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Kate Bosworth: Shopping with Michael Polish!

Kate Bosworth: Shopping with Michael Polish!

Kate Bosworth and her rumored beau Michael Polish head back to their car after shopping at the Opening Ceremony store on Wednesday (August 31) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 28-year-old actress took control of the driver’s seat when the pair drove away.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Kate Bosworth

In case you missed it, check out Kate on the cover of Blackbook magazine’s September 15th Anniversary issue, which hits newsstands everywhere next week.

10+ pictures inside of Kate Bosworth and Michael Polish shopping at Opening Ceremony…

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68 Responses to “Kate Bosworth: Shopping with Michael Polish!”

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  1. 26
    Smile Says:

    Kate Bosworth and Gwyneth Paltrow are the most pretentious and boring celebrities.

  2. 27
    Eresyn Says:

    OMG not the boots again!!! :(

  3. 28
    Shannon Says:

    @ladybug: I’m talking about her anorexic thighs

  4. 29
    Jeannie Says:

    @chelle, HAHAHA!!! I can actually picture that!! I just keep thinking, if the camera adds 10 pounds…yikes.

  5. 30
    PurpleSamantha Says:

    I’m taking a wild guess here, but Alex strikes me as the type that would prefer a woman who is comfortable in her own skin, rather than busting a gut trying to make herself into what she thinks he wants. That is definitely not the definition of low maintenance.

  6. 31
    j Says:

    people move on way too fast in hollywood!

  7. 32
    Staged Says:

    I don’t think it surprises people that Kate is capable of staging or calling paps, is it? As many people have said, she ends up on her stylist’s twitter feed, she’s “pap’d” (oooh surprise) at Opening Ceremony (where she has been, err, pap’d before with notice with Skarsgard’s sister) and we are supposed to believe this is an “artist” who lives her life with integrity and focus? Or is the focus on the coverage of “no i didn’t get dumped by Alex Skarsgard no matter what public opinion says”. I’m honestly kinda curious about him – why does Polish participate in this faked up=ness, he must see it?

  8. 33
    Alexander Skarsgard is balding Says:

    Good for Ms. Bosworth. I think this one’s a keeper. At least he is not baldy. Some nasty old hoes just don’t like seeing her happy.

  9. 34
    Alexander Skarsgard is balding Says:

    Only vile creatures here are you and your hater friends.
    You just can’t let go of the fact she was with Askars.
    I think she’s hot, and your not. :p

  10. 35
    yep Says:

    @Alexander Skarsgard is balding:

    She’s hot? I bet you stand outside of school yards don’t you? At least Kate is more than legal and has a jowly 40 something face on a 12 year old’s body.

  11. 36
    WTH Says:

    If she were serious about this guy, we would have known it in the Black Book interview which was done post her exit with Alex. He is and will be a prop. that’s all. And is it me or does she already look like a Real Housewife of Beverly Hills?

  12. 37
    Marieme Says:

    Can’t even let the sheets get cold, can ya Kate?

  13. 38
    Angela Says:

    She has really awful, stringy hair which I’m sure is from poor nutrition.. she should at least take vitamins. She looks disgusting.. walking skeleton!

  14. 39
    ladybug Says:

    @Marieme: Well, actually I think she did wait awhile. The relationship with Alex was definitely over by Coachella, and this gentlemen didn’t show up until after the breakup announcement. Even if they were actually dating before the big reveal after the announcement, I doubt it was that long.
    Shannon, ah, ok. It’s funny, in the the CMag interview she mentions that she rides 4 times a week when she can. She must have a lot more muscle strength in those tiny little legs that it appears, because even just plain old riding a horse takes leg muscle (and a arm muscle), and she doesn’t really look like she has much muscle left.

  15. 40
    Elisia Says:

    Wow lots of nasty comments on here! Presumably by people who were just very jealous of her relationship with Alex! From the interviews I’ve seen her in she comes across as a really genuine, friendly person. Yeah she’s on the skinnier side, but why does that warrant such vile comments?Get a grip people!!

  16. 41
    JEN Says:

    @Alexander Skarsgard is balding:

    Give it a rest with the “you just don’t like her because she was with Alex” crap. I’ve hated this broad for years, not just since she was with Alex. She’s a fake, manipulative person, who uses anyone and everything to try and further her non existent career. She’s been the hollywood pariah for years, and yet she still thinks she some hollywood darling. Saying she has “focus and drive”, come on, if that was true she would have a decent career right now. As it is, she takes rolls because she needs them, not because they are “so artsy and challenging.” She’s taking what she can get at this point, and to say otherwise is a flat-out lie. But then again, that’s what her life is, one big lie.

  17. 42
    hahaha Says:


    Wow! Kate’s fan keeps changing names. No one was ever jealous of this discounted wh*re. If anything I love that she’s “dating” Michael Polish, a man she probably never would have looked at before. She’s never going to get another Skarsgard or Bloom and she knows it. Straw Dogs will probably be her last big red carpet if they have a premiere. If her posts weren’t included in a Skarsgard search, no one would know they existed.

  18. 43
    Ria Says:


    exactly…she’s wearing a dress to go shopping? what happened to the shorts and denim shirt? I do have to say I feel bad for her..she looks really forlorn and sad…I can’t blame her..she should spend time ON HERSELF…and try to figre out what makes her happy….

  19. 44
    hahaha Says:


    The only thing that makes her happy is being relevant and having the “it” guy.

  20. 45
    Ria Says:

    I find it VERY HARD to believe that she shares the same “down to earth approachability as Skars” …is that why so many people have commented on what a brat she is when they meet her and how she USED to hang on AS in public situations..god forbid another woman would speak to him…puhlease!!! and don’t forget the author was a man..she probably keot her mouth hanging open to insure a good article:)

  21. 46
    Lilla Says:

    Oh,I see the check cleared. I can’t find it in me to feel sad for her anymore. She’s had years to do things differently, and she hasn’t.

  22. 47
    Camille Says:

    It’s funny because hers seems to have taken place at the end of July after the announcement had been made, but Alex’s interview took place while they were still filming TB which was right at the beginning of July since he was home by the second week. They mention that he was hiding the break up then, so obviously it happened before July but they are still trying to paint it as happening sometime in July. Again with the silly timelines.

  23. 48
    ladybug Says:

    @Camille: Apparently they have problems with the ‘it happened some time ago’ thing. Some time ago is vague, but I don’t interpret it as even the beginning of July. Especially since they hadn’t been seen together since April.

  24. 49
    Camille Says:

    True enough, and some articles even state that they weren’t seen together since then so why bother pushing a July breakup? I don’t know, I just have to laugh at how her article mentions him so much and his is like a couple line blurb and then moves on.

  25. 50
    Elisia Says:

    @hahaha: Kinda proving my point with the whole nasty, bitter thing! Seriously, loosen up, its really not healthy to dislike someone that much… especially someone you don’t even personally know!

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