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Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt: Smurfs with the Kids!

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt: Smurfs with the Kids!

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt take their kids to see a screening of The Smurfs in Richmond, London, England on Sunday (September 4).

Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, Knox, and Vivienne all looked like they had a great time seeing the movie!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Angelina Jolie

Earlier in the week, Angelina went out to La Stupenderia Milano with Z and Shiloh to do a little shopping!

Ang was also spotted visiting The Pottery Cafe with Knox and Zahara on Wednesday.

Brad is currently in the UK filming his latest movie, World War Z.

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  • bizzy bee

    My hope for the Oscars is that Papa Pitt is nominated for both Tree of Life and Moneyball, that he and his lovely wife, Miss Jolie will be in attendance, looking stunning, and that Brad will come away with the awards he should have won for 12 Monkeys, Jessie James, River Runs Through It, and perhaps others that escape my mind at the moment.

    Now People is reporting that Eddie Murphy is in talks for the hosting gig. I hope it happens, his laugh alone will crack the audience and give the Oscars a much needed boost.

  • Passing Through

    # 289 Pat @ 09/05/2011 at 3:44 pm
    ROTFLMAO. The troll is awfully proud of admitting to being wrong about all things Jolie-Pitt for going on 7 years. It’s preetty sad because she doesn’t even realize what she admitted. I love when they think they’re being a smart ass but all they’re really doing is proving how stoopid they are.

  • Dl

    brad Pitt had a baseball accident when he was in junior highschool that required 18 stitches and a permanent scar below his left eye.. I’m sure he concealed the scar with make up for many years since I never noticed it before. Probably not so much now. But I do remember an interviewer asking him about his eye scar once. And besides he’s getting older but still looks good.. I agree with you on most of your comment.. He has become a better everything since hooking up with angie..

  • Passing Through

    # 292 bizzy bee @ 09/05/2011 at 3:49 pm
    Porgie IS jealous of Brad, but I think it’s a bit more complicated than having lost a role to Brad early in their careers. Brad got the role in T&L when Billy Baldwin, who had been offered the role, elected to do Backdraft instead. Geena Davis just recently admitted that SHE was given a say in which actor to cast and she told Ridley Scott, “The blond one! DUH!” I think the jealousy stems from the fact that Porgie thinks that in losing out on the JD role his movie career was derailed for almost 8 years when he had to go back to doing episodic tv while Brad became the “It Boy”. I think it’s also part of why it’s so important to Porgie to win the Best Actor award – because he’ll have achieved something Brad hasn’t, not just once, but twice. It’s all a pissing contest for Porgie and really funny to watch because I’m pretty sure Brad couldn’t give a rat’s ass about an Oscar. If he did he and Angie would expend a lot more effort sucking up to everyone in the industry during awards season the way Porgie does.

  • Orchid

    Hey Salli, other people’s children are none of your business!

  • Passing Through

    # 296 Observer2 @ 09/05/2011 at 3:59 pm
    # 299 busted @ 09/05/2011 at 4:33 pm
    I’m gonna give the troll a round of applause. Not only was she proud of being 0-for-7 years but she’s dedicated to continuing being wrong in the future. Now that takes chutzpah – or stupidity – to admit.

  • bizzy bee

    @#304 Passing Through

    You’re totally right, he doesn’t let it show that he cares but I’ve always suspected it bothers him that Brad got that one-up on him. Yep, I remember Geena Davis saying she played a part in picking him.

    I also agree Brad isn’t the type to care about awards but as a fan, I’d just love for him to be referred to as “Academy Award Winner” Brad Pitt. He’s been overlooked so many times, perhaps because of his looks, so I really want to see him get his due.

  • Dl

    I believe the Baldwin brother got the part for Thelma & Louise but passed to film another movie..and they brought Brad back..I dont think clooney is upset because he thinks he’s just as big or a bigger star.. I remember Matt Damon commenting how he couldn’t believe how big a star brad was when they were promoting the oceans movie… He said something like “brad’s more popular than clooney” with amazement. I think they are friends, but not best friends…he did totally diss JA on the red carpet after the divorce. That was only time I felt sorry for her…

  • WBPfan

    Bizzy bee — I hope Brad doesn’t get a double nomination since he might cancel each performance out. I – not being a member of the voting academy LOL — think it would be hard to beat his performance in TOL so I hope that’s what he gets nominated for ALTHOUGH the buzz for him in Moneyball is strong and more people will probably see that rather than TOL. JMHO!!

