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Kate Bosworth Covers 'BlackBook'

Kate Bosworth Covers 'BlackBook'

Kate Bosworth graces the cover of BlackBook magazine’s September 15th Anniversary Issue, on newsstands next week.

Here’s what the 28-year-old actress, who shares the cover with her Straw Dogs co-star Alexander Skarsgard, had to share with editor Nick Haramis:

On working with her ex, Alex: “[He] is so kind and so dedicated and so incredibly professional. He’s got this rare, wonderful control and stillness that you notice in a lot of old movie stars. He looks you in the eye. I feel incredibly lucky to have had that type of man on this movie.”

On fashion: “I’ve always seen fashion as embracing the individual, although yes, I understand that there are parts of the industry that aren’t so welcoming. But look at the Proenza Schouler boys. They’re so kind and they make such brilliant designs. The Rodarte sisters, too. It may be idealistic, but I like to think that goodness rises to the top.”

On being perceived as the ‘girl next door’: “I feel like I’m always battling people’s perceptions of me, but it’s a losing battle. I pick projects because they’re interesting, not to prove anyone wrong.”

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Photos: Andrew Macpherson/BlackBook
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  • Mllllllef

    It looks exactly like Alex cover !
    So much original !
    Let HIM LIVE !

  • lily

    blah blah blah find yourself a life blah

  • Doreen

    My goodness, Kate looks terribly thin in these photos. She’s far too thin IMO. It’s not healthy. She could be a pretty girl if she just gained a few pounds.

  • Incredible eyes!

    She looks fab on the cover. I wonder if all the Kate haters will invade ? I hope not.

  • just me

    Looks bad in these picss.She dump him so quickly. why does she say nice things when she dumped him and start dating another guy so soon?

  • Melissa

    Love her eyes!

  • Nope

    She’s stunning. Her interview is thoughtful and articulate. I like her very much.

  • http://justjared Mjkingforlife


  • ka simply amazing

    cover same Alexandr may they back togther

  • http://ad slig o lambert ^_____^cute

    alexader s have baby


  • http://ad slig o lambert ^_____^cute
  • Gorgeous

    she is such a beautiful girl.

  • Hazmat


  • [~Fug Face Man!ston~]


  • lk

    I feel sorry for her. She needs nourishment and love. Skin stretched onto bones isn’t healthy.

  • Hayden

    Adore her – she’s really coming into her own. Can’t wait for Straw Dogs – great cast. Hardly anyone mentions James Woods who plays the coach – he’s a brilliant actor.

  • D

    She is a very pretty woman, I think she’d look better if she gained a few pounds though… but who knows, maybe she’s naturally skinny? Either way, I hope this Straw Dogs movie is good. Bosworth is lovely but she hasn’t made a good movie in a while. :/

  • Love Kate

    She looks amazing! She and Alex have such nice things to say about each other, its so sweet

  • Better

    KB has a much better cover than AS. His bags look horrid on his cover and his eyes look cross eyed too.

  • Eresyn

    O_o Is it me or she’s all for a copycat of Alex’s magazine cover ????
    And i don’t like how the magazine is glorifying her skinniness. Skinny is not sexy or healthy IMO. As much as i dislike her i’ll give her one thing: her eyes are just gorgeous (but that’s all LOL).

  • ladybug

    @Eresyn: Probably not her decision, probably the magazine’s.
    For her, this isn’t a bad shoot, yes she’s still terribly slender, but considering she usually over does the open mouth thing and the overt posing, she doesn’t look so bad here.

  • chelle

    She’s not high maintenance???? Whatever ….if she really wasn’t she wouldn’t have needed a stylist for a music festival ……what a stoopid twat!

  • Rachel()

    This was a better interview than usual. She doesn’t sound so cliche and incoherent. Almost makes me want to believe she’s been toiling away at her “craft”, searching for new depths, instead of searching for a new boyfriend…thinking of the best way to roll him out…hunting for an upgrade b/c obscure directors don’t quite sell photographs….

    The pic of her in the red dress is really pretty, but makes her look kind of inhumanly thin. Much better posing than usual.

  • v

    While she seems more articulate in this article than in most, one ignorant comment really annoyed me. She said that it felt dangerous in Shreveport, because there are people who keep rifles in their cars. I am from the south, and normally if people have rifles in their vehicle it’s b/c they work on a ranch or in the fields and have to deal with snakes. It’s not like someone pulled a gun on her while on location. Not everyone is a member of the NRA or pledge allegiance to the confederate flag.

  • Jessie

    I’m sorry…I can’t. She looks disgustingly skinny in these pictures. Plus, they’ve photoshopped the hell out of her face. She looks like an alien in the covershot. She could be so pretty but she chooses to starve herself. I think she’s probably thin natually, but not THAT thin. That’s beyond just being thin. She’s a terrible example to follow. Who the hell percieves her as the “girl next door”? She has a professional stylist just to go to the grocery story and she is probably smaller than a size 00, that’s no girl next door where I come from.

  • lucy

    I want to ask.. what was between her and chris martin?

  • Dumb

    @Eresyn: seriously, you had to know that the duplicate covers were done on purpose, right?

  • @chelle

    @chelle: cher was her friend before she became her stylist. she still remains her friend and business partner. even as a hater, you cannot be so blind to not recognize her low maintenance style. it is what supposedly drew alex to her.

