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Katie Holmes: Business Meeting in Beverly Hills

Katie Holmes: Business Meeting in Beverly Hills

Katie Holmes heads out after a business meeting on Thursday (September 1) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 32-year-old actress can currently be seen on the big screen in her latest movie, Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark! She stars opposite Guy Pearce and Bailee Madison in the new horror film.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Katie Holmes

Last weekend, Katie hit the black carpet at the 2011 MTV VMAs!

Katie also recently tried out a double chain temporary tattoo around her wrist.

FYI: Katie is wearing H&M pants.

10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes leaving a business meeting in Beverly Hills…

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katie holmes business meeting 01
katie holmes business meeting 02
katie holmes business meeting 03
katie holmes business meeting 04
katie holmes business meeting 05
katie holmes business meeting 06
katie holmes business meeting 07
katie holmes business meeting 08
katie holmes business meeting 09
katie holmes business meeting 10

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  • rain!!!

    I don’t know why but I really don’t like her and her daughter!!!!!:-)))))

  • ooooppppss!!!!

    who cares about her?????
    she’s not Angelina Jolie!!!!!!lol

  • Oreo

    ugh…the airhead again with those nasty boots. Guess she fished them out of a dumpster. Perhaps hubby cut her shoe allowance??

  • Lucky Charm

    Did she lose all of her other shoes? Maybe Suri decided that she didn’t like them anymore and took them all away from Katie…

  • http://justjared polo


  • Drew

    And yet another loss is Katie’s lifelong battle to wear decent footwear. #TryingToDoTooMuchHolmes

  • lena

    Stfu about angelina, your acceptance of tabloid lies make you sound ignorant. leave her out of this thread, it is bad enough for jealous haters to go on her thread and spread evil lies. i think katie looks cute here but im no big fan, still, iwouldnt spread lies about her even if i didnt like her, unlike some haters do to angie.

  • Susie#1

    OMG what a horrible outfit! Every piece is out of proportion with the others, and her boots are filthy. What was she thinking, going out in public, dressed like that? Doesn’t she have any self-esteem???

  • vool

    I liked her in the Kennedys…but doesn’t excuse the fact that she’s married to a psycho and prob feels trapped in her marriage

  • WhatATool

    @laverdadduele #9

    STHU do you have to bring your CRAZY Hatred of AJ on someone elses thread. Take your meds better yet Go Hang Yourself you are full of hate.

  • marinés

    THE BOOTS ARE AWFUL, and she keeps on using them! With all the money she has, she can hire a stylist

  • annie

    That’s her manager John Carrabino.

  • John R.


    Thanks, annie! :-)

  • nancy

    those boots are horrible.

  • Crazy annie

    Only crazy annie would stalk Holmes enough to know who she’s meeting with. LOL! She was probably sitting across the street, rocking back and forth, and taking notes while talking to herself. Girl is a total freak. Its a good thing Katie has security. They need to keep people like annie away from her.

  • KC

    OH Noooo…..not those dirty, stinky-looking boots again!

  • bump

    LOL…Katie does NOT need security.

    The only reason paps are always taking pictures is because she is married to Tom Cruise plus the whole family is considered weird and people are curious.

    people like juicy news LOL

  • ew

    kate and pippa you’re not kh … desperate wanna-be.

  • The UK hates her CANKLES too!
  • ew

    agree with the above poster, KH thinks she’s a “big star” A -list … but, in reality its b/c they are tabloid fodder b/c of they’re over the top life-style and the fact they’re considered wacka doos

  • Sonia0404

    Katiebot looks like a cartoonish frog with those glasses.
    She aged so badly! Just look at her jawline. I can say when she hits 40, she’ll look exactly like her silver head mom, the real Mrs. Holmes.
    Contract marriage hurts!

  • Joji

    I wonder what she see”s when she looks in the mirror. I wonder if she has a mirror.

  • ew

    Pretentiousness is soooooooooooo un-attractive. she is the epitome of gold-digging and mooching…. She would never be even be around anymore if it weren’t for cruise… so lame.

