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LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: Beach Kisses!

LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: Beach Kisses!

LeAnn Rimes shares a kiss with her hubby Eddie Cibrian at the beach on Saturday (August 27) in Malibu, Calif.

The soon to be 29-year-old singer, who showed off her rockin’ body in a pink bikini, celebrated her upcoming birthday with her 38-year-old husband and his two kids Jake and Mason.

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“Beach!!!!!!!” LeAnn tweeted earlier in the day.

The day before, LeAnn, whose birthday is tomorrow, went out for a celebratory dinner with some friends.

25+ pictures inside of LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian at the beach with Mason and Jake

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leann rimes kisses eddie beach 01
leann rimes kisses eddie beach 02
leann rimes kisses eddie beach 03
leann rimes kisses eddie beach 04
leann rimes kisses eddie beach 05
leann rimes kisses eddie beach 06
leann rimes kisses eddie beach 07
leann rimes kisses eddie beach 08
leann rimes kisses eddie beach 09
leann rimes kisses eddie beach 10
leann rimes kisses eddie beach 11
leann rimes kisses eddie beach 12
leann rimes kisses eddie beach 13
leann rimes kisses eddie beach 14
leann rimes kisses eddie beach 15
leann rimes kisses eddie beach 16
leann rimes kisses eddie beach 17
leann rimes kisses eddie beach 18
leann rimes kisses eddie beach 19
leann rimes kisses eddie beach 20
leann rimes kisses eddie beach 21
leann rimes kisses eddie beach 22
leann rimes kisses eddie beach 23
leann rimes kisses eddie beach 24
leann rimes kisses eddie beach 25

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  • nat

    when she was a teenager she was kinda fat and then she went on a diet and was normal. suddenly she meets eddy and becomes rail thin, so when she says she eats normal and all, she lies !
    anyhow, good for her, i wish i had the same willpower !

  • simone

    omg not these 2 again! LeAnn fix ur boobs they are grossing me out!!!!!!!!!

  • upperwestgal

    i really like her hair lately. besides that, whatevs.

  • BEAN

    Urgh her body is vile. Honey no one needs to see that on the beach.

  • commonsense

    He really does bring out the worst in her. Before she met him she was hardly ever in the press, she was living a quite life. Since she met him she’s a courting the paparazzi, she’s dangerously skinny and she’s gotten a boob job. And he’s the only new element in her life within the last 2yrs or so.

  • BEAN

    @commonsense: Completely agree. Fact is Leann has incredible talent. She is a very good singer but what happened to that? It wont surprise me if she goes into reality now. She needs a reality check for real. She seems totally lost in this relationship deluding herself.

  • Alaia

    @commonsense: Yeah, she turned out to be the complete opposite of what I thought she was. Shame.

  • TheGR8NPwrfulOZ

    She looks like she gained a little weight, which is good. But that suit is awful ( what is it with you and fringe?) and her boobies still look jacked.

  • Dina

    She doesn’t look that bad guys cmon

  • Mich

    C’mon JJ enough already with these two. Does she pay you for photo ops?! Were there no other real celebs on the beach today? And agree with @Simone fix those fake boobs, they’re awful.

  • Lil

    LOL photo op. These two make me laugh.

  • betty

    Here she goes again say what you must something is lacking she seems to hunger for attention.Poor thing there is more interest in Hurricane Irene than her maybe if she didn’t try so hard she wouldn’t appear so desperate. I notice Mason is absent in all these photos. Eddie has no choice and Jake is a playful toddler but Mason seems to want no part of these staged photos.

  • Fake

    I’m a fan of thin…but her body is just ugly…masculine, no waist, fake balls on her chest…if it weren’t for the blimps, I’d mistake her body for a teenaged boy. And don’t get me started on her face…I won’t go there..

  • Cheryl

    LOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLL!!!! I knew I’d get a few laughs coming on here and checking out the comments trashing LeAnn and Eddie. These two always jack up the negativity quotient on this site, I don’t know why they continue to do it to themselves and put on a show for the paps. People can’t stand them, don’t they get it??? Eddie reminds me of the pretty boy high school football star who never grew up and she grosses me out ever since I saw a shot of her a few years back picking her nose in the car while her former husband Dean was pumping gas. Eeew.

  • cari

    She is obviously there for a photo op. She is wearing a very impractical suit for either tanning or swimming along with the bracelets. If she was serious about having beach fun she’d have worn a more practical suit as well as canned the jewelry.

  • wisteria

    how bout a wetsuit!

