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Kate Bosworth: 'Another Happy Day' in Deauville!

Kate Bosworth: 'Another Happy Day' in Deauville!

Kate Bosworth hits the red carpet for a screening of her latest movie, Another Happy Day, on Sunday (September 4) during the Deauville Film Festival in Deauville, France.

The 28-year-old actress paired a jewel encrusted mini dress by Chanel with sparking Louboutin heels and Jewelmint jewelry!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Kate Bosworth

On Friday, Kate hit the red carpet at the film festival’s opening ceremony. She walked the red carpet with her rumored beau, director Michael Polish!

10+ pictures inside of Kate Bosworth at a screening of Another Happy Day in Deauville…

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kate bosworth another happy day photo call deauville 01
kate bosworth another happy day photo call deauville 02
kate bosworth another happy day photo call deauville 03
kate bosworth another happy day photo call deauville 04
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Credit: Francois Durand; Photos: Getty
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  • ladybug

    @Camille: I don’t think so, she had good bone structure before, but I think the weight loss definitely had an effect on the definition of her face.
    This is from 2000, well before she started playing with face peels:

  • ladybug

    @April: We were given a task in comment #91: “This can easily be seen from taking a look at older pictures.”
    So, I’m trying to complete the task. And, I’m defending her from accusations of having plastic surgery, shouldn’t that make you happy?

    If you don’t bother with people you don’t particularly like, why are you replying to them?

  • Jessie

    And yet, you bothered with them when it’s obvious you don’t like them. You just did the same thing you accused others of doing.

  • chelle

    @ladybug: because stupidity is dominant!!! See my prior discussion above …I got accused of a disgusting thing then was told I was jealous and resentful THEN ….the genius actually spouted ” if u can’t say something nice” crap …see? Pure stupidity.

  • ladybug

    @chelle: I know. And I am playing with the troll again. (puts self in corner).

  • Blackcat99

    @Fatcat: FATCAT.Kate is 28 years old.A persons face does not change that much in their twenties.When I look at Kate in Blue Crush she was cute and healthy and a body to die for.But, that is not what I see now.She looks old and haggard.I prefer the “Fat” Kate “FatCat”

  • Kelly

    Alexander is better off without her.

  • Blackcat99

    @Kelly: I could not agree with you more!

  • Camille

    KB looks ok here, but she shouldn’t wear white. She’s too pale for it. She looks better in the darker, brighter colours. She looked good yesterday and I liked her in the orange dress she wore at the Calvin Klein show, though it was far too big for her. I don’t particularly like her hair here though, it looks messy in the back. I liked the ponytail better.

  • Camille

    Hmm ok, she seems to have them there. It’s just sometimes she’s so much more puffy than others. Maybe that’s from facial peels, etc. She’s definitely had those I think. I just think back to the photos of her at the grocery store in February and her face was so red and raw looking. That was right before she left to go get that award of her wasn’t it, or was it the Vail festival?

  • Lena

    Hate on me all u want but, Kate looks beautiful!

  • Agree

    @Kelly: well sure alex is better off, he needs a MAN. everyone knows it. it is so unfortunate that his fans are going to be so disappointed in him.

  • Actually

    the cut of the dress is quite nice from be back, but from the front it makes her look old (even more so than the makeup). The top also makes her breasts look even smaller and the dress has somehow given her a tummy i did not know she had. It’s better than usual for her, but a definite downgrade from her first Deauville dress.

  • Actually

    As a porcelain skinned blonde, I do think that it is possible to wear white without looking completely washed out. But the clothing does need to be the right cut and you need to have the right makeup and hair. Although I do have hair a shade or two darker than her current do so that could be the difference. (And maybe my friends aren’t telling me the truth and I’m just kidding myself when I look in the mirror, hard to say.)

  • ladybug

    @Camille: The Vail thing was April. She’s definitely done something like peels, because her face freckles are now practically non-existent.

  • Camille

    Hmm, I don’t remember what it was then but she went somewhere right after that grocery store trip. Sundance maybe? I can’t remember but she was wearing that black leather dress I think.

  • chelle

    @Agree: I would rather him be with a man than DEATH ON A CRACKER

  • ladybug

    @Camille: London Fashion week was a couple of weeks later.

  • Blackcat99

    @Agree: I for one would not be disappointed in him.I do not give a flying F**k what his sexual preference is.I did care when he was with Kate.She just seems to suck the life out of everything she touches.He just looked so miserable when he was with her.She sure does seem to have a negative effect on people.

  • Camille

    Yes, I was just about to say that I was off with the festival. It was NYC fashion week and then London right after that.

  • chelle

    @Actually: are you a ghost too??? It sux! I always want to support my fave football team and really can’t since orange is the worst color against my ghost white skin …I look like a freaking pumpkin!!

  • Actually

    @chelle: Oh I definitely am a ghost too. My makeup shade is translucent light (one shade lighter than translucent), or as I like to call it “Pale Ghost”.

