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Jennifer Aniston: Doctor's Appointment with Justin Theroux

Jennifer Aniston: Doctor's Appointment with Justin Theroux

Jennifer Aniston sucks on a lollipop as she gets into her car after going to a doctor’s appointment on Wednesday (August 31) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 42-year-old actress was joined by her boyfriend Justin Theroux for the visit.

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hitched a ride on a golf cart the day before while at a studio.

In case you missed it, check out the cover of Glamour‘s October 2011 issue featuring Jen, Demi Moore, and Alicia Keys. The gals all directed short films for Lifetime’s Five.

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  • ck_always

    Justin could do better, but he’s still great.

  • Mllllllef

    Vandalize me…

  • BEAN

    Correct me if Im wrong but it’s rather strange to go to a doctors appointment with your partner unless babies or baby making is the subject! Just saying yaaaaall

  • Ashley

    Hopefully preggers?

  • iME

    Two forty year olds trying to look like hipsters.

  • shame shame

    Stalking people at a doctor’s appointment? Not cool, Jared, not cool.

  • Cheery

    Jen is the type of woman who will “date” ANY man just to be in a relationship. Vince Vaughn, Gerard Butller, now this nobody. Yet her fans try to claim each guy is some kind of catch. Right. Just wait til she films her next flop romcom, that male co-star will be the next “love of her life.”

  • Lisa

    I really don’t like this woman.

  • Your head moves you around

    I can’t wait to see what their baby looks like. It’s going to be an interesting kid, not in a bad way. I mean, if its a boy, it’ll be like a manly boy, you know. Which, there’s nothing wrong, but if its a girl…OOoohh. Poor girl :(

  • miley

    hope she’s pregnant, and if she is, hope the press leave her live her pregnancy in her privacy and dont start posting the “baby bump watch” she desserve it!

  • never forget HEIDI BIVENS

    @ck_always: he had better, but he dumped her for Aniston.

  • TC

    Great photo op for the tabloids to continue to keep her name in the headlines. Huvane’s name is all over this one.


    @iME: And pulling it off, thank you very much. I’m not the biggest fan of hers but they both look damn HOT! I’ve seen hipster 20 somethings that don’t do it half as well. And I agree about the preggers comments with both of them at the Dr’s visit. They both look really happy.

  • XenuCommandsYou

    @Ryano: except she isn’t a mother you dumb@ss!

  • jo
  • true

    i love her

  • Cool Couple

    looking good

  • Nikki

    I go to doctor appointments with friends and boyfriends. I had my tattoo removed with my bf there and went to my friends dermatologist appt and even another friends when she had the flu. But hopefully she is finally preggo.

  • towanda

    baby is coming:)

  • tracks

    Maybe they are going for some treatment.. she could have given him something or the other way around.

    really they have not been seen in weeks together and now all of a sudden they are seen a couple of times.. and at a doctor’s office.

    She loves this kind of stuff. the speculation.. her fans are idiots not to see what she is doing.

    and no not a fan of jolie.. just have common sense to see she is a manipulator big time.

  • Marcy

    He borrowed Pete Wentz’s jeans.

  • lely

    awww so cute
    good luck sweet jen < 3

  • ansley

    Someone doesn’t know what milf means, lol. And he looks ridiculous in those skinny jeans.

  • A

    He looks like such a try-hard.
    If he’d try any harder he’d sh!t himself!

  • brandon

    disappointed in him. he sold out for fame…dating the oldest famewhore out there…..stupid.

  • j

    Jen’s child couldn’t help but top bighead and the vacant;anybody home?

  • Pinkrose

    This is such a manipulative photo op. Classic Jen. Vacation together then doctor vist photo op to kick off the pregancy rumours for her upcoming film promotion. She feeds the rumous then denies. Classic tried and proved Jennifer media strategy. Huvane strikes again.

  • Sonia0404

    She has a ciggi in her mouth? About to enter the car?
    Wow! That smells nice!
    Kinda not cooperating with the expecting the twin rumor mill!

  • Guest


    “Kick off the pregnancy rumors” – where have you been? The rumors have been running rampant in the tabs and even mainstream media for weeks.

    And she doesn’t have any upcoming film promotion really. Wanderlust has been moved from October, so she only has her directing/producing project Five.

