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Angelina Jolie, Zahara, & Knox: Pottery Cafe Visit!

Angelina Jolie, Zahara, & Knox: Pottery Cafe Visit!

Angelina Jolie goes out with her little ones to The Pottery Cafe on Wednesday (August 31) in Richmond, London, England.

The 36-year-old actress held hands with her 3-year-old son, Knox, while big sis Zahara followed close behind.

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Angelina was joined by a few friends and their children for a fun day out on the town.

Angie‘s cover of Vanity Fair was released yesterday – be sure to check out her gorgeous cover shot and a bonus pic from the magazine if you haven’t seen them yet!

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  • Sonia0404


  • mwannir
  • lilooo

    Angelina joollliiieee jooollliiieee and kiiiiidds!! HI JP Fans

  • Ssshhii_baby

    hi jolie-pitt fans!!! kids are too adorable…

  • Sonia0404

    YES!! I really am! Beautiful kids! Angie really makes the best out of time she’s got to spend with the kids.

    Did you guys see her dad, Jon Voight took the kids to the park and treated each one of them ice cream? Love it! So glad to see the two high talents reconcile!

  • Anonymous

    So happy to see Angie spending some quality time with smaller group of their kids. It looks like Zee is a really loving big sis. Just look at how tenderly she´s looking at her lil bro and talking to him. Knox is a perfect mix of both of his mum and dad. Also Viv was with her mum and siblings. Wonder where Mad, Pax and Shi were? Hopefully having some quality time with their grandfather Jon Voight. It´s wonderful that Jon is finally a part of this big, happy Jolie-Pitt family just like Bill and Jane Pitt and Brad´s siblings with their families.

  • Sonia0404

    And Zee, oohoooooo!! My precious fave! She’s helping Knox get onto the car! What a wonderful little big sister! The child is totally cool, but she nust be so warm and nice to be with!

  • Lara

    Beatiful mummy and the kids are adorable. Happy family surrounded by love. God bless them all.

  • Jen

    Shiloh is there too! Popsugar never seems to see all the children in the photos.
    Beautiful family!

  • woman spanish

    While the enemies invented sensational stories, she only cares about the important things in his life, his family, charitable causes … so every day is admired throughout the world. Bravo Angie!

  • QQQQ

    Shiloh and Viv was also there with them. All these idiot bloggers and paps all have selective vision.

  • Ga

    Love Angie in White :)

  • Brad & his freak fans

    I love how when she was asked , “are you getting married?”, she simply said “NO!”. Then later she sent them an EMAIL saying ” Not to worry… NO Secret” lmao she wants them to know she ain’t marrying your wrinkled god Brad. No mention of that stupid crap Pittstain lied about the kids asking them to get married… JUST A SIMPLE NO! it would have been better if it was a HELL NO! hahaha
    Her boy is cute.


    VERY PRETTY Lady indeed!!!

  • silly

    Lovely how Zahara takes care of her little baby brother

  • QQQQ

    Jen @ 08/31/2011 at 12:33 pm
    Because the majority of these people are frigging morons. All they do is make sh*t up and pretend that they have exclusives. Also they are all a bunch of idiots. If the paps says in their caption that Knox is wearing a brown shirt and the pic clearly shows he has on a black shirt they will still post that Knox is wearing a brown shirt.

  • Cheery

    Best celeb family; hottest couple with the cutest kids!

  • luvangie4ever

    Gorgeous as always, she’s an exquisite beauty. Can’t wait to get my copy of Vanity Fair.

  • impatient

    Seems like Knox is the main character of this new episode lol

  • Jen

    Shiloh is wearing her black and grey striped short sleeved shirt and touching the black balloon that Knox is carrying. Zee’s hand is in front of Shi and then Knox is getting into the car.
    Angie looks well rested and beautiful in her white billowy dress. Looks like Viv is wearing a similar color. Knox is a cutie pie for sure.
    I love Zee Zee’s curls.
    Looks like they had a grand time.
    I really enjoy seeing Brad and Angelina spending such fun times with their children.

  • Anon

    Yeeeeaaaahhh…Angie and the kids…

  • http://ad slig o lambert ^_____^cute

    knox so beautiful

  • Brad & his freak fans

    @slig o lambert ^_____^cute: that’s because he looks more like his mama. I don’t see much pittstain on that face.

  • Jen

    They “assume” so much when they put up the pictures. I think they are in such a rush to get a “scoop” they don’t take the time or even bother to look thoroughly at the picture to make certain their information is correct before they RUSH the pictures to the net.
    Then, unfortunately, Jared just copies and pastes the same mis-information from Pop Sugar or wherever he gets it, without proof reading anything and promotes the same wrong message.

