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Leonardo DiCaprio & Blake Lively: Wildlife Park Down Under!

Leonardo DiCaprio & Blake Lively: Wildlife Park Down Under!

Blake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprio are going wild in Australia together – literally!

The rumored couple were spotted at Featherdale Wildlife Park in western Sydney, Australia on Tuesday (August 30), where they met some of the wild animals who call the park home.

“They were both so nice and down to earth. There was certainly no diva behaviour. Leo was asking about the endangered animals. They loved the koalas and the wombats. We also brought out baby saltwater crocs,” marketing manager Kellie Ames told the Daily Telegraph.

Blake was absolutely beautiful. I would love to have them back during their stay,” Kellie added.

Leo is currently filming his latest movie, The Great Gatsby, in Australia.

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  • Jack Easton

    Blake is lovely, gorgeous, sexy and beautiful. I love her. She’s a really sweet girl. I hope she finds love and happiness with someone her own age to settle down with.

  • Rovena

    She is such a talented pretty girl!! Why is she dating that old ugly man?! He’s just using you, Blake!

  • Nina

    I don’t care for what people say, I think they are cute together!

  • Bar Refaeli

    You pig! B*****d!
    You b*****d!! Lying, son of a b***h! Oh, don’t you call me honey! You don’t ever get to call me honey, again. You understand me? You pig!!

  • MarilynandtheDiamonds

    I doubt Blake gives a smack about the environment or endangered animals. She is like one anyways, trapped in Leo’s cage! She’s just gonna be one of Leo’s has-beens in no time. If she had a brain, she would of run. I hope Leo finally throws away his playboy image and goes for a woman that is mature, lovely and cares about the same causes that he does. Oh I wait for that day!!!

  • Stephanie

    OMG Blake and Leo were in my country together! This is the most celeb power we have had in a long time! Hopefully she comes back soon! Aussie paparazzi were going crazy. They didn’t get a shot of them together, just seperate.

    You have to admit they are one hot couple!

  • lexy hates bilson

    Go Blake & Leo!! They make a cute couple

  • Leslie

    Now I know for sure this is a fake relationship. Releasing statements about dates? I mean come on, get the hell over yourself.

  • Drew

    they look happy and are perfectly harmless. the comments on this site seem to feature a lot of this logic: because other people like this person and i don’t, i will now actively dislike this person. i’ll never get it.

    luckily, the furious anti-serena fueled blake hate seems to have waned. i don’t love the chick or anything, but you’d think she was a public puppy drowner the way some people can’t stand her.

  • Jenna

    They are definitely hot together. Hope it lasts.

  • Creed

    wtf.. this look like the same pic that was taken when they first got together…
    why does Leo always date the same girl? Tall, blonde, butterface…
    at least TRY to change it up like clooney

  • Creed

    wtf.. this look like the same pic that was taken when they first got together…
    why does Leo always date the same girl? Tall, blonde, butterface…
    at least TRY to change it up like clooney

  • CK

    Man-face and Leo… Go you two! I wish Leo would stay with her for 5-6 years and not marry her hee hee.

  • lilly

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

  • harley2004

    She is in Australia now? She sure does fly alot. Leo could go to mars, and blake would follow.

  • Leo’s not with YOU

    This is what all those ANTI BAR RAFAELI fans get for wishing her relationship with Leo to end. Now Leo is onto another young cutie and he has NOT ended up with you jealous girls. Now he is with Blake. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Maybe he likes B’s: Bar, Blake, Bundchen. HAHAHAHA! Jealous girls!

  • Team ANTI jealous girls

    LAKE or DELIVELY they should be called. These tweenie twits will hate ANY woman Leo is with. They are that pathetic.

  • Elena

    @Team ANTI jealous girls: @Leo’s not with YOU: oh blah blah jealous haters blah blah. we’re all fat hideous pigs with no friends and ugly clothes and should probably kill ourselves because we’ll never be 1/100th as awesome as sparkle princess blake. sorry to burst your bubble but we dislike most of leos gfs because they seem like fake users, not because of jealousy. if i had a choice between leo dicaprio as my bf and basically having to be at his beck and call and some nobody who would treat me equally, i’m choosing the nobody every time. if i was looking for someone to be jealous of i would pick someone a lot more admirable than blake.

  • jill

    wtf is wrong with you… obsessed much?

  • ramen

    you do realize you sound like a psychopath right now?

  • proof

    JJ, why are you using this old pic. If you want to start a new thread, at least back it up with solid proof or credible account and photo. There is a photo (or two) of them alledgedly at the wildlife park, granted they are not in the same shot but at least its upto date. Its never stopped you before to put two ‘conflicting’ pics side by side, whats stopping you now?
    me thinks its because that is a god awful pic of BL standing by the car, and she’s not even facing the camera, PR is definately at play here. Bad photo means No photo in this case. what do you guys think?

