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Brad Pitt: Plan B Producing 'The Normal Heart' Film

Brad Pitt: Plan B Producing 'The Normal Heart' Film

Brad Pitt exits a helicopter after landing at a polo club on Saturday (September 3) in Richmond, London, England.

The 47-year-old actor’s Plan B Entertainment will reportedly produce the big screen adaptation of the Tony-winning Broadway show The Normal Heart.

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Glee co-creator Ryan Murphy is set to direct the film, with Mark Ruffalo in the starring role, according to Variety.

Ryan previously told Deadline that there was a possibility Julia Roberts would also be cast in the flick.

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  • wow

    Looking hot

  • Alice

    Brad is gorgeous.

  • Supernova

    Return to’ the lovenest!

  • Lara

    Looking gorgeous, all windswept and ruffled.

  • WBPfan

    I love Mark Ruffalo (from my original hometown of Kenosha, WI)!! Glad he’s involved in this project!! Thanks for the new thread JJ!

  • busted

    He looks great.. but please I don’t want Julia in this film.. even though I don’t know anything about it..

    And yes he looks amazing.. love his hair..

  • a fan

    Hard working papa, not to mention he is so handsome.

  • Passing Through

    # 406 busted @ 09/03/2011 at 3:16 pm
    Terd’s 50 and he squeals and salivates over Twilight like a pre-pubescent 12 year-old girl. I’m sure RPattz and Wolf Boy both stand with their backs to the wall when Terd’s around. God forbid one of them be standing in the middle of the room, drop something and need to bend over to pick it up…

  • Brad flew the copter
  • jp fan

    Brad looks mighty hot.

  • Brad flew the copter

    Wrong link. here’s the real photo

  • lynda

    brad est sex ! angie se régale au lit !

  • FYI

    WWZ is filming in Aldershot where director Marc Foster shot the last Bond film, QSilence. It is about 20 miles or so outside London and Brad is commuting to set by heli from home with family in Richmond (London). The set is well protected for the most part from paps and the public unlike being in the middle of a city like Glasgow.

    Mark Ruffalo was also rumored for Cogan’s Trade but could not do that film due to scheduling so happy to see him in a Plan B production. One of my favorite actors.

  • FYI

    WWZ is filming in Aldershot where director Marc Foster shot the last Bond film, QSilence. It is about 20 miles or so outside London and Brad is commuting to set by heli from home with family in Richmond (London). The set is well protected for the most part from paps and the public unlike being in the middle of a city like Glasgow.

    Mark Ruffalo was also rumored for Cogan’s Trade but could not do that film due to scheduling so happy to see him in a Plan B production. One of my favorite actors.

  • Kat

    He just keeps getting hotter every day

  • MIMI

    Brad is so sexy, lucky Angelina.

  • wig phobic

    Brad’s lucky he gets to make films w/out having a HATE Campaign waged against him. unlike his baby momma… she has to dodge his fans left and right.

  • slick

    @Supernova: Brad still wearing love bracelot from Bambi.

  • vickifromtexas

    he is so gorgeous. he and angelina make a beautiful couple.

  • awwww

    Gorgeousness to the max.

  • Orchid

    Busy, busy, busy! Brad the actor and producer and Angie the actress and director. What a couple!

  • Roxy


  • FYI

    @wig phobic:

    It is insane JA fans from Female First filth website and the few other hate filled sites they have now spawned that continue to attack Angelina (and also the kids) as they still believe that (1) they were married to BP and/or (2) he should have turned to them when the loveless “merger” with JA was over.

    It is not even any longer about JA, who moved on with her life almost 7 years ago just as BP did as BP was not THE love of her life (her very own words), no now it is all about these vile delusional hate filled women and a vendetta carried out against a woman and her family based on their firmly held delusional totally false tabloid created version of the reality of people they never knew and never will know.

    September of 2011 and still the obsessed now completely self generated brain damaged exist.

