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Alexander Skarsgard Covers 'BlackBook'

Alexander Skarsgard Covers 'BlackBook'

Alexander Skarsgard suits up for the cover of BlackBook magazine’s September 15th Anniversary Issue, on newsstands next week!

Here’s what the 35-year-old Straw Dogs actor had to share with editor Nick Haramis:

On Kate Bosworth (the piece was written before they split): “Kate is such a great actress, and she’s so much more than a good-looking Hollywood starlet… I make it a rule not to talk about myself and Kate. I so desperately try to keep my private life out of the tabloids because becoming a celebrity rather than an actor can really get in the way of a good performance.”

On shooing Lady Gaga‘s “Paparazzi” video: “It’s funny, I spent seven months in the African desert, putting my blood, sweat, and tears—my heart and my soul—into [HBO's Generation Kill], and still, more often than not people want to talk about the six hours I spent filming the music video for Lady Gaga’s ‘Paparazzi.’”

On refusing to bite his fans: “That’s one thing I’ll never really understand. But the main reason I don’t ever do it is because if I do it just once, every single person will be like, ‘Bite me! Bite me! Bite me!’”

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Photos: Andrew Macpherson, Annie Psaltiras (styling)
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# 1

Oddly, I’ve still never seen the Paparazzi video. However, I have seen GenKill too many times to count.
And from previous thread, I really hope he got to keep the robe.

# 2

Amazing photos! Love him!

# 3

Love the pictures!! Good article, he and Stephen seem like they would be so much fun to hang around the set with!!. It’s also nice to know that their friendship is genuine and not a fake hollywood friendship.

# 4

Looks like a horror magazine! I wouldn’t but it. That look in his eyes scares me lol

# 5

@ladybug: we should put together a list of things he should have kept and send it off one day. :)

# 6

question …
this interview was before he broke up with kate right?

# 7

Good grief JJ, you had to put that excerpt in there? What about all the other quotes about his work? Way to keep them tied together. Sheesh! The pictures look great though. Like I said in the last post, they emphasized that he lives ALONE, putting that stupid rumour to rest.

# 8

I was joking. I like Alexander

# 9

I think it was before the announcement, yes. Obviously they went in afterword and changed the story to include it. Though they’re still sticking with the stupid two year timeline, even though they didn’t meet until fall 2009 and Alex himself said they were friends at first. They also most likely broke up before July. The announcement said it happened “awhile ago”. They hadn’t been seen together in over 3 months, so I’m sure it was quite awhile ago. That certainly isn’t two years.

@wonderful: I’m with you. He looks kind of creepy. Not his best cover. He looks better in the other pics.

@lily: Apparently the relationship was already over at the time of the interview, but they had not gone public with the news. The author makes a note about this.

H.O.L.Y. S.#*%^T…What a GORGEOUS man!

His answer to the paparazzi question was actually kind of rude. He is completely right and it is absolutely something to think about but it’s not the right time to bring that up.

@lily: From what they say, they had already broken up, but it wasn’t public.

Sorry to bring up Bonesworth, but the article JJ had about her the other day didn’t even mention Alex just SD, yet when you type in Alex’s name in the search bar, that article about her comes up. Did you notice?? I agree, for some reason JJ (or her??) wants to keep them linked together.

Hot pictures! He looks great. LOL at him being nice to KB while she floats out stories that he’s a crybaby sap about the breakup. He’s being classy, and she’s well…not. I’m sure he has a lot more choice words to say but he’d never admit it. I can’t wait until this SD crap is over and he can totally be rid of her. The parts with Moyer are hilarious. Those two sound like they are tons of fun on set. I wish they’d gotten KBVS with him, she’s a riot too.

He’s so freaking sexy. His personality makes him that much hotter.

@AbFab: Thanks!!!


RRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrr !
Come over here…

Totally agree. Plus, why hasn’t JJ commented on her cover? Or the C magazine one? That seems weird. It’s another chance to put them together. It’s kind of obvious the way he picked out that comment about her when there was so much more in the article.