  • Creed

    @ramen: @jill:
    lol.. how does she sound like shes obsessed or psycho?

  • Creed

    @ramen: @jill:
    lol.. how does she sound like shes obsessed or psycho?

  • Creed

    @ramen: @jill:
    lol.. how does she sound like shes obsessed or psycho?

  • Creed

    @ramen: @jill:
    lol.. how does she sound like shes obsessed or psycho?

  • Creed

    @ramen: @jill:
    lol.. how does she sound like shes obsessed or psycho?

  • Creed

    @ramen: @jill:
    lol.. how does she sound like shes obsessed or psycho?

  • Creed

    @ramen: @jill:
    lol.. how does she sound like shes obsessed or psycho?

  • lmao

    No one is fooled. They suck. Leo has terrible taste in women. Second only to George CLooney

  • Elena

    @jill: @ramen: lol i guess that’s what happens when irritating comments continue unrelentingly.

  • WAlterBisho[

    When I was reading this, my eyebrow literally raised up to the hairline. I don’t care about them being a couple but what really causes my scepticism is the fact that Blake (whatever brilliant and lovely and lively she may be ) visited the wildlife park with leo when in fact she would be the first wearing a koala coat or a…what was it…bag made from saltwater crocs, if Lagerfield and Wintour tell her to. He is an environmentalist – great, she is a fashionista to the core of her bones. Hope he’ll impose his environmentalist views on her otherwise it will be a very weird couple – one wears dead animal skin; other – tries to protect.

  • Creed

    sorry about the trillion comments being posted… …. I only pressed once

  • Creed

    sorry about the trillion comments being posted… …. I only pressed once

  • sab

    @proof: @WAlterBisho[:
    both of you made some good points.

  • Naomi

    How long was her stay in Australia? I saw pictures of Leo on August 28 with his bodyguard and a male friend going to different places… and Flakely was seen today August 31, working in NY…????

  • Elise

    The rumored couple???? really JJ?

  • Duh

    Since when does she give a damn about endangered animals? The chick once mentioned with pride (that I won’t forget) that she owns over 300 pairs of shoes. All leather, I presume.

    I sure don’t believe her sudden interest in wlderness. I think DiCaprio wanted to visit the park and he dragged her there.

  • groundcontrol

    See posts 22, 23, 24, 25 as examples.

  • jane-lee

    In general, I don’t criticize people in a couple or simply criticize, but I feel the break in a few months

  • hahaha

    You guys realize that it’s the exact same person posting the ‘cute’ comments? I guess we all know from which site we have visitors…
    @Stephanie: a lot of people are having a hard time believing that she was in Australia if you know what I mean… It seems pretty desperate that she ran after him to Sydney already and did all that flying for a weekend. Someone needs the press before her new box office bomb premieres in Toronto…
    A lot of sites are posting about the visit edven without one photo to prove it. Someone has a good PR ream.
    I wonder how much longer Leo is planning to participate in this joke of a relationship. Hyping up the new season of Gossip Girl?

  • daffy

    this is an old picture from right after the VMAs when blakey fell on her face and ran to leo at disneyland. She looks pleasant here, no great beauty, but ok. borrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrring,

  • daffy=tinkerbell

    Wrong! This photo is from Cannes from Spielberg’s boat. Pretty much the only photo of them showing any kind of emotion around each other.
    The workers at this zoo are eager to talk about them of course so this little trip can get even more attention.
    Could Leo get any lower than this ( dating her)? I doubt! It’s embarrassing to see him next to her and referred to as her boyfriend! YUCK!

  • throwing up as we speak

    Dear Leo,

    What is wrong with you?

  • XenuCommandsYou

    Blake has dentures!

  • Blake Lively

    Hello everybody. Its me Serena. Oops I mean Blake. I just wanted to say hello to you all


  • Elise

    @Rovena: Wat u say about leo bitch?

  • Me&leo/chloe/real

    HI :)

  • daffy


    It doesnt matter. Its old. jared reposted it because he didnt have a disneyland photo, you are right there, that’s why I remember it.

    OK, now for the DELIVELY DEATH POOL

    I’m going with after the Oscars, like Peggy on Lipstick Alley said.
    Because if he doesnt win for Hoover he wont need her carcass anymore and go out and play and be the disgusting but lovable leo we all know.

  • derrrr

    @lmao: Oh yes because Leo’s the only man on the planet who has ever and will ever like Blake, Bar or Gisele, LMAO….mkay.

  • daffy=tinkerbell

    Go and take your meds, tink. Bore and annoy someone else with your Peggy theory. You are just as frustrating and unbearable as you were before. It was so great while you weren’t posting…