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George Clooney Discusses 'Descendants' in Telluride

George Clooney Discusses 'Descendants' in Telluride

George Clooney attends a Q&A session for his new movie, The Descendants, during the 38th Telluride Film Festival on Saturday (September 3) in Telluride, Colo.

The 50-year-old actor, with co-star Shailene Woodley, chatted about the dramedy, which centers around a land baron who tries to reconnect with his two daughters after his wife suffers a boating accident.

When asked how director Alexander Payne got him to cry for a critical scene, George replied, “He reminded me of how he didn’t cast me in Sideways.”

“So I let it all go. I also wet my pants at the same time,” he joked.

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197 Responses to “George Clooney Discusses 'Descendants' in Telluride”

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  1. 1
    Hibiscus Tea Says:

    Oh man. How does he get more gorgeous with each passing year?

    Love his smile and his relaxed, happy vibe as he sprawls fetchingly on that chair. <3!

  2. 2
    LOL Says:

    Only the Media loves Box Office Bomb Looney…..sooooo overrated in so many ways. All Hype no substance.

  3. 3
    LOL Says:

    I think they are more in love with his Lefty Politics than actual Talent.

  4. 4
    wow Says:

    Congrats George on Ides of March. Looks like we will be seeing you around a lot during awards season. You are very talented.

    There is a possiblity with this movie alone for him to get 3 Ocars because besides acting and directing it he wrote the movie!

  5. 5
    nyob Says:

    He looks hotter than ever here. Love the sweater/jeans combo on him.

  6. 6
    janie Says:

    “So I let it all go. I also wet my pants at the same time,” he joked. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!

  7. 7
    rporc Says:

    Oh Georgie! You’re looking gorgeous and doing great. Please stay a bachelor forever and your fans will love you more. You don’t need to be married to validate yourself as the Sexiest Man Alive Forever and Ever!!!

  8. 8

  9. 9
    Susie Says:

    Something really special!!

  10. 10
    Oliver Says:

    I’ve seen the movie, I still continue thinking…. it is unbelievable!

  11. 11
    Every Rose Has Its Thorn Says:

    Though he’s discussing The Descendants here, for which he’ll probably get best actor nomination given his dynamic performance, I’m convinced he should get best director nomination for Ides of March.
    The momentum builds up at a thrilling & fast pace.
    Engaged my mind continuously.
    Shocked & numbed me too.
    The kind of film audiences yearn for in such a dark political drama.
    @wow – Don’t know if best adapted screenplay qualifies as I thought it was loosely based on Farragut North. Could be though. And more than likely Best Supporting actor.

  12. 12
    Hang Ten Says:

    George looks super sexy & relaxed here.
    Haven’t seen him so happy & sincere for years. Least of all during the last few films he released.
    Must be proud of his brilliant work.
    Two great films coming out that will net him a lot of accolades.
    Both already receiving rave reviews.

  13. 13
    runswithbats Says:

    @Every Rose Has Its Thorn: Yes, he and Grant Heslov could be nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay rather than Best Original Screenplay. From the reviews so far, I’d say they have a good chance.

    I’m looking forward to seeing The Descedants and Ides of March.

  14. 14
    anna Says:

    I can’t wait for this film!

  15. 15
    George Says:

    @anna: Ohh sorry I could not wait, already watched it! :-D and I even liked, though I did not understand everything…

  16. 16
    Oh Really? Says:

    Katiedot “I’ve seen the pics – and will post them here later on – and they look really great together. As far as I can tell the pics don’t look photoshopped and it genuinely looks like George and Stacy together.” Whole this blog promotes George Clooney and paid by Stan Rosenfield. Katiedot is administrator.

  17. 17
    no way! Says:

    what Series#2 begin???
    Stan has never thought that it affects much in a bad way George’s reputation.
    Pay attention to lillo’s post who says that “Clooney! he have to apologize with american people!”

  18. 18
    Smell my pants! Says:

    O come on, Stan don’t give a damn about George,
    as well as about Charlie Sheen.
    He earns his money on hookers, his style never changes!