  • gracie

    # 244 Denise, I completely agree with you. You said it all. It’s easier for the loons to blame all their problems on Angie. She is a constant reminder of their own failings, rather than take responsibilities for their own misfortunes; they put the blame on Angie instead, a much younger successful beautiful woman, who has it all. Anyone with eyes can see that Angie only enhanced Brad’s life. Brad is a different person compared to who he was when he was with Anuston. He is a better man, more accomplished career wise and in his personal life. He and Angie make a perfect match. All the trolls talk about are looks and clothes — the vain and shallow stuff; Brad is much more than that now. Everyone ages including Anuston and she is not aging well considering she has no children, that is why she is using botox, plastic surgeries and other fake accessories to enhance and alter her look.

  • bizzy bee

    Another thing, Clooney would have love to have brad as one of those partners in crimes, chasing and changing women as often as he does. Brad wanted none of that and is happy with his wife and children. Just my personal opinion, though.

  • Brad JUST SAID

    In Cannes this year, Brad just said that they (he & his family) are “nomads” and that “they go where the crops are”. His statement is very clear- the family travels as part of their life & livelihood. Further, the JP kids all are well-behaved, and seem very healthy and happy. Brad has also said the family sticks together and Angie has said many similar things over the past seven years. How are there kids educated? Who knows, but, again, they all are well-behaved, and seem very healthy and happy. As adoptive parents, Brad and Angie have been scrutinized far more than parents that are not, so that should stop all those sleepless night for the troll. Staying in one town & school system is NOT a sure way to good kids- look at the Palins or the Columbine kids.

  • bizzy bee

    WBPfan, that could be the case.

  • http://na angierocks

    I don’t understand the hoopla sorounding clooney like he is god’s gift to mankind UGH!He’s like all over the place,he’s dating waitresses and fame whore wannabee’s and the media thinks it’s hot,humanitariansm?????we all know how he’s working it,awards shows??????????????UGH!The guy can’t do wrong in the eyes of the media,he’s johnny bravo w the hair,the smile and sparkley white teeth….

  • Observer2

    What is so funny to me about Clooney is he’ll b i t c h about the campaigning and how it leaves a bad taste in his mouth the years he’s not nominated. Then he does all this glad handling and still loses to actors that don’t. LOL. Let him be the front runner. He was so p i s s e d off last time, he was out of sorts at the Academy Awards because he knew he was going to lose to Jeff Bridges.

  • Sweet JPs

    We have many, many firsthand accounts of how wonderful and patient that the JPs are, especially with fans. We have seen countless videos that document the JPs kindness. They are also very polite to even the rudest media. Here is Madonna a couple days ago being snooty/rude to someone who gave her a flower- from what I’ve seen at other sites, this behavior is pretty typical for her, even before she was “big”. …makes me love the JPs all the more.

  • FayeFaye

    @Another Lurker:
    Forgive me for being ignorant, but where do I find this comment about Ticky? Thaks.

  • t.m.delafonda

    IMO Clooney has always been over rated. I don’t dislike him. It just amazes me that HW people act as if his acting is a tour de force, when the only really good role (that I enjoyed) was the one in Three Kings. He acts like George Clooney in EVERY role. I never “see” the character, I ALWAYS see HIS character (famewhore). As for his being jealous of Brad, it is obvious…sort of like the roots of Ticky’s true hair color. He is Brad’s frenemy (friend + enemy). If he can use Brad for publicity then he will. AND…..People tend to think that women are “catty” towards each other, men have us beat hands down.

  • Another JP Fan

    LoVe the JPs foreveh.

  • Ouch!

    sweet JPs- that is HILARIOUS!! Madonna has a rep for being a diva- not that it should excuse such behavior. In fact, I’ll bet more celebs are like her than are like the JPs. More shocking to me is how bad that trailer for her movie is- I didn’t expect great things, but geesh!

