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Beyonce: VMAs Performance After Announcing Pregnancy!

Beyonce: VMAs Performance After Announcing Pregnancy!

Beyonce hits the stage to perform her song “Love On Top” at the 2011 MTV VMAs on Sunday (August 28) at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live in Los Angeles.

The 29-year-old entertainer announced that she is pregnant earlier in the evening by showing off her tiny baby bump when she hit the carpet.

Beyonce‘s pals Britney Spears and Lady Gaga were on hand to present Bey‘s performance.

After she was finished performing, Bey threw down her microphone, opened up her jacket, and rubbed her baby bump while her husband Jay-Z cheered on from the audience.

FYI: Beyonce is wearing head to toe Dolce&Gabbana.

Beyonce Reveals Baby Bump After Performance

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beyonce performs at vmas pregnant 01
beyonce performs at vmas pregnant 02
beyonce performs at vmas pregnant 03
beyonce performs at vmas pregnant 04
beyonce performs at vmas pregnant 05

Credit: Jeff Kravitz, Kevin Winter; Photos: Film Magic, Getty
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  • Tracy

    I’m happy for her, but I hope she doesn’t milk this and become annoying and over the top for the next 9 months like many of these ‘stars’.

  • kiki

    she is the best. ever ever ever

  • Jenny

    Wow. Even pregnant she schools everyone else. Why did Britney get honored when it’s clearly Beyonce who’s better in every single area?

  • Skys

    So happy for her and jigga.

  • *

    congrats b

  • http://oooooo Nyla

    I thought she said that when she was in her thirties she would think of having kids.I guess that is her birthday present.It came early though Bey.Congrats

  • hmm

    why is she always so god damn good when it comes to her performances!! i am still yet to see her perform live at one of her concerts, but i dont think i will be for a couple of years now, considering the circumstances :( but i’m soo happy for her!

  • Xox

    Never been a fan but I can’t get over how adorable Jay & Kanye were at the end of this.

  • bibo

    I love her I was COMPLETELY shocked when I saw the news ! But now all I wish for her is happiness ! And WHAT A PERFORMANCE <3 Love ya bee ’till the end of time ! :D

  • Sha

    Im beyond happy for bey…. It actually made my night. God bless to her in jay ….. And the little bun growing within her xoxo

  • Sha

    Im beyond happy for bey…. It actually made my night. God bless to her in jay ….. And the little bun growing within her xoxo

  • runnergirl

    @hmm: Beyonce is incredible live! She always gives 100%. If she has a girl i hope she is as beautiful as she is. Jayz is so lucky.

  • um

    Okay now is she gonna act like she’s the only woman who has gotten pregnant? That performance afer her singing was over the top!

  • Megan

    I don’t know which one was better: Beyonce’s performance or Jay’s reaction to it…

  • Winter Haven: a novel

    it would be better is the baby looks like Beyonce instead of Jay-Z.

  • Winter Haven: a novel

    Kanye was more excited than Jay-Z.

  • Lilakoi

    can’t watch the damn video from where I live ugh! I can’t believe she’s finally preggo, my best friend from middle and high school and I have been trying to imagine her with a big pregnant belly a few years back. Awww too bad we’re no longer keeping in touch with each other and well we’re actually not friends anymore =( anyway, my point is that this is the kind of things that makes you realize how big an impact entertainers can have on your life. The simple fact that she’s expecting brought back good ol’ memories… Congrats to them, wish them the best and I can’t wait to see the baby =) Beyoncé is undeniably one of the best performers of all time.!

  • camillus

    kids going to be fugly as hell. She did nothing but scream for the whole song, that is not talent. Maybe with baby she’ll go away until its grown….

  • Lalalove

    Congrats to them. It was very unexpected. I mean, people have been speculating for years. Finally

  • kiki

    Congratulation to Beyonce!
    However, I felt that it was very disrespectful to have Britney Spears recognized for her contribution to “pop music” over the past decade, only to have her come up on stage and instead of giving her a minute, they have Britney go on and on about the very “talented” Beyonce. Beyonce is fine, but in my opinion completely overrated by the industry, (along with Jay-z).
    It’s strange to see Beyonce make such a public statement with her pregnancy considering has been somewhat private with her life; but I guess when the C.D isn’t selling their tune changes.

  • Tamia

    I’m so happy for Beyonce and Jay-Z their going to have their first child. Her performance was Amazing! :) I understand she’s not the only woman to get pregnant, but people have to understand she is expecting her first child, she’s excited, and proud! Like many women who fell these emotions and are expecting they are going to show it off. If she wanted to show off her bump then so be it.

  • nelly

    @kiki aum in case you haven’t heard “4″ has already went platinum…

  • Ohaihai

    I love love love Beyonce! But at least MTV should’ve let Britney give a decent speech on HER TRIBUTE!

  • Rose pierre

    U go girl. Be happy live life. U have recieve gods blessing.much the way I have three.oh and happy bday to all us virgos.! Yea baby!

  • cindy

    It’s funny she lipped that whole performance. lolol She get’s praise cuz she’s preggers.lolol

  • Monkey

    @Tracy: i don’t think she is type to milk it as she already really famous… most of the girls who milk fame out of their pregnancies aren’t that famous. Anyway congrats to her and jay z!

