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Gerard Butler Picks Up a Pizza

Gerard Butler Picks Up a Pizza

Gerard Butler picks up a large pizza pie with a friend on Sunday (September 4) in Malibu, Calif.

The 41-year-old Scottish stud picked up the cheesy pie after spending the day on the beach!

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Earlier in the day, Gerard made a quick phone call while on his way to eat breakfast.

The day before, a shirtless Gerry got some fresh air on the deck of a Malibu beach house as he took in the beautiful ocean views.

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177 Responses to “Gerard Butler Picks Up a Pizza”

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  1. 26
    hmmm hmmm Says:

    Looks like Mel’s ex Oksana. Too scary to contemplate.

  2. 27
    #. Says:

    @Girl with a cap
    Yes I think that she was with him.In a pic on another site she is standing by the car.I don’t know why some sites print all of the pics and other sites choose to leave some out.
    Maybe Gerry asked for her pic not to be printed or something.He has done in the past.

  3. 28
    hmmm hmmm Says:

    don’t get so excited she could be the friend’s girlfriend and the paps figured that out and therefore wasn’t important to get her in the shot

  4. 29
    ?. Says:

    It is not the c*ck hat.It is the Black&White cap Gerry was wearing a few threads back starbucks with Lolita.

  5. 30
    #. Says:

    I wondered how long it would be before someone starts trashing the poor girl just because she dare be with Gerry.
    @hmmm hmmm
    You can’t really tell from those 2 pics what she looks like.But from what I can see she looks a pretty girl.Not scary looking at all.She’s got a great figure.Not many people could wear that.

  6. 31
    Who knows... Says:

    maybe she was his one night stand (wink)!!or like hmmm hmmm said , she could be the friends GF.

  7. 32
    Can'tGetEnough Says:

    No one should be getting uptight about the girl nor should anyone bash her. Remember the girl on the beach? She was wearing his white t shirt. This girl could be just a friend, she could be the GF of one of the guys or she could be one of G’s FWB. That black and white hat looked new maybe one of the guys got one too or maybe she asked to borrow it from G, who knows? Regardless, we all know Gerry is a private person when it comes to his relationships and it’s highly unlikely he’d be parading around his half-naked GF in Malibu with paps on every corner!

  8. 33
    angelsrock Says:

    @hmmm hmmm:

    Exactly why I don’t believe most of what is written on the gossip sites.

  9. 34
    Me2 Says:

    From what I see, the girl is with them , not some passerby . She could be a friend but we’ll probably never know.

  10. 35
    ?. Says:

    @Who Knows
    “like hmmm hmmm said she could be the friends GF”

    hmm or she could be Gerry’s.

  11. 36
    ?. Says:

    “Gerry is a private person when it comes to his relationships and it’s highly unlikely that he would be parading around his half-naked GF in Malibu with paps on every corner”.

    Gerry himself has said that he hides them in plain sight.Just sayin’.

  12. 37
    hmmm hmmm Says:

    @#.: Oksana is a scary thought. You misunderstood.

  13. 38
    lea Says:

    St Patrick’s Day in September?

  14. 39
    ?. Says:

    St.Patricks Day is 17th March.

    Zimbio has posted more photo’s of the day at the beach on Saturday. The same girl is there. She is in the car.

  15. 40
    hmmm hmmm Says:

    @lea: I got the joke lea.

  16. 41
    hmmm hmmm Says:

    @?.: You don’t know that is the same girl. Not all of Gerry’s friends can be gay, some of them must have girlfriends. After all they don’t need to hide theirs.

  17. 42
    liz Says:

    Please findout who this girl is for me I know all of you out there want to know.please send this photo to

  18. 43
    #. Says:

    I don’t mean to be rude but it is nobodys business who the girl is. Why are you so interested?.Just let them be.
    @hmmm hmmm
    I also think it is the same girl.
    Those surfing pics on zimbio are the first ones i’ve seen of Gerry standing up and not falling off.All of this practice must be paying off.

  19. 44
    hmmm hmmm Says:

    You got better eyes than me. Like most blondes in Malibu look alike so do the brunettes. Half of Gerry’s male friends all look alike. Weird. Except baldy that’s one of the MGP producer dudes.

  20. 45
    Beware Says:

    Be cautious JJer’s! #. and ?. is you know who. She is trying to get everyone riled up about the brunette girl. If you notice all the posts by #. and ?. they are persistent about the girl. Same person using different monikers. Best to ignore and not respond.

  21. 46
    #. Says:

    I don’t know what you mean.This is my first time posting on this thread.Who am I meant to be?.I have answered posts that have been directed at me and just said that people shouldn’t trash her just because she was with Gerry.Other people @liz,@Me2,@Can’tGetEnough@?@who knows and @hmmm hmmm are mentioning the girl also it is not just me.

  22. 47
    redOctober Says:

    Not the best quality photo but I like this poster

  23. 48
    #. Says:

    Love that poster pic .Thanks for posting.
    Can’t wait to see it on Sunday.
    I hope MGP does really well for Gerry.
    It’s about time that he gets some recognition for his work.

  24. 49
    redOctober Says:


    You’re welcome . I hope the movie does well for all involved, specially the children’s cause. I’d like to see the movie too, but I have no idea when or if it’ll be released in my country.

  25. 50
    GFW Says:

    @19 CantGetEnough, LOL I’m not too sure I could handle watching Gerry actually eat the pizza. He’s a very erotic mouth. Serious as cancer I am. Unless of course I’m across the table and he’s sharing it, and a good long Tall Tale, with me… while I watching him chew! :o)

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