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Gerard Butler Picks Up a Pizza

Gerard Butler Picks Up a Pizza

Gerard Butler picks up a large pizza pie with a friend on Sunday (September 4) in Malibu, Calif.

The 41-year-old Scottish stud picked up the cheesy pie after spending the day on the beach!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Gerard Butler

Earlier in the day, Gerard made a quick phone call while on his way to eat breakfast.

The day before, a shirtless Gerry got some fresh air on the deck of a Malibu beach house as he took in the beautiful ocean views.

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  • jmho

    please stop stalking this poor guy!!!! give him a break already

  • Fabk

    @jmho: Even the GB brigade seemed to be stunned into silence for a while by the onslaught of inconsequential photos. Thought I might have to be the first to post. JJ not doing him any favours with all this.

  • bystander

    Somebody do a supermarket run for him, he has no food or coffee in the house.

  • lamey

    what’s with all the GB posts???

  • wtf?

    better a pizza than another real housewife, enjoy the carbs gerry you need them!

  • LOL

    I think Gerry could have had his pizza delivered if he wanted to. Or, I don’t know, just had his friend pick it up. Gerry is loving all this attention! He’s just about to promote two films. All this coverage is by design, folks. If JJ wasn’t posting these pix, Gerry and his PR would be panicking right now. They would be having a crisis meeting to figure out how to get JJ’s attention and no street musician in LA would be safe.

  • Aenneken

    Next time: “Gerard Butler sits on the toilet …”

  • Any publicity is …

    All of this stuff is PR and GB has a lot of money riding on MGP.
    While MGP is on limited release, it has to double its rumored 50$k budget to satisfy the backers and make money for the companies who invest in it AND GB also seems to need that people accpet him as a serious actor too! With limited releases for its opening, GB will have to hustle hard to get people to see it.
    Don’t for one minute, think that GB is not fully aware of the publicity he can attract, he is an ACTOR, and looking pi*ss*d off and anoyed with the Paps is just one of many faces he can pull. As others have said, Alan and his team will be making sure that he is in the spotlight. They all have big money riding on it.

  • bystander

    @Any publicity is …: well, in that case Gerry needs to find a new team, fast. This is such an unimaginative, one track strategy, as media scruff/hook up merchant just invites the public and critics to look for fault in acting performance . I think Gerry is going for media personality instead of serious actor ? Get a more professional team and LISTEN to them. It’s currently like the bank of England trying to manage the economy with only one tool in the box, interest rates.

  • ?

    Anyone know what that pin is that Gerry is wearing on his shirt? It looks like a celtic cross.

  • LisaT

    This poor man cannot do anything without being watched. He does not seem to be asking for it like some celebs either. This is almost stalking. Why should we care or need to know what he ate for lunch and that he made a phone call on his cell or had breakfast. These are very typical things that we all do.

  • legends

    His ‘friend’ is his surfing instructor, and the guy is wearing the same swimtrunks as G. was on that day of the beach pics with the mystery blonde (who everybody thought was his assistant).

    I kinda like the fact that he seems to make friendships out of his professional relationships. Everyone he’s ever worked with has said how incredibly niiiiccccccccceeeee he truly is- they probably can’t help but to want to hang with him.

  • GFW

    Pizza is one of my favorite foods, like ever! Fun to see he likes pizza too. Not that this is surprising. LOL Now I want to know what kind? Hummm.

  • scots girl

    Gerry, looking rumpled and unshaven – like the ‘average joe’ on the street . . . but better . . . MUCH better! (Sexy Gerry!)

  • legends

    Wonder how he likes Malibu? He seems like he’s adopted the casual lifestyle fairly quickly. Except for the paps, I bet he’s lovin’ it!

    Makes me want to move to Malibu . . . for the lifestyle I mean. eh hem*

  • http://gerard-butler-picks-up-a-pizzacomment-page-1 CHOLITA

    Hola a todos,siempre hay que levantarse con energia y alegria,les dejo una bonita cancion de NEK, a bailar temprano….AMOR IMENSO,tu la dueña de todos mis besos,cuando tu te vas soy un desierto,yo que me burlaba del amor,y ya me vez ,y ya me vez.La vida es amanecer y despertar donde tu estes.Quedate aqui y abrazame,lo que me pidas yo te lo dare.En tu cuerpo se cumplen todos mis sueños,si estoy vivo es por ti .AMOR IMENSO yo no se contar cuanto te quiero,si te veo lejana siento miedo,es porque comprendo que sin ti no vivire.Desde que llegaste no hay nadie mas,porque te quiero tener una y otra vez,otra vez……..amorcito good morning…adios

  • trying to figure it out


  • trying to figure it out

    Sorry, my post went off into Never-Never-Land.

    I was going to say, the next set of photos will be Gerry out doing his grocery shopping. Why send a friend when he can get more publicity?

  • Can’tGetEnough

    @GFW: I wish there was a pic of him actually stuffing a slice into this mouth!

  • Girl with a cap

    I wonder why they omitted to post the pictures with the girl on the pizza run?

  • Intrusive

    @Girl with a cap:

    Nothing to do with him I suppose. Just a passer by.

