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Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt: Smurfs with the Kids!

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt: Smurfs with the Kids!

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt take their kids to see a screening of The Smurfs in Richmond, London, England on Sunday (September 4).

Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, Knox, and Vivienne all looked like they had a great time seeing the movie!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Angelina Jolie

Earlier in the week, Angelina went out to La Stupenderia Milano with Z and Shiloh to do a little shopping!

Ang was also spotted visiting The Pottery Cafe with Knox and Zahara on Wednesday.

Brad is currently in the UK filming his latest movie, World War Z.

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  • Love-Pitt

    Smurf’s Up!

  • 8infinity

    They should give Brad the keys to the city!

  • VelerieQ

    Pax is SO damn cute. They’re all lucky to have each other.

  • Sonia0404

    This is Labor Day weekend, haters should plan something else to spend the idle time, how about revising your resumes and leave Zee alone?

    First you guys complain about her hair, now it’s her being the only black child in the family… get a life!!

    Look, she’s walking tall, straight and proud! She’s also a very loving big sis helping her kid siblings. She’s following her mother’s example and affection! What not to like? And she doesn’t have to smile for the paps, she’s no famewhore!

  • alana

    Aww, cute! Love Shiloh smiling as Pax sticks his tongue out at paps. He seems to entertain her. Pax and Zee do not like the razzis, can’t blame them.

  • chekka11

    Brads pants are ridiculous


    shutt :

  • Richard P

    God bless Jolie Pitt
    I love them

    My girl always simples and beautiful

  • Bradley fan

    The kids are adorable. Knox is a mini Angelina. Vivi looks just like her handsome daddy Brad.

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    Wow! The JP kids are having a great summer. They are so cute. Love Knox’s jacket.

  • karl

    Viv is so pretty and looks like Brad while Knox is all angelina. Viv is my favourite now of the JP children.

  • Choo-Choo

    Brad is forever hot!

  • Dl

    No I don’t know Steven speilberrg, but you don’t know the Pitt’s either so what’s your point? The families that I sited are children that are being raised in household where they are the only person of color. Did you know that Steven Spielberg has 4 biological and 1 adopted black son? So again what’s your point again?

  • nasra

    Bravo Brangelinas!! Always there for each other! Brad went straight to his leading lady and kids after dropping off from the HELI??


  • teri

    Madonna has two adopted black children but her living arrangement seems really weird considering her bf is young enough to be into her older daughter. It’s how much love and attention you put into your family, NOT inviting all those strange guys to have access to your children. I’d really love your thoughts on that since you know she adopted two black kids. I really don’t get your thought process at all.

  • lynda

    Angelina est trop belle comme toujours et très bien habillée …très belle famille en tout cas…j’ai hâte de les voir sur le prochain tapis rouge ! vraiment .

  • Troll in Pain

    Zahara has 2 Ethiopian cousins (Brad’s sister’s kids), so troll is just lying & crying- it so pains troll to see happy JPs! OT laugh- on an earlier thread, someone VERY rightly predicted Clooney & Madonna would be getting out their PR machines to combat all the negative buzz they got Venice- ALSO, indywire said that the “talent” was fighting with the moderator* at the Clooney presser in CO. WELL- the very pricey spin has begun- there was a George Clooney “tribute” dinner last night and much Clooney worship- one guy (Salon critic) was not impressed:
    mattzollerseitz OMG Telluride press & people parroting Telluride press STFU about GEORGE f*ckin CLOONEY.

    *Ben Mankiewicz, a respected tv host & critic

  • Ghostbusters

    Way cool fam!

  • ebmo

    ADORABLE! I love seeing all these pics of the kids.

    Memo to trolls: Go to X’s thread and chreer her on in her attempts to gain publicity by pretending to get pregnant, get married, get laid,,,,,,whatever, she needs ALL your help! She has been with a gazillion guys since her marriage broke up and the one thing she knows will get her much needed publicity is coatailing the JPs

  • Nick

    I don’t know why i reminds they kids All the time Brad looking.

