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Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt: Smurfs with the Kids!

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt: Smurfs with the Kids!

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt take their kids to see a screening of The Smurfs in Richmond, London, England on Sunday (September 4).

Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, Knox, and Vivienne all looked like they had a great time seeing the movie!

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Earlier in the week, Angelina went out to La Stupenderia Milano with Z and Shiloh to do a little shopping!

Ang was also spotted visiting The Pottery Cafe with Knox and Zahara on Wednesday.

Brad is currently in the UK filming his latest movie, World War Z.

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  • busted

    OH wait Jared.. that can’t be Brad and Angie.. the fools keep saying they are not living in the same place.. Those kids don’t look like children from a broken home

    Love that they do fun family things together..

    JUST a few more days until TIFF.. hope we get loads of pick.

    Moneyball is getting great buzz.. AWESOME.. So going to see it..


    great jolie-pitt

  • busted

    I made it first.. YEAH second time for me

    Have a great weekend to all the fans..

    Feel sad for the haters and don’t quote them.. thumb down and move on. Don’t let them control the talk..

  • anustin

    delicious!!!! poppa and momma.

  • anustin

    yeyyyyyyyyyyy…busted!!!!!! good,job.babe!!!

  • anustin

    see the super lovin momma and poppa and kidz.hehehehesweet!

  • brangelina go away

    old ugly hasbeens trolls

  • anustin

    some semblance of normalcy.per poppa pitt!

  • [~Fug Face Man!ston~]


  • anustin

    hehehehe…hurts eh. lovin it!!!

  • cudo

    gorgeous woman and family!

  • sillyme

    It’s gonna be tough for Zahara being the only black girl in that family, especially when they get older.

  • CARA

    whr is maddox???

  • anustin

    aahhhhh…. happy to see the all the JPs. thank jared.

  • anustin

    dont worry about zee,she got super good parents.worry about urself!!!

  • ihi

    so I see they called the paps again..and did they close the movie theater this time?

  • Lara

    Happy family out having fun together. Great to see, all the kids are so adorable, and mummy and daddy ain’t too shabby either.

  • http://ItsTrue! Totally!

    Where’s Maddox? Home playing with knives?


    ihi :
    i’m sick of your sh!!t-mouthed human being.
    you should get away and don’t make a fool of yourself.
    shame on you.

  • anustin

    heheheeh…wa,why?the fat pig Mr. IUC and the FF losers wrong again? nyahahaha… always!! got diarrhea eh.


    Totally! :
    why do you want to know where maddox is?
    maybe he’s at home waiting for you and kiss your fat ass.

  • Amy

    The haters are hilarious. How do they find it logical to say that two of the most famous people in the world have to beg the paps to take their photos? Also considering that mostly pap photos are posted on this site, why do haters only have an issue when Brad and Angelina are photographed but nobody else?

  • turth be told

    JP fans the haters heads are exploding again so all they know how to do is attack. They have made attacking the JP’s an evil artform. Nice to see the family out enjoying themselves. Brad and Angie really work at parenting and I think that is great. Regardless of whether you believe the tabloid lies or not (I DO NOT) you have to admit they are great parents and I believe a great couple and family.

  • http://twitter nicole

    shiloh it’s so cute like her mom.


    why do you want to know where maddox is?
    maybe he’s at home waiting for you and kick your fat ass.

  • beverlyhillls

    what has shiloh done to her cheek?

  • ls

    Bless this beautiful family!

  • Candida

    I think it’s very adult of the Jolie-Pitts to put on a united front for the children. Even though their relationship is over, that doesn’t mean they can’t co-parent the children in a civilized manner. I wish Angelina wasn’t looking so sad in these photos. I think the split has been hard on her. Brad is probably in a rush to return to Lara.

  • uk

    Love the fact that this wonderful family dont care about the paps and haters. They continue to spend time together and do things like normal family would.

    Btw: As an asian woman adopted into a loving all white family, I can tell that I have never felt different from the rest of them. My parents and my siblings also never see me as asian. The only time I feel different is when people like some of you haters keeps saying that I am asian. You are the one who doesnt have to maturity and the good heart to see all human beings as human and not by their skin colour.

  • bizzy bee

    The family that plays together, stays together as the saying goes. Brad looks so peaceful and content. Happy sunday to all JP fans.

  • evie

    Happy family!

  • LUYN

    TO STUPID Candida:

  • Xfinity

    OMG, look at Shiloh’s cheek!! Has she been playing with Maddox’s knives!? Or maybe she has some knives of her own by now. This does not look good.

  • http://Travelandliving Gingerbread

    Wonderful family…..God Bless them :)

  • lisbeth

    is that a scratch or fake tattoo on shiloh’s face, I wonder.

  • Jones

    It must be pure agony for the trolls to see the JP family together and happy because a JP family sighting just debunks everything that spews from their lips, making them look even more like the schmucks they are. BWHAHAHA! Meanwhile, they’ve all bought into Ticky’s little PR pregnancy ploy leaving a medical building touching her stomach. When in reality, she injured her knee surfing in Hawaii. BWHAHAHA! As the JPs live their lives and go about their business raising their family, making movies and supporting their causes, Ticky is still clinging to Huvane and resorting to her same old PR tactics (which CNN called her out on last year) to try and retain some sort of relevance in her otherwise middling existence. Angie looks gorgeous as usual, Brad is the hottest dad on the planet and the kids are adorable! Thanks Jared!

  • msexodus 2000

    What a wonderful family! kids are growing up and soon they can relax,running after them..It’s true it isn’t easy to handle 6 healthy kids!,you need help..blessed are them to have time for everything..Keep the good work Mr.&Mrs Jolie-Pitt.

  • booo

    Why are Zahara and Pax always frowning? They’re not in the 3rd world counties anymore. They’re in the US. They should smile more often.

  • Dl

    I believe Steven Spielberg’s black son, Tom cruise, and hugh Jackson children seem to be doing very well in their households. You Should be more worried about the children in the same race households such as the lohans, the smiths, the aflecks. I only through the aflecks in there because you only see photos of the mother with the kids.

  • lurking

    This is a model family. Love both Brad and Angie.

  • ariel

    I hope Shiloh didn’t hurt herself, that looks like nasty cuts. Angie says she is fearless, i know but poor baby

  • Dakota

    This family continues to thrive and grow closer. This is what LOVE can do! God Bless the JoliePitt’s!!

  • Dl

    I only threw the affecks in there..

  • bradangelina

    <3 Lov’ever
    So cute !!!!

  • Sonia0404


    Hey! You never say that to me when I made first!

  • booo

    So, you know Steven Spielberg personally? Bringing up Tom Cruise’s example only hurts your point. Hugh Jackman’s 2 children are all adopted. He doesn’t have any biological children. Earlier point was about growing up in a household where a child is the only one of a certain race among their many siblings.

  • Merry Little Me

    Shiloh is a very pretty little girl. I wish that thumb-sucking of hers had been nipped in the bud long ago, though. Dressing like a boy AND sucking her thumb is only going to earn her lots of teasing from other children.

  • Sonia0404

    Viv looks so beautiful and tender, the soft blond hair! Gaining length yet still well combed!
    And that adorable lil gentleman, Knox!! Look how he walks on his own! What a wonderful little fella!

  • aimee

    yeah, Huvsy addresses the knee injury, saying it didnt happen surfing but months ago, and she gets regular treatment for it. BUT, says nothing about preggo rumors. lol Typical

  • shutt

    Shiloh sucking his thumb. It is not normal.
    Angelina should take care of their children.