  19. 19
    I'm Smarter Than You! Says:

    @Hmm: yes RunWith Bats makes valid points. They’re the same that Silverscreen her alter ego states. Like she’s someone’s conscience.
    But they’re the same issues from over a year ago.
    Hermaphrodite Canalis were the fake ring over a year ago. I remember Elmer Fudd stating that “what can I say, she likes to wear rings..”
    Is George a pusssy?? A coward??
    Why can’t he put an end to this?
    Don’t give me baloney about compromising photos that Stan may release.
    Stan works to promote George and if he cleans out at the Academy Awards next year, Stan reaps the success too.
    If George has one iota of intelligence, he’ll delegate how he wants his publicity. Just as he did recently.
    Now they’re preparing the Keibler bulllshit.
    Someone has to have their cake and eat it too, now don’t they??
    And I’m still wondering if Kirstie Alley is just the patsy here.

  20. 20
    Pipe Says:

    @Referee: I know for sure – she was not in Venice.
    Of course first we will see pics, but you are right if so they could be made only in late July, after that they did not even cross. And judging by the mood of George and his real gal, no hookershit happened during this period.
    How George will react to it, we’ll see… I think Stan will finish badly, might even lead to the point that he had to resign.

  21. 21
    Oh Really? Says:

    @Referee: yes it is true on this and other sites were spread gay and other discredited rumors, has been done everything to separate him with his real girlfriend.
    Katiedot is not guilty, she and other administrators are paid and they write what Stan wants… but the question is whether George himself wants it?
    All this completely switches off the attention from the content of movies and of George himself… what George is so mad to cripple his films?
    recent interview show that he is happy and adequate!

    maybe we should pounder one more time about this post from
    Cash -…All these dancing girls – Kirstie Alley Horse Shop, has also two doctors by her side
    They brainwashed Stan… he is unstable and mentally prone, it is clear from his facial expressions and hand movements.
    So was born the joint project.
    they give out all the discrediting George information, happens like this:
    George is a gay – their motto, seven persons spread it to all threads
    George did you hear about? you should immediately date a girl, in Hollywood it is very important what other think of you… and so George did while they made money on hookers whom they shove to him to make promo.

    Dexter Gnome pushes the Keibler issue as a ruse that it’s to do with sabotaging Canalis Bulllshit. It is how it was told to George but Rosenfield is making profit from that association.
    “I wouldn’t be surprised if her voting is rigged & they keep her on the show until (LO & BEHOLD) The Descendants is released” it certainly helps not to remember his movies and to switch completely our attention onto hooker landscapes.

  22. 22
    leslie Says:

    now neither SIlverscreen nor anyone else can say that Katiedot was bought by Canalis because she was bought only by Stan himself. And the continuation of her defamatory activities, as well as financial bills, clearly tells us about it.

  23. 23
    50 Stan Says:

    @I’m Smarter Than You!: “All cut from the same cloth. Interchangeably scrofulous & mendacious. Vulgar, ugly women.” like George chooses them? or these are for him? He completely does not care actually. This is Stan’s merchandise for sale, Stan is just a usual Pimp and he selects the goods which he can sell to his clients. The girls for the most part are imbeciles and on drugs. Canalis by stupidity have told how much costs one night with her and how much she earned promoting her sex service to everyone while she was escorting George. Of course everyone would like to lay George’s “girlfriend” is like to lay George himself, and they pay exactly for this.

  24. 24
    Ideamonger Says:

    So now until all these money will not run out Canalis can spend them to participate in DWTS or elsewhere. I even have a great idea – why would DWTS not to do 2 phone numbers: one for voting and other to buy Canalis for a night. Attention *Canalis has become more accessible than ever! *
    And Stacy Kiebler even when “dating” with George says that she likes Brad Pitt so that it would be clear for everybody that she does not even care with whom, she only wants to be paid.

  25. 25
    Piano Says:

    @Cynical Semiotician: yeah, right! George himself put a piano onto his ballls and walks around winking “everything’s okay, I am completely fine!”

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