  • Orchid

    17 wig phobic @ 09/03/2011 at 6:20 pm
    That doesn’t make sense to me. Angie is his other half, he chose her, so if people wage a hate campaign against Angie, how can they be called his fans? They are certainly not real fans.
    A real fan of Brad who doesn’t like Angie, would not fuss about it, and the other way around. That’s how it should be, in my opinion.

  • brad is a loser

    he’s ridiculous

  • Roxy

    @busted: I know I’m gonna get alot of hate comming at me for this, but I’m not a fan of Julia also. I hope she’s not cast as a love interest for Mark. I’m not saying she’s not a good actress, just saying i’m not a fan…jmo

  • He’s better than him ex

    He’s cute and classy!
    I’m happy to see how Angelina is amazing with Brad, he made the best choice because her ex (Gwyneth), is paltry and pretentious!

  • busted

    @Passing Through:

    awww thanks PT.. I saw your response on the old thread and commented there..


  • http://n/a Marcus From PA

    This sounds like a good movie to me. Have to add it to my list of movies to see. I have not gotten the chance to see the Tourist yet is it worth buying on DVD or should I just rent it?

  • busted


    Why would you get hate.. I’m not a hater of Julia.. but I just think she has been in too many movies that have not done well. TOM HANKS..learned..

    I just feel like she is phoning it in. Like she has reached such a level that when she decides to grace a film with her presence the world should be grateful. I just feel like she has become full of herself.. and I don’t know why she thinks this way.

    and let me say.. you opinion is mirrored by many of the posters here. We all know that Brad likes her but that doesn’t mean we have to like her..
    although as I said I don’t dislike her as much as some. I just find her overbearing in the last few years.

  • turth be told

    Why do you go to FF or IUC if it upsets you. They are Angie haters and will always be. Pay noattention to any of it. They have NEVER been right about anything tthey say about Brad and Angie. They just start rumors flying that are always proven wrong. Go to Gossip Cop it will make you feel better.

  • Passing Through

    # 444 busted @ 09/03/2011 at 6:15 pm
    LOL. Terd’s Twilight obsession is very similary to his constant negativity about Angie – it’s all predicated on their ability to generate hits for his blog. I don’t know if Terd gets paid based on the traffic he generates of if he has a regular salaried contract with E! but that site is all he has. He doesn’t do on-air spots for E! at all anymore – and he very rarely gets invited to give his “expert” opinion on celeb matters on other celeb shows or bios anymore. If his income is based on the traffic he generates at his site, then he’ll talk smack about Angie and crawl up the TwiHards asses all day long because that’s what generates hits. As soon as they hear Terd has said something nasty about Angie the haters and hens flock to his page to comment like flies to shite or maggots to a dead carcass. Terd will say anything about anyone if it pays his rent.

  • truth

    ive disliked julia ever since she jumped on denzel and made his oscar win all about her.

  • wig phobic

    @FYI: I agree. But I blame brad pitt for it all. I don’t care if the fans don’t agree. he should have been man enough to stand up for Angelina and her kids yeaaaaaaaars ago. @Orchid: you are living in dream land. You can like one and not the other but his fans have taken it to a whole different extreme. @brad is a loser: I agree.

  • wig phobic

    @turth be told: THEY ARE EVERYWHERE. THEY POST THEIR CRAP ON EVERY SITE i visit. if they kept it on IUC or FF i wouldn’t even know about it.

  • busted

    @wig phobic:

    Stop trying to divide the JP fans.. you idiots have been doing this silliness for a long time.. Brad’s FANS are not trashing Angie.. that would be the HAGs like you that pretend to be her fans. I don’t see Angie as weak, and Brad is not a fool. They both lucked out big time.. As Angie said they could have been so wrong. But they were not. And that is what pisses you and the fakes like you off.