Exactly. The two excerpts he picked were stupid. Her and the Lady Gaga thing? Really? One is just a stupid way to link him with someone he’s no longer with, and the other has been talked about to death. The biting one is the only interesting one. He could have put in something about his upcoming movies, which Alex spoke about, but no…pick the most lame and mundane things you can find to highlight. Good lord. *eyeroll*

He’s mine girls…

You’re not the only one to wonder why those covers haven’t been featured. It’s extremely odd since JJ never used to pass up a chance to post about her. I also put in a comment a few threads back about the suspicious timing of the National Enquirer piece, being on his b’day and how she probably put it out there to get back at him, but it was mysteriously erased. Obviously touched a nerve with someone on staff. LOL

@Jen: That happens regularly, my bookmarked link for JJ is a Skarsgard search because I don’t really give a hoot about the rest, although I’ll occasionally surf the site if I’m bored. He must insert “Skarsgard” into the HTML tags so that it gets picked up by the search engines under “Skarsgard”, even though we don’t see those tags in the articles themselves.

@Canuck, I know I owe you translations, but my power just came back the other day (yay)! I haven’t forgotten :)

It’s not just her either, there have been other articles linked to his search page. Like a few weeks back there was something about dolphins and Leo D or something along that line. Brooklyn Decker has been in his search as well, and even Rachel Bilson I’ve found once. It’s pretty odd but it must be associated on some tiny level and JJ is just hoping to increase traffic by including it in as many searches as possible. Seeing as he knows Alex gets a ton of hits, he puts as many things as he can on his page.

Really, it got erased? Haha, that is funny. No doubt someone didn’t want that idea floating around then, though it is pretty obvious with the timing being on his birthday like you said. He almost certainly dumped her and not the other way around. No way would he look super happy after being dumped, unless he was secretly hoping for it, which I know I would be if I was him. ;)

@Camille: Most of those had his name, however fleeting, in the article itself. I’ve had a few KB articles where his name is nowhere to be seen, yet it still shows up in a Skarsgard search.

the article is interesting and worth reading in full if you can find it. Several sites have it up. Finally — Not one line about naked Swedes or lions. Both he and the interviewer sound thoughtful and intelligent. I agree that given all of this interview — and there’s a lot of depth to it – the excerpt we get here is the tiny bit about KB?? but maybe this is the most “gossipy” bit for JJ to post? I’m not sure about how well I like the mag photos, like some not others. Not a fan of the hair or makeup look on the cover photo, kind of cold I think. I like ‘warmer’ looks for him I guess. Loose hair and smiles.

Ugh, it’s annoying. JJ just wants to keep them together to get more hits I think.

@seeshay: I think the naked Swede thing is Alex making fun of stereotypes anyways. I have a bunch of Swedish friends and I have yet to see a single one of naked,

@Lilla: Lilla, that’s fine he was probably saying something like ” f… f… F’itty FFFFFFFF, that f’ing hurts like a bugger ” :))). Glad your power is back on though!

Alexander looks great in these pictures, though they aren’t my favorite of him. He still shows how gorgeous he is no matter what. Like everyone else, I think it’s kind of bad taste to continue to highlight a now failed relationship. It would have made more sense to focus on his hard work and upcoming movie projects. There was enough material to choose from in the interview for sure. It’s a shame that some of these sites would rather focus on that sort of thing than his actual work, which he is excellent at.

@Jessie: Yes, I’d say the same.
@Canuck: That last should have said “a single one of them naked”, “not a single one of naked”. Oops

Jesus Jared, just stop with the Bonesworth references already. Nobody wants to read that shite anymore. It’s over, get the message already. Lots of other good things to talk about and you pick that hey. Wow! Anyway, Alex looks awesome. I can’t wait to see Melancholia but I doubt I’ll be seeing SD. Maybe on video so I can FF the annoying parts, and I’m sure everyone knows what I’m talking about there. Haha!

@Canuck, Thanks!! I just finished ep 3, but I’m sure you’re right about what he’s saying. Haha!

Those pictures on the Maisie set are so cute. I’m really looking forward to seeing this.

@Doreen: Trying to get as many hits for KB before SD is released? Because afterward I think she’ll garner even less interest than now.
And I really like the pics, but why oh can’t they do a photo shoot where he’s being all goofy and smiley?

I have a bunch of swedish friends, and while I do think Alex plays it up a bit, I’ve seen most of them naked. The others are prudes like me!! LOL
It’s like anything else, if you are raised thinking nudity is not a biggie, then you’ll be naked in front of your friends from time to time, heck you’ll even have to tell them to put something on if you’re at a houseparty and you’re sharing a room with them and they crawl into bed naked. (true story, BTW)!!

Shouldn’t have mention kate in the interview at all. I don’t no one should be asked about their exs in interviews. Its between them. But the cover looks good.