  • kiki

    @nelly….the C.D can go “diamond” and it wouldn’t change the fact that “4″ is a weak album; in many ways a failure, considering hardly any hit songs have come from it.
    It’s not always about the numbers, especially with musicians at her level of fame, being that they already have a large fan base…

  • Raichill

    BFD. So, she is pregnant. It will most likely be another ugly spoilt brat with a retarded name. Rubbing her baby bump like she is the only woman to ever be pregnant was cringeworthy.Some things are best left to the privacy of your own home.

  • bee

    I have a couple things to say, 1st wow I’m honestly surprised she’s preggo she’s been about work work for so long! I think Jay wanted the baby more, she looked SO beautiful & radiant though the whole night!…& she needs to be honored she’s just as good if not better than Britney! I doubt Bey would be a diva it took her this long to let us know she was preggo ! We’ll probably hardly ever see that baby…..either way I’m so excited for her & Jay I’ve been a fan since 1999 <3 her

  • UMMM

    @kiki “4″ the Platinum Hit album went platinum in more than 10 countries. How is that a failure??
    The only failure here is the fact that you keep tabs saying her songs haven’t reached number 1 so clearly you must be a fan.
    Secondly Before the album dropped she said “She wants to make music” not Songs that get major airplay on downloads….it was stricly about making music, not money.

    Like she has anything to prove to you! Album went Platinum! Get over it!

  • vaki

    @UMMM: “it was stricly about making music, not money” – ARE YOU SERIOUS?! ROTFL
    Honey, that’s what they ALL say. If she worked half as hard on her artistry instead of being the most commercial/successful (success = money) entertainer out there, you could call her and her “put a ring on it” (ohhh, the lyricism in that one…) “music” something truly special – this way, her “Platinum Hit Album” is the same crap as Britney Spears or Katy Perry’s “Platinum Hit Album”.

  • tope

    people can be funny some times,au do u want her to announce her pregnancy? by giving people magazine exclusive interview? i think she did the right thing by letting everyone know at the same time and we all got the same pictures.HORMONES

  • Jory

    Lol did she really had to flaunt her billy this way after the performance !! Why she have to announce it this way !!

  • Patrease

    I’m really pleased to see this couple be blessed with this gift from God. They display Love, friendship and really like each other. They keep the Honey in honeydew regarding their marriage vows! Good luck Jay & Beyonce. Great family! God Bless you.

  • IKE


  • Lailah

    Why so gorgeous Bey?! She’s stunning, literally glowing. So beautiful! Jay-Z was so proud and happy! I thought this was a great way YO announce her pregnancy after all the speculation and what not. She’s literally been pregnant for like 10 years. Congrats to a happy and deserving couple. Best wishes Bey and Jay :)

  • zee

    I love bee soooo much and no one else is more deserving of this type of happiness-she’s soooo talentented always conducts herself so well…a star worthy of emulating, way avove d rest b…congrats to u and urs and keep letting love be ur guide u r truly inspirational and deserving

  • Not a fan

    That was compeltely tacky and arrogant. What makes her think others are interested in anything except her music. Pull those stunts somewhere else but not when you are performing.

    I hope she doesn’t complain later when the media wants more info on the baby and don’t respect her privacy.

  • kiki

    @ummm….Dude I dont keep tabs on anything Beyonce related, you don’t have to be a huge fan of her’s to come to the conclusion that the past few songs have been weak, with no major airplay.

    “She want’s to make music, not songs that get airplay ” ( HAHAHA)
    I hope you aren’t that naive to think that artists could care less about the money, the music industry above all is a money making machine. Especially when it comes to Beyonce/Jay-z who not only has a reputation of purchasing his own C.D’s, but has been lame enough to pretend-retire numerous times just so he could squeeze as much profit and fame from his career.

    It’s said to see the term “artist” being used so loosely these days; dancing around half naked and stealing songs doesn’t make you an artists, but rather a puppet to the music industry.
    Sure she doesn’t have to prove anything to me, because in my radar her “noise making” isn’t music, so there’s nothing to get over lol.

  • beyonce is good at lip-syncing

    Beyonce lip-synced.

    In the beginning when she talks, you can’t even see her, she’s in the dark. At some point she starts moving her arms around and not talking in the microphone but you still hear “HEY”.

    She was lip-syncing the ENTIRE TIME.

    The almost non-existent breaths, the grunts : ALL OF IT, EVERYTHING WAS NOT LIVE. It was so f*cking obvious and blatant!!!!!!!! The sounds were NOT LIVE SOUNDS. Studio vocals and/or pre-recorded, and whatnot. Beyonce lipped the whole song last night.

    LIVE REAL-TIME VOCALS, whether talking or singing sound NOTHING LIKE LIP-SYNC. The difference is astounding to me and you could never fool me in a million years.


  • beyonce is good at lip-syncing

    LOL at Beyonce quickly dropping the microphone at the end, so she wouldn’t have to talk into it to say “Thank you” or something…. people would’ve more easily heard the difference between live and not live had she actually said something live after she finished the song.

  • bibo

    Haters … they are everywhere ! Heal yourselves from that !

  • anon2

    Just as they wanted…no one is talking about the song…but rather the baby.

  • anon2

    Just as they wanted…no one is talking about the song…but rather the baby.

  • anon2

    Just as they wanted…no one is talking about the song…but rather the baby.

  • ebony

    Announcement of baby and the song that was chosen were equally beautiful, CONGRATS to B and J!

  • foryourinfo


    for people who though she lip sang please watch this it cofirms. this is her microphone feed.!

    it confirms she didn’t lip sing