    THE JOLIE-Pitt fan base has outlasted the HAGS fan base. WE all banned together against the attacks on Angie for years, and now that they are coming at Brad too well we are still hear.. UNITED

    We may not all agree or like everything about each other, but we are all Jolie-Pitt fans.. and you tactic of trying to divide and destroy that fan base will not be successful

    Just so the fans know.. they have discussed this on a few site. Been talking about turning Brad and Angie’s fans against each other.. Divided we fall United we stand.. I notice most of them have run back to places like IUC and FF because most people are sick of there tirades on Angie and Brad after almost 7 years. Their attacks have gotten old and really nobody cares about the fact that Brad left Aniston years ago. That is old news. The tabloids know it so now they are trying to tie the JPs to anyone writing the sameshit stories with different faces.. Didn’t work with Aniston and it won’t work with the nameless either.

    Please let’s not allow them to break the bond. We have kicked their collective asses* for years.. now they are crawling and grabbing to get attention..

    I say no and kissourasses.. We won’t break as a fanbase.. not like the Hag army did.

  • Passing Through

    # 25 brad is a loser @ 09/03/2011 at 6:47 pm
    Brad’s a loser? LOL. Try holding up a mirror sometime.

  • Bella

    The man is the hottest.

  • wig phobic

    @busted: LOL @ conquer and divide. what is this? you are not in a war, busted. This is just a website for people to express their opinions on celebrities. Good and bad. calm down.

  • alana

    to truth- Yeah, I didn’t care for that either. Denzel deserved better, it was his moment and he shouldn’t have had to share it with her.

  • Ellen

    true dat. It just like the resident Brad hater on jj, pretends to be an Angie fan and talks sh!!!t of Brad every day. After all its a Aniston hag as we all know.

  • FYI


    So true. Thank you for telling it like it is. Stay strong AJ/BP – ers. Live the life you love like they do. Swat the gnats/roaches that emerge in smaller and smaller numbers from FF and IUC, they are a dying breed. The world has moved on in almost 7 years.

  • cute

    Brad is looking handsome. Gosh we have so many red carpets to look forward to: Toronto Film festival, Moneyball Oakland premiere, Moneyball Japan premiere, Happy Feet 2 premieres, ITLBH premieres. This is a good year for Brad and Angelina and we fans. Love it.

  • legends

    He looks like Shiloh, in these!

  • bradangelina

    Tatatatatatata ta tata tata…. Supercopter lol
    Brad U ROCK & I soar so high each time my eyes settle on you
    Seriously ! Brad your are the best !!!!!!!!!!!

  • busted

    @Passing Through:

    but here is the thing. I looked at one of those threads.. and there will be just a handful of comments on Angie and HUNDREDS from the twilight fans.. He will have a picture of Angie/Brad or the hag and one of his pretend letters. Then if you click to read more then he will say something to get the twilight fans going, and they will make hundreds of comments. Someone visiting the site will think that those comments are about the sh*t story about Angie/Brad or the HAG, but it will be all the twilight fans.. that is what I meant about his bait and switch. He makes it look like Angie or Brad are getting loads of negative comments which is not the case. Yest he HAGS will go, but when the twilight fans are on they don’t give a sh*t about a triangle older than most of them.

    So his thread on Angie/Brad or HAG are fake and he knows that the attacks on the JPs don’t bring the hits like they use to.. so he fakes it.

    Which is really pathetic when you think about it.

  • jmho

    Brad looks Hot! Hot! and Hot!

  • busted

    @wig phobic:

    let’s clear it up.. you don’t know me. AND you don’t know when I’m not “calm” nor when I am.

    You ranted through several comments stating your opinion. I gave mine. Difference is I have done it under ONE name on this site.

    IF YOU don’t like it; as you say it is just a gossip site. But the fans know exactly what I am talking about. and since you are not a fan.. YOU don’t have a clue.

    Won’t respond to you again..

    YOU’re now dismissed.

    Continue your blah blah blah blah blah

  • legends

    @jmho: . . . but NOT as hot as Gerard Butler – not even close!

  • seriously

    The sexiest man alive.