@just me: Well, they shouldn’t have, especially since he’s continually not talked about it. But, she is featured on the alternate cover, so I suspect the writer thought it should be brought up.

MarieBelle @ 08/30/2011 at 3:34 pm

I have seen several of his Swedish films, and GK and TB, but I do have to say people probably like the Lady Gaga video b/c he looks so damn hot making out with her. I am not a Lady Gaga fan, but he is very very sexy in the video – I highly suggest youtubing it!

Such class to be so nice about Kate, it seems the relationship was not doing well for many months before we heard of the official breakup, so I doubt all was perfectly well when he gave this interview, yet he looks for the good and the positive. One of his most charming qualities for sure.

Okay, I was still “hanging out” on the last thread wondering why the postings have stopped ;-) Love the interview and most of the pictures. He seems like such a great guy. Here’s the link to the Lady Gaga video for those who haven’t seen it and care to watch…

That’s most likely what it is, milking the last 15 minutes of mileage that she can get before SD comes out and is quickly forgotten about. I just can’t see this film making a big splash. I suspect that nearly all of the money it makes will be because people wanted to see Alex in a movie, and only a small portion will just be people who were interested in the film in general. I think you’re right about the writer thinking it was fair game, though the last several interviews have mentioned her on behalf of the writer’s inferences. I’m surprised he spoke about it, but at least it was to say something classy and then ask for privacy right afterward.

I’m sure it was over long before this interview was given, but she may still have been pestering him since it’s been reported she was hanging out at his haunts trying to talk to him. He’s way too nice of a person to say anything bad though, so the best thing to do is compliment her work, which he did and leave it at that.

LOL I just answered you on it actually.

Looks like his character doesn’t care about holes in his shirts. Or maybe he got into a scuffle. :)

Not sure when this pic was taken but at least he’s smiling.

@Camille: The holy shirts may also be the latest in HW fashion. Who knows ;-) I like the fact that he doesn’t seem to give a **** about that sort of thing. He’s a down-to-earth, genuine kind of guy. I agree with you regarding SD. The biggest pull this movie has is Alex.

Seems to be channeling Eric in this photo shoot. I think it’s the velvet robe, very Eric-ish.

Also, I would love to know what truly ended his relationship with KB. Was she a drama-queen Capricorn or was he a dull perfectionistic Virgo??? Wonder if it will ever come out.

Regardless, the fame is hitting him now. Hope he wants what he’s going to get.

danielik25 @ 08/30/2011 at 4:59 pm

Good interview, great pics! I like his relationship with SM, they are everytime ready for joke and fun when they are together .

@danielik25: Less Eric channeling than Hugh Hefner channeling.
Camille, my take on why he not only answered but said the most he’s ever said about her since around the time they started dating is: A). She also had a cover and interview in the same issue and he knew it was probably going to come up and since he’s actually trying to promote the movie might as well make the best of it. B). The relationship was long over by the time of the interview so perhaps it was easier by that time, knowing it’s over with, even though the media didn’t seem to have figured it out.
Cheryl, I don’t think he’s ever going to say when it ended. And if the Enquirer piece from last week really was from her, she’s apparently making stuff up. My guess, certainly by Coachella, but probably March.

I’m pretty sure that’s him in character and not his own shirt. I think Lincoln is supposed to be somewhat of a hipster type.

It was probably a bit of both I would think. Most likely inevitable that the person would ask seeing as they were sharing a cover and going to talk about SD. Also I think you’re right about him just talking about it because it was finally over and there was no need to stay mum on the subject because it’s no longer an issue. At least he didn’t babble about it, he kept it to a compliment about her work and about making the movie. I don’t mind a one line blip like that. It’s when she yammers on about bicycling in Sweden for a month and other BS that was annoying. Obviously she didn’t care that he wanted to keep private because she yapped nonstop about it, especially toward the end, which probably spelled the end of it.

Keep saying you don’t talk about your private life, then proceed to dish about Kate. -_-

How stupid is he for calling her a great actress? Like is he that oblivious? It’s also funny that he says he doesn’t wanna be tabloid fodder when HELLO LOOK AT WHO YOU WERE DATING. Ugh.

@Camille: I do wonder, did her yapping start after the relationship started to have issues or did her yapping help cause the issues? Or both? Did she think that by yapping about him she’d keep him?