  • WBPfan

    This is new to me but I’m sure others have seen these 2 short “films” with Angie from way back when. Posting the youtube links a friend just emailed for those like me who hadn’t seen them before. OK, the voice is dubbed in the first but that face unmistakable!!! and These were uploaded by wildcat717 over 5 years ago.

  • Goopy


    These shorts were James Haven’s Seniior project for film school at USC.

  • WBPfan

    Hi Neleh!! , I was lurking over at your site and glad the shorts were a good “blast from the past” for you!! As i wrote, they were new to me. Found out from another of wildcat717 posts that the director of those shorts was Steven Shainberg who directed Fur and Secretary. I wonder if he went to NYU with Angie?

  • WBPfan

    Goopy, #322, I know James did some shorts with Angie but the ones wildcat717 posted were actually done by Steven Shainberg (they’re listed on his IMDB credits).


    OMFG! Did you guys see this hilarious post from dlisted:

  • dianad1968

    I didn’t pay much attention to George Clooney before ER. Before then I saw him on a few shows, but he didn’t make an impression on me in any way. Then ER happened and he became a smug, egomaniac idiot. I admire anyone who enjoys success, but does not let it make them become insufferable, and go to their head. That is one trait GC and Ticky have in common….their success went to theit heads. Is GC jealous of Brad? ABSOLUTELY. And it annoys him that Brad is so effortlessly popular. He doesn’t have to resort to media manipulations to get people to love him. He would be livid if Brad wins a BA Oscar beore h does. I still get a chuckle when I remember the less than cordial reception he got at the UN when he tried pretending he was more important and more knowledgeable than he actually is.

    BTW, kind of OT, isn’t Nicole Kidman some kind of UN Ambassador? When was the last time we saw her bringing attention to anything to do with the UN?

  • TIFF- 4 Years Ago

    Here is a very cute video of the JPs on the Red Carpet when they were at the TIFF for AOJJBTCRF…Friday is only a few days away!

  • Heidi’s #1 Pick, Angelina

    On the drive home, the billy bush show was on the radio. Heidi Klum was his guest. He asked her to guess who was #1 on the Ask Men Most Desireable Women List. She answered “Angelina Jolie” . Even though Heidi thought Angelina was #1 in her list, sadly the answer was Blake Lively. I’m sure everyone’s scratching their head on that one. A total “say what?” moment for sure. Blake of all people? So you know its a stupid lists.

  • Moneyball Fever!

    Everybody is getting excited for the Moneyball premiere! This is going to be a GREAT week!!
    sarahmarince Heading to Toronto this week to walk the red carpet with @CaseyBond for the premiere of #Moneyball…..can’t wait!

  • Dl

    I agree where’s Kidman with the UN.. That’s what I hate about most of these celebrities they go to capital hill just to get attention for themselves and never do anything more. The same with ashton and Demi with the sex trade thing in third world countries but they never seem step out anywhere but hollywood red carpet events. That’s why I love the JP’s… Brad out there in New Orleans and Angie actually visiting the refugees camps. Not sitting behind phones asking regular people for donations. They walk the talk…

  • http://nothing noora

    Angelina have a new tattoo in her right arm
    Arabic word alazeema
    it mean
    the power to face hard times

  • laab

    The same with Clooney. Has he followed up on his Haiti Telethon? What about Sudan? The cover of Newsweek where the line was like George, Mr. President is on line 1. What a crock! He is just a bandwagon humanitarian.

    @Dianaad1968 – is there a youtube where George looked like a fool at the UN? or some article about it..would love to read or watch it.

  • anustin

    maniston got a new tatto.too.”brokin miss Bivens heart”

  • Dl

    I also would like to add Sandra bullock to the mix. Although I think she’s likable but the comment about ” I wanted to adopt from the USA showed her snobbery or ignorance about third world countries. Yes she donated 500k to Haiti but has she been to Haiti or outside the US other than promote a movie.

