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Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt: Smurfs with the Kids!

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt: Smurfs with the Kids!

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt take their kids to see a screening of The Smurfs in Richmond, London, England on Sunday (September 4).

Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, Knox, and Vivienne all looked like they had a great time seeing the movie!

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Earlier in the week, Angelina went out to La Stupenderia Milano with Z and Shiloh to do a little shopping!

Ang was also spotted visiting The Pottery Cafe with Knox and Zahara on Wednesday.

Brad is currently in the UK filming his latest movie, World War Z.

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  • The real truth

    Back on Topic. Angelina looks lovely but UNHAPPY. Brad go away. You obviously drag Angie’s mood down. She wears white when he’s away and when he’s back she goes back to black.

  • The real truth

    And Maddox is missing because he hates the cameras and his dad. LoL

  • the wigly truth

    Brad has his wig pulled lower today.

  • bdj

    Happy Monday. Ashy bambi wobbler troll still hard at work. No rest for the 15 cents a post troll.

  • bdj

    Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt’s Cinema Cuties

    A listers Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt took their six children – Maddox, 10, Pax, 7, Zahara, 6½, Shiloh, 5, and 3-year-old twins Knox and Vivienne – to see The Smurfs 3D at the Odeon cinema in Richmond, south west London on Saturday (September 4)

  • The real truth

    bitter betty would know all about getting paid to post or do you do all the copy and pasting and butt kissing for free?

  • bdj

    Too funny. Baby Jane’s paid hens are so sad. McGreedy and McNeedy get no love from the hens. Bring back Peeboy.

  • bdj
    Angelina Jolie “In the Land of Blood” and Honey and Vanity Fair

  • The real truth

    the world doesn’t revolve around maniston and mcbaldy mcgreedy, Bitter betty.

  • The real truth

    “She wears white when he’s away and when he’s back she goes back to black”. – the fans really hated this line. They dropped fifteen green thumbs so fast on that one .ROTFL

  • anon

    @The real truth:

    Truth!?? You couldn’t handle the truth! (psst, urine a s s hole) SURPRISE!!

  • bdj
    Pix at site

    Better Than Ezra Foundation was honored to donate a portion of the proceeds from the band’s annual Ezra Open charity event to the Make it Right Foundation, helping to rebuild homes in the Lower 9th Ward neighborhood. Founded in 2007 by Brad Pitt, Make It Right is committed to making healthy and sustainable homes accessible and affordable for working families. Make It Right is currently building 150 green homes, designed by world-renowned architects, for families in New Orleans’ Lower 9th Ward, the neighborhood hardest hit by Hurricane Katrina. The U.S. Green Building Council named Make It Right’s initiative in New Orleans the “largest and greenest community of single-family homes in the world”.

  • Observer2

    It-s so fun watching a troll in meltdown. Like, the wicked witch of the East. They’re melting. Good times!

  • anon


    Early Oscar Projections: ‘The Help,’ George Clooney, Steven Soderbergh, Viola Davis, Brad Pitt, Meryl Streep
    September 4
    11:01 PM PDT 9/4/2011 by Scott Feinberg

    With the Venice and Toronto film festivals now in progress, and the Toronto International Film Festival set to get underway Thursday, I thought that now would be a fun time to document my early read of the Oscar landscape that awaits us. Needless to say, these projections are based on limited information and will be subject to many updates/revisions over the coming months (I will be posting a new/updated forecast every Sunday night), but, for now, I see them as a fun discussion starter. Your thoughts?

    J. Edgar (Warner Brothers, 11/11, ?, ?)
    War Horse (Disney, 12/28, ?, teaser)
    Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close (Paramount/Warner Brothers, 12/25, ?, ?)
    Midnight in Paris (Sony Pictures Classics, 5/20, PG-13, trailer)
    The Artist (The Weinstein Company, 11/23, ?, trailer)
    Moneyball (Columbia, 9/23, ?, trailer)
    Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy (Focus Features, 12/9, ?, trailer)
    The Help (Disney, 8/12, PG-13, trailer)
    The Descendants (Fox Searchlight, 11/23, R, trailer)
    The Ides of March (Sony, 10/14, ?, trailer)

    Leonardo DiCaprio (J. Edgar)
    George Clooney (The Descendants)
    Jean Dujardin (The Artist)
    Gary Oldman (Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy)
    Brad Pitt (Moneyball)

    read the entire article at the link

    Not that I have any vested interest but I am surprised I never hear any of this talk include, “Contagion”. All star cast. Pretty good reviews. And a subject matter that could be a metaphor for our times (the culture of fear). Anyway, just wondering.

  • from JJB

    Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt ‘to enroll children at London primary school’
    Angelina Jolie is said to be enrolling her brood at a local London primary school as filming for Brad Pitt’s new movie World War Z overruns.
    The Hollywood family have been staying in Richmond, west London, while Brad’s new flick has been filming around various locations of the UK, including Glasgow and Cornwall.