  • derriere

    Angelina stay always like this please

  • Yoco

    @Brad & his freak fans: Yet she has no problem following him from Malta to Richmond to Glasgow to Richmond….She has no problem having /adopting kids with him.” No Secret Wedding” is not the same as” No Wedding” or “We will never marry”. Rich( on the Today Show) said he heard the rumors about secret wedding after the interview so he asked, Was there a secret wedding because he didnt wan’t to miss the big scoop. Cant wait for Moneyball RC . Fans I know I should have ignored the troll Forgive me I was weak. I haven’t had breakfast yet/low blood sugar. (Smile)

  • Kirsten

    Knox is a beautiful boy. I love how caring Z is. She looks so sweet and cute helping out her little brother. Bless the Jolie-Pitts.

  • bizzy bee

    Beautiful parents! beautiful children!

  • Jen

    No need to apologize Yoco. Your comments are right on and appreciated. :)

    JP Fans thank you for not hitting “Reply” when responding to a Troll.
    The Troll feeds on that acknowledgement. Please do not acknowledge them by their moniker.
    Plus, their monikers are so HATEFUL, why would we want to repeat them on a JoliePitt thread in our response?
    Thank you.

  • beverlyhillls

    for anyone interested, guli1 has been banned from JJB, for posting newscom pics, which is illegal.
    guli1 ignored multiple warnings, now she is banned.

    guli1 has to e-mail other fans for news to be posted @ jjb.

  • Maria

    Knox is adorable. He’s Angie’s mini me.

  • mmm

    Knox is going to be a heartbreaker ahahah

  • Q

    Slig o are you sure boy? Are your mom is your life about the children’s?

  • Rob

    Knox looks handsome just like parent’s

  • Brad & his freak fans

    @Yoco: she doesn’t want to marry him because she knows he’s A CHEATER. Of course she’s following him because they have that Image.. the “brangelina” image and Brad can’t lose his good dad status. what would people say if Angelina stayed in LA with all of her kids? they would say Why hasn’t brad seen his kids… i thought he was daddy of the year. It’s all part of Brad’s image and Angie is playing along for the time being. Until he cheats and I’m pretty sure he already did.

  • Brad & his freak fans

    @Yoco: she doesn’t want to marry him because she knows he’s A CHEATER. Of course she’s following him because they have that Image.. the “brangelina” image and Brad can’t lose his good dad status. what would people say if Angelina stayed in LA with all of her kids? they would say Why hasn’t brad seen his kids… i thought he was daddy of the year. It’s all part of Brad’s image and Angie is playing along for the time being. Until he cheats and I’m pretty sure he already did. ..

  • WWE

    The baby boy mini All brad but her lips Angie

  • Richard P

    Knox is very cute.Angie always simple and beautiful.

  • kidz

    Like mother like son.

  • bizzy bee

    Zahara’s hair looks so curly and lush. I remember Brad saying he was so excited when he found Carol’s Daughter products. Those products can be used on every ethnicity, I bought some for myself and I like them very much.

    I like the way Z stays calm and cool like her mother. We don’t really know what goes on in their lives, we only see what we see. But it was nice to hear Knox and Viv are getting swimming lessons while the other kids get fish pedicure. So hilarious! I’ve never had a fish pedicure but I saw it on Japanese tv and I’d love to have one if it ever comes to my area.

    As much as we love them and want to know what’s going on in their lives, I’m glad there’s things we don’t know, they need privacy just like anyone else. The lying media doesn’t know everything either, they just make up lies when days are slow.

    It’s tempting to always respond to haters, sometimes you just move on.

  • William

    @Kidz : you are silly can you say like son like father

  • Bella

    Cute family. Knox is as handsome as his daddy.

  • infidelity

    Did Brad bust Angie’s lip up?

  • awwww

    So cute. Knox wears his sweater like Brad worn his on Monday.

  • Lucy

    Jolie Pitts family is the best. What a loving beautiful family.

  • y

    @infidelity: i wouldn’t doubt it. I don’t buy is good guy shtick.

  • http://n/a Marcus From PA

    Glad to see Angie had a safe trip. I see trolls are on meltdown again. I just thumbed down two of them. Trolls will never learn

  • Carey

    Knox is wearing girls shoes.

  • nancy

    Trolls are idiot. Knox is wearing TOMS Shoes.

    my nephew has one.

    Brad and Angie are supporting a worthy causes.

  • Emma

    I hope parent cut her hair