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Vanessa Hudgens: Mare'ka Organic Lunch Stop!

Vanessa Hudgens: Mare'ka Organic Lunch Stop!

Vanessa Hudgens steps out of her car rocking a pair of shades on Wednesday afternoon (August 31) in Studio City, Calif.

The 22-year-old actress stopped by the Mare’ka Organic restaurant for a bite to eat.

Earlier in the day, Vanessa hid her face under her Yoga Shelter hat as she walked to her car to head home.

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10+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens having lunch in Studio City…

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vanessa hudgens mareka organic lunch stop 01
vanessa hudgens mareka organic lunch stop 02
vanessa hudgens mareka organic lunch stop 03
vanessa hudgens mareka organic lunch stop 04
vanessa hudgens mareka organic lunch stop 05
vanessa hudgens mareka organic lunch stop 06
vanessa hudgens mareka organic lunch stop 07
vanessa hudgens mareka organic lunch stop 08
vanessa hudgens mareka organic lunch stop 09
vanessa hudgens mareka organic lunch stop 10
vanessa hudgens mareka organic lunch stop 11
vanessa hudgens mareka organic lunch stop 12
vanessa hudgens mareka organic lunch stop 13

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  • Olive

    I reckon she looks really cute :)

  • Ana

    This one wants to be famous so bad…

  • Sarahx

    For the first time in ages she actually looks good for once. But honestly speaking she is losing her relevance in this industry!

  • edzctor
  • edzctor
  • ?????????

    well well well i knew she would be her true self and out with no undies on just like the S**T she is.

    I’m kinda surprised she didn’t bend over and let it all hang out. hahahahha

  • no success since hsm

    Short hair proves that she has a flat face, unbecoming nose and is just plain average. This would all be ok if she could act but Meryl Streep she def is not! Poor thing. No success since HSM. Bleh.

  • ?????????

    @no success since hsm:

    well said totally have to agree with you there.

  • loli

    i bet zac efron who actually have success after hsm yes that why his movie csc was very succesful right ?

  • Haters Suck!

    Damn we’ve had some very peaceful Vanessa posts latley with not so many losers..I mean haters. Oh well I guess even they need to crawl from under their rocks and get some sun once in a while. Don’t worry about Vanessa but yourself she’s out living her life and enjoying herself while you’re stuck behind a computer or a cubicle somewhere.
    Vanessa you’re very beautiful just keep doing your thing.
    Appropriate name for u, u seem to be a lost and confused little soul.

  • sophie

    love her!

  • gfd

    she looks like a butch.

  • kerri

    Always cute :)

  • Jr

    Vanessa is a wonderful and beautiful girl. Her haters can suck it.

  • Happy_Evil_Dude

    @?????????: how are you so well informed about the status of her undies?

  • hello

    @no success since hsm:

    I think Vanessa has accomplished a lot since High School Musical. Sher learning her craft and doing what she loves which is acting. All of her hard work will bring her the success that she deserves in due time. She’s still young and has done more than many of the other HSM co-stars so more power to her.

  • tina

    At 22 she is doing remarkably well for herself. She has only been back from filming her latest movie a little over a month. She is this years Candies girl, she still endorses Neutrogenia. She has not one but two movies coming out next year. She not on a cancelled show waiting for her next straight to dvd movie to come out , while being the voice of a cartoon so I guess she’s not doing enough for some people.
    Her hair will grow back. she’s beautiful with or without it. It’s her own natural color and she has her god given face (including her own nose). She’ll do just fine.

  • tina

    Sometimes I wonder what all the naysayers really do with their time. To notice the small little things they do they must take every picture and examine it with a mircoscope. If I truly disliked someone I wouldn’t find the time to bother with her underwear.

  • ?????????


    ohhhhhhhhh wouldn’t you like to know hahahahahahah

  • ?

    Why are u so evil and cruel to someone you don’t even know and will never meet for as long a u live? She hasnt done a thing to u, who are u to judge her or anyone for that matter?

