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Orlando Bloom: Save the Butterflies!

Orlando Bloom: Save the Butterflies!

Orlando Bloom lands at the airport on Saturday (August 27) in Sydney, Australia.

The 34-year-old British actor had been in New Zealand, where he and wife Miranda Kerr went house hunting.

Orlando has sponsored the children’s book “Crystal, the Small Miracle,” which was written by his mother Sonia, in an effort to promote the preservation of the U.K.’s threatened butterflies.

“Butterflies are powerful symbols of the beauty and vulnerability of nature,” he shared. “I am delighted to back Butterfly Conservation and their efforts to ensure that these wonderful insects are conserved for future generations to enjoy.”

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  • sal

    He’s so handsome!
    He must be meeting Miranda there.
    I wonder if he has a break from the Hobbit and is going to Mexico with her? Or if he will be bringing Flynn back to NZ with him, instead of having him fly to Mexico with his mum?
    Either way, he looks cute in his beanie!

  • Jack

    Does anyone care about him anymore? His career is dead, no one is going to see Three Musketeers.

  • mwannir
  • @2

    Wow. It’s not often that we have honest to goodness psychics on this site.
    We are so lucky!

  • YAY!

    LOVE HIM!!!!!

  • sara

    Sonia sweetly dedicated the book to Flynn. She must be so proud of her first grandson.
    And Orlando is a good son for sponsoring the book.

  • http://Justjared Jayne

    @2 YES IM GOING TO SEE THAT FILM THANK YOU. And i know others what are going too. And lots of fan still care about Orlando. If you dont care about Orlando why are you here?

  • psycho Who@rlina

    really who is he again? people are dying all around the world and he is worried about butterflies what a load of bull

  • wow

    my god he’s really, really ugly!

  • @8

    Gee, I guess that you are ignoring the fact that he supports numerous children’s charities and is even an ambassador for UNICEF. I guess that you don;t want facts to get in the way of your rants, eh?

  • yes!

    so handsome!!!!!!

  • http://justjared u idiot

    @Jack: oh really, let’s talk about ur career then! u fool, if u earn all ur life, sell off ur possesions, u cant reach the position he is on. think before writing.

  • http://Justjared Jayne

    I like that Orlando care about the little things they are living little thing aswell. @11@13 thank you.

  • http://justjared Mjkingforlife

    LOL @ The Delphi loons …

  • ~

    UGLY is the word. Sorry

  • Bee

    I’ve always loved Orlando, he has a very sweet face and that hasn’t changed. I also like the caps he’s been wearing, they’re very cute! I wonder why they’re back in Australia?

  • @18

    Miranda is in Sydney to promote Kora, and The Hobbit is on break for a week or so. One report said that he will do some promotional work for 3M, or he may just be there for family.
    Whatever the reason, though, I hope that we get some pics!
    On a side note, someone tweeted that they were sitting with Miranda at the airport. Probably on her way out of Melborne. They didn’t take a picture, though, because she was breastfeeding Flynn.

  • LOL!

    Gotta love the haters.
    So dumb that they keep us constantly entertained.
    These idiots *cough*Bealze*cough* don’t think that there is a difference between FILMING a movie and PROMOTING a movie.
    They think that if he could take off a week for promos, that he could surely take off MONTHS for filming. That there’s no difference!
    Makes you wonder how they survived long enough to be as old as they are.

  • As Legolas?

    He doesn’t look the part anymore – to play Legolas, if that’s who he’s playing in The Hobbit. I’m sorry, but he’s aged too much – and in this film he’s supposed to look even YOUNGER than he did in LOTR? Nope, can’t see it. Although he might be able to play his father convincingly.

  • @21

    Well it has been 11-12 years since they filmed LOTR, ya know. But he still looks younger than his age. And with the right lighting and make-up, he will be able to pull it off easily.
    And it was only about 60 years between The Hobbit and LOTR. Legolas is an elf, remember? He wouldn’t have changed much, if at all, in that length of time. He and Thranduil should look more like brothers, not a human father and son.

  • @21

    Same problem with Hugo Weaving and Cate Blanchett, Sir Ian and Sir Christopher. They’ve all aged twelve years and they’re playing characters who barely age, sixty years younger. But no-one worries about them looking older, do they?

  • @23

    You forgot to apply the delphi double standard.
    You know, the one that expalins how they think that Orlando, who looks like he has aged 6-8 years, looks “too old” to play an ageless being, yet they want PJ to get Viggo, who looks 60, to play a 20 year old Aragorn.
    Never expect logic from a delphite.

  • Christie

    He looks good in black! Wonder if he’s done in Hobbit or just took a short break…

  • @25

    Filming has not yet re-started. They have been working on rehersals, fight training, costuming, etc. Actual filming starts sometime early next month.

  • russel

    he is the hobbit!

  • @26

    Thanks =)

  • @russel

    Oh yes then you must be the Orc!

  • tina

    The guy pictured here does not look like Orly. He doesn’t have a thick neck like this.

  • collette

    hahahaha his face, what a cutie <3

  • http://Justjared Oh why

    Mayb OB is thinking will i ever get my baby boy back lol. Will MK let OB have Flynn she seems 2 alway have him lately.

  • Age Reversal?

    Sorry, NOT a “Delphite.” Only commenting on ORLANDO here because it’s an “Orlando Bloom” thread. If it were a “Viggo Mortensen” thread, then yes – I’d comment that he’s probably too old now to play a younger version of Aragorn as well. And what would be wrong with Orlando playing Father Elf King anyway since they could conceivably look very much alike being ‘father and son?’ Ian can get away with it since he was made up to look a lot older in the original films anyhow. I’m not a fan generally of actors/actresses playing themselves much younger as in ‘prequels’ and the like. IMO it’s easier to ‘age’ a person successfully than to ‘reverse time’ and have them appear much younger – and still be believable – except perhaps in isolated shots with select lighting, make-up, etc. But perhaps he’s only doing a cameo appearance in this one.

  • @33

    Due to his popularity, they wanted Legolas to make an appearance. And the ONLY person who can play Legolas is Orlando. The only way that they would re-cast would be if they were showing Legolas as a child. But he wasn’t a child 60 years before LOTR, he was a full grown elven warrior.
    IMO, having him play Thranduil would be too distracting to work.
    He IS Legolas. No one else can play him. And he can play no other elf.

  • http://Justjared Jayne

    No one can ever play that part better than Orlando he is Legolas.

  • http://Justjared Jayne

    4 years 2 day that i saw hes play again and met him. I wish he would do another 1.