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Kate Bosworth: LAX Liftoff with Michael Polish!

Kate Bosworth: LAX Liftoff with Michael Polish!

Kate Bosworth checks in at her gate at LAX airport on Thursday (August 1) in Los Angeles.

The 28-year-old actress was joined at the gate by her rumored beau Michael Polish. The two jetted off to Europe together!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Kate Bosworth

The day before, Kate and Michael did some shopping together at the Opening Ceremony store in West Hollywood.

Kate is featured on the cover of BlackBook magazine’s anniversary issue, hitting newsstands this week. Be sure to check it out if you haven’t already!

FYI: Kate is wearing JewelMint‘s silver zip bracelet and the orbit necklace.

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  • oz_angel

    What a mess!

  • Shannon

    Looks like she’s back to her regular posting schedule, trying to prove how over Skars she is *rolls eyes*

  • OMG

    she had to wait till she had a new BF and now she is back to calling the paps on herself……sad girl.


    where is she going?

  • mini

    she’s going somewhere far, far, away. Probably not to NYC if that’s what you’re worried about.

  • Patrizia

    Omg her shoes. Doesnt she have a decent pair of shoes??

  • Actually

    Kate you do not need to wear a black bra with a semi shear t-shirt to draw attention to the area. NO ONE wants to see your itty bitties anyway.

  • remember da truth

    I don’t understand her. She made Blue Crush several years ago, and since then hasn’t done anything that I can think of. Does anyone know?

    Other than date famous people, what does Kate Bosworth do?

  • SheNeedsApersonalShopper

    I don’t understand why she always wears shapeless and sad clothes. Wake up! You’re a young actress, should be compulsory have a kind of good taste.

  • Ria

    I wonder if they’ll visit all her friends in Stockholm? Oh no she doesn’t need them anymore ..she moved on to USING someone else…
    I think she wants people to assume she did the dumping since she’s so serious with her new sad…..

  • Ria

    I wonder if she’s leaving town because AS has refused to do any publicity for Straw Dogs with her? WOW!

  • omg

    Is anyone out there tired of seeing all these skeletons from Hollywood?
    I find them ridiculous.

  • Lilla

    Is the Venice film fest still going on? Maybe her victim has something there.

  • Eresyn

    Since my comment is gone, i’ll repost it again LOL
    Her hair is a mess, her outfit looks like she’s ready to clean a bathroom and her pendant and shoes are dumb looking…OK, at least she’s not wearing the ugly beige suede boots, Yay for that!;)

    Why she chooses to starve herself like that, i would never understand, she could be just gorgeous if she gained some pounds back!!!

  • Hannah

    @omg: YES!!!!

  • hahaha

    JJ has been removing comments again. I guess the Straw Dogs people don’t want questions like:
    Where’s Polish? Is he in her vag*na?
    Besides men, what else does she do?

    Nice that she’s vindicated everyone that said she couldn’t exist without a man and will use anyone who will keep her relevant. Alex must feel real special finally understanding this.

  • Jen

    Ummm…I’m confused with the whole situation she has going on with her top. She actually paid for a shirt that is all…I don’t even know what to say. Anyway, the top is more hobo chic than boho chic, but I guess it goes with those busted ass boots she refuses to throw away. She has potential to be really cute if she had a stylist and removed the perma smug off her face.

  • julie

    AH yes, she is going for the Kate Moss look. I remember when all my friends and I wanted to look like Kate Moss. Married and two kids later, NOT going to happen. LOL Anyway, Kate B. is young, rich, slender, with no responsibilities, she can do what ever she wants. So those of you who are trashing her, sorry you are not rich, sorry you’re fat with not boyfriends, don’t have a life, and most of you are probably still in Jr. High School. Really, I’m really, really sorry for you.

  • hahaha


    Pathetic to waste time making comments about people you know nothing about. We’re giving opinions based on the information we know about Kate. You’re just a moron who seems a little bitter about your sh&tty life. Go play with your husband or is he too busy playing with himself?

  • @hahaha

    Actually you seem bitter about your sh&tty life or you wouldn’t feel the need for snarkiness! Happy, fulfilled people don’t behave like that. I love Kate’s outfit. It’s perfect for travel. I read she’s attending the Deauville American Film Festival in France. She also has a fashion campaign launching in Europe so my guess is she’s involved in that too. She’s a beautiful woman.

  • hahaha


    Kate is too much fun not to snark on. Funny how the “sensitive” person still has never addressed why she went topless famewh*ring in Mexico instead of attending the charity for foster kids she was to co-chair. Sensitive people don’t screw foster kids over. But you know what? She wears nice clothes and joolree ( probably made by foster kids in some 3rd world country) sometimes and that’s all that matters.

  • @hahaha

    Really? Leighton Meester wasn’t there either. Celebrities lend their names to events all the time. Jack Huston is a good friend of hers and was very involved in organizing the event. Kate had a vacation planned, she was asked to attend the event and lend her name as one of many vice-chairs (LM included). Most likely, here’s what happened after that – she told them she wasn’t available but they were welcome to use her name if it helped in terms of publicity. Is that too difficult for you to comprehend? Everyone who knows her likes her so much. Desirable men fall in love with her. They’re not stupid. She must be a terrific person. I guess I can understand your jealousy. I choose to admire her instead.