  • Another Lurker

    You’d find the ex’s fans comments all over the internet where there are news about Angelina. I find those comments laughable. Personally, I believe if the ex wife’s vaj, hands, mouth or whatever cannot make Brad hard, the sex life is dead. Yes, I know relationships are not all about sex. After 2 or more years, compatibility plays an important role, which leads us to another fact: the cause of Brad and his ex wife divorce is INCOMPATIBILITY. They had grown apart, or Brad has, at least. I think even before their divorce, ticky has been IRRELEVANT in Brad’s life.
    Also, the ex has no merits of her own, so her publicist has to resort to gimmicks and lies to keep her in the limelight.

  • Dl

    Re Sandra bullock again… Her comment irked me because she made a point that she wanted to adopt from USA.. I’m sure her son will have a better life being adopted by her.. but I didn’t understand why she had to add that point (good PR I suppose) if you are genuine /sincere it shouldn’t matter which country your child was adopted from…you are giving a baby a better life. Btw, I’m a American.

  • Dl

    I’m an American

  • Dl

    @Faye Faye
    Lurked I think she was referring to rich cohen’s comment ” lingering like a sad spook” , he’s the writer of the new vanity fair article featuring Angie. These comments were his in the article….

  • Another Lurker


    Thanks, DI. I misinterpreted Fayefaye’s question. I actually just re-posted a previous post of yours because I find it hilarious!

  • bdj

    Video at site

    Fall movies preview: Something for everyone

    “The Early Show” Monday, Entertainment Weekly Editor Jess Cagle had a look at some that look to be the biggest and best:

    He says he’s “really excited for this fall. You’ve not only got the usual Oscar contenders, some of which are very very strong and very exciting, but you also have a lot of crowd pleasers, and lots of lots of big stars.


    “Moneyball” is based on Michael Louis’ bestseller about Billy Bean of the Oakland A’s, who revolutionized the baseball industry. I absolutely loved it. … Brad Pitt plays Billy Bean, (and there’s) lots of Oscar buzz for Brad Pitt and this movie. Easily one of the best movies of the year.

  • not new

    @noora: that’s not new. She’s had the since she dumped Billy Bob. it was a cover up of a tattoo she shared with him.

  • Ridunculous

    @Moneyball Fever!: the only people excited for that Crap = lame ass Brad Pitt fans. Angelina won’t be there so I ain’t excited. ** waves to bitter better**

  • bdj

    Angelina Jolie’s surprise origami b’day card from Jack Black

    London: Jack Black once gifted Angelina Jolie a card made from special origami paper on her birthday.

    Black, Jolie’s co-star in the cerebral ‘Kung Fu Panda 2’, revealed that he spent a lot of time making the card.

    “I spent days making Angelina a card from special origami paper,” the Telegraph quoted him as saying.

    “After visiting Asia, I’m now into making and collecting origami,” he added.

  • Ridunculous

    Brad takes his kids to a photo-op that’s all he does with them. Angelina is bored and unhappy. She wears white when he’s away and when he’s back she goes back to black. Rotfl

  • Ridunculous

    Bdj, how’s maniston and mcbaldy Mcgreedy doing today? I know you’re thinking about them. rotfl

  • a lurker

    Love good buzz about Brad and Moneyball, three more days to go. Friday is Moneyball.

  • bdj

    Hmm the lurking paid hen. Post about Papa Pitt and the troll has a meltdown. I tell ya, Baby Jane should stay off of Just Jared. McGreedy is probably already having regrets of leaving his devoted girlfriend of 14 years for PR and tab drama. Those the breaks.

  • dawne

    I am going to ask a fan to please precis the NBC Matt L interview with Cohen……..I watched the tape with no SOUND. At work, obviously…..their passive aggressive way of saying stay off youtube.

  • bdj,,20525999,00.html?xid=rss-topheadlines
    Entire article at link with nice pix

    Jane’s Journey, a cinematic biography about Goodall, 77, chronicles her worldwide travels, personal footage from her childhood, and her charity work with Jolie.

    “I was delighted when she told me she would be excited to be a part of the film,” Goodall tells PEOPLE of Jolie, who meets with Goodall in the film inside her home to work on a sustainability project. “Sometimes, caught up in the moment, people promise to give their support but don’t, or can’t come through. That was not true with Angelina.”

  • Sexy


    Thank to both of the ladies who responded. Angie’s new VF articles isn’t on the stands here yet, but I am picking it up when it comes out. Thanks to you both.