  • hmmm hmmm

    why are all the articles saying Gerry at his “friend’s beach house”that’s the house he rented for the interview with the Dutch chick and clearly must be renting for the summer

  • liz

    Why do you idiots assume it’s with a girl maybe he is just having some guy time.maybe that is his friend and not a passerby. Get a life.

  • #.

    @Girl with a cap
    I was wondering the same thing.Can anyone enlarge the Ramey Pix.
    It looks like she is wearing the c*ck hat.
    I get the feeling that she was with him.

  • Girl with a cap

    @#.: You can see her walking behind him on one of the pics on Isopix. If she wasn’t with him and his friend, she wouldn’t have been next to them walking back to the car with the pizza after the street pic (Ramey).

    It’s not that she might be with him or not that annoys me, it’s the fact that some sites seem to omit pics, or even crop out some people from group shots. I think my questionning is legitimate, even if it struck a nerve with @Liz !

  • hmmm hmmm

    Looks like Mel’s ex Oksana. Too scary to contemplate.

  • #.

    @Girl with a cap
    Yes I think that she was with him.In a pic on another site she is standing by the car.I don’t know why some sites print all of the pics and other sites choose to leave some out.
    Maybe Gerry asked for her pic not to be printed or something.He has done in the past.

  • hmmm hmmm

    don’t get so excited she could be the friend’s girlfriend and the paps figured that out and therefore wasn’t important to get her in the shot

  • ?.

    It is not the c*ck hat.It is the Black&White cap Gerry was wearing a few threads back starbucks with Lolita.

  • #.

    I wondered how long it would be before someone starts trashing the poor girl just because she dare be with Gerry.
    @hmmm hmmm
    You can’t really tell from those 2 pics what she looks like.But from what I can see she looks a pretty girl.Not scary looking at all.She’s got a great figure.Not many people could wear that.

  • Who knows…

    maybe she was his one night stand (wink)!!or like hmmm hmmm said , she could be the friends GF.

  • Can’tGetEnough

    No one should be getting uptight about the girl nor should anyone bash her. Remember the girl on the beach? She was wearing his white t shirt. This girl could be just a friend, she could be the GF of one of the guys or she could be one of G’s FWB. That black and white hat looked new maybe one of the guys got one too or maybe she asked to borrow it from G, who knows? Regardless, we all know Gerry is a private person when it comes to his relationships and it’s highly unlikely he’d be parading around his half-naked GF in Malibu with paps on every corner!

  • angelsrock

    @hmmm hmmm:

    Exactly why I don’t believe most of what is written on the gossip sites.

  • Me2

    From what I see, the girl is with them , not some passerby . She could be a friend but we’ll probably never know.

  • ?.

    @Who Knows
    “like hmmm hmmm said she could be the friends GF”

    hmm or she could be Gerry’s.

  • ?.

    “Gerry is a private person when it comes to his relationships and it’s highly unlikely that he would be parading around his half-naked GF in Malibu with paps on every corner”.

    Gerry himself has said that he hides them in plain sight.Just sayin’.

  • hmmm hmmm

    @#.: Oksana is a scary thought. You misunderstood.

  • lea

    St Patrick’s Day in September?

  • ?.

    St.Patricks Day is 17th March.

    Zimbio has posted more photo’s of the day at the beach on Saturday. The same girl is there. She is in the car.

  • hmmm hmmm

    @lea: I got the joke lea.

  • hmmm hmmm

    @?.: You don’t know that is the same girl. Not all of Gerry’s friends can be gay, some of them must have girlfriends. After all they don’t need to hide theirs.

  • liz

    Please findout who this girl is for me I know all of you out there want to know.please send this photo to

  • #.

    I don’t mean to be rude but it is nobodys business who the girl is. Why are you so interested?.Just let them be.
    @hmmm hmmm
    I also think it is the same girl.
    Those surfing pics on zimbio are the first ones i’ve seen of Gerry standing up and not falling off.All of this practice must be paying off.

  • hmmm hmmm

    You got better eyes than me. Like most blondes in Malibu look alike so do the brunettes. Half of Gerry’s male friends all look alike. Weird. Except baldy that’s one of the MGP producer dudes.

  • Beware

    Be cautious JJer’s! #. and ?. is you know who. She is trying to get everyone riled up about the brunette girl. If you notice all the posts by #. and ?. they are persistent about the girl. Same person using different monikers. Best to ignore and not respond.

  • #.

    I don’t know what you mean.This is my first time posting on this thread.Who am I meant to be?.I have answered posts that have been directed at me and just said that people shouldn’t trash her just because she was with Gerry.Other people @liz,@Me2,@Can’tGetEnough@?@who knows and @hmmm hmmm are mentioning the girl also it is not just me.

  • redOctober

    Not the best quality photo but I like this poster

  • #.

    Love that poster pic .Thanks for posting.
    Can’t wait to see it on Sunday.
    I hope MGP does really well for Gerry.
    It’s about time that he gets some recognition for his work.

  • redOctober


    You’re welcome . I hope the movie does well for all involved, specially the children’s cause. I’d like to see the movie too, but I have no idea when or if it’ll be released in my country.

  • GFW

    @19 CantGetEnough, LOL I’m not too sure I could handle watching Gerry actually eat the pizza. He’s a very erotic mouth. Serious as cancer I am. Unless of course I’m across the table and he’s sharing it, and a good long Tall Tale, with me… while I watching him chew! :o)