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Halle Berry Wins Custody Battle with Gabriel Aubry

Halle Berry Wins Custody Battle with Gabriel Aubry

Halle Berry runs some errands on Friday (August 26) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 45-year-old actress was in court earlier in the day for her custody battle with her ex Gabriel Aubry over their daughter Nahla.

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Halle left victorious as her interpretation of a “movie clause” in their custody agreement will allow her to bring Nahla overseas while she films a movie in Europe, according to TMZ.

Gabriel‘s time with Nahla will be cut short due to the provision.

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  • Sarah Tut

    Vannessa Hudgens shaved her head! Look guys! :( This makes me angry!
    Wasn’t she pretty before this?

  • commonsense

    WTF?! What if she spends 8 months out of the year filming a movie overseas, then WTH is Gabriel supposed to do?! Unbelievable, who was his lawyer?

  • TheRealMe

    Halle wins, but Nahla loses. Gabriel is her father. Just because Halle wants to conveniently forget that fact, doesn’t it make it any less true.

    I know this was the same title TMZ used Jared, but couldn’t you have thought up a different one.

  • Lynn

    Congrats to Halle. Moms should always come first, and men who play games with their ex-wives even at the cost of jeopardizing their young kids’ well-being should be ashamed of themselves.

  • ariel

    She looks so Butch!

  • skskj

    @Lynn: do you have any solid proof that he’s not a good father and that he’s just trying to make her miserable? You see just as many pictures of him picking up Nahla from school and playing with her as you do of her and her current boy toy. If anything Halle should be the one under scrutiny especially with her bad history with men .

  • laverdadduele

    These stupid judges always favor the woman, even if it’s a nut case like Halle. Sad.

  • Lynn

    I didn’t say he is a bad father, and her “bad history with men” has nothing to do with her ability to be a good mother, but maybe that the guy was not a good one to have a kid with in the first place; but to say that she would have to sacrifice her career so that the father could pick up his kid at the day care a few times a month, or that any little girl (or boy for that matter) would rather stay with their dads for months without seeing her/his mother, is a lot of wishful thinking. If he really loves his girl, he would travel to see her when the rare occasion arises, and be happy for her that she is being cared by her mom.

  • hermes

    She’s become the 2nd most hated woman behind casey anthony.

  • ME

    BITCH is the perfect word to describe this ugly hag.

  • Kayla

    As they should. A woman gestate a life for 9 months, and nurse their babies once they are born. Man should always come second, it’s just the natural order of things.

  • Please!!!

    Her hair!! Ughhh

  • Cheery

    It’s inconceivable that Halle should leave her daughter behind for MONTHS just because she’s filming. Halle’s the mother, and whether people like it or not, the most important figure in a young child’s life is their mother. Maybe when Nahla is older the custody arrangement will favor Gabriel more.

  • Baloo

    Poor Nahla… I’m so with Gabriel in this case.

  • Sorry all…..

    Who cares?
    You all know Gabriel was just a SPERM DONOR in the end, PUH-LEASE.
    He needs to wake up and smell the coc/aine lines.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Let’s hope he appeals this decision! He needs to hire K-Fed’s lawyer!!

  • Christian

    The problem being that none of you have the right to judge her considering you have no idea what goes on in her personal life.

  • John

    A mother should be with her kids, so i’m in favor of her.

  • mikaloca


    It will be the same if he was still a hot model. You cant deny the woman the right to make movies because you had a baby with her. She was making the movies when she was pregnant and when they were together, they just need to come to an agreement. She is the primary bread winner, so if he wants her to quit working because of the child he will always lose…what an arsewipe …he needs to chill and get it into his head that she will not quit till she is no longer in demand, nahla needs a college fund

  • mikaloca

    Gabriel is annoying because it was okay for him NOT to be around in the begiining…I remember he suddenly had the urge to open a business in NY when she was pregnant and early years of the child life. I think that was one of the break up factors. NOw that business failed, he is in LA fulltime and he sudennly wants to see his child every single waking moment…what on earth does he want? There are tons of divorced or seperated parents who are married to working women and he needs to come to grips with the situation..this is more if vindictive act…i think he feel when in europe olivier will replace him as full time dad….and he can feel that way, but out on you big boy boxers, this is mordern American..blended families, if you want to see your kids every waking moment you et married and you stay married and get off the model diet

  • psycho Who@rlina

    @Kayla: yeah and some women even kill their babies like casey anthony don’t be fooled just because they are women. a man might be a better father than a women so your logic is stupid

  • clamity

    people who keep saying a child should always be with their mother as no sense, what if the mother is abusive ? just because she is a mother she should be favored more than a good father? sure she carried the baby for 9 months that in it self does not make someone a good mother.. i think its equally bad for a child to be away from their father

  • Roxy

    I didn’t really like Halle, but now I like her even less. I think it’s unfair for the child to be separated from any parent for that long. Let’s be real a movie usually films for about 3-6 months. Why can’t Nalah stays with her father during that time, and visits be afforded to her while she’s filming. And who exactly will be taking care of Nalah while she’s on set for hours…a freaking nanny. She’s selfish, and just wanted a darn sperm donor before her clock ran out.