  • James

    Sooooooooo Amazing.sweet.beautiful child with parent’s

  • QQQQ

    Mary Louise Parker, Joilie (sp) Fisher, Mariska Hathatay (sp) to add to list of those who have adopted a chocolate child and they are the only chocolate person in their family. Is the troll worried about these kids as well.

  • Paris

    Ravie que tu parles français :)
    Moi aussi j’adore comment Angie est habillée et magnifique comme toujours cette femme comme tu dis .
    Et pour le RC, t’inquite c’est dans 4 jours et on vera la sublime Angelina et le beau brad fouler le tapis rouge et j’espére qu’Angie sera là avec lui !

  • legs

    AWWWWWW Vivi is getting so pretty as she gets older…

    And get a load of Shi! She’s got the war paint, she’s got the Terrible Blankie, she’s got the steely gaze… If only Thumb-Sucking is a professional spectator sport she’ll be a future Hall-of-Famer! Bwahahahahaha…..

  • iris

    oh whew, is that war paint? i was worried. im not a troll love the family and was scared shi had scarred herself. Im a worry wart, good thing i dont have kids, wouldnt let them out of my sight. love this family, great parents, well behaved kids, lol even pax. Love that kid! Shi is so pretty and Knox is adorable, Zee a real beauty and Viv, a little lady at the age of three. Back to lurking.

  • adamme

    I think someone has been drawing on her face, maybe Shi herself. lol

  • Jen

    Google Translate:

    Glad you speak French:)
    I also love how Angie is dressed and beautiful as ever this woman as you say.
    And the RC, t’inquite it in 4 days and vera the sublime and the beautiful Angelina brad walk the red carpet and hope that Angie will be there with him!

    Ditto! :)

  • Pammy

    Here’s a hypothesis: Maddox wasn’t with the group because he’s to blame for the injuries on Shiloh’s face. His knives were taken away and he wasn’t allowed to join the other children for the Smurfs outing. Mommy and Daddy’s split has been detrimental to him and he’s acting out in negative ways.

  • Amy

    I don’t know if I should laugh or be disgusted that the haters are claiming that Shiloh was stabbed. Where do people come up with this stuff? It’s obvious paint. Also if people bothered to use commonsense a wound would be bandaged.

  • Jen

    So nice to see the family out enjoying family time and family fun.

  • Jen the HAG

    Pammy @ 09/04/2011 at 12:33 pm

    Did you take your prozac? coz your HALLUCINATING AGAIN.. that’s bad girl coz you’ll be going to be given another doze of electric shock bwahahhaha

  • turth be told

    How can any intelligent person make fun of a child or speak badly about any child. What sicko fans Aniston has.


    Gwyneth Paltrow is looking lovely in Venice. Maybe Brad will take a small helicopter ride over to Italy for a visit since AJ and he are Splitsville and she can’t harp about him talking to his old girlfriends anymore. Just because Brad and Angie both show up with the kids at a movie doesn’t mean they’re “together.” Lots of families still do things together with their kids, even though they’re no longer a couple. AJ does NOT look happy in these photos, just look at her!

  • Love the shoes

    I’m loving Zee’s hair like this, and I think they should rename Pax Brad Jr. They seem so similar in how they like to dress. I think Shi has middle child issues even if she isn’t really the smack in the middle kid. She seems to be a tad more in need of comfort with her thumb and blankie. I sucked my thumb until college, only stopping because I was afraid of being caught and teased. She seems to be the kid who lays on her mom (I was) and seeks more attn (I was) . The photo in VF with her and Angie; she’s got her thumb and blankie and her mom seems to be maybe reasuring or calming her down. It’s all normal stuff, Love them.

  • ‘always-the-same’ family


  • Jennifer aniston says

    angelina is beautiful

  • medeline

    Viv is Ange’s favourite!

  • busted

    @Troll in Pain:

    I was wondering about your comment and checked twitter and saw this..

    Word is ex-at the movies host ben mankiewicz bombed at descendants q + a, audience + talent turned against him.

