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Diane Kruger: 'Ides of March' Premiere in Venice!

Diane Kruger: 'Ides of March' Premiere in Venice!

Diane Kruger looks drop dead gorgeous at the premiere of The Ides of March on Wednesday (August 31) during the Venice Film Festival at the Palazzo del Cinema in Venice, Italy.

The 35-year-old German actress wore a quartz toned tulle gown with an embellished bodice by Elie Saab.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Diane Kruger

Late last week, Diane and beau Joshua Jackson were spotted out and about together in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Diane was also recently spotted at InStyle‘s Summer Soiree, where she wore head-to-toe Jason Wu.

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Credit: Pascal Le Segretain; Photos: Getty
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  • Christina

    She sure as hell got out of Vancouver the first chance she got. LOL!

  • edzctor

    see this video thanks :) :)

  • evie


  • brenda dubois


  • Kristiana

    Ahhh…Miss ‘Don’t You Know Who I Am?’ strikes again. At least this time her dress is covering her behind.

  • Purple Poet

    She looks gorgeous, but why is she there? Why is she at every premiere for that matter? Sick of these starlets who act like showing up on the red carpet in a pretty dress is an occupation. No you show up to promote your own movies and that should be it. There’s not mystery with stars anymore.

  • Deanna

    She needs to spend less time on red carpets and more time with Josh. He would never do that to her. He seriously needs to wake up.

  • rocky

    @brenda dubois:


  • rocky


    And you know this because he told you?

  • anon

    Famewhore is a perfect description of this woman. She doesn’t miss a chance to have her picture taken. As far as being an actress, that’s a laugh.

  • anon


    I even have trouble typing the word ‘actress’ when referring to her. She’s only cast in big budgets (when she does get cast that is) because she won’t take away from the top tier talent in the movie and she also doesn’t cost as much either to hire.

  • Christina


    I’d say I’m surprised he isn’t there to hold her purse again, but he must be working again on his show.

  • tweener

    she has to step it up a little. she is already 35 years old , so she is not getting any younger.

    she has to find really good roles to play as an actress and stop wasting her time posing for the camera for an commercial or going to every event.

  • tweener


    why do you think she doesnt have a purse on her now?

    because joshua is not here to hold it for her (LOL) , so she prefers to go without purse.

  • tweener


    why do you she doesnt have a purse on her right now?

    because joshua isnt around to hold it for her looking like a trained puppy.


  • layla

    she looks like she put on weight;

    she has bigger breast in comparison of the previous years.

    she used to have boobs , the size of muskietos.

  • Get some help Katie

    Dear Katie:
    Commenting back and forth to yourself under different names is not going to change the fact that you threw away your real friends and chose to be in a loveless sexless contractual marriage. No need to be jealous of Josh and Diane’s relationship.

  • roxy

    @layla: Could be a really good push up bra. I don’t really keep up with her, but you guys are correct. She seems to be a red carpet regular just to get her pics taken. I don’t follow her career, but the last movie I saw her in was Troy and that was years ago. I can’t remember if she’s been in anything current.

  • Deanna


    He is way more into her than she is into him. If she was, she would be in Vancouver with him when she’s not filming a movie. Instead, she’s on the other side of the planet at a premiere for a movie she’s not even in.

    He deserves better!

  • Happy_Evil_Dude

    @layla: she’s had implants for a while, it’s common knowledge really.

    @roxy: she’s been in plenty of stuff since Troy: Wicker Park, National Treasure 1 & 2, Inglourious Basterds, Unknown, Goodbye Bafana, Mr Nobody, The Hunting Party, Copying Beethoven,…. and that’s just English-language movies, she spends half her career on French films.

    @Kristiana: what are you referring to exactly?

  • Deanna

    Look, she’s not wearing her commitment ring. He’s ALWAYS wearing his. Poor Josh!

  • anon


    She’s been in a few things but nothing that anyone remembers her being in – and most of her stuff isn’t distributed wide. She touts Troy like it was this magnificent movie when in reality it makes the ‘worst of’ movie lists all the time. Most of the stars of that movie say that too which makes me laugh.

