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Gerard Butler Picks Up a Pizza

Gerard Butler Picks Up a Pizza

Gerard Butler picks up a large pizza pie with a friend on Sunday (September 4) in Malibu, Calif.

The 41-year-old Scottish stud picked up the cheesy pie after spending the day on the beach!

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Earlier in the day, Gerard made a quick phone call while on his way to eat breakfast.

The day before, a shirtless Gerry got some fresh air on the deck of a Malibu beach house as he took in the beautiful ocean views.

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177 Responses to “Gerard Butler Picks Up a Pizza”

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  1. 51
    SarahNL Says:

    he got old so fast?! I used to love the movies he was in.. now I have no idea in which movies he’s been in lately.. ? what happened

  2. 52
    Iz Says:

    Today is Freddie for a Day, another great Brit !

  3. 53
    Iz Says:
    please help raise awareness against HIV/AIDS

  4. 54
    curious cat Says:


    We almost had that! He was caught leaving a portable toilet on the set of TUT.

    There are a bunch of witty people here today.

  5. 55
    Buttercup Says:

    I think Gerry is worse than them middle east men who hide their women!! And please its not about protecting her or what fans on the net think! Gerry has always done things that makes him happy if he was serious about any one of them he would bring her out and be proud and normal.

    And if does have a GF he hides then thats just plain dumb and no decent, intelligent woman would put up with that! He flirts and makes out with randoms and travels the world and events she would have to have a really big heart to put up with that. Im not saying she hog the limelight but make an appearance with him occasionally! I personally think he has lots of FWB and if he comes open with one it will p!ss the rest off and he doesnt want that he himself said he loves them all and variety dont think he cant stick to just one or maybe he needs keep going through many to fine the ‘ONE’ lol

  6. 56
    curious cat Says:


    Will it surprise anyone if he buys a home there soon?

  7. 57
    curious cat Says:


    Did actually ever say that? I have heard him say while people are gossiping about him with women he’s been “linked to” by the press, he’s been in a few relationships people didn’t find out about. I don’t know about hiding them in plain site. But here we go again, speculating about a female person he’s seen in a pap picture with.

  8. 58
    Earlyautumn's Eve Says:

    @Girl with a cap:

    Some sites don’t want his personal life discussed per his request or so they say. Some did show Laurie with him which means he was OK with it. She must have been a serious contender. But I think it’s up to the site administrators to decide ultimately. Some don’t mind a conversation about his ladies/dates/hookups but others feel it’s an invasion of his privacy.

  9. 59
    curious cat Says:

    @ Buttercup
    W’ve been over that ground before. No, most of us here agree no self-respecting woman would put up with being a hidden GV. Even Clooney openly acknowledges GFs.
    I’d say the evidence is against him having a longterm relationship going on.


    I add my thanks for that poster. You don’t know when or give MCP will show in your country? I can’t resist asking what country you live in. (you don’t need to answer of course.) Maybe you’ve said in the past and I forgot, but somehow I’ve thought you were in USA. I don’t know when it will show where I live either (Hawaii). We don’t get everything here, as I’ve said on a previous thread. We had one art theater and that’s gone now. Maybe we’ll get MGP, less likely Coriolanus. The only reason “The Tempest” played here was that it was filmed in Hawaii, and it ran for 2 nights at the Hawaii Film Festival and maybe a week in a regular theater, not one of the big ones. It’s too bad–we miss a lot of good films–but I suppose the population here doesn’t support the ones that aren’t guaranteed moneymakers.

    btw, I keep looking with disbelief at recent photos of Gerard Depardieu like the one posted above. So overweight! He was considered quite a hunk years ago although I never found him handsome myself. How do these stars let themselves go like this?

  10. 60
    Earlyautumn's Eve Says:

    @curious cat:

    He already has one in Los Feliz and I think after he no longer needs the one he’s renting, he’ll be gone from there. Too many paps around for every day living. He’s better off up in the hills away from it all. Besides he’s made enough friends there now he can make a pest of himself visiting them. LOL!
    But speaking of that, I wonder if he he is going to look for another apartment in NYC again? I had heard that the lovely loft he has now was fine up until they built a highrise blocking his view of the Hudson. He was looking at bigger ones there for a while but nothing floated his boat I guess. I know he likes to bring family over and he could use the space rather then put them up in a hotel. I’m bored today.

  11. 61
    curious cat Says:

    Oops! Sorry for all the typos. I wish JJ had a preview feature as some sites do, so you can edit what you wrote. But we all do it, writing quick and dirty, and I usually don’t bother to correct because I figure peeps know what I mean.

    Of course I meant GF not GV and don’t want to speculate on what a GV might be. Let’s not GO there. :) I meant sight not site, and “when and if” etc.

    Happy Labor Day, even if it’s not celebrated where you live. For those who may not know it’s a U.S. holiday to celebrate and honor the contributions of the working people, who get NOT to work today.