I think that most of their fighting probably stemmed from her complete lack of ability to shut up and not smug for the cameras. I think it definitely cause issues and probably lead to the first break up, because he didn’t look happy at all starting in the summer. Then I think she got him back and felt smug about it and started to let things slip more and more in interviews, etc and it probably caused more problems. I think it was the start of the end. The crap that came out during Christmas, then he goes to Sweden and doesn’t go to Mexico until after the holidays and only spends like 3 days there. More crap about biking in Sweden followed that, then them not together for Valentines, etc. Enter blog item on Crapmint that he showed up, cue the story about them fighting at her Nylon party and the “on the rocks” statement. From there it was a matter of a couple of weeks until the stalking started and then the final blow out at Coachella when he probably just wanted to be left alone and she just wouldn’t. I honestly think she’s too stupid and self involved to think he’d ever leave her because she didn’t respect his privacy. She’s so self entitled that she probably thought she could say and do whatever she wanted and not have any consequences. She obviously thought wrong.

Um no, it’s called being classy by providing a cursory compliment and then changing the subject.

“goog looking Hollywood starlet”= he is delusional, she wishes
“great actress”= he is delusional, she wishes
Umm..if he thinks she is great then he really has not a clue! Also, he is stuck on the Hollywood system so believe that he is looking for the next actress to date to keep himself relevant and talked about.
He is worried about relationships getting in the way of a good performance but that relationship was the only thing that kept him on this site and others and made people take notice.
JOEL KINNAMAN…now that is a GREAT SWEDISH actor!!! Skarsgard needs to get a clue and realize that his range is limited at best and spend more time taking acting classes than posing for photo shots.

There is nothing handsome about this guy. He looks average at best.

Just when I think I have my crack Alex addiction kicked, someone pulls me back in with cute pictures of him on-set with a kid!!! UGH!!!!

He says he never reads these sites, bullsh**. He must have someone or being doing something to let him know about his fan base.

This is a cute story, and he is once again described as super nice.


Nooooooooooooooo!!! I can’t take it!!!! Reports of him being kind and gracious???!!! More crack Alex juice to feed my addiction!!! I’m never going to be able to get off this smack!!! These sites are like mainlining for me…must. stop. getting weaker….

I feel like he comes across as more jaded and bitter in this article (he even admits jokingly ? that he’s “old & bitter” now). Whether it’s because of his time w/ KB or what, I just get a more cynical vibe from him regarding the industry.

I feel like he comes across as more jaded and bitter in this article (he even admits jokingly ? that he’s “old & bitter” now). Whether it’s because of his time w/ KB or what, I just get a more cynical vibe from him regarding the industry.

I feel like he comes across as more jaded and bitter in this article (he even admits jokingly ? that he’s “old & bitter” now). Whether it’s because of his time w/ KB or what, I just get a more cynical vibe from him regarding the industry.

Whoa, sorry for the multiple posts

I think he probably has a lot of regrets when it comes to her. I wouldn’t doubt if he was jaded about it just because of what he had to go through with her constantly seeking attention. He’s probably bitter at being used in a way also.

On another note, I just downloaded Kill Your Darlings. I’ve never seen it so I plan on watching it soon. I wish I could download some of his Swedish movies, but most of them don’t have English subtitles that I could find.

Hmm, I guess Alex is a tennis fan?

Spotted at Nadal v. Golubev: Alexander Skarsgard. Spotted leaving before the girls match: Alexander Skarsgard… #USOpen2011!/forthewindsay

I’m in full stalker mode now. Alexander Skarsgård is at the @usopen looking HOT in a plaid shirt. #tennis!/jimshi809

They just showed Alexander Skarsgard on the jumbo-tron @usopen. I felt like the only one not cheering. He and I seemed equally excited.!/ellbells126

@Emma: oh Emma you made me laugh out loud, thank you! You are so right. This is like crack and the cute photos with fans and the little girl have me hopelessly hooked LOL.

Alexander Skarsgard is balding @ 08/31/2011 at 12:27 am

You are all typical hoes. You can speculate about baldy all you like, but you will never get in his pants like Kate Boobsworth has. Be in awe of the guy all you want, you will never know the real him. He is an actor you know and acting is what he does in and out of work. Deep down he must really be disgusted by the likes of man-hungry fanatics here.

@sweetness: that’s the spirit !

@Alexander Skarsgard is balding: It’s a good thing that Alex doesn’t go to gossip sites and read comments, or he would be really disgusted by vicious and ugly you. What’s your damage, anyway?

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