  • Debra

    I didn’t know it was possible for a woman’s boobs to point East and West at the same time, but these pictures prove it…

    on the bright side..I think it’s great they allow horses on the beach in Malibu

  • Assured

    One, starve yourself skinny….. Two, get implants. Then sites like this one will say you have a rockin’ bod.

    Her double cleavage makes me laugh, you would never want to see that chest in the buff, it would be comical.

  • Well,

    Some people just don’t have great bodies, no matter how thin they get. Generally women with good shapes look okay even if they get heavier because their bodies distribute their weight more evenly. LeAnn is really thin, yet her stomach looks skeletal but still not like a nice flat stomach. She must be too thin. She needs to stop dieting and just work out, built up a little muscle and curves. That will give her a more rockin bod. Also, the thinness in her face is not good on her. It makes her teeth and nose more pronounced.

  • Penelope


  • gwen

    LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: Famewhores kissing on a Beach and pimping out EC kids AGAIN, WHAT ARE THEY PROMOTING THIS TIME?

    Wow another STAGED photo-ops with the kids? Who didn’t see this coming? I expected her to be on a beach with EC, but not his kid.

    1) “LeAnn Rimes shares a kiss with her hubby Eddie Cibrian at the beach on Saturday (August 27) in Malibu, Calif.”

    Of course she did. Strange didn’t the media go gaga over Kim K and Kris H making out while on their honeymoon last week? Could this VERY public make out session in front of EC kids have something to do with that? Of course it does, WEWE is trying to get attention anyway possible. So WEWE is trying to get the media to talk about her and EC make out session (which happened right in front of his son) because she still trying to prove that she and EC deserve the label as the Royal Wedding and not Kim K and Kris H.

    2) “rockin’ body in a pink bikini,”

    Rockin body? Where? Oh yeah that is right, JJ is being paid to say nice things about WEWE. Since the public won’t tell WEWE that she has a nice body, WEWE is going around paying her mouthpieces to say she has a nice body. She looks horrible and desperate.

    A pink bikini? Just like BG? So this is yet another SWF moment. Well at least JJ is doing a god job documenting WEWE SWF of BG. What next?

    3) Of course WEWE celebrated her birthday with EC and his two kids, WEWE is STILL trying to convince everyone that her “family” is happy and what better way to do that than to invite JJ on a beach with EC and his two sons, you know because EC doesn’t want to expose his kids to the media and paps.

    But didn’t EC say,

    So once again why are we supposed to believe that EC is in love with WEWE because he makes out with her on a beach in front of his kids when he can’t even keep a simple statement that he gave to the court system in regards to his kids?

    So what is WEWE promoting because whenever she is spotted in public with those kids it’s ALWAYS because she is promoting something.

    4) ““Beach!!!!!!!” LeAnn tweeted earlier in the day”

    So as we suspected, you can tell when WEWE tips off the paps because she will tweet when and where she will be to her mouthpieces?

  • gwen

    LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian Love the Cameras — Are They the New Heidi and Spencer?

    Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt have been the reigning King and Queen of ridiculously staged photo ops for the past few years, though there may be some new competition on the scene. LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian seem to share Heidi and Spencer’s flair for drama, posing for a serious engagement shoot and silly bikini beach strolls. Also like Heidi and Spencer, LeAnn and Eddie just love to share PDA in some of the most unusual places. Considering all of LeAnn and Eddie’s recent camera time, we’d like to know what you think — are LeAnn and Eddie the new Heidi and Spencer?


  • XYZ

    Eddie Cibrian must love his tranny wife…

  • gwen

    Why are we seeing yet another STAGED photo-op with those kids AFTER Eddie Cibrian stated:

    “In fact our children should be protected from exposure to public “gossip” in the tabloid magazines and paparazzi.”-Eddie cibrian

    “A six year old and a two in a half year old do not need this kind of negative media attention or any type of public exposure.”-Eddie Cibrian

    “Respondents actions are not child focused at all and exploit our dissolution to create more media attention for herself.”-Eddie Cibrian

    So once again, why exactly are we to believe that EC is in love with WEWE just because he kisses her when he can’t even keep something as basic as these statements in regards to his kids being exposed to the paps and media? Yes we know that WEWE tipped off JJ. This is the 3rd staged photo-op in just two days, one in which we predicted would happen. And I’m sure that JJ/Dailymail/radaronline will be posting even more photos from WEWE birthday bash weekend because WEWE and EC are FAMEWHORES.

  • gwen

    Wow, did you see the bikini photos posted by Dailymail and x17? In them WEWE is a VERY skimpy bikini, her breasts are hanging out. That is VERY appropriate attire to be wearing a young boys, right? Why does WEWE keep trying to sexualize EC sons by exposing her breasts to them?

