from it. He needs to learn how to treat a woman he loves, and she now knows never to tolerate that from a man. That’s just the way I see it, and that comes from lots of experience. Zac fans never saw anything wrong with his behavior, but even when I WAS a fan, I did. But we will never see eye to eye with his fans over him, so whatever.

  • justme

    omg i jus saw your twitter why you care about vanessa so mush ? plz i want an answer

  • http://Lipkin20 Lauren

    Why are u creeping on my tweets?
    This is why I delete my tweets because it’s people like you who for some reason care why I delete my tweets and stuff

  • elendur

    Vanessa and Josh were visiting each other on weekends while filming til July 4th weekend. Two weeks later she returned home from shooting and declared she was single.
    It looks like they were dating then she probably ended it. However,Mama GH said on her twitter that “She’s happy. Van’s single.They’re great friends! So maybe they didnt date.
    I believe we will find out the truth when Josh returns to LA(Hunger Games wrapped two days ago.He’ll probably go home to Kentucky to visit his family first.
    If Josh shows up in LA and they start to hang that means they are the great friends they Gina claimed. If,however,he returns to LA and they don’t hang out we can notch this up as a post Zac rebound.
    By the way Josh’s ex lanchen Mihalec,and his oldest friend,stated repeatedly (@ the height of the Van/Josh speculation) that she was POSITIVE they were just friends.

  • Haters Suck!

    my opinion of him has not changed and i agree with all of the points you made. She did a lot for him that he didn’t seem to appreciate and his fans will never acknowlege. And much like u no matter what his fans say I won’t agree with some of the things he did during the relationship even though when I was fan and defended him as much as anyone even when I didn’t agree but obviously things have changed. But my point is I’m gonna try and not be as…demonstrative towards him as I have in the past and just cool it and not let his fans draw me into a fight as easily. It won’t be easy but I’m gonna try at least

  • lauren

    how do you know hunger games is done filming?
    also how do you know josh’s best friend has said their not together,, anyone could be that person and say anything,
    just saying.

  • elendur

    Several cast members of Hunger Games tweeted that they had shot their last day and are now back home in LA.
    Their are pictures of Josh and Lanchen Mihaleic all over the internet, She has a twitter with a link to her formspring. On it ,if you go back six months or so she states they (Josh and V)were just friends and not dating.
    She and her sister visited ,Josh, in Hawaii when he was shooting “journey 2″ and she met Vanessa there and said he was very nice,
    Find her twitter and her formspring is on there.
    Just saying.

  • loli

    yes vanessa is dating josh you don’t love ? who care if you do or not and josh is soooooo mush better than zac you don’t love this too ? well i don’t care i just want you to go and tape on youtube zac efron golden globe 2011 and come and tell me wish movie he was presenting

  • ?

    Do you think she’ll wear extensions for her hair tomorrow night?

  • http://Lipkin20 Lauren

    What does Zac and presenting the kids that alright have to do with anything? Why are u trying to start shit? You dont know vanessa and her personal life so stop acting like you know everything ,

  • loli

    i think you are the one who know everything about vanessa come on plz it not good to defend someone you don’t know but hating on him it’s good right ? well zac was preseting a movie who’s staring josh the guy who has actually 18 years and he has a beutiful relashionship with vanessa ( i don’t care if they are dating or just friends) the girl who you don’t love because she’s happy without your golden boy i think right now you know why i think josh is so mush better than your golden boy

  • http://Lipkin20 Lauren

    Uh @ loli
    I know I know nothing about her and I don’t act like I do either,
    What is your problem? Why are u attacking me? I didnt do anything to you, do you think your cool because your being rude to me and stating all these facts that you know, just stop

  • loli

    i’am not attacking you i’am just defending vanessa and you think you are cool because you are being rude to vanessa and you don’t even know her ?

  • http://Lipkin20 Lauren

    I’m not being cool,
    Ug whatever can u just please stop?

  • Irina

    Omg I really think that josh and Vanessa will meet at the VMA. I know there friendship isn’t over , V has just been busy filming gimme shelter and his been filming the hunger games.

  • maria

    @Haters Suck!: I know exactly where you’re coming from. That’s where I am too. I still won’t tolerate any attacks on V from his fans that make it look like she was to blame in any way, and I can’t stand gushing about his perfection. But otherwise, I just don’t care about him.

  • Moni

    U guys get over yourselves. Maria and haterssuck always act as if they know all abt what went down in that relationship always looking 4 an opportunity to call him a bad bf, as 4 her not goin back to him, i don’t think he minds other than nc and the one time at her place in jan,i don’t see him running after her either. Do feel sorry 4 josh or the next guy though they will be the perfect persons until it ends then they will be douche bags. I said end becos in HW relationships no matter how long ends wit. I hope she is careful wont want her to be like Jlo.

  • Moni

    And those comparing josh career to zac we all have diff destinies as long as fulfill it then we are fine. That goes for those comparing other stars.

  • Haters Suck!

    well that’s because I do think he was a bad boyfriend, I have absolutley no problem saying that. As for who v dates next as long as he stays out of strip clubs, dosent flirt with other girls right in front of her, dosent constantly disrespect their relationship in interviews, and actually shows her some support once in a while, among other things then it’ll be fine. I honestly don’t think that seems unreasonable.
    I know, I know, like I said I’m working on it, just couldn’t help myself this time.

  • Quinn

    The Vma is only hours away:o can’t wait!!!!!!

  • maria

    @Moni: We didn’t speculate at ALL about what went down in their relationship. We were commenting on the kind of BF he was, and THAT is not rumor or speculation. We are basing our opinion on EXACTLY what he said and did publicly. I don’t profess to know ANYthing else.

  • elendur

    Is Josh even going to attend?I know Jennifer Lawerence is as she is introducing the Hunger Games trailer. I like seeing these two friends together.

  • http://facebook epic

    moni you said that maria and haters suck think that they know everything about their relationship how do you know that zac doesnt want her back or visa verca yes i guese we dont know anything about their relationship you are right but you just make the same mistake like theirs so about maria and haters suck guys relax ok look you have no life i love vanessa ok but to you two i think that vanessa is your life do something for your life oh and maria please dont tell that you have life because you are maried and everything all those are bullshit

  • http://justjared mig345

    i hate her, she was better with zac , she got fat and just ugly

  • sunny

    @mig345: Zac Fan Shut up