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Miranda Kerr Lands in Los Angeles

Miranda Kerr Lands in Los Angeles

Miranda Kerr walks through LAX International Airport after arriving on a flight in Los Angeles on Wednesday (August 31).

The 28-year-old Aussie model sported a tiny bruise on her right arm.

Miranda recently said that she was misquoted by Cosmopolitan Australia, which said she drinks four tablespoons of coconut oil a day.

“I never did an interview with Australian Cosmopolitan magazine and unfortunately they have misquoted and misrepresented comments posted on my blog,” Miranda said.

“When it comes to coconut oil, I personally find it beneficial and use approximately four teaspoons of coconut oil a day (in my salads and meals), not tablespoons,” she said to clarify the statement.

FYI: Miranda is wearing Nobody denim.

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Credit: Ibanez; Respicio; Photos: National Photo Group
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  • Sunny

    I thought she arrived in LA yesterday. Wasn’t there a tweet about her checking in at the Beverly Hilton? Wonder why she didn’t stay at her house.

  • BEAN

    She is gorgeous, and Im sure a nice person but this is so monotonous honestly. All she ever talks about or all the media ever reports about her is about a new beauty products she’s been using for years and wants everyone to try. Blah blah blah its soo tedious. How is that possibly enough to stimulate someone =/. I wonder Orlando…

  • @2

    I doubt he married her for intellectual stimulation.

  • Carter Penny

    whoooo cares. boring duo. NEXT!

  • edzctor
  • edzctor
  • @4

    Did someone force you to read and post?

  • Kimber

    The coconut oil thing was pretty stupid!

  • Notme

    Where is her kid? She’s always carrying him around like one of her handbags. Surely he’s not with the nanny.

  • Yes!

    She’s always smiling and gorgeous.

  • Endrid

    What Mom doesn’t take her child around with her. Flynn is with Orlando in New Zealand not a nanny. Miranda says when they go out at night a relative or a night woman comes over to take care of Flynn. Miranda and Orlando are one of the most hands on parents around. People are extra critical because they are celebs.

  • @9

    Flynn is with his daddy in NZ.
    Miranda just made a quick appearance in Mexico City, that’s why she has been back and forth to LA.
    She will probably be on her way back to NZ soon, unless she has a photo shoot to do while in the States.

  • bigg

    pumpkin head

  • @11

    Take a look at many of the pap pics and you can see the nanny.

  • @14

    Of course they brought the nanny with them to NZ. They aren’t hiding her.
    It makes much more sense to bring the nanny with them (since they can certainly afford it) than to try to find people that they trust to watch Flynn. Miranda and Orlando have both been busy down under.

  • @15

    The comment was directed at the person who said he did not have a nanny, but a “night woman” or “friends” to help out.

  • Mikki

    I hope we see more family pictures of Orlando, Miranda, & Flynn. They are such a beautiful couple!

  • Jarreettt

    I just don’t like this too round of a face. Look like squirrel

  • WWE

    She All the time looks beautiful

  • @16

    Miranda once said that they had a nanny to help out at night, so that is probably what they meant by “night woman”.

  • William

    Best model’s

  • Rob

    Adroble family great to see friends to help it

  • Endrid

    I’m done with comments. So many people have nothing but negativity, insults and stupidity. I must find something better to do with my time.

  • Tess

    She carries the baby around in front of the paparazzi a lot, but I don’t know how hands on she really is when they are not around,

  • @23

    You must be new to the OB/MK world if you can’t deal with the haters usual rants.

  • Sam

    What’s with the comment about the bruise, trying to stir up questions.

  • @24

    Kinda hard to breast feed without being hands on. *snerk*
    But just watching Flynn with both her and Orlando, that little guy is perfectly trusting and at ease in their arms. He would not be that easy going if he didn’t trust them completely. And as with all babies, trust comes from familiarity and the knowledge that these people make him feel safe. And in every airport photo, Flynn never looks at the nanny, which is what he would do if he was more familiar with her than either Orlando or Miranda. If he was nervous aroung the paps, he would want to be in familiar arms. Those familiar arms are evidently his mother and father, not the nanny.