    And orange is definitely a no, no for me too (makes me look horrid), although some shades of yellow are even worse.

  • Jessie

    A link for tonight’s episode of TB if you don’t get HBO

  • unknown

    WAY too thin… she seriously has the body of a tween. She’s going to age so bad (already see wrinkles under her eyes) and have health problems if she keeps this up

  • JEN

    OMG is she wearing a ss padding? LMAO. She should have stuck some in the front, or you know gain some weight so she can have those things naturally.

  • tippie

    Ellen Barkin, 57, is TWICE Kate Bosworth’s age and looks just as good at Deauville Film Festival… if not better–better.html

  • Jessie

    Jesus she she needs to eat a GD sandwich, she’s bones. Ellen Barkin has a WAY better body at nearly 60.

  • Jessie

    Also, there’s something off about the top of KB’s dress. It’s like she has to lean back because it’s too big in the front or something.

  • I need a thesaurus

    She looks pretty here but also anorexic. There are probably thinner girls in hollywood but bosworth looks malnourished – look at the skin on her legs and her face.

  • Meh

    She fits with Michael Polish, he is real tiny and skinny just like her. As for alex, I agree with Agree.

  • ali

    I just don’t understand why she appeals to anyone…she’s not talented

  • bunch of nasty harpies

    @@61: Or maybe English is not her first language? Unlike you, poor ugly troll, who hardly knows grammar in your own fckn language

  • nasty harpies

    @chelle: whoa a surgeon spends her weekends talking sh*te about Kbos, LMAO. I wouldn’t want to be your patient, you nasty lowlife.

  • chelle go to helle

    @chelle: Oh, honey I could quote a lot of your stupidity (which is massive), let’s not go there pls

  • http://deleted Ellen

    She looks beautiful here – happy and healthy.

  • ladybug

    I see the troll spent the overnight hours talking to itself.

    tippie at @126, I love Ellen Barkin, but pretty sure she’s had work done.

  • Mel

    wow. shes stunning,lovely,pretty,beautiful!!

  • Eresyn

    The dress is very pretty, but the color is washing her out… and even that supposely lighter tones make you look bigger ,somehow she looks scrawnier than she is…:/

  • ♥The fifth member ♥

    Even tho I’m nasty and full of hate, I must admit Kate Boz looks very good in these pictures.
    @ladybug surgeon @chelle @camille @canuck:
    Gurls! we are under attack! we have our own haters (haters of haters) what can we do? maybe start our own site to chat.
    Chelle! you have a ‘a banging ass marine for a husband’? what you doing here then, go enjoy your banging ass husband.

  • Jessie

    Even other gossip sites don’t buy the KB cheated and dumped story. They also noted that KB doesn’t seem to mind being on the red carpet with her new BF so it must have been Alex that didn’t want to do it.

  • Saywhat

    @Jessie: And what is your point? So Alex did not walk red carpets with Kate and as he recently stated he would not talk about the relationship because he wanted to be known for his work. How is that a big deal? Kate and Orlando hardly walked the carpet together, rather they met up in the theater and were seen together after a premiere (like Kate and Alex). In what way would this show you the truth behind who dumped who? Paltrow walked carpets with Brad and Ben, but she has said that Chris does not want to do that. Meanwhile Pitt walks the carpet with anyone he has ever dated, and yet it is pretty obvious that he dumped Aniston. Your comment is beyond meaningless.

  • ASkars d*uchebag

    skarsgard is a d*uche..he treat his gf like s*it and has really a negative influence on she looks much better without him!!!

  • chelle

    @♥The fifth member ♥: at the moment I said that he was with his buddies watching football. Right now he’s with family. I am enjoying my rare weekend off. He’s leaving again soon …..overseas this time …you know there is a war still going on. I do spend my time with him when I have it. We also respect each others need to be with friends ..ect…bucnch of drunk football boys not my idea of fun.

  • chelle

    @♥The fifth member ♥: besides that my comment was to prove a point to someone else not give another troll a reason to spew venom ….besides I have other things to go do now …

  • Jessie

    If you’d bothered to read you’d have seen it wasn’t my comment and I was paraphrasing an article. An article which actually complimented how she looks. Feel free to keep opening your trap to stomp on someone before you actually read the comment though. Pfffff

  • Bee

    Wow, she actually looks presentable for a change! Dear Kate, please keep this up.

  • Stupid

    @Jessie: Then why exactly are you subjecting us to your “paraphrasing” of a nonsense article?

  • Chloe

    Some people like to read those articles. What’s the big deal? If you don’t like it, then don’t read it. I for one did, and I found it just fine because it does actually compliment her and just provides some additional thoughts on her red carpet with her new bf. You think that an article that makes one blurb about it and then spends the rest of the time complimenting her is nonsense? Get over it.

  • ellie’

    She is stunning !!!

  • burnt bacon

    So she’s gone from hot ass mess to generic Hollywood cookie cutter cutie. Good for her. The next step is blend in with the wallpaper like the rest of them do.