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Gerard Butler Discusses his Emotional 'Machine Gun Preacher' Role

Gerard Butler Discusses his Emotional 'Machine Gun Preacher' Role

Gerard Butler catches some rays on a balcony of a beach house on Saturday (September 3) in Malibu, Calif.

The 41-year-old Scottish actor showed off his shirtless torso as he took in the beach views.

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Gerard recently spoke with the Los Angeles Times about his emotional connection to his upcoming film Machine Gun Preacher.

“This happened to me a lot when we were filming. I would just be overcome,” Gerard said through tears at the start of the interview.

“Did I go around stabbing people and shooting people? No. Did I end up in Africa building an orphanage? No. But I did have a massive transformation in my life where I sorted everything out,” Gerard explained of his connection to his character and to the film.

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  • Bean

    Kind of looks like he’s needing a bra in that fourth pic lmfao

  • Anna Butler

    I LOVE You Gerard

  • great P.R.

    “This happened to me a lot when we were filming. I would just be overcome,” Gerard said through tears at the start of the interview.

    so fulla shit

  • great P.R.

    so fulla sh/t

  • Pinky

    That’s HIS house … vultures.

  • kelly

    looks kinda of pissed off in the second pic not his best look but we all cant be perfect all the time love to be chillen with him huggs

  • Intrusive

    Highly intrusive photos.

  • legends

    Poor guy – he’s probably been holed up in his house for a couple of days after ‘Brandigate.’ He looks like he’s just emerged from one of his ‘Celtic fog’ episodes (episodic depression), to get a little sun, and bam! The paps are there! What price, fame?

  • nyob

    LMAO. Yes, I can see the parallel between a man who transforms his life for the purpose of saving underprivileged children and one who does so for the purpose of being rich and famous. Whoever on his team came up with this line of BS should fired. But you know the fannies are going to eat this up.

  • oh dear

    @ bystander

    Excellent point about theatre in the last thread. When it comes to acting chops, the stage really separates the wheat from the chaff.

    I think it would be a real challenge for him now, considering his current lifestyle when he’s not making a film, but if he succeeded in establishing himself as a stage actor. I think that would be a real boost for him personally and professionally. But is he brave enough to take on the challenge? Hmmmmm.

  • The Noise In The Walls

    Legends..# 8 …I agree..It’s one thing where the paps are at premeires and social’s another when they are invading your private space…especially at home?..They have no limitations..Fame is a double edged sword..Maybe Gerry ought to think again about Malibu?..There are other places along the coast that are “pap” free..

  • .

    @The Noise In The Walls:
    “There are other places along the coast that are “pap” free..”
    Exactly and Gerard would have known this before renting. He chose to rent in a pap nest. He wants and likes having his photos taken by them. He wanted all the shirtless coverage he’s been getting. For every one photo, like today, when he’s grumpy, most days he’s happy to have them there or he wouldn’t have rented this house. He even openly held an interview at that house and let them take all the footage of his digs that they wanted.

  • justsayin’too

    He looks like skelator with saggy boobs. Sorry, I like him, but I have to call it like I see it. I’ll take Barbados Belly over this starving shell of the former GB. Not fit looking or healthy looking IMHO. You all can think this is hot all you want but I’m out of here, maybe for good after I saw the MGP trailer. I was hoping he would redeem himself with great work, and I could look over his current unkempt state and say it is for his craft (lol). Just not impressed anymore.

  • Just Plain Awesome

    You know what’s funny all the people who talk shit about Gerry’s pictures and they probably don’t even look half as good as he does whether or not it’s in a good picture.

  • No news


    I can tell you are not impressed anymore….that is why you keep coming here….thou protest too much….but not just you, most who post here…. Just something to say.

  • CorBlimey

    If you can’t be free to relax when you’re at home, then there is something really, really wrong. I hope the people that took these photos are thoroughly ashamed of themselves. Would love to see a few celebrities stalk the paps for a change – capture THEM at home, or snap them in their trackies buying a coffee, or follow their loved ones around just because they’re connected to them. I bet they’d grow some respect for the people they dog in a great, big hurry.. Grrrrrr, on behalf of Gerard.

  • I i I

    He’s selfish.

  • CorBlimey

    @I i I:
    Do you know this from personal experience, or are you just making a passing judgement? I’m curious…

  • I i I

    @CorBlimey: no I read the quote.