    And get this, WEWE STAGED another photo-op on Friday, only she invited x17(they do a lot of behind kissing for WEWE, even more than Dailymail, so she must pay them well). Wow, FOUR STAGED photo-ops in a row. What are the odds? And then WEWE is going to get upset when this set of STAGED photo-ops brings on backlash from the public.

    While WEWE peers are getting ready for the VMAs, WEWE is pimping out another woman’s kids and staging pda make out sessions on a beach with EC, just like we all predicted she would. And Liz and Mateo were also there on the beach, no doubt that the make out session was to also convince us that EC isn’t sleeping with them.

  • gwen

    Please BEWARE: FRannie plate/ATHENA has reinvented herself as TheGR8NPwrfulOZ(see post 8).

    TheGR8NPwrfulOZ is ATHENA/frannie plate (who reinvented herself as KATIE, betsy, tammy, HAHAHA, and poster who stalks the BBs).

    Go to the dinner thread and read post 26, it’s the typical ATHENA/frannie plate “Gwen you have lost support from EVERYONE…” post. Seriously, I didn’t think that she would be dense enough to write another one of those posts again. But she did. And in doing so revealed that she is deceiving people by posting as the TheGR8NPwrfulOZ persona.

    It’s also the very same post she left on E NEWS when she was posting as guest 45 and Granny, the usual “the BBs hate you GWEN” post. I know that TheGR8NPwrfulOZ was trying to be clever and witty when she wrote that post 26 in the other thread, but once again all it did was support that she is FRANNIE PLATE/ATHENA. And she even made reference to how I am disliked on ALL boards, which is ATHENA/frannie plate favorite line.

    And just as I suspected she is on CB posting as JWL, Susan O, VESPER, and many other different names.

    Another indication that Frannie plate/athena is posting? The error page keeps popping up. And BETSY, the RACIST, poster is back. I don’t know why she drags out the RACIST poster EVERYTIME she posts.

    She got upset because I pointed out that TheGR8NPwrfulOZ placed a space before and after her punctunation marks just like Katie/tammy did and therefore she was posting as katie/tammy just like I stated.

  • mwannir
  • gwen


    See, you had EVERYONE fooled and then you went and made post 26 in the other thread which as usual outs you as ATHENA/Frannie plate.

    Hi ATHENA/FP(aka katie/tammy/krissi)!!!

    BTW, how come the error page is popping up? How come whenever you show up, so does the error page?

    How come BETSY the RACIST only pops up when YOU do?

  • Denise

    She is a seriously needy person. She continues these staged photo ops despite the fact that the public find them pathetic. I agree with whoever said he is a bad influence on her. She never came across as a fame wh%re before but now that she is with him, she seems to be unable to walk a block without calling the paps. Wasn’t she a singer in her past life? What happened to that career?

  • JL

    These two bring out the worst in each other.

  • Jen

    No amount of skimpy bikinis will cure that girls insecurity. I honestly feel sorry for her.

  • Lisa

    2 ugly people who deserve each other cuz no one else wants them.

  • Jenny

    Just keeps getting uglier and uglier. Yuck.

  • gwen

    E NEWS showed the tape of WEWE being sung to at Red O(‘yes the very same restaurant that BG dines at) by x17(the VERY same x17 that WEWE has been sending tweets to).She was all smiles and playing up to her mouthpieces that is until they asked her where was EC. Strange so when the media draws attention to EC absence, that was when WEWE didn’t want to famewhore anymore.

    I love what E NEWS said. Leann Rimes…celebrating at Red O… her hubby, Eddie Cibrian WAS NO WHERE TO BE FOUND or WITHOUT EC(or something like that).” HAHA

    So what was E NEWS implying? That it was odd to see WEWE without EC since she NEVER lets him out of her site for fear that his affair will get exposed? Or that EC wasn’t celebrating with WEWE because he was out celebrating with his other mistress?

    Does anyone else find it odd that WEWE left Chicago to dine out with her friends for an early birthday celebration rather tho stay in Chicago her hubby because she is just that devoted to her “family”? Makes one wonder. So EC is making out with WEWE in this staged photo-op because WEWE let him go unsupervised for one day. Or did EC get tired of WEWE babysitting and make her leave him alone? Did LR even need to go out to Red O with her BFFs since according to these beach photo-ops, she was just going to see those very same people at this beach bash?

    On x17 EC is holding a cup with alcohol in it. Ywap, he is with those kids and drinking right in front of them, So once again EC only wants to play the devoted lover when he has an incentive: Alcohol and Liz.