  • Bored

    I don’t know what the big deal is with her. She isn’t Mother Theresa that she’s done anything remarkable with her life. Like most models, she thinks she knows all there is about nutrition so she’s written a book, and the worshipers will go out and buy it. She flaunts Flynn around because she has nothing else going on for her. Even Orlando recently said he doesn’t speak about Flynn – he knows his wife has a BIG mouth.

  • @27

    Thank you Mary Poppins!!

  • Bored2

    “he knows his wife has a BIG mouth”

    LOL, by this point he should know she will use anything or anyone for publicity and attention. The torch has been passed from father to son.

  • @28

    Please point out where anyone claimed that she was Mother Theresa.
    I must have missed that one.

  • @26

    Ha, ha, maybe there’s more to the spending the night at the hotel story.

  • NikkyLove


    You’re following the WRONG twitter. Miranda’s personal twitter is @MirandaKerr. Anything else is a fake. She mostly uses it to answer fan’s questions and to promote her Kora stuff. She never shares anything as personal as an exact location (she might say if she is in Australia or the US but never an exact place).

    Miranda is a beautiful person, inside and out. She is truly one of the few people left in this world that is full of love and acceptance. I have chatted with her on her facebook account(s) (she has a kora one and one for her) and she is always so accepting and whenever she is on she always makes an effort to answer as many questions, or say hi to as many people as possible. A great quality that you don’t see that often now days.

    (And to Tess, so just because she isn’t photographing every diaper change or video taping every bath she isn’t a hands on mother? It isn’t her fault that paps take pictures of her, same goes for most celebrity parents. They want pictures of the kids. So does that mean that she shouldn’t take him with her when she goes somewhere? I would be a bit more worried if we NEVER saw Flynn with Miranda OR Orlando. They both seem like amazingly hands on parents.)

  • Sally

    There is no point trying to reason with the haters.
    They dislike Miranda simply because she’s married to Orlando.
    It’s just pure jealousy, they can’t stand that he’s happy and in love with his wife so they make nasty comments about her to make themselves feel better.
    It’s all rather sad and pathetic because in their twisted minds they think that one day he’ll leave her and be with them…….their beyond delusional……lol..

  • mira

    i like her elegant to see

  • Maila

    Gorgeous looking

  • Maila

    Gorgeous looking

  • Maila

    Gorgeous looking

  • @33

    I’m not “Sunny,” but the tweet was from someone who saw her checking in, not from her.

  • @34

    You know pretty much the same things could be said about the shippers. There’s no way to reason with them. They only like her because she’s married to Orlando. They defend her every word and action because in their delusional world they somehow think that will make him notice them, and maybe they can use her to get closer to him. And one day when they break up, they’ll drop her and move on to his next interest.

  • @40

    “… in their delusional world they somehow think that will make him notice them”
    So says the delphidiot who believes that Miranda lives and breathes by what they say on their tiny little hate filled site.
    Hypocrisy at its best.

  • Bee

    I’d like to see more adorable Orlando/Flynn pictures instead of Miranda by herself. I can’t get enough of that little man! He’s so sweet.

  • @42

    I agree! Orlando holding and kissing Flynn is about the most adorable thing I have ever seen.

  • http://Justjared Jayne

    @42 @43 Me too.

  • breast feeding?

    OMG, it is just tooooo much of noni juice, coconut oil, cora organic, yoga etcetcetc. She is full of smart advacies for everyone- you will look like me if you drink …. She is selling, people. She is a merchant trying to sell products. She is not ringing on your door, but she is doing the same. About breast feeding- it is difficult when baby is like 10000 or more miles away. Are we done with that finally?

  • @45

    She’s doing interviews promoting Kora. What do you expect her to talk about? Footie?
    When someone is promoting a product, they talk about the ingredients and their benefits, Why is that a surprise to you?
    And all of those things that you listed, including breast feeding, are things that lead to a healthy lifestyle. Why not encourage people to make themselves as healthy as yhey can be? And she has NEVER said that doing any of these things will make you look like her. She is just relating her personal experience.
    BTW, she stated the she is still breast feeding Flynn. She has simply expressed, then frozen, enough milk that Orlando will be able to bottle feed him. All working mothers who breast feed do this.