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Leonardo DiCaprio & Tobey Maguire: Sydney Balcony Buddies!

Leonardo DiCaprio & Tobey Maguire: Sydney Balcony Buddies!

Leonardo DiCaprio takes a big stretch while enjoying the view from his balcony on Saturday (August 27) in Sydney, Australia.

The 36-year-old actor spent some time on the porch of his house with his pal and The Great Gatsby co-star Tobey Maguire!

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Earlier this week, Leo and Tobey began learning to drive their vintage cars on the set of The Great Gatsby, which is currently filming in Australia.

It was recently announced that Leo may be once again teaming up with director Martin Scorcese for the remake of the classic film, The Gambler.

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Credit: blue wasp/grey wasp; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • bart


  • TatiyaBStone

    Luv Leo very respected actor one of the best of my generation don’t understand this Blake lively thing hope it’s just a passing rebound thing because she’s not very pretty and diffenitely not respectable nude pics!!!

  • Crystine P!

    LOL ! tbh i came past this article via twitter ! But i was scrolling extremely fast&&Saw “Leonardo DiCaprio” &&screamed… Fan moment! LOL !
    LOVE YUO LEONARDO DICAPRIO!! eeeeeek ! Hey where’s Joseph Gordon-Levitt at?! ;3 !

  • Domino

    @bart: Adorably chubby, you mean. ;)

  • mattie

    @Domino:Wow can’t believe the man is in my country, the opposite side to me alas, in the first picture he looks like he did in Titanic, I may have to book a flight to Sydney, can’t wait for this film, I watched Body of Lies again last night, love near the end when he spots the nurse through the window, the look on his face is just beautiful, filled with love and joy.

  • ka simply amazing


  • MarilynandtheDiamonds

    Awww baby! What a bed head! ;P

  • roo

    he not chubby just adorable. mattie i luv your words.i would luv to see him in person in sydney. with tobey or blake be icing on the cake.

  • http://ad slig o lambert ^_____^cute

    leonardo best ^^

  • X-tina

    He always looks sexy

  • Lol

    Wow leonardo and tobey again togther

  • Toni

    Got to say – he’s one of the few actual great actors in Hollywood. Some disappoint in some of their movies – Leo? – have loved all his work to date. I’m sure this will be another success.

  • mattie

    @roo: Well this wont please a lot of people, but apparently there have been a few sightings of Leo Toby and Blake in two restaurants!! Time will tell

  • http://deleted just say

    he looks so happy and comfortable in these pics! i love u leo! enjoy ur time! i wish u dump bl and find a girl so soon that u looks happy around her always as around ur family and ur friends like this time!

  • http://deleted just say

    even in casual dress he is so sexy!

  • http://deleted just say

    just one thing,tobey didn’t took his family to auss?!he will be there for 4 monthes! do anybody know?

  • mattie

    @just say:Tobeys’ family is here with him.

  • http://deleted just say

    @mattie: what do u mean”there have been a few sightings of Leo Toby and Blake in two restaurants”? u want to say blake is in auss? oh no please!so why her pr didn’t say that she is in auss?if she was they would fill all tabloids since the start of her flew!say something more!

  • http://deleted just say

    well because of horrican working on gg will be off for a while in nyc! just savages is the only movie she has these days! i hope leo stay away from her and be alone in auss!

  • http://deleted just say

    her gg is off for a while because of horrican! just savage is the only movie she has now! i hope leo be alone in auss!

  • mattie

    dont know if my other post went through, but they were ‘apparently’ sighted in two restaurants, Aria and Otto ,but there are no photos so can’t be confirmed, I’ll post more if I find anything else out.

  • http://deleted just say

    @mattie: thanks

  • Naomi

    Cool! Nice shots of the two friends from down under!

    Thanks JARED…. especially for not feeling the need to mention “Miss Plastic Surgery’s” name to this topic! Very much appreciated.

  • M

    Is Blake in Aussie with Leo is this true pictures please!!!!!!!!

  • Please…

    Don’t tell me the junior high school girls from Bellazon are getting excited as there could be some tweets of their favorite ugly actress dating L. D. for 12 weeks together in Sydney?
    JJ, thanks for the photos. I guess they still have another week of rehearsing before the real filming begin.

  • Stone

    He my Best favr man

  • Issy

    i live in south australia and still feel so far away :(

  • Hmmm…

    I saw some tweets but so far they are not that convincing. There was a restauratnt sighting of them but later someone said Leo was there indeed but no Fake. We have to wait and see!

  • Monkey

    leo’s got bed hair by the looks of it. the dude can’t even stretch outside without the paps taking shots.

  • http://ad slig o lambert ^_____^cute

    leonardo handsome

  • hemm

    wow! leonardo dicaprio looks exactly like zac efron :o!

  • sos

    Sighting from Daily Telegraph..People are now thinking tweeters were mistaking Jennifer for BL.
    LEONARDO DiCaprio showed he was a man of the people – with low key bodyguards – when he sauntered through Darling Harbour as just a face in the crowd on Saturday night.
    The actor, here to film The Great Gatsby, flicked a limo and walked to Star City from the Sydney Aquarium just after 6pm.
    He and pals walked round the foreshore and in the Harbourside shopping complex where he was snapped near a fast food joint before a little time at the casino.
    Burgers were not on his mind when it came to dinner though, heading to the Woolloomooloo Finger Wharf for dinner with co-star Tobey Maguire, his wife Jennifer Meyer and other pals.
    They chose Otto and wanted to dine outside, but the camera-shy DiCaprio and party moved in to Otto’s private dining room.
    DiCaprio invited the Maguire clan (their two children are with them) over to his rented Vaucluse digs yesterday to show them the view overlooking the Harbour.