  • Grow Up!

    Who take their ipod to a business meeting?

  • Gigi

    Well, she’s definitely not too thin anymore. Back on her cupcake diet.

  • Eesh!
  • Frozoid


    she wears those boots because it makes her thick calves look thinner.

  • tolla

    KH is a perfect example of how someone with very little talent can marry up in life and be handed opportunities without working for them. It is no wonder her popularity is so low–she comes out with an uninspired, over priced “fashion” line that apparently goes to the bargain basement sale rack within a week or two of debuting, she gets handed a role for a Broadway play where she performed badly compared to everyone else who has worked and earn their spot on Broadway. She makes film bomb after bomb yet is still being handed or bought parts. She can’t dance yet can go on a dance show and then go on a show and be a judge where she truly was an embarrassment to the craft. What is the difference between KH and a high class you know what? Or an actress that uses the casting couch to get parts. One thing and one thing only….a wedding ring to an A lister.

  • Eesh!

    her ears look swollen

  • Kate’s Box Office Blues

    Don’t Be Affraid Of The Dark heads south in ranks while the summer’s much scarier movie, Fright Night, is heading back up:

  • Romeo

    She was already a popular and working actress before she hooked up with Cruise, #28. She auditioned and was selected for that role on Broadway. She’s not a prolific actress, has barely taken any commercial roles and most of them are in supporting parts.

  • annie

    @ crazy annie
    there are lots of pics of Katie and her manager around and a video from a while back.
    the paps took a video of everyone she kissed, the lunch , the arrival , the departure…. I found this out by going to my regular KH site, if you really must know. And- guess what?
    Katie and I don’t even live on the same continent.

  • Crazy annie

    Sure sweetie. Whatever you say. I’m sure as we speak, you’re sitting outside Casa Cruise in your car carefully watching Katie’s coming and goings. LMAO. I have never seen anyone more in need of getting a life than you. Find a job and a man instead of living your life obsessed with some random actress who doesn’t care if you live or die. Now I know you’ll say you have those things, but guess what? I don’t believe you and I bet no one else does either. You’re obsessed with Holmes and on top of that, you’re completely irrational and delusional as well. No one so detached from reality has a “real life”, as you claim you do. Get Help. Katie Holmes is a D list actress who married a closeted nutbag for fame and money. They live separate lives. She can’t act, sing, or dance, and God knows, she isn’t a fashionista anywhere but in her own mind. Her child is, OMG…….a normal child. Holmes just wants everyone to think she’s more than that. Come to think of it, you’re as delusional and crazy as Holmes which is saying alot when you consider she sold her womb to a gay cult freak for money and career advancement. In short annie, get thyself to a shrink and find out why you’re so miserable with your own life that you live thru a bad actress. You’re everywhere defending Holmes and you need help.

  • bump

    ha..I agree about all what # 33 says above.

    one little problem…..her brat is NOT normal. She seems to be a very spoiledn enabled kid that could have some form of autism but the parents are probably clueless.

    Is she attending kindergarten?? Or is she being home-schooled by her airhead of a mom? yikes!

  • Sonia0404

    @Crazy annie: @bump:

    Both very well said!!
    My read is Katie got implanted by someone, prolly Josh, then hit the jackpot, signing up with the Gay Midget with buy one get one deal. That midget pays for her and her retard brat.
    The brat just realizes that she’s working for a handsome living, hence the attitude.
    That ‘tard is really bad, walking maniac volcano of tantrum
    Did you see how she threw her doll to the front seat in the ‘copper in NY? Suritard needed her blanket so badly, she THREW the toy at the pilot, then let out some epic scream and flooded the cab.

    I hope the gay midget rich man paid those pilots extra, nobody deserves such CRAP!
    Every time her sorry excuse for a mother talks about her, one needs to listen to it backward. Katiebot is either lying or delusional.

  • annie

    @ crazy annie
    whatever makes you happy, baby……because….guess what?…… i really really really don’t give a tish!

  • Charisma

    I wonder what she see’s when she looks in the mirror. I wonder if she has a mirror.