  • OK

    That skirt thing makes a whole new level of camel toe disasters.

  • Claire

    Her hair is short!! :0

  • kelly martineau

    Doesn’t Vanessa have any other friends to hang out besides laura. Doesn’t laura work?

  • ?????????


    Awwwwwwww touched a nerve have I ???

    and how do you know if i have or havn’t met her. Actually i have and wish i hadn’t wasted the time.

  • ?????????

    @kelly martineau:

    No Laura sponges off of Vanessa. and the other friends she had dumped her because they found out what a real Bitch she was.

  • ?

    No u didn’t strike a nerve but I think I did I mean I just asked a question and u got all upset. U seem like an angry person and I just wonder why that is?

  • Haters Suck!

    Yeah Vanessa has been such a bad friend, shes only supported all of her friends while recieving none back. She supported zac at all his events, sh supported Corbin when he performed at the Hollywood bowl a few weeks ago, she supported Aaron when she was in new York and saw him in catch me if u can, she supported some of her sp co stars. She supported Ashley at her DVD release for sharpay heck Ashley even said how Vanessa stuck up for her when a certian celeb was bieng rude to Ashley. Yet how much support has she recieved from any of these people or any of her so called friends? None. But some one who was there to support her was Laura. But it’s Vanessa who’s the bad friend? Seriously get a clue man.

  • http://facebook epic

    ????????? do something for your life i mean ok you are an ugly fat ***** and nobodys like you we get it but do something for you. help yourself girl confidence and everything are going to be ok i love you vanessa oh and ????????? vanessa its not like you without life agly ***** you know she has life you know whats life mean its mean something that its not going to happen to you because you have no life its a fact a girl you hate your life so you want the others unhappy too bye bye looser but i am a good person and i am going to give you an advice do something for yourself remerber confidence thats what i learn from vanessa so do it i am with you

  • ?????????


    mmmmmmmmmmmm English please. lol

    glad i can piss so many people off here. You all need to get a life.

    Mines is just fine i am having fun making you all angry. LOL

  • http://facebook epic

    ????????? she is a bitch just dont give her attencion. let her live her life if she has one its not our fault that you hate your life i get it you are stupid and everything but you dont piss OFF me at all i just laught with you everyday so dont be happy people like you are just looser with no life friends so you hate people that have money friends and just living their life like vanessa oh and dont be so happy i told you YOU DIDNT PISS OFF YOU JUST MADE LAUGHT AND GAVE ME AN EXAMBLE OF WHAT I SHOULD NOT BE IN MY LIFE BITCH THANK YOU LOOSER

  • Christaline

    People like Ashley tidale, seems to have a career stop right know, but NOT vanessa!!! She’s is young and wanted, and she keeps improving!

  • Christaline

    I love you so much V, you looks awesome!

  • Rosie

    Vanessa is just so beautiful.<3

  • Haylie

    lol baby V isn’t wearing a bra, but it doesn’t look like she needs one either!

  • Jasmine

    Beautiful girl I think!

  • maria

    @?????????: You’re the mean, nasty REAL b*tch. Where do you get off saying stuff like that??? EVERYone who knows her, or has worked with her ADORES her, and YOU know squat. Go salivate on your Zac boards and leave her alone. I don’t mind different opinions, when you can discuss with decent people. But YOU are just plain nasty.

  • ?????????

    So glad i can piss you all off. hahahahahahahahahahah

  • http://facebook epic

    shut up bitch just dont give her attencion let her to go and kill herself

  • ?????????



    How evil are you wishing death on someone. That is just lowwwwwwwwww

  • Shannon

    Don’t worry about Vanessa but yourself she’s out living her life and enjoying herself while you’re stuck behind a computer or a cubicle somewhere. Vanessa you’re very beautiful just keep doing your thing.

  • kelly

    You are nuts. Giving this ho all those compliments. She’s plain.