    I guess they didn’t like the way he handled things. Anyway The Ides of March is getting mixed responses.. and so is Madonna some raves and some not. That to me is what happens to any film. Not sure about the reception for Descendants. The Ides of March is more a Ryan G film with George Writing/Directing.. but we will see.

    George likes getting Oscar attention. He has this week to be in the spotlight, because next week will be Brad all day. So George is on the campaign..And let’s just say he wants it more this year than any other.

  • tish

    The Jolie Pitt Family never stop,they keep busy and the children are always included in Momma and Poppa outings depending on which one is not working. They are the cutest little kids . Each child has a unique look and you can tell Angie and Brad love them to pieces.

  • NAN

    Hey Pammy,Spinster Jen on the news today(MSN.DK) that she had got excident and injured her knee during she surfing in Hawai.
    How JJ has no threat for Ms.Hoham huh?
    Soon ,Huvsy will spreads the news Jenho lost Mcgreedy twins during surfing in Hawai,
    Poor Spinster Jen huh ,always Preggers for 15 years ,but Baby or Babies never come …OUCH….OUCH…

  • Jen the HAG

    bwahahhahaha MANISTON fans still dreaming of brad and angie being separated helloooo people … i am so HAPPY that you haters are mesirable and in pain whenever you see BRAD PITT with his loving family… ahhhh does it HURT that much HAGISTONS??? LOL

    Oh btw troll did you know that Chris Martin is so jealous of Brad becoz till now FISHTICK PALTROW still mention BRAD PITT when Brad never ever mention all his X even once …. ahhh that’s Brad he never go back to people that he dumped but the people that he dumped still talk about him specially MANISTON pathethic Old HAGS .

  • busted


    Didn’t she say a long time ago that she hurt her knee..that is why she was not jogging or something. And this was a long time before Hawaii..

    Seriously does she even keep track of her stories.

  • NAN

    Hi Neleh,
    Thanks for the shout out and all the links.
    Hi to all JP fans around the world.

  • tracy

    booo @ 09/04/2011 at 10:12 am

    Zahara is not your child. This little girl has a mother who is obviously very good at the job; Angelina. believe or not Angelina does not care what any of us think. so, why don’t you worry about your own children and let Angelina worry about hers

  • adamme

    Who walks around with a big cheesy grin on their face all the damn time? uh no one, unless they are insane. People herding their kids to their car amidst a bunch of paps dont usually feel the need to smile. trolls are dumb. And, if for some reason they felt like smiling, you trolls would say either that they were faking or were attention wh ores. AND YOU KNOW IT.

  • Roxy

    I’m just gonna enjoy the beautif pics of Brad, Angie and their beautiful children. I’m not in the mood today to battle ignorant, uneducated fools. To the fans I hope you do the same because your responce to them fuels them, and that’s exactly the attention they are seeking. Ignore them

  • adamme

    OT concerning x.

    This whole leg injury has me wondering. How come Huvane quickly denies that the injury occured while surfing in Hawaii, saying it is an old injury but she gets treatment for it regularly…? I mean, the BIG rumor is pregnancy, not knee injury. Why the need to set the record straight about THIS rumor and not the baby rumor? could it be he wants to keep the baby rumors alive? I mean if people thought Jen had been surfing recently, would they still think she was preggers? HMMM?

  • NAN

    Hi busted,
    Spinster Jen’s PR spreads The Mcgreedy Twins around Europe last month.
    Now Jenho thinking thoughts about Baby or Babies never come on time,that’s why Huvsy have to do something with her knee injurned again,but very surprise why no Jenho’s knee injurned in JJ only in Europe????

  • not me

    Zee is going to be gorgeous! look at her with those teeny curls and I think she is the one who will inherit mom’s great fashion sense. Other kids are looking good as well.

  • tish

    HO Hum Ticky could be an octomom and it wouldn’t phase me.
    I am a JP Fan thru and thru and could care less what old ticky did from one day to the next.