  • Cher

    Is she even in the movie?! I am so fed up of seeing her on the red carpet for EVERYTHING. Famewhore!!

  • Carla

    Um, she’s a model. Showing up at these shindigs and modeling designer clothes is part of her job.

  • Annon

    Agreed, Carla.

    Also, she is one of the faces of Jaeger-LeCoultre watches, who is one of the major sponses of the Venice Film Festival. At the opening dinner, there is a photo of her talking to the CEO of Jaeger-LeCoultre.

    She is also the international face for Loreal. So, when you are being paid to represent these products you have to be seen at events they sponsor.

    Diane has two french movies coming out, one opening in November and she will start shooting another movie in a couple of weeks.

  • sped

    Seriously, the woman’s really not an actress. Her acting is painful at best. I’ve followed her and they’re already doing so much airbrushing on her pictures that they are starting to look like someone else. She just loves getting her picture taken, even though a majority of people don’t know who she is or even care.

    ***Funny about the commitment ring comment, we all know she’s only with Josh to get people to notice her. He’s way too good for her.***

  • really

    Viva la Deutschland!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Diane Kruger always looks so very beautiful!

  • oh my

    Deanna , she doesn´t wear that ring even when she´s With Josh. He wears it all the time, poor whipped puppy! He´s alone in this “commitment”.

  • anon

    @oh my:

    He has to realize this right? I mean he can’t possibly be that blind and/or stupid can he?

  • oh my

    I´m afraid that even if she cheats on him he will still stay with her because she´s “so beautiful”. LOL
    Well, he chased her, he got her (sort of ). For now. Obviously he thinks that she´s a big prize . He “wants to be the man that deserves her love.”
    And she doesn´t even want that ring on her finger. Good luck, Josh!

  • layla


    unfortunately, he is a very very intelligent person. you should watch his interviews, they are very impressive.

    BUT as an actor he is a mediocure actor at best.

    So he is staying with her, because that ‘s the only way for him to stay relevant in hollywood.

    do you really think that if he wasnt with her , that the paparazzi will be interested in him?

    so people (josh) do everything (like even willing to lose their self respect), do be famous and to stay relevant.

    so even if, that makes josh very angry that diane doesnt put her ring on, he knows he has to put up with it if he want to stay relevant in hollywood.

    if she breaks up with him, josh gonna fade away from hollywood.

    for a guy who ‘s been acting since he was about 11 years old, he SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUcks.


  • Deanna


    Either way, he deserves better!!!

  • robert

    She’s so stunning. True beauty, like those old ancient women.

  • Unknown


    Old ancient woman is right. At the ripe old age of 35 she isn’t going to be offered that many parts, considering there are actresses her age with actual talent. Who cares if she is using Josh or if Josh is using her, they are both only so-so actors that nobody really cares about.

    He isn’t even a main character on his show and she whores herself out to the paparrazi, so there both irrelevant.

  • what a loser of a boyfriend

    when josh started in dawson ‘s creek , he was the one who people first reconized from the mighty ducks movie.

    but he never made good acting choices ( movies) while acting in the creek.

    when dawson’s creek ended he was called RIP joshua jackson by the press for several years.

    in 2008 when he started in fringe, same happend here, he was the one people first reconized from dawson’s creek. so he was the famous one of the fringe cast.

    years later?

    anna torv and john noble are the one who are praised by fans and the press and getting more and more famous by the day.

    i can bet that if fringe will end , that anna and john will have a remarkable movie carriere , while joshua will once again start in an other televion show, where he once aigain will be reconized for his previous television work,………

    you see where am getting at?

    in his case , NOWHERE!!!!!!

    so i understand diane, every women wants a man who she is proud of. and thats where the problem lies.