  • hahaha


    Leighton wasn’t there but as far as we all know she was home with the flu. She didn’t blatantly flaunt her naked nasties on a beach resort in Mexico instead of helping foster kids. We know sh*t happens and people sometimes can’t make certain events but naked famewh*ring was inexcusable no matter how you try to spin it.

  • hahaha


    Men fall for cutesy “frail” chicks all the’s their protective instinct. Notice not one of them have put a ring on it. She’s a wh*re that Martin rolled off of, then by the looks of the pictures so did Marsden, then Skarsgard and now Polish. This chick is always open for business. It’s disgusting that she can’t be by herself. She has no sense of decency or else she’d have waited to show off her new john.

  • hahaha


    Even Popsugar , a site that loves her noted she was supposed to appear at the charity. Too bad you can’t accept that she’s just a jacked up selfish, self centered person. It’s the one decent thing she could have done and would have shut up a lot of people. It was more important for her to get a tan for Coachella.

  • Camille

    Jesus that picture of her smugging with the saggy granny elbow. *shudders* Michael Polish looks haunted already, poor bugger. I love how JJ knows she’s going to Europe, nice tip off there. Cher posted picture of handbags on her twitter and asked which one KB should take, so once again, this is a total set up.

  • Carmindy

    Europe with your new boyfriend, nice!!
    I don’t really understand all the negative energy being put out.
    It’s unhealthy.
    Plus Kate bosworth isn’t losing sleep over it. Her *ss is in Europe with a new romance.
    So it’s a waste of energy and time to hate on her.

  • ladybug

    WTF is she wearing? The shirt looks like the slave labor that probably made keeled over dead before finishing it.
    I know that you should wear loose and comfy clothing while flying, but this is a bit much.

  • hahaha


    If Kate didn’t care she wouldn’t be on JJ. She hid for months and was traveling through LAX without JJ posts. She’s making sure people see that her new bf is travelling with her. It only makes it obvious that Alex was embarrassed and only finally said her name in public to promote Straw Dogs or else he would remained silent like all his other interviews. Still never referred to her as his gf, though. “I make it a rule not to talk about myself and Kate” Well, I make it a rule not to talk about myself and Brad…well, because they’re nothing to talk about.

  • Blackcat99

    God!Her face looks so stretched and TIGHT!But, thank you Kate for covering those hideous sticks you calls legs! Now just cover up that BONY back!NOBODY wants to see it.

  • Souma

    What’s with her top? It’s hideous.

  • Tanter

    I think she’s back at doing her thing the way she does best. Posing for the paps with a man. There are photos of her and Polish from a film festival – I guess he’s wheeled in well and good.
    Post-Straw Dogs I wonder how thing will go for her – honestly if it’s anything close to a succes, it’s because of Alex and his fans. I want to know how long she’ll use the connection there is with him – as a fan of his I feel it’s time we move on and let her do her thing. Alex has moved on (hurrah!) and in just a little while so can we :D

  • Camille

    From what I see on twitter, anyone who wants to go see it, wants to go because of Alex. I’ve always said that he’s been the main draw of this film, and it seems to be true.

  • dan

    @@hahaha – I’m in complete agreement with you. KB’s cool. Hahaha/mforman is severely disturbed and living in a psychotic dreamworld.

  • Lisa

    Hahaha (whichever laugh you are) what a lame excuse about her going topless. I guess you have never been to Europe where most of the women go topless at the beach. It’s a cultural thing. Americans are pretty uptight and provincial about these types of things. By the way, there is a charitable donation area on Kate’s jewelmint website and she does charitable events. IMHO, her biggest charitable event has been to let all the haters throw tomatoes at her on JJ.

  • Actually

    @Lisa Except she wasn’t in Europe, she was in Mexico where it is illegal to go topless on the beach (it’s just not strongly enforced at private resorts so they won’t scare away tourists). And lots of corporations do charity, that doesn’t mean that they care it means that they’re trying to look good. When asked about what type of charity she might like to support one day, she didn’t have a cause she was currently supporting– because she doesn’t do charity herself. Whoever else runs Jewelmint just decided to do that for them.

  • ladybug

    @Lisa: She’d never been photographed topless before, so it seems to have been an attempt to get attention, not because she was being blase about going topless.
    And those charitable donations from JM, probably gets JM a nice tax write off.

  • Dani

    Omg those boots LMAO that is horrid.

  • Camille

    You are aware that she is only a spokesperson for JM right? She doesn’t actually own the company and isn’t a shareholder. Someone posted a story about that before,detailing that she herself actually didn’t own a single piece of JM. In fact there are serious doubts she even takes part in the desiging of the jewelry itself.

  • Actually

    @Actually: Except she wasn’t in Europe, she was in Mexico where it is illegal to go topless on the beach (it’s just not strongly enforced at private resorts so they won’t scare away tourists).

    And lots of corporations do charity, that doesn’t mean that they care it means that they’re trying to look good. (Some of them are genuinely trying to do a good thing but just because they do charity does not guarantee that.) When asked about what type of charity she might like to support one day, she didn’t have a cause she was currently supporting– because she doesn’t do charity herself. Whoever runs JM just decided to do that for them – it had nothing to do with her.

  • Actually

    Sorry for the double post it wasn’t showing up before.

  • yo

    @hahaha: Such style, such grace, such eloquence! ¬¬

  • Ryan K esquire

    Looks like an episode of Locked Up Abroad..freakin’ crackhead…lol