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Miranda Kerr Covers 'Elle' October 2011

Miranda Kerr Covers 'Elle' October 2011

Miranda Kerr shows off her toned tummy on the cover of Elle magazine’s October 2011 issue.

The 28-year-old model rocked a Yves Saint Laurent skirt, bandeau bikini top from Victoria’s Secret, chain belt from Douglas Rosin Decorative, bracelets from Verdura, necklaces from House of Lavande and other goodies on the cover!

“While the clothes reference ’80s Elle, we wanted the skin to be clean, glossy, young, and modern,” said Soleimani, who helped style Miranda.

Also gracing their own cover’s are fellow Victoria’s Secret Angels Chanel Iman, Adriana Lima, and Doutzen Kroes.

The four beauties helped throwback to 80s Elle in a bikini beach photoshoot.

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Credit: Alexi Hay style: Joe Zee
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  • evelyn

    I personally find Doutzen and Adriana much better looking then Miranda.. Maybe it’s partly because they aren’t ALL OVER blog sites that I enjoy seeing them every once in a while :)

  • meg

    They’re all gorgeous. Damn.

  • Emma

    What happened to her neck?? lol

  • A

    Adriana <3

  • A

    Chanel Iman looks so young but pretty :)

  • NYCoolKid


  • wennjedd

    holy crap that is adriana? her face is so…BLOATED. no wonder she is not much a covergirl. that face is only good A** up in cheap lingerie. Doutzen is by FARRRR the most facially beautiful.

  • art

    Sick of VS models doing things “together” lol. A real model shoots an Elle cover on her own and a real model walks a Prada or Balenciaga runway because she is wanted solo,not as some cheap fashion gimmick. Having said that, Doutzen and Chanel are the most convincable as fashion models. The others, wow stick to VS and covergirl commercials…

  • Beaverbucky

    Miranda/Adriana rodent faces! gimme some them nuts!

  • lexy hates bilson

    She looks great!

  • @All

    Fug Loser magazine

  • Roby

    She like Africa girl but alot like Adriana lima.

  • JC

    so they can only get work as “vs models”? LOL

  • Mikki

    Baby Flynn defintly has two beautiful parents!

  • Ann


    I agree that Doutzen is the best looking. I think you missed the part where it said they all got covers.

  • ka simply amazing

    no candice

  • ka simply amazing

    candice more stunning and sexy then anyone of them

  • James

    Miranda & Megan & Adriana now geting changer face. But Adrianna too old looking than babies mi-me .

  • IMp

    Miranda love her but her face looks incredibly photoshopped on that cover! I usually get mad when people call her chipmunk but there her cheeks look *stuffed*! :(

  • panteemodel

    WOW Miranda and Doutzen got their 100+ covers only after a few years of modeling. Adriana only 70 something after over 10 years, lollolololololol. she suck

  • XXX

    Adriana >_< hots & sexy than other models but they are pretty.

  • @8

    Funny that you say that a real model is not part of a “gimmick”, then say that Doitzen is a real model.
    The reason that this is funny is that Doutzen has always been too big to walk a HF runway, and only took part in the Prada show because of the VS “gimmick” that they used that season.
    Miranda is the one that has walked Balenciaga alone, as a ‘real model’ for several seasons.
    So using your own logic, Miranda is the real fashion model, not Doutzen.

  • ta

    Adriana looks like she is modelling p*rn.
    Chanel looks like she is modelling for ’17′.
    Doutzen looks beautiful, but her face looks different. She doesn’t look as stunning as she normally does.
    Miranda looks gorgeous!
    I can’t wait to see Miranda in the Fantasy Bra this year!

  • yeahright

    @@8: Doutzen was a pure fashion model before VS. Miranda was an anonymous aussie model modeling for Cleo magazine lmfao. Elle is nothing. Now if they can get an American Vogue cover or Harper’s Bazaar then we’ll talk. Oh wait Doutzen been there done that!

  • @24

    No, Doutzen is a great model, and I adore her, but she is too big to be HF. She is fabulous in print ads, though, where her classic beauty can shine.
    Miranda is a HF model, she has proved that. And you can’t ignore other Vogues and Harper’s. That will just get you laughed at, and makes you look like a hater.
    You can’t say that Miranda making three Vogue covers, including Vogue Italia, and numerous other HF magazines means nothing because they aren’t American Vogue. That is ridiculous.

  • I love v.s.Angel models

    Doutzen Amazing cover

  • Cheryl

    She is as cute as a button! What a pretty young woman she is and has such a lovely presence.

  • tisch

    I’m LOLing over the fact that Chanel was the new Angel that they are featuring in the shoot and not Miss look-at-me-while-I-stand-in-front-of-real-Angels Candice.

  • YAY!

    I love all of the girls!
    But I wonder where Ale is? Did she not take part in this shoot?