  • oh my

    so i understand diane, every women wants a man who she is proud of. and thats where the problem lies.
    Not every woman wants someone she could be proud of. Many women want somebody who’s gonna need them, somebody to love and to be loved by.
    A lot of women just want a guy who will keep them warm when they´re cold, feed them when they´re hungry, and maybe, on occasion, take them dancing. LOL
    But if Diane only cares about Josh´s status in HW, then yes, you´re right, there´s a problem.

  • Deanna

    It does bother me that Josh changed his wardobe after he met her and that she tells him what’s “appropriate.” He’s a grown man, he should wear what he wants, but I guess he’s too in love to care that he’s whipped.

    She also said that he was “pimply and bloated” while on Dawson’s Creek. Good way to show support and love for your man Diane!!!

  • anon

    I also thinks it’s funny that we have to see Josh standing around looking ill at ease while at all these red carpet events, but we never hear of Diane doing anything for him. Especially not wearing her commitment ring, what a joke. This woman appears so cold and calculating, who would have guessed Josh would be into this kind of woman.

  • Deanna

    Hollywood should make a movie called “She’s Just Not That Into You” and she could play the lead character.

  • oh my

    She also said that he was “pimply and bloated” while on Dawson’s Creek. Good way to show support and love for your man Diane!!!
    You think this is bad? How about this quote:

    # On the scents Diane likes on a man: “It’s very personal; the few boyfriends have never smelled the same. So actually many years ago a boyfriend used Eternity and it was amazing on him. I bought it for Josh and it really didn’t work on him. Actually it was kind of creepy, it wasn’t so good.”

    It´s from last year. She´s been with Josh for years now and she still compares him to her ex-boyfriends? She wanted him to smell like her ex-BF? Does she think about her answers before she speaks?

  • anon


    LOLZZZZZZZZZZZZZ! The sad thing is, you would think she would be type cast in the role immediatley but with her acting skilz, she’d still probably come off as a model-actress that she is and suck per usual.

  • oh my

    It does bother me that Josh changed his wardobe after he met her and that she tells him what’s “appropriate.”
    I guess, she wants him to dress like her ex-husband G. Canet who´s is french and very stylish.

  • anon

    @oh my:

    Does this guy have friends or a mother that tells him his ‘committed’ gf is a lame ass? I mean it doesn’t take a genius to figure that out. I’ve read interviews with her in the past just b/c she’s usually good for quite a few laughs. And I saw a photo of her at some other ‘event’ overseas the other day and guess what? Ring is not on AGAIN. Shocking…I know. The only people that like her are the fangirls of his who have the thought process of ‘well if he likes her she must be FANTASTIC!’ People need to do some research. Geesh!

  • oh my

    I also thinks it’s funny that we have to see Josh standing around looking ill at ease while at all these red carpet events, but we never hear of Diane doing anything for him
    What, do you expect her to go to Comic Con with him? But there´s no Red Carpet there!! And all those sci-fi fans are so creepy and vulgar! LOL

  • oh my

    “When I get angry and my German accent comes out, you step away. My boyfriend knows; that’s when he goes quiet, like, ‘OK, honey…’”
    Diane Kruger

    She IS Fantastic indeed.

  • Deanna

    @oh my:

    It’s from this article, read what she says about his sense of style and how she “nugged” him.

  • Marley

    @oh my:

    Actually Diane did go to comic con to support Josh last year, and was very low key about it.

    The ring Diane is wearing with this dress is from Josh.

  • anon

    @Marley: Yes she did go, but as I recall there was another event occurring slightly after that she needed her favorite arm accessory. The ring may have been from Josh (probably obscenely expensive) but it wasn’t her commitment ring. Come on, everyone knows she never smiles when she’s with him, unless there is a camera present.

  • Anna

    In interviews Josh mentioned that he wants to have kids, but Diane prefers to pose for photographers and pretend she has a successful career instead of starting a family. Poor guy, I hope one day he’ll open his eyes and realise he deserves someone better than her beside him.

  • sped

    @anon: You mean the 5 or so fangirls he has, who spend there time trying to make him appear more successful than he is. It’s pathetic how into her they are, they should consider being her fangirls instead, from what I’ve heard she would ‘really’ like some fangirls.