    According to a source in the Sun the children are usually home-schooled when they are in the US, but Brad and Angelina like them to attend local schools while abroad during term time.

    Brad and Angelina’s six children have spent their summer in Britain doing an array of activities including fishing and pottery.

    The family enjoyed a screening of The Smurfs at the local Richmond Odeon over the weekend.

    Brad’s post-apocalyptic zombie film is an adaptation of a novel by Max Brooks.

    He takes the role of a United Nations Post-war Commissioner, collecting the stories and experiences of those who have survived a zombie attack.
    Read more:

  • tazzy

    @The real truth:

    Man, do you have issues, LOL

  • lurking

    I am afraid that if Jen Aniston gets pregnant she will look like Gerald Depardieu (see top of JJ). Back to old Jen when she was in High School
    in NY.


    The real truth :

  • plez


    thx bdj He really likes Moneyball.

  • Katie

    Angie looks like the day I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed :(:(:( And what did that cr@zy thing do to her beautiful daughter Shiloh HAIR???She has got some serious MENTAL PROBLEMS!!!!!!!

  • Guli still dominates

    So just because Guli1 moved to Joliepittstop, she expects everyone to follow her there. Bwahahahaha
    Come on M4 people, have backbones, dont be Guli1′s sheep.
    Keep M4 alive, Guli1 didn’t start that blog, she actually joined in like everybody else.
    I have noticed Beverlyhills has already followed Guli1. tut tut tut

  • Salli


    Yeah but those kids sure look like they should be in school! Has she ever enrolled these children into a place or education or even hired tutors for them? And look at poor Brad! He loves those kids I’m sure–but that’s the ONLY reason he seems to be sticking around for!

  • Salli

    @turth be told:

    No I think it’s most likely BRAD that works at the parenting.The dude looks absolutely haggard and exhausted. Angie works at self promotion. Brad and those nannies are problably arranging the kids schedules while Angie is getting her nails done and botox shots.

  • Salli

    @from JJB:

    And how long will THAT last? Until Angie decides its time to move again and promote a new film? Remember when they were supposed to be settling in New OrLeans? And what happenned to that house in France?

  • bizzy bee

    Was having a good time with friends and family until the rain came, but I stuffed myself and now I’m happy. Another thing that makes me happy is to know that with so much hatefulness in the world, there are people like Brad and Angie around.

    Happy or sad, they always manage to cheer me up enough to bring a smile to my face. It’s like when you know you have a little piece of chocolate hidden somewhere you can indulge on a long night, that’s what they do for me. It’s nice to have a place to go where you can be reassured there are good people out there. And the kids are icing on the cake, they’re all so adorable. I’m sure a lot of their fans are parents, one day I will have my own kids to dote on but these kids will always have a place in my heart. Love the JPs!

  • Rose

    Someone is having a meltdown. Stop the madness and get off Brad/Angelina’s fan thread.

  • http://computer oh no

    Now the troll is trying reverse psychology, not going to work. What Angie and Brad do with their lives and their CHILDREN is no ones business, get back on your wheel and keep spinning.

  • plez

    ^^ Frankly I don’t believe the Sun article but what is the heck are you whining about. B&A have never talked about settling down and living in one place. They have homes in many places around the world like lots of rich people. Home is where the family is.

  • Passing Through

    # 230 busted @ 09/05/2011 at 7:09 am
    Now, Busted, you know it’s not an issue that the only other black male to be seen with Sandra Bullock since she adopted Louie has been her bodyguard. And Hugh Jackman is off the hook because his son Oscar is half Aboriginal not half black. You know the trolls don’t care about mistreated indigenous peoples from other continents. That just asking way too much of them. I’d be willing to bet they don’t even know who the Aborigines are.

  • Salli


    Sorry, but not even Donald Trump had his kids when they were younger dragged from place to place and he travels the world.

  • bdj

    The greatest film ever made? We have a new contender.

    Even so, I think I can confidently say that the film I did see, Terrence Malick’s The Tree of Life is an unqualified masterpiece, a work of genius, a film that will be watched for as long as people watch films.

    At the level of performance, well, Brad Pitt, playing the upright, disappointed father of the aforementioned 50s family, thick of neck, thin with his emotions though not with his love, confirms his place as one of the finest actors working today.

  • Salli

    @oh no:

    Just be glad that there are trolls here and not social workers tracking your girlfriends sub par parenting skills.

  • Salli

    @oh no:

    Just be glad that there are trolls here and not social workers tracking your girlfriends sub par parenting skills.

  • bdj|head
    Entire article at link

    ‘Alternative’ lunch off school district’s menu
    Until January, kids with no money got a cheese sandwich.

    After concerns were raised, the Springfield school district changed the way it treats — and what it feeds — students who don’t bring enough money to pay for lunch.