  • Rachel()

    @v: Yeah, that comment irritated me too. What was she saying about Shreveport’s “dark history”. What happened there? Was she referring to slavery? She said that the town was still tense about it. I could see her being tense about hanging around “racist” “rednecks”. ‘

    As for the rifle stuff, so what if they did have them for protection? Has she ever heard of “the right to bear arms”? Some people take that right seriously.

  • Rachel()

    @@chelle: Whatever. A low maintenance person doesn’t need a stylist to step foot out the door. She works very very hard to look so “effortless”.

  • Camille

    I’m confused as to why everyone is trying to say this was a two year relationship when it says this right in the article “Even though they filmed the scene well before becoming a real-life couple—at that point she and Skarsgård, along with the rest of the cast, were still getting acquainted….”

    Um, they shot this movie in Sept/Oct of 2009 and if they filmed it “well before” becoming a couple then there is NO WAY they dated for two years, not even close. Why people keep stating this is beyond me. Even if we are to believe it ended in early July (and most likely it was done far before that) that is nowhere close to two years. They started dating Jan 2010, and most likely broke up in the spring of 2011, and didn’t announce it until July though they hadn’t been seen together in over three months before the announcement. Jan 2010 to about April 2011 (when they were last together) is not even a year and a half, not to mention a break in between.

  • She’s So Boring

    I’ve never seen a glamor cover with a star getting the full Hollywood glam treatment come across as so unbelievably dull. She looks a bit like Alex in drag but he at least isn’t dull. He might look exhausted and eyes baggy and haggard-looking but at least he never looks boring.

  • ladybug

    @Camille: It’s the new math!

  • Eresyn


    LOL her PR probably told her to round it “to the nearest whole number” :D ;)

  • Camille

    @She’s So Boring:
    They’ve airbrushed the sh*t out of her cover, that’s why. His is more natural. I see in the credits that she was styled by Cher. Some of the clothes are really nice but damn that woman is scrawny, scrawny. It looks quite bad actually, she’d fill out those clothes a lot better if she put on 15lbs.

    It’s idiot math apparently. I don’t get why media outlets state that and then turn around and totally discredit it by saying they weren’t dating when they were filming. Nice credibility there. LOL! Apparently a year and about 3.5 months is two years now. They must have some kind of time acceration machine. Either that or they’re confusing knowing someone and dating someone, even though they haven’t even known each other a full two years. Ugh!

  • Incredible eyes!

    I was hoping the haters would stay away but I guess they can’t control themselves. Losers

  • Camille

    They’ve also photshopped her ears. LOL!

  • Mel

    Interesting. She looks very exotic, but her interview sounds really down to earth. Alex cover looks yeah, like an old time movie star, but his interview is tres wild and totally different than I’d expect from all I’ve heard about him.

  • chelle

    @@chelle: that’s why she looked liked a hooker on a street corner at coachella with caked on makeup and bright red lipstick because he liked that? Oh wait I forgot …that was his final curtain call with her and Cher tweeted about all the outfits she had PLANNED for the entire festival ….well until little Katie got her feelers hurt cuz AS wouldn’t play pose for paps game and left early. She can only pull the the I’m the girl of ur dreams crap so long then the poor unsuspecting fool gets hit with reality like a hammer in the forehead.

  • Hannah

    I still would like to know what happened between her and Alex. If they say such nice things about each other, why didn’t they stay together???

    But, his choice of gf says many things about him. He likes them blonde, stick thin, with a bit of hippie chic thrown in, pretentious, judgemental, not very bright, much younger and pretty. Seems he’s the stereotypical European male. Given his relationship track record, he might want to re-think on himself and his choices.

  • OMG

    The red dress one she looks like she is a medical skeleton model, it’s not right, someone needs to force feed her. BTW they are awful shoots. She is too near death looking to pull it off. The cover looks like Species sci fi cover. Good god give me a break.

  • Camille

    Actually if you were to check, most of Alex’s past girlfriends have been brunette and taller not so stick thin. Sara Tun was especially beautiful and Amelia was pretty as well. KB is actually not much like his previous girlfriends at all. As for saying nice things, I think he is just being polite and well her interview mentions him quite a bit more than his mentions her, so she’s probably hoping that if she gushes he’ll go back to her.
    Here is a picture of him with Amelia.

    And a page of photos for Sara.

  • Camille

    OMG yes, Species is what I was trying to think of. It totally looks like the photo from Species.

  • Purple Poet

    lol. She thinks she’s some fashion icon. Honey you are not Kate Moss so stop starving yourself to fit into those size zero couture clothes so that you can show up at every red carpet. So sick of starlets like her.

  • kitty

    will never understand how he found that attractive. ever. maybe he has a skeleton fetish.

  • Blackcat99

    Thank God!They painted on some normal shaped lips.Just wish they could work that Magic on the rest of her body!

  • ladybug

    @Rachel(): this interview and the CMag interview she actually sounded like she had two thoughts to rub together, as opposed to her non-print interviews, where she tends to sound like a dolt.
    However, the interviewer/writer, same guy who interviewed Alex, got very sloppy and cliched with this interview, especially this line: Aside from her golden locks (which, yes, appear to have been spun by an assembly line of little angels)
    WTF?! Excuse while I go throw up.

  • opa

    Make up and photoshop. No thank you, I ‘ve had plenty of that s*it.

  • Shannon

    @v: LOL she always manages to insult some state or country by making ignorant comments

  • Camille

    It’s her pretentious white bread upbrining. She’s total vanilla, sheltered from anything that isn’t snobbery.