  12. 62
    Earlyautumn's Eve Says:


    I think you’re right. Same MO.

  13. 63
    Can'tGetEnough Says:

    @curious cat: Happy Labor Day to you too Cat, and thanks for the chuckle over the GV. I knew you meant GF, but I sat there wondering how many weird and nasty things we could come up with as to what GV stood for! =)

  14. 64
    curious cat Says:

    Drat it! I’ve just been made a liar! The garbage truck just went by picking up trash. They have to WORK today! Bummer. Well, there are exceptions. Fire and police and hospitals and other essential services have to function. But most people have the day off.

    I didn’t put out my bin. But I am an avid recycler and had two little grocery store bags of trash. So at least I saved the guys one pickup.

  15. 65
    curious cat Says:


    Somebody thumbed me down for my oops though. Go figgah as they say here, what offends people. :)

  16. 66
    redOctober Says:

    @curious cat:

    No problem answering to that ; ) . I’m from Argentina, from the capital city to be exact. And I have no idea when or if we’ll get to see Coriolanus or MGP. Movies usually premier here at the same time with the rest of the world, the blockbuster ones or those expected to be. So far we’ve got all of Gerry movies including Shattered. We’ll see.

  17. 67
    Earlyautumn's Eve Says:

    @curious cat:

    Yes I noticed the truck and the guy staring down in to my empty bin this morning. I thought they would pick up tomorrow. Now my trash will sit there a week.
    Question, why did my post get a thumbs down for talking about Gerry’s abodes? There’s some strange birds flying over this place! LOL!
    @#.: @?.:

    It’s true every one of your posts makes some inference to a GF or some strange girl in a pic. And as far as I can see, no one has dissed any girl he’s with. What’s your problem? I would think you’d have given this crusade of yours up by now as a lost cause! No one is going to go bonkers over any gf here.
    Unless you’re purpose is just bent on irritating people, why don’t you drop it about the mystery girls or GF and just post about the topic at hand! The dude was snogging Brandi Glanville at a party a few nights ago per her. I’m doubting any long term GF exists so give it up!
    Butler likes to talk trash. He doesn’t hide any real GF. He might hide his casual hook ups or dates but not anyone serious. And I will wager you, if and when he gets a serious one, we will see her! Trust me! Jeannia Robinette…serious. Laurie C. ….serious. Why? Because we saw them in pics with him. In the meantime, who gives a rusty fck! LOL!

  18. 68
    Earlyautumn's Eve Says:


    One of the producers of MGP says that it is out in limited release first to see how it does. She said many movies are released this way. Then it will go out in a wider market. Be patient. My money’s on that it will be out before Christmas!

  19. 69
    Earlyautumn's Eve Says:

    @curious cat:

    As regards to the “other” Gerard, I used to think he was sexy too. Even though he wasn’t what you’d call handsome, he had a sweet charm to him. He was a big doofus of a guy, all man, but seemed sweet and gentle. Did you see him in “Greencard”? I think unfortunately though some people don’t age well. If he lost a bit of weight perhaps it would benefit him. He’s seems more pudgy now rather then just a big guy. You can get away with pudgy if you have a pretty face or you can get away with an ugly face with a good bod but you’re sunk if you don’t have a pretty face and you’re a pudgkin! LOL!

  20. 70
    Earlyautumn's Eve Says:


    I miss Freddy! One of the all time great bands, Queen! But he didn’t have to die. I heard that he denied his illness until it was too far gone to treat. That’s too bad. There will never be another like him!

  21. 71
    redOctober Says:

    @Earlyautumn’s Eve:

    I’m sure both movies will arrive here in a few months. Around Christmas and New Year when we are in the middle of Summer vacation , it’s the time for the new movies.

  22. 72
    Earlyautumn's Eve Says:


    Yes, I agree. I think they test the waters to see what else is coming out when so as not to have too much competition and/or the same genre films coming out at the same time. I’m sure it’s all a well thought out strategy on their part….whoever THEY are! LOL!

  23. 73
    GFW Says:

    Be prepared for his uninhibited emotional intelligence on the Machine Gun Preacher junket. The emergence of a new kind of leading man.
    An intuitive actor with and life-lived intellectual intensity garnered by mixed emotions. He has a lot to give. Fantasy and fear.
    His sense of emotional optimism will be infectious. Allow yourself to witness a man, whose an actor, whose taken flight to inspire the best part of you to come out. He knows what and who he is. Self-aware like no other man. Gerry’s upcoming impact will be powerful. His emotional force will be felt. He’ll hit you head-on in the solar plexus.

  24. 74
    redOctober Says:

    @Earlyautumn’s Eve:

    You’re right . It’s all about what other films will be released at the same time and if THEY are ready to risk money with a controversial movie (MGP) or a Shakespeare one like Coriolanus.

  25. 75
    silva Says:

    You’re exactly right!
    You’ll also notice that #. and ?. have the formatting “tell” that gives her away.

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