  • forgetf

    agree w/ whoever said Adriana looks like she is a P*rno model. what’s new? There is a reason her whole career she is mostly a VS/GQ model…One reason why I never liked her. too cheap looking and vulgar. All her shoot look like she in maxim mag or hugh hefners girl! blegh…She doesn’tr have that ultra supermodel hiogh fashion class like naomi,linda,claudia,kate etc.. had. her mouth always open,,,same poses she sooo boring! Miranda on the other hand really has something. I think she is a great model. Same as Doutzen.

  • keke

    If Doutzen is too big than surely Adriana is too. They have similar builds (big shoulders,short necks,wide waists) I guess Doutzen just gets the flack because she has thicker thighs/bum. Adriana has a chanel iman body down below, doutzren body up top. LOL. very mis proportioned. Miranda by far has the best, most modelesque body. Thin and graceful enough for high fashion but “healthy” enough for commercial modeling.

  • yes!

    Miranda and Doutzen are my favorites!
    They both seem like such sweethearts.

  • @31

    True. You’ll never see Adriana on a HF runway outside of the gimmick that was being used a year ago.

  • Trudie

    @forgetf: Desperate much? So threatened you feel that you must knock Adriana down to lift Miranda–the Cabbage patch kid, desperate for attention?

    Adriana didn’t sleep with greesy bear loser Brandon Davis. Nor does she parade herself around to the paparazzi. She’s not that desperate.

    Adriana is the only one of those girls who GOT MARRIED before she got knocked up, which makes her, by and large, the most respectable and decent.

    Her exotic looks is unmatched.

  • http://deleted Trudie

    @@31: Adriana recently modeled for Givenchy and walked their runway.

    It’s not her fault she’s sexy and the models on runways look like teenage boys or aliens.

  • Maria

    Adriana- wow, she is stunning!! And so naturally sexy. Miranda is pretty/ cute but not sexy. but Adriana just makes me want to look at her more- she has that unidentifieable beauty- it just works!!!! I mean- she is the ost beautiful and only beautiful of the models imo.

  • @34

    No one needs to cut Adriana down to lift Miranda up. As far as fashion is concerned, Miranda is head and shoulders above Adriana without anyone having to say a word.
    And no, Adriana doesn’t parade around in front of the paps, she calls them and makes scheduled appointments. How else could she get them to take pictures of her new baby to be published around the world when no one really cares about her?. She poses for them happily with her cyclops of a husband.
    And are you really claiming that women who aren’t virgins when they get married are not respectable? Is that where your desperation to insult Miranda is taking you? really? Is this 1865?
    BTW, referenceing Brandon just outed you as a delphidiot. Only you morons could possibly believe that load of garbage.

  • @35

    I agree. I wish that more models were built like Adiana or Doutzen, but that’s just not how it is.
    Adriana walked for Givenchy the same year that the other VS girls walked for Prada. It was just a fad that year that all of the top designers used a couple of ‘real women’ in their shows.
    Larger girls can do beautiful print work. But runways really do need tall, skinny girls to make the clothes look better.
    Gorgeous Doutzen looked like a line backer on the Prada runway. It was just not fair to put her in that show.

  • sara

    I think that Doutzen is the most beautiful of the bunch. She has a classic beauty that is gorgeous from any angle. Miranda comes in a close second in my book. She is absolutely gorgeous, but her features are not quite ‘classic’. She and Doutzen both have faces that can look beautiful without a smidge of makeup.
    Adriana has an exotic beauty, and her eyes are amazing! But her mouth and jaw just aren’t that attractive to me. maybe it’s just the way that she holds her face, but she can sometimes looks vulgar.
    Chanel is really cute. But IMO, she’s not a great beauty. Maybe she will come into her own as she gets older and more confidant.
    Them’s my two cents. ;)

  • http://deleted Trudie

    @@34: Who cares about Miranda again?

    Good trends: Miranda v. Adriana:

    The better question is–who cares about Miranda?

    All her famewhoring and people still seem to care more about Lima.

    Adriana isn’t desperate enough to call paps–Miranda is. Miranda is low-class. Dates Brandon Davis and fights with Paris Hilton. Adriana doesn’t hang out with those lowlives, sorry.

    Furthermore, Adriana didn’t have a shotgun wedding, by getting knocked up first.
    Adriana’s husband may be ugly–I’ll give you that, but at least her marriage has a higher chance of lasting than Cabbage Patch’s marriage.

    When you look at Lima, as these pictures show, she grips you. You can’t turn away. FACT.

  • http://deleted Trudie

    @@34: As you can see Miranda needs gimmicks–getting knocked up, shotgun wedding, parading around baby pics on Twitter to get people to give a damn.

    Despite Adriana being out of the limelight, she’s still more searched for than Miranda. Ouch!