  • CanD

    He’s lost too much weight. He can still be buff but with some weight. He looks even smaller than he did in 300.

  • Manny

    Not crying for Butler. If he didn’t want the paps shooting him at his house he should never have rented in Malibu. California has thousands of miles of coast and he chose THE place where paps eat, sleep, and drink for piccies.
    I’m giggling at that too. Most young teenage girls would be so jealous of his…. hmmmm… “girls.” :)))
    I’m existing on faith at this point myself… for his acting. Between the manorexic and smoking, I’m not a fan except for his acting at this point. Found myself a new sexy beast with a southern drawl to watch. Yes ma’am… *wink wink* Sorry Butler…
    Reports from screenings are that MGP is good. I’m hanging on for MGP… that will be the make or break for me I’m afraid. Don’t know that I can hang on for Coriolanus to make it to us on DVD since it doesn’t have a wide release. Kind of a shame to be honest. I think he has talent but he just doesn’t look like the man that made me sit up and take notice anymore.

  • she

    GERRY, you are getting me in to a depression with this interview, what’s going on, I want to take Cipralex when I read your answers. Wake up baby, I want to hear hope, compassion, REVIVAL. I want to hear the man that woke up one morning and decided that he is willing to give himself a socond chance in life becase he deserve a second chance, because he deserve a better future, and he is giving a second chance to other kids. Gerry WAKE UP I don’t want to cry when I read your interviews, I want to smile.
    Have a great day JJ’S

  • Truth Is Beauty

    LOL, what a load bul/s/it!!! Gerry says anything and everything to sell a movie, to be able to continue being a star. I’ve heard all this c/ra/p before about other movies he’s been a part of. He’s an actor and he ACTS all the dam* time it seems. I remember when he almost started crying in an interview when he was talking about the Phantom. ‘I feel so much like this guy. I actually started crying when I first read the script. I read the script in the light of some flickering candles and it was so sad. I may not be physically deformed but I have my scars on the inside’ and so on and on with his ‘I’m such a sensitive guy and a real artist’ BS. And yep, all the phannies bought it (me included) and we liked him even more. Then lots of fans started to see through the facade and we realized that all this guy wants is FAME and random women to s/ha/g. Just like he said in that Dutch interview when he was asked what his fans meant to him; ‘well, without fans you don’t have a career’. Finally The Gerry was honest. Thats all his fans (and his movies!) mean to him, a security to success and fame. And he plays them over and over again with his smooth tearful talk like in this new interview. Well, I’m not buying it anymore. Not a single word of it.

  • ManBra

    @Bean: He’s always had moobies. It doesn’t matter how skinny he gets, they’re still there and I’ve noticed that they’ve started to sag too just like with women who lose a lot of weight. LOL ;)

  • ManBra

    @legends: It could’ve been worse. Brandi could have been there with him. That wouldn’t have been a nice sight ;)

  • realitycheck

    GB has been crying big crocodile tears for years over his scripts and characters. Nothing new. It’s all PR, smoke and mirrors, whatever you want to call it. And I agree, if he didn’t want paps hanging about, he should have rented elsewhere. Me thinks he knew exactly what he was doing when he rented that house. Smoke and mirrors once again. ‘Damn I’m so angry about that pap taking my picture in my private abode, I think I’ll just strut around on this balcony without a shirt for a while.’

  • bystander

    @Manny: his looks don’t concern me anymore, its his mental state. This interview seems completely misjudged, and seems to garnering the opposite reaction to the one he is looking for. Does he have bad advisors, or is this all gb, because its a pretty shallow, one-tracked attempt at manipulation if intentional. Maybe he just had a bad day, but the damage is done and out there as far as this film goes.

  • More pictures

    There are several new pics of GB at and Just do a search for Gerard Butler.

  • lidaconnie

    He’s not very sexy/attractive here…totally sucking in the abs. The hungry, disheveled, homeless hippie look is getting old. And for all the time he supposedly spends on the beach, surfing, and shirtless, why is he SO white!
    Sorry to keep bashing here, but the MGP interview and all his claims about crying over the experience seem a bit self-serving. Tho what else can you expect from Gerry Buthole

  • bystander

    Re isopix. If someone can find him a 42a bra (at 32dd I don’t have a suitable spare), I will buy him a kettle and a jar of decaf. Always out for coffee.

