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Britney Spears: 2011 MTV VMAs Tribute!

Britney Spears: 2011 MTV VMAs Tribute!

Britney Spears laughs as she watches her tribute live at the 2011 MTV VMAs on Sunday (August 28) at the Nokia Theatre L.A. Live in Los Angeles.

The 29-year-old pop princess was honored with the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award and viewed a dance tribute to her most famous songs including “Baby One More Time,” “Oops!… I Did it Again,” “Crazy,” “Toxic,” “Circus,” “Me Against the Music,” and “Hold it Against Me.”

While introducing her, Lady Gaga, dressed as Jo Calderone, said, “She taught us all how to be fearless, and the industry wouldn’t be the same without her.”

Check out the tribute below…

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Check out Britney‘s acceptance speech inside…

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  • camillus

    That was no tribute. It lasted only 2 minutes. Why not more time. It sucked.

  • yes

    This was a tribute that looked like it was thought up of at the last minute. Not fair. Hopefully she will get a proper tribute somewhere else down the line.

  • kiki


  • [~Fug Face Man!ston~]

    ..Why did she get that award?!?

  • awesa

    hahaha , LOOK ! : DD.

  • Elena

    She reminds me of a robot. Someone who does whatever is asked for her. Why does she deserve a tribute because of that? Her music is trendy, nothing original. Maybe it was fun when I was 12 years old, but not any more.

  • Missydawnd

    Everyone loves her at the VMAs, blah blah. I can’t help but HATE Britney Spears. Anyone with me??

  • *

    @camillus: Mtv did the same thing to madonna it was so short. they really should have people who worked with her or close to talk a lil about the artist something like billboard did for beyonce. Maybe have other celebs perform. it was way to short.

  • tulino

    the dancers danced much better than britney spears. she didn’t deserve that tribute, britney is a white trash

  • shenna

    Congrats Britney
    i will always love you

  • Please!!!

    Why didn’t Britney preform?!

  • mikaloca

    I am simply happy for britney that she was able to pull through a bad time and get back to this stage..its a pat on the back that she is on the right path, I wish the very best in love and life…and she has such beautiful kids..

  • Isabela

    it was supposed to be britney’s moment, not gaga, she ruined it ¬¬ I think somebody else should’ve spoken, like madonna or someone closer to her

  • pooh

    That was a VERY SHORT “tribute” & y didn’t they allow her to have a proper speech then cut to commercial instead of turning it into a Beyonce a thing. SUCKED BIGTIME!

  • DBfan93

    That tribute sucked! Britney is an awesome performer and she deserved more! Mtv failed trying to do this tribute! The only great part was her acceptance speech with Gaga

  • DBfan93

    The tribute was not that good but Britney looked stunning! I’m so happy for her!

  • Junior

    That tribute was disappointing. Not only was it too short and not special at all, but Lady Gaga had to hog the spotlight. LEAVE THE REAL PRINCESS ALONE.

  • YAYA

    Anyone who does not understand why Britney got the award probably did see MTV when they actually played videos. I’m not a Brit fan but I know that MTV owes their success to MJ to start and ended off the backs of Britney Spears, NSYCN, Backstreet Boys, and Christina Aguilera. All of them deserve awards from MTV. This is not the Grammys, it’s MTV who milked these kids so much that Carson thinks Britney actually owes him.
    I liked the tribute. Tributes now and day are so sort and honestly unless you’re a legend I say keep it that way. Also, we all know Brit is not into this mess anymore…they are lucky she showed up lol.

  • Ted

    she deserve the award that’s why they gave it to her….

  • jen

    aww she looks stuning

  • Alawie Spears


    if u can dance like britney spears come and kill me.. we’ll see who’s the white trash then

  • Soapy Johnson

    Jo Calderone was right — Britney looked hot! Definitely worth a look back at Britney’s return to Britneyness …

  • sayuri

    Ela mereceu. It´s Britney Bitch!

  • Foreverbeyonce


    #MTVFAIL i like to call it. First off Lady Gaga “performance” was horrible they should have had Katy Perry or Rihanna open, Adele -made me cry, Britney tribute?!!! WHAT ” Britney Tribute ” for a person who is the VMAs deserved better than that rubbish!!! SO MANY things were bad just to name a few..You gave her a MOON MAN that was supposed to be a “Vanguard award” you MADE HER, not Gaga BRITNEY present the next performer?!!! REALLY! I LOOOOOOVE BEYONCE, but that is a SHAME and very shady on MTvs part to do that! PERIOD., Pitbull was great, Chris Brown was unique, Beyonce (aw Baby Beh) and Bruno to sing a song Amy covered not one of her own songs-REALY?! they couldnt get Adele or Xtina to perform I dunno REHAB or BACK TO BLACK? This years MTV VMAs were ALL hype no substance. My annoyance for lady gaga has gone from 70% to a full blown 100% she didnt let Britney have her moment or even talk for her own award!!!

  • emmelleee


    it looked like “britney tribute” was an opening for Beyonce performance. that is a shame and i feel really bad for britney because not only did gaga not let her talk but the mtv scripted to where she is presenting and saying all these nice things what i thought was for britney turned out to be for beyonce. thats a shame

  • Whitney


    mtv did a poor job on reconizing brtiney very very poor

  • yollie


    i right there with you love me some britney. the “tribute” was horrible and she presented beyonce? like wth? was that like two second tribute.

  • ReginaGeorge


    mtv did a horrible job in paying tribute to an amazing artist like britney spears. there is just so much bad to try and disect where it went wrong.

  • Ralphaelgrece

    mtv did a bad job in the britney tribute, she deserved more than 2 seconds :(

  • Jessica

    I thought they could have done so much more for Britney is it wasnt for Britney I wouldnt have tuned in. I am really sad that Mtv chose to not do something really special for britney she is americas sweetheart and they used her :(

  • aaron

    Britney looked HOT!

  • yollie

    Britney deserves better than 1:36 minutes of Tribute!

  • Eernie

    She looks good go brit we love you <3

  • ulloapsince 1991

    Ga Ga is offcially the most annoying artist of 2011! Seriously who does that ? Let Britney talk already and stop making everything about you!

  • madness complete utter madness

    Britney Tribute? I call it Britney Shade. Britney has been doing the music scene for 13 years now and still going strong! This was lame tribute!

  • katherinekel

    Why did britney present beyonce? did anyone miss that. thats not cool mtv

  • hotbitch


    UM, have you seen her perform lately?!?!? Not a good idea.

  • hotbitch

    @Please!!!: @Please!!!:

    UM, have you seen her perform lately?!?!? Not a good idea.

  • moonlight

    Britney you know that i fu*** love you and you are my whole life
    I don’t care if tribute was too short because you are in our heart anyway


  • Elle

    The tribute was AWFUL! She deserved something way better. Gaga shouldn’t have been up there, it should have been Madonna with her or someone she admires. They took her thunder and what’s with the kids? Completly cheesy! She deserves better than that! She couldn’t even give an actual speech! She introduced Beyonce and made the moment about her! MTV sucks.