  • Peanut Oxford

    I hate Leo ??? He is the most stupid man !!!!

  • Peanut Oxford

    I hate Leo ??? He is the most stupid man !!!!

  • Elena

    they have some more pics of this and apparently a pic of him out shopping on bellazon. and i’m sorry but their comments juxtaposed with the comments here is hilarious, everyone here is like “god, i’ve never seen a couple more disinterested in each other” and everyone there is like “god, i’ve never seen a couple more in love!” i’m wondering though, how well known is blake in australia, cause maybe someone mistook some other woman who was at dinner with leo for blake. just because with the amount of shooting she has to do for savages and gg it seems ridiculous that she would spend 20 hours on a plane to spend a few hours with leo.

  • Elena

    @Peanut Oxford: lol grammar and punctuation fail.

  • sos

    @Elena: It’s like night and I do commend them on finding all the stuff that they do.I just don’t like having a constricted opinion.
    Speaking of finding stuff they posted an interview from Heat Feb 2000 He said pretentious,vindictive,and opputunistic woman turn him
    Funny since some think that describes some of his gfs.

  • larson

    @sos: Those are qualities that would turn any normal person off, but not Leo I guess. Elena I don’t know if they get GG out there. They probably showed sisterhood of the traveling pants so if anyone knew her they would know from that. I know they get GG in Greece. Why I do not know. Anyway the girls on bellazon are delusional but some of us are over here too. It’s obvious to me that Blake probably signed her contract to be his gf for the next 5 or 6 years give or take. I see this not lasting that long anyway since the public’s interest in dying down. She will probably try to get out of it to attach herself to another a-list name while still being on the c-list. Over on bellazon there’s all this “oh, they so in love”. Umm where you see that at? Among all of the not hand holding, not kissing, not touching, not speaking, not standing next to each other(some of the time)? Then one person saying that his and Giselle relationship was troubled? Riiiiiiighhhhhhhtttttttttt. He damn for sure found time to kiss and hold her hand, take pics with her and oh, stand next to her all the time.

  • Elena

    @sos: lol that’s hilarious, since it seems like even his most appealing gf had at least two of those three qualities he dislikes! @larson: yeah hopefully they’ve been spared from gg, and even if they showed sisterhood we all know blake looks a little different now. and you know, i could even understand if you were a blake fan why you would get excited about her and leo, but like you said, wtf pictures are they looking at? lol i could probably find pictures of me and my girl friends where we are more affectionate than they are in photos.

  • Well

    For the ones who have been following Leo’s career, you all know that he has always had friends, family members and girlfriends visiting him while away filming his movies. Kristen, Gisele and Bar have all been spotted in the cities where he worked. So before you see any signs of a future wedding before his summer squeeze of 3 months show up in Australia, it is no guarantee she’ll become Mrs. DiCaprio.

    BTW, I wonder who in the world tries to let Lainey Gossip’s “source” that Hong Kong is not far away from Sydney. FYI, a flight Hong Kong-Sydney takes 9.5 hours.

  • larson

    Blake is most likely in NYC. I saw pics of her in NYC from the 24th. Now unless she flew to L.A. the next day she was probably stuck in NYC with everybody else once news of the hurricane hit. Flights were cancelled left and right. Second off who flies to Hong Kong to go to sydney? I always thought wherever you are in the states you would fly to LAX and then direct to sydney which is like 20 hrs. Maybe there were connecting flights? I doubt she would need to do connecting flights unless she hates being on planes.

  • maybe

    maybe we should bookmark an aussie site. here are more pics

  • maybe

    says he invited Tobey and his family to check out the place. I wonder if this means he will be spending alot more time with these kids than usual. He’s going to want to be a dad soon. And it has to be with an extraordinary woman

  • maybe

    ok so i was looking over at bellazons pictures and saw these and frankly, they disturb me

  • @maybe

    … disturbing indeed. Not the most manly pictures of Dicaprio….

  • ta

    His buddy Orlando is in Sydney right now, too. Wonder if they will get together?

  • Fan of Leo

    Leo has always been annoyed and aware about the paps following him. Even after dating Bar for many years, they still attended public places together and managed to act “discrete”. But at least, they looked happy together.

    I don’t know if he’ll ever find someone as beautiful as Bar.

  • daniel

    @ta: Is Orlando still relevant? I thought he is retired from acting. He is only relevant on gossip column. I think his wife is more relevant than he is now. That sad for a young guy like him to be finished so early in his career. I think marriage and a child is taking its tall on him. That’s is why i admire Leo that he is smart enough not to deal with that crap kind of anything. LOL

  • @48

    A guy who is in his 30′s who still acts like an irresponsible playboy is more “admirable” to you than a man commited to family?
    Well that says exactly what kind of person you are.

  • Standing Ovation

    Hello Leo fans… I stumbled upon this cool interview of Leo at the Oscar round table. He’s really a funny guy. Starts at 4:20 Leo’s scene.

    This is another question he answered, during the same interview of the round table.