    Can someone please explain why the media( WEWE mouthpieces and now popbytes) is pushing these bikini photos of WEWE as hot and sexy? Do they think that they can make peple buy her album or watch her CMT movie by shoving these “LR is hot and SEXY” articles down our throats? They are only making people upset. Did you see the comments on Radaronline? They are just going to make the basklash against WEWE worse. No one finds WEWE SEXY or hot especially since her breasts are hanging out in front of a 4 yo child.

    Take cover because WEWE is going to get a huge dose of backlash from these staged photo-ops from the public, especailly since the media is kissing her behind and telling us that this is cute, hot, and sexy.

  • kiki

    The gap between her fake breasts is huge, don’t understand why anyone would do that to themselves. I will admit I think she has nice legs but the rest of her is pretty gross.

  • tpass

    Why doesn’t Eddie look at Leann when he is kissing her? He always have his eyes open and looking away from her.

  • Gosh Darn

    Dang! What do you people do zoom the images up and fixate on the wrong! Darn! I’d hate to see what they would find on ole gwen! sorry folks the show must go on-leann looks fantastic!

  • Fake

    That Boob Doctor needs to lose his license…

  • betty

    @Gosh Darn Just shows the public is not buying this farce if you do that’s on you. This thread is not about Gwen. You must have a problem with her.

  • Debra

    yes..Leann really looks fantastic..check this out:×645.jpg

    by the way..this is the exact same bikini Brandi Glanville wore on the RHOBH shoot a while back,,,in a different color

    SWF Leann

  • Laura

    RImes is so desperado, wants to be just like Brandi. I bet she stalks her, just as she bought the same bikini as Brandi, but in red/pink colour

  • Ellie

    I’ve heard she was a (famous) country singer…but what is she now? a wife of an z-class actor nobody knows?

  • Kyle R.

    Leann has gained a little back which makes her look sexy.
    Brandi, the ex wife, is covered head to toe in CELLULITE and looks OLD in the face bc of her ‘treatments’ and otherwise, lip implants, cheekbones. Check out Brandi’s face and body. Her body is covered in bruises too – its nasty. Brandi always looks like she smells bad.

  • Kyle R.

    But trust me – I agree that that LOSER EDDIE that she married is a bad influence on anyone. Brandi married him, her makeup artist career tanked, she had two bratty kids and started using what looks like co/caine (the deterioration in her body reminds me of Kelly Bensimon who is a confirmed/rumored coke/head).
    Brandi should be thankful she got rid of that idiot and pray for Leann to come to her senses. She will when Eddie CHEATS – which he will. She can’t stay with him every moment – and she has to tour.

  • csjgibson

    You all are a bunch of haters!! She looks GREAT!! and I do not think that she looks thin, she looks fit!! They are a GREAT pair!! Good Luck Eddie and LeAnn

  • Sharon

    On another site, they showed that she changed her bikini three times in
    the course of a few hours.That is tragic. This woman has no career and has to pay for press and is so pathetic that she changes during the same staged photo op. My gawd, can she sink any lower? Well yes she can, she can wear a thong in front of her two little stepsons. She really has no shame at all. Her side boob and butt hanging out in front of little kids. Classy Leann. Real classy. Oh, and her boobs are a mile apart and look totally unnatural. She should sue the plastic surgeon who put them in or make them redo them. Leann is almost thirty with no career left and has to watch the country music industry go on from the sidelines. She had a great career path and has blown it big time and now has to pay for the paparazzi to take her picture just so that she can seem relevant. She really has made a mess of what was once a promising career and is married to a total cad. How unfortunate for her.

  • GoshDarn

    @betty: Oh darn! I do have a problem with Gwen!Dang!Forgot about you Betty! So sorry I missed that.-that was my bad! Don’t you just wish you could be LeAnn!

  • me me me

    ok, she’s getting really boring with all this press coverage of her doing nothing, and tweeting about it all the time. but in these photos she actually looks pretty good, not the best built, but she has muscle and she’s not too skinny. compared to average women, she’d look pretty banging on my beach any day.

  • betty

    @KyleR Brandi has had 2 kids and is 38 what is Leann excuse for looking old. We know Leann has had enhancements of all kinds and just turned 29. Leann body looks bruised and worn from all her recent enhancements. If she’s doing it to hold on to Eddie she’s doing it in vain because we know Eddie track record.

  • betty

    @KyleR Brandi has had 2 kids and is 38 what is Leann excuse for looking old. We know Leann has had enhancements of all kinds and just turned 29. Leann body looks bruised and worn from all her recent enhancements. If she’s doing it to hold on to Eddie she’s doing it in vain because we know Eddie track record.