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Lady Gaga Performs 'You and I' in Drag at the MTV VMAs

Lady Gaga Performs 'You and I' in Drag at the MTV VMAs

Lady Gaga hits the stage at the 2011 MTV VMAs on Sunday (August 28) at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live in Los Angeles.

The 25-year-old superstar performed in drag as her alter-ego Jo Calderone and wore a Dior Homme tuxedo jacket.

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Lady Gaga was an early winner during the show as it was announced on during the red carpet pre-show that she picked up the award for Best Video with a Message for “Born This Way.”

Watch Gaga‘s performance below…

Lady Gaga Performs “You and I” at the MTV VMAs
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lady gaga performs you and i in drag at vmas 01
lady gaga performs you and i in drag at vmas 02
lady gaga performs you and i in drag at vmas 03
lady gaga performs you and i in drag at vmas 04
lady gaga performs you and i in drag at vmas 05

Credit: Kevin Winter; Photos: Getty
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  • Please!!!

    That was BAD! I expected much more

  • rage

    I can’t believe she FELL!!! I knew it was going to happen, though.

  • Dina

    If Snooki had a brother

  • [~Fug Face Man!ston~]

    ..Cool performance.

  • Winter Haven: a novel
  • gio


  • hmm

    woah she’s actually really skinny :S

  • Winter Haven: a novel

    It was crazy and theatrical. Loved it.

  • because I can

    I feel like there was way too much hype for Gaga at this years VMAs. If it was any other artist, this performance would have been amazing. But in her standards, it didn’t quite meet my expectations. Just my opinion though.
    And seriously, what kind of bullsht move is it to show Bieber’s confused face during her performance? Smh, VMA producers.

  • Eliza

    i couldnt help but laugh at the beginning!! I dont get it thats art !! She attempts to act in a poorly thought out act. ADELE is the greatest everyone else should bow down

  • Kirsten

    lmao, and I thought I had seen it all.

  • Sara12

    I loved this performance, and I loved the fact that she got Brain May to do it with her.

  • :)

    Madonna already did that 2 lol

  • :)
  • Skys

    All I have to say is wtf…that was crap

  • because I can

    Don’t act like female singers performing in drag was copyrighted by Madonna. Creating a male alter ego was invented by Madonna either.

  • :)

    @because I can: Don’t act like she has’t copied just about everything else Madonna did.

  • gabriela

    i’m not a gaga fan but i loved it, really good.

  • Duty

    VULGAR for the sake of being vulgar. “When she cums she hides her face? Seriously?

  • ray0923

    blablabla,she copied….
    Whatever,she belongs to out generation,our time….
    Please remember that….

  • Anonymous


    Are you kidding me?! I agreed with everything you said UNTIL you brought up Adele.

    Adele is not the greatest! There are plenty of other musicians (dead and alive) out there in the world that are/were a whole lot better then Adele. Granted, she’s very talented and has a great voice, but she is not a queen!

    In my opinion, should bow down to the Beatles or Elvis. I mean, they started it all!

  • Ash

    I’m so sick of her. One of the only good songs on the album and she ruined it. Would it kill her to be NORMAL for once in her life? Of course it would. That’s why she continues to be more and more ridiculous.

    Over it.

  • FFer

    Lost Boys 3-way anyone?

  • 90210

    I didn’t see music.I just saw an attention ho.

  • Jeff

    @Anonymous: Elvis was about as original as Kesha.

  • triedit

    @Anonymous: Started it all? You mean stole and ran with it. Go study your music history again.

  • FFer

    Is that the same chick who living next door to Lindsay in Venis?

  • lc

    i want what GAGA is smoking …. probabLy cost too much!

  • Ohaihai

    She’s so handsome lol

  • because I can

    @:): You butt,hurt Madonna fans, we all know Gaga is strongly influenced by other female icons. Doesn’t take away from the fact that she writes her how music and can play the piano like a beast. Quit you’re whining and b*tching and get over it. Famous they may be, but it’s not like they’re prodigies.

  • *

    @because I can: she can’t play the piano like a beast. more like shakes her head around like an electrocuted beast & make it seems like she has an amazing piano skill. let me see her play the piano like billy joel in angry man then i will be impress. and I’m not impressed by her writing skills either many pop stars out right now write there own shi t Jessie J, Adele , Madonna, katy, Pink. none of them feel its necessary to repeat 1mil x their lyrics were God sent to give the illusion they did it all by themselves. when exactly will she stop being “influenced” by other female pop stars most people are seeing she really is just the Queen of pastiche.