  • ITA

    @bystander: I don’t think Gerry has ever been completely OK mentally. He’s a fcked up guy, that’s for sure. Whether it has to do with things that happened to him in his past or if it’s just the way he is naturally, I don’t know.
    I remember reading an old interview a while ago where the journalist asked him “What kind of child were you, can you describe what you were like?” Gerry answered, “I was a sexy child”. That answer just seemed so incredibly wrong to me. So wrong. The words “sexy” and child/kid” never ever belong together.
    Something is just off about Butler and it seems it’s getting worse.

  • bystander

    This thread needs some humour and blind positivity. It’s 7am Sunday morning here, I should be asleep!

  • mo

    looks like they got photos of his starbucks run earlier today!

  • mo
  • Rebecca

    Does anyone know when Gerry is going to be at TIFF for MGP and Coriolanus? He’s going to be doing the galas and some charity events, I think. I’m just curious about when he’ll be arriving and his big promo push will begin.

  • TIFF

    Sept 11 — MGP premiere
    Sept 12 — Coriolanus premiere

  • TIFF

    Sept 9 — “Painting the Night Red” for Artists for Peace and Justice hosted by Paul Haggis and Gerard Butler.

  • TIFF

    Sept 10 — Spotlight Awards with Gerard Butler, Michelle Monaghan, Rhys Ifans, and Juliette Lewis.

  • paisley3691

    So can Gerry act or can’t he? So many posters here insist that he can’t, but now that he’s been affected by a cause to the extent that he gets emotional over it he MUST be acting?The man can’t win, can he? Damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t. Paisley

  • squaraus

    Man boobs … ihihihih. Go silly Gerry, go!

  • GFW

    You people are pathetically jealous of this man’s life! Ha-ha-ha. So obvious.
    He’s been made to feel more gratitude for his from making that film! He’s had to closely examine some things that he, like Sam, couldn’t keep on the way he was keepin’ on! Sorted out indeed!
    With that said, he has every right to look pissed here (note mouth that wordlessly says it all) then go back inside.
    These photos shouldn’t even be a thread. Shame on you Jared.

  • GFW

    PS, What a view! He needs that sun. It’s a terrific mood elevator. His view is so wonderful… all those sparkling diamonds flickering on the ocean! Wow!!! Good on him. Live life well Gerry, you deserve it.

  • Turning

    Some people transform as an adult making a film like MGP. Some transform as a child by just sitting on train platform in rural India and witness the thousands and thousands of beggars you can really never do justice to but you will try.

  • Turning

    @GFW: You alway write like you know him. Ger is just an overly-sensitive, babied, good looking guy who is figuring out stuff like sacrifice and humility as he gets older. As he gets older and more vulnerable. It is still all about him but at least he is coughing up some change to make a little difference.

  • GFW

    Emotions are contagious so, while I like to speak more to his work than about him, I’m bowing out. This place is hopeless. It’s a venomous snake pit little different than IMDb in the long run. Its its 10 regulars who act like they know him a lot more than I do to talk to each other, if they aren’t socks, talking to themselves!
    who thinks whatever he’s learning at least he is knowing that as we grow older we wish to live deeper lives and he’s no different so goodbye and farewell because I can feel bad all by myself and have a safe place, where it makes a difference, what I say so will stay there, so ta-ta!

  • GFW

    PS, He’s got to be taught so many things, and that’s part of his attraction.

  • hmmm hmmm

    @GFW: “I like to speak more to his work than him.” R U Kidding? You are bowing out? Cue applause. Don’t let the door slam your arse on the way out.

  • Fritz luvs Zak

    Oh my, Gerry! OoO

  • Janet Wolfe

    Gerry, has magnificently found his voice yet again. It’s an amazing achievement when one grasps ahold of solving the puzzle.The simple fact that we let ourselves see and act upon honest truth is what keeps us grounded to the universe . I am so pleased, Gerry, is a channel surfer along with being an ocean surfer (looking good in that suit). Gerry, has the world by the tail — the act of an old soul.

  • hmmm hmmm

    @lidaconnie: Why so white – wearing wet suits, using waterproof sunblock like smart people should, better late than never?