    Try living in the reality that she’s a huge star and the paps are all over her given the rumors, and have clearly been stalking her home given all the pics of it. They likely followed her here.

  • tulip

    big star? lolololololol

  • http://Justjarde Tota

    Love her

  • robie

    Homely, boring, dumb= Aniston

  • oh boy

    Here’s Aniston and Huvane are at it again. her fans right away assume Smurf and Smurfette are pregnant or trying. She could be picking up her herp medicine for all you know. by the way he is rude he didn’t even open the door for his hired girl.

  • LAgurlz

    I thought her herp meds were called in, what I heard

  • Just somepoints

    Pinkrose is right.

    Or, yesp,at 42 ,Jennifer is buying herself a ababy, the ultimate Hollwyeird toy for somepeople, and she fiannly found the right bozo.She bought an Eric Johnson, well, not quite, Theroux has a luttle something in the bank.


    Maybe she brought her new poodle to the doctor to get him a special treament to elongate the legs ?
    He has the body proportions trunk/legs of a pygmea !

  • groundcontrol

    He’s not exactly a gentleman is he? He just walks away and lets the other hired help do their job. LOL!
    And sooo not the way you would treat a woman who you want people to believe you’re trying to get pregnant with.
    Oops. They forgot to put that in the script. . . “be solicitous of the future mother of my child.” Bwwwahhhaaahhhhahhh Maybe a coconut fell on their heads while they were wokring on the script in Hawaii.
    Nice touch, Jen. Make sure people don’t miss the idea you went to a doctors by making that lollipop front and center.
    Seriously they were probably just checking out a new shrink for Justin now that he plans to be on the West Coast. You need prescriptions and regular doctor visits to keep up OCD et al medications.
    The more I see this guy the luckier I think Heidi Bivens is that she is free of him. It’s becoming clearer what he really is.

  • Whatevah

    ROFL if she’s pregnant she’ll still be on the news because people would talk about her ugly spawn…… poor kid no choice but to look unfortunate with both unfortunate looking parents.

  • Megan

    Think it’s too soon, but she seems to be trying! Nowadays fewer women want to be mothers, so good for her!

  • ****

    She looks st*pid sucking that lollipop! She still thinks she’s cute! sheez

  • angie

    She’s preggo. I sucked on a lolly when preggo and felt sick the first trimester. Plus, going to the doc with ur new boyfriend…a little fishy.

  • Appletini

    Haha, sucking on a lollipop? Angie was just photographed with one a few months ago, walking with Brad from the party store. Jen Aniston is quickly sinking to the depths of Jersey Shore notoriety.

  • courtney

    OMG, if she is preggers, what would the poor baby look like.His beady eyes, her nose and chin, his short legs? Oh I shouldn’t say that but really.

  • ****

    I’ll never believe she’s preggers! Thanks to her PR we’re still talking about her being pregnant.

  • AG

    @BEAN: Agreed. I think she’s pregnant. I’ve heard lollipops help curb morning sickness for some women. I know these could be totally random coincidences, but you know what they say . . . it’s not paranoia if it’s real!

  • AG

    @BEAN: Agreed. I think she’s pregnant. I’ve heard lollipops help curb morning sickness for some women. I know these could be totally random coincidences, but you know what they say . . . it’s not paranoia if it’s real!

  • Guest

    I think their expecting too. US said she was sick during their vacay in Hawaii, then there’s been several reports that she isn’t drinking or smoking. Now they are spotted going to the doctor together. Plus the lolipop could be a preggy pop – used to help with morning sickness. I used them and they did help. Too much evidence is piling up for it not to be a pregnancy. Probably too early yet to announce or for her to show.

  • Appletini

    Hilarious. If she is pregnant, even first trimester, that proves not only was she dating Justin while he still had a girlfriend, but that they were sleeping together before he broke up with her. I hope she does announce a pregnancy soon, because that is all she has left to keep people interested in her anymore. Heidi is probably saying “good riddance” and breathing a huge sigh of relief to be finished with the cheating ba$t@rd.

  • Ivermom

    I would love to see these two have a baby together.

  • Guest


    How is this proof of anything? She’s obviously not far along if she is pregnant since she isn’t showing. So first trimester for sure, which takes them back to June at the earliest and they started dating in May. He broke up with his ex in March.