  • Roxy

    Mother’s should be with her kids….that’s a bunch of hog wash. What about the father’s rights. I have 2 kids with my ex-husband, at some point we were both in the army at the same time. The stipulation in our divorce says he gets 2 weekends every month and 1 month each year. Sometimes the Army would send me away months at a time, I could have been a spiteful bi*C H and take my kids to my parents, but I did the best and MATURE thing and have their father care for them. Children needs both their parents in their life.

  • sasha

    I’m agree with Roxy! Plus while Halle will shool, Nahla will NOT BE with her but with a nanny instead of being at the school!!!!!!!!! She’s going to miss months of school then to return and to leave…
    It’s brilliant to socialize (ironic)
    Poor little girl & her daddy

  • Lailah

    You people need to shut it. Like seriously. You don’t know anything about Gabriel or Halle. You know what you see in movies or pictures. Or gossip. Being with Halle is obviously the best thing or nahla or the judge wouldn’t have allowed it.

  • Roxy

    @Lailah: And you know Gabriel is an unfit father how. If Gabriel is such a “bad” father why would Halle allow him to pick Nalah up from school…etc. I’ve seen pics of Gabriel with his daughter…so I guess he’s not a bad father after all. Halle is probably a bi *C H control freak. I’m sure her temporary boyfriend spends more time with Nalah than her own father. She makes me sick

  • the other Liz

    @mikaloca: re: both comments– Halle was not pregnant when she made Perfect Stranger, Things We Lost in The Fire or Frankie and Alice. She got pregnant in Sept 2007 Nahla was born March 2008.

    Yes, Halle was pregnant while Aubry still had his restaurant and when it closed Nov/Dec 2007-Jan 2008 (shortly around the same time she signed on with Coty)-not when he opened it Summer/Fall 2006 with its grand opening that November.

  • #28

    @the other Liz: He also according to People was still living in one of her homes until last September and still drives the Benz she gave him for knocking her up and to get him be in LA more. Well, Halle, guess is in LA more since his restaurant flopped and no matter how many modeling gigs he gets he still has plenty of time to be lazy playing golf and his guitar. Who knows if he really is a fck up or not? Who knows if he actually does care about Nahla or really is a total prick?

  • SJC

    The fact that she’s happy that she won proves what time of woman she is. As far as I see it, Gabriel hasn’t done anything wrong. Children need both parents in their lives. I think Halle is just using the situation for PR

  • mikaloca

    well the judge obviously was privy to all the facts and Aubry was sent packing..all he is doing is creating bad blood between the parenting units..they need a mediator, keep it out of the media and use the mediator to solve all thier custody issue…annoying kfraud

  • Heather

    My heart goes out to nahla

  • yuck

    She may have won but LOoked really UGLY playing the Race Card .

  • thank you

    @mikaloca: Thank you and #26. ENUF SAID!

  • yuck

    She may have Won but it was really UGLy to play the Race Card on him.

  • doggossips

    she is a horrible person , a bitc!!! and certainly not a good actress

  • kelisi


  • john

    halle knew the father was gay and she paid him, ok, she is a lier and i would never look at any of those stupid movies of hers, no talent trash.

  • nora

    Okay, why does someone keep comparing Halle to Casey Anthony?
    THere is NO comparison here.
    How ignorant!

  • NYE

    @lexy hates bilson: Consirering what Brtiney was doing at that time of her life , K-Fed was the right choice ! But i’m 100% with Gabriel on this one .@Cheery: A Father is more important in his daughter’s life , why do you think he is the one who is walking the lady down the aisle ?

  • NYE

    @mikaloca: Oh please he make 1 million a year , he his the most successful male model out there ! Even Karl Lagerfeld’s muse Baptiste Giabiconi doesn’t come this close , i think Nahla’s college fund is assured ! But hey when she will grow up and when everyone is gonna tell her what her mother was doing to her father i bet she’s going to choose him over her , because a father – daughter bond is always more powerful ! Halle is acting like Gabriel is a freaking drugie and that he didn’t give her the most beautiful thing that she always wanted , for all those years when men beat her she could at least aknowledge that Aubry has been wonderful with her and Nahla , at least of what i know about !


    I’d be so embarrassed if that ever happened to me. idiots

  • isabelle

    poor gabriel and her daughter

  • ???? Wtf

    @thank you: looks like poster was agreeing w/nos. 34 & 26. Go figure.

  • ???? Wtf

    @#28: Why the hate? St. Gabriel may not be as saintly since your p.o.d. at Halle Ho? If memory serves check People and the internet (JJ may have had a post) for Halle buying model boy a 150-175+K Benz —well documented. Clueless about the other parts of the post.

  • ???? Wtf

    @NYE: his net worth is 4.5 M and he makes 500-765K+ per year–fact check–info’s on all over the net.

  • ambber

    If you see halle in a swimsuit she isn’t butch.

  • CARA

    it doesnt really matter who Nahla goes with. She has 2 loving parents and isn’t that the most important?

  • denise

    Halle is a piece of work. She has a terrible character. If she wanted to have a child without the father involved, she should have gone to a sperm bank. Instead of playing this game on Gabriel.

  • Appletini

    Halle may have “won”, but Gabriel and Nahla definitely loses. Halle is just reinforcing the “vindictive b!tch ex” stereotype and as a woman, I find her behavior despicable. Definitely Team Aubrey/Team Nahla!