  • because I can

    @*: I said she writes her own music, didn’t say I did it well.
    Katy does not hold a candle to Jessie J, Adele or Pink when it comes to talent. Yes, Gaga copies other artists, she is not original. However, the ridiculous stunts she pulls keeps people talking. Madonna’s too busy with whatever boy toy she’s currently with, so I would assume Gaga took over the reigns in the bizareness chariot.
    I’m not a “little monster,” most of them annoy me, but morons who point out every single gimmick that she has copied annoys me more. Queen of pastiche she may be, but she’s raking it in.

  • lafamepoma

    Uauuuu he’s Brian May of QUEEN!!!
    She get it! I s one of her favourites band and she played with the guitarrist, that’s a huge achievement.

  • Alyssa

    Even if everyone says she’s unoriginal, I still love her. I’m glad she doesn’t claim any of her influences as her own ideas and she makes it clear who she was influenced by. I LOVED Madonna and I still do. And it makes me love Gaga even more that she continues to represent what Madonna stood for. <3 Even when Madonna came out, people called her a whore and unoriginal, but look at her now. She’s mother pop. And Gaga, well. She’s mother monster. xoxo

  • *

    @*: I said they write I didn’t rank them. Madonna can bang whatever she wants. She happens to be on vacation for her birthday but was in the studio working on her next album to be released, she left WB records and just signed a record breaking contract for I think 120 or 170 million, she just had the highest grossing tour by a solo artist in a very short 7 mths. I would say pretty impressive for a person who lost their reign. yes lady gaga is making money but so is beiber soldier boy etc kids like to listen to crap.

  • *

    the last comment was @ because i can

  • truth b told

    Annie Lennox performance many years ago. look it up- lady Gaga is so unoriginal.

  • Christian

    Oh whatever. People will always bash when someone tries something new. It’s called ENTERTAINMENT, at least she came up with a fresh new idea for the VMAs than all the other artists.

    I also have to give her props for staying IN character with Jo Calderone. She did not break character once! Someone’s been paying attention in Improv class!!

  • lady caca remains lame 24/7

    Lady Caca is an insane, deluded, egomaniac, fame-obsessed clown.

    I have no idea why some people are fans of this tragedy to begin with. She is so wacko and embarrassing.

    Her music, lyrics, antics, it is ALL A MESS. Just ewww…

  • Lady Copy/paste

    Lady Plagiarist and Opportunist makes me cringe at all times. She never fails to give me second-hand embarrassment!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lady Poop is horrific. A redundant joke.

  • I think…

    Everybody has to be “weird” to attempt to stand out. Why not just try hard to be the best? Now THAT would make everybody look and listen! In a world of mediocre, we badly need artists who take their work more seriously and produce a great product. I never liked weird. Lady Gaga just seems like she’s trying too hard, too contrived.

  • i am not impressed

    It’s strange how the media isn’t talking about Lady Caca stupid fall. Nor are they talking about the fact that she likes whiskey and taking drugs, occasionally (she’s admitted to these herself).

    But Christina trips very lightly at the Grammys, after her AMAZING Aretha Franklin Tribute and all that’s all the media focused on!!!! The tiny little tripping and not her performance!!! They tried to accuse her of being a huge alcoholic!!!

    And apparently, Christina is not allowed to drink socially, that very alcoholic!! But Lady Caca is not an alcoholic, she’s just so Gagagag, rock&roll when she drinks and does drugs, I suppose?!!!
    *Rolling my eyes*
    The media is so demented and biased and nuts. “Journalists” are all a bunch of trolls and fools.
    The media is so demented

  • IamB*TCH

    I use to think elvis was original, but then I found out that he stole music from other artists. I agree, he was never original.

  • IamB*TCH

    And I hate how people call it art when they can’t explain the gaga. “Oh, no! Its art! U don’t understand art and gaga so stfu!” Art is the biggest excuse the monsters can come up with. She dresses like a monster! They should say that, it sound why cooler. gaga is a monster and she dresses like a glam monster. but right now, it all just sounds and looks stupid.

  • Nilson


    Uh, Madonna was doing a homage to Marlene Dietrich there. Drag Kings have been around for ever. Don’t get down on Lady Gaga for joining the club.

  • Spirit Lover

    She’s natural and i love her 2 personalitie s!!!