    It now provides those children the same meal as everybody else.

    Until January, any child who failed to pay — and didn’t qualify for free meals — was given a cheese sandwich and milk. They faced potential labeling as unable to pay.

    “My first reaction was I couldn’t believe they were doing that … I was devastated,” said Morey Mechlin, executive director of Care to Learn, which was created to meet the critical needs of children. “My second was absolute empathy for the students who weren’t getting the same lunch as everybody else.”

    Mechlin and Care to Learn founder Doug Pitt quickly contacted top school officials after learning about the practice a year ago.

    While both praised the district for providing a “nutritionally sound” option to make sure students didn’t go without food, they worried the lesser lunch would trigger embarrassment.

    “We are about self-esteem and self-respect,” Mechlin said. “The district was very proactive once it was brought to their attention. We do some things automatically and we need to question why.”

    Care to Learn agreed to buy lunch for any child who failed to pay during November and December — a cost of $12,000 — while the district reviewed its practice and how frequently students received the alternative lunch.

  • busted


    Go back to IUC.. the other twits must be lonely without you

    Don’t you fools have some rambling clue to figure out.. YOU have been working on them for almost 7 years.. Non have turned out.. but hey when you are an IDIOT in a sea of IDIOTS does it really matter that the IDIOT ramblings don’t make sense..

    Go home.. it is getting late.. and Fools should never be out past dark..

  • Salli

    @oh no:

    Just be glad the trolls are here and not social workers tracking your girlfriends sub par parenting skills. YES–I SAID IT 2X! NOW I’ll go back and spin!

  • Observer2

    Good to know that the troll admits to sitting and spinning. LMAO!

  • Salli


    If you believe this relationship will last thats your club babe!

  • Pat

    Busted says:
    Don’t you fools have some rambling clue to figure out.. YOU have been working on them for almost 7 years Non have turned out

    I say:


  • multiple names

    Salli is also known as Whamo/Reality Check. Don’t respond to it. Keep thumbing the troll down and move on. We don’t have to engage in her convo since the troll is deluded and desperate.

  • plez


    Donald Trump??????????
    Willing to be his kids went to boarding school. Then when they were not living there they lived in Florida , Europe and NY.

  • bizzy bee

    JP fans, I hope I’m not late commenting on this topic but I have to get in here. I read somewhere a few years ago that Brad Pitt, Viggo Mortnesen, George Clooney, and one of the Baldwin brothers were in the running for ‘Thelma and Louise’. The article said Brad was a stand out for the part, and something tells me Clooney has never gotten over that situation.

    Then, Brad goes on to be a big movie star and Clooney had a tv career like Maniston. I think his work on tv is some of the best work he’s done. He reminds me of Monkeyface, the way they pretend to act buddy buddy, it feels manipulative. He reminds me of Tom Hanks when he overdid the promotion for Larry Crown, when he went on the Spanish network dancing like a fool.

    Brad kisses no one’s ass. When he’s finished with the movie, he does some promo here and there but he’s not dancing around like a happy monkey. I only pay attention to Clooney because he’s Brad’s friend but I don’t care for him and can’t remember a movie of his I’ve seen that wasn’t on tv… lol.

  • bdj

    Dolly, the dog is lonesome Baby Jane. You can’t expect McGreedy to do all the babysitting.

  • bdj

    October 2011 U.S.

    Angelina Jolie’s FRETTE robe from Frette, N.Y.C.,


    JA has become a punch line in Hollywood her CAREER IS OVER,
    The Odor of POOR SALES has followed from the perfume counter to the Ticket counter. JA CANNOT CARRY A MOVIE

  • Observer2

    A troll happily admitting that they’ve wasted 7 years of their life. Got to have priorities. LOL.

  • Another Lurker

    # 241

    I think the comment by Rich Cohen is sarcastic and yet so funny, it’s worth re-posting:

    JA ” lingers like a sad spook, the girl bested and left behind”

  • Another Lurker

    I’m sorry, I’m not a mean person. But I’ve read comments from Jennifer fans and I believe they are malicious liars.
    Yes, my sympahty, but more admiration, goes to Angelina.

  • busted


    This is the point.. in their effort to be smart they show how truly STUPID they are.

    The JP fans are 7-0
    the Hags are 0-7

    I think the odds are in our favor..

  • Passing Through

    # 265 from JJB @ 09/05/2011 at 12:31 pm
    That story about Brad and Angie enrolling the kids in a London school originated in the Sun, ergo, it’s as bogus as Ticky’s relationship. Brad and Angie will be moving to Budapest in less than 3 weeks, so why would they put the kids in school for 2 weeks? Plus, the shoot’s not behind. It seems to be right on schedule. If they don’t relocate to Budapest by the first week of October THEN the production is running behind, but for right now there doesn’t seem to be a problem. Just the Sun talking out of their asses again.