  • @trudie

    Adriana has been a successful model for a long time. She is very famous, no one is saying that she isn’t. But your going on and on about Miranda, claiming that she isn’t successful or well known is the sign of a desperate hater.
    FACT: Miranda has a HF career that Adriana will never have.
    FACT: Adriana has peaked, and has nothing left but VS, whereas Miranda keeps moving up.
    FACT: Orlando and Miranda are much more famous as a couple than Adriana and What’shisname, so if ANYONE has to call the paps, it’s Adriana.
    FACT: Miranda never posted a picture of Flynn’s face. Who did? Oh yeah. Adriana and Doutzen.
    FACT: No matter how many times you dephidiots claim otherwise, Miranda never dated Brandon. And she never hung around Paris. Paris stealing her dress at a fashion show is hardly “hanging out”.
    BTW, opinions can’t be facts. You really need to get that straight.
    IMO, Adriana looks like a hooker. Notice I said IMO, and not FACT.

  • @Trudie

    Is there such a thing these days as a “shotgun wedding”?
    No one HAS to get married if they get pregnant anymore. Especially financially secure women like Doutzen and Miranda. That’s just judgemental and ridiculous.

  • http://deleted Trudie

    @@trudie: Miranda looks like a Cabbage patch kid.

    Adriana doesn’t call paps. She’s not that desperate. If Adriana wanted fame, she’d have dated a number of famous Hollywood suitors, but she chose NOT to, because she is NOT desperate for fame. She does not use famous men to further her career.

    Miranda’s HF career? Where is that? Miranda is what she is–a Gisele Bundchen wannabe who’ll never be.

    FACT: Adriana has a raw, exotic Brazilian sex appeal that Miranda just will never have.People find Adriana naturally sexy… others are threatened by that. She doesn’t have TO TRY to be sexy…unlike Miranda, the Blake Lively of modeling.

    Calling Adriana a hooker is pointless, because we know this about Adriana: SHE HAS MORALS. She waited until marriage to have sex and didn’t get KNOCKED UP out-of-wedlock and then got married to save face (Miranda). She got married FIRST.

    I find it ironic that you’re calling Adriana a porn star. Adriana, who never had her first kiss until 17. Who wanted to be a nun, but chose modeling to help her poor family. Who waited until marriage for sex and who doesn’t date famous men to further her career. Adriana, who, according to her fellow Angels, is very shy.

    It’s not her fault if her sex appeal comes through in pictures. She’s naturally sexy.

    PS. Orlando Bloom is a B- actor at best. He’s not A-list Leo. Chiding Lima because her husband isn’t famous is silly. If Adriana wanted an A-list boyfriend she could’ve gotten one, including Tom Brady who actually tried to date her back in 2004 (at the time she was dating someon else).

    That proves my point about Lima. Lima is NOT fame hungry. She doesn’t date men based on how famous they are, and how much press they can get her. Miranda does.

    If you want to see where the namecalling on this thread started, look at the first post by Miranda’s Aussie fangirls.

  • @Trudie

    You’re right.
    Whoever heard of some dude named Lenny Kravitz?
    Oh, did you forget that Adriana dated him when she was climbing the ladder of fame?
    Funny that you claim Miranda dated famous men to get ahead, when Orlando is the first famous guy that she dated.
    Not very consistant with your insults, are you?
    BTW, Adriana has said herself that the ‘virginity’ quote was taken out of context, and that she didn’t really believe that you had to be a virgin when you married.
    But you are right when you say that Miranda will never have the “raw Brazillian beauty” that Adriana has. Well. That’s because Miranda isn’t Brazillian. LOL!

  • @45

    “Miranda looks like a Cabbage patch kid”
    You delphidiots don’t even try to hide anymore, do you.
    So pathetic.
    And do you really expect anyone to take anything you say seriously after that? Especially when you are applying your delphidiot double standard?
    Adriana dated Lenny Kravitz, and a Prince. Miranda dated a struggling rocker. Now who exactly are you claiming dated multiple men to advance their careers?
    Miranda landed Orlando Freakin’ Bloom.
    Adriana landed a ‘frond’.
    That’s not Miranda’s fault.

  • @45 here

    Darn, I hate it when a post gets deleted and the numbers change.
    That comment was meant for what is now #44.

  • ha ha


    if you look on internet, there are pics of Adriana actually getting effed, they are not fake, so please, no innocent flower this girl…..

  • http://deleted Trudie


    Orlando hasn’t been in a movie since Pirates of the Caribbean. He’s not as attractive as he used to be. Like I said, he’s no Leo.

    Like I said, Adriana can land any A-list celebrity she wants. She doesn’t want to date someone for his fame.

    @Trudie..the quote about Adriana Lima denying the “virginity claim” is FALSE. It appeared in an Italian publication and was refuted. In other words, she really was a virgin.

  • it’s funny

    It’s funny that the delphites claim Miranda isn’t private when she says what they had for dinner. But they laud Adriana for supposedly talking about her s*x life, or lack there of, in public.
    Funny how things work in the land of the delphites.