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Sandra Bullock: No Longer in Contact with Sunny James

Sandra Bullock: No Longer in Contact with Sunny James

Sandra Bullock makes a quick exit to her car after leaving an office building on Tuesday (September 6) in Los Angeles

Earlier in the weekend, the 47-year-old actress took her adorable son Louis to a birthday bash in Pacific Palisades.

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Sandra and her ex Jesse James‘ daughter, Sunny, have reportedly lost touch, according to US Weekly.

Sandra doesn’t communicate anymore with Sunny,” Sunny‘s mom said. “I don’t bear any grudges against Sandra…She has her own son to raise.”

FYI: Sandra is wearing the Hudson Skinny style in light wash.

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  • Ben

    Why would she have anything to do with a child that is not hers! That is
    So stupid to keep saying that. Sunny is never going to be a part of her
    Life. you people think that they should be one big family.
    When Sandi divorced her husband and it is his kid why would she still
    Be in touch . From the very beginning she was her step mom while she was married to Jessie. that is all! BULL POOP is what I have to say.

  • Asha

    I don’t blame her at all. I feel bad that the little girl had to lose such a positive role model in her life but Sandra has to think about herself and maintaining her own sanity.

  • offtheproperty

    She has that charming little bundle of joy Louie now.

  • loserbunny

    I would think Sandra would want to be as far removed from her ex Jesse James. He pretty much wrote and spoke so nastily about her during his PR campaign for his bio that was published this past year that I think I would consider that she’s just not up for dealing with him anymore. Her stepdaughter also needs to bond with her new future stepmother, Kat Von D and let’s hope that she’s the poor girl’s last stepmother! Hopefully Jesse won’t cheat on her, either :(

  • Sorry , not good choice

    You cannot turn love on/off and emotions on/off like a water faucet.

    She was Sunny, a child, stepmother. She really l and cared for Sunny.
    Jesse and Sandra are divorced and Jesse gets Sunny.
    Sandranever had custody becaue sunny has a mother, living, whonever surrendered custody.
    Say Jesse died while Sandra and Sunny were married, custody would be given to the mother , Jannine.

    Jesse will marry somebody one day ,Kat Von D,or not or have many affairs ,whatever. He ain’t Sandra’s problem no more.

    zthing isSunny is a young ,impressionable child and Sandrawastherein her life for a long time and Sandra is a good modle forthe child.

    Sandra should,per having her people asks Jesse and Jannine, if she may send her cards, gifts for birthday/Christmas.

    They would say yea, being grifters.

    peopledo n’t realize, kids don’tstay kids for long. They grow up.
    Sunny is 9 or 10. In fiveyears, she will be able to call,email Sandra 18,17, if she wants to see Snadra,she will and then NO ONE canstop Sunny.

  • megumi

    her sweater is tha shizzz.

  • Jewel

    You just don’t cut children off like that, Sandra. And get a hair stylist, stat!

  • shoes4life

    As hard as it probably was for Sandra, she had to make a hard decision. A decision Jessie made for her. In order for Sandy to move forward she had to let go of her past, Jessie made sure of that not her. I bet Sandra had a talk with Sunny, she don’t seem to be the type that would ignore a child she practically raised. The mom is blabbing for attention not for the welfare of her daughter.

  • mwannir
  • Jime

    It’s understandable. It was probably hard and hurtful to stay in touch with Sunny…..Does she ever look bad? she’s flawless. I love her clothes, they are really simple, but she looks amazing :D

  • LM707

    She’s the best!
    Good but sad, its ALL that douchebag’s(Jesse James) fault. Sandra has moved on and now has an adorable boy.

  • jj

    Sandra looks awesome and I love her look here especially that sweater! Looking good Sandra!

    Well, she had to do what was best for Louis and she’s saving both Louis and herself a lot of drama in not having anything to do with Jesse. I respect her for realizing that was the only answer. Their life is happier and more peaceful this way and Louis deserves that.

    Sunny has her mother and father to raise her. Sad that she lost Sandra but that’s all on Jesse. Sunny’s mom understands Sandra has to think of her son first.

  • Sherry

    I don’t know why this is any of my business but all the best to Sandra.

  • smartgirl06

    Who knows if this information is even certain? Sandra loves Sunny and love does not leave the heart that bears it, especially when you have raised someone else’s kid and loved and taken care of them as closely as though they were your own and for so many years.

    It could be the newest “love” relationship in the father’s life, may not tolerate Sandra’s presence. Sandra might email or send letters to her, this information was from the bio mom, after all, who was denied custody of her own child because of her bad, illegal behavior. I’m sure talking to the press gets her another 15 mins she doesn’t deserve–and 15 mins she should be using to be a BETTER MOTHER her daughter NEEDS HER TO BE AND TO BE THE ROLE MODEL HER DAUGHTER NEEDS HER TO BE SO SHE can see and have joint custody of her own child.

  • flamingo


    Why would she have anything to do with a child that is not hers!
    Because you divorce the parents you don’t divorce the kids. Sorry but children does not have an off and on switch with their emotion. They develop bond with whoever their biological parent marry. What kind of message are you sending children anyway. Unfortunately for Sunny she can’t help who her parents are. Just because she has a a dog for a father doesn’t mean that she does not deserve to have at least one decent pseudo mother who will give her life structure. On the other hand anyone can understand Sandra’s feeling; because no self respecting person would associate herself with scum of the earth like Jessie James. Plus the fact that that pig is wallowing with another of his kind in their truff

  • barbie

    Considering we are hearing only one side of the story (that of the notoriiously unreliable mother of Sunny’s), I will reserve any judgement of Sandra. During their marriage, Sandra was a solid, loving mother to Sunny (as acknowledged, even by Jesse and Sunny), so I think it unlikely Sandra would break off ALL contact, without there being some pressure from the parents themselves, to do so.

    Also, how does a person stay in contact with someone else (still a minor) child? I would imagine it would be very difficult. It is not as if Sunny can independently call, and meet, Sandra on her own.

    Also, perhaps Sunny DOES NOT WANT to stay in touch with Sandra, Has anyone considered this?

  • Mocha

    Sandra had to cut-off ties with the child. Sunny is a minor therefore contact with her has to be through Jesse and Kat which means that Sandra will be put through hell. Also if Sandra stays in touch with Sunny, it means that Jesse and Kat will have access to information about Sandra. And that means giving info to the tabloids plus also emotionally blackmailing Sandra. Im sure Sandra did not want that for herself of Louis so she had to cut contact with Sunny. So sad. Poor Sunny.

  • yep

    adults have choices – children don’t! love sandra and watch all of her movies! however, the truth is sandra was with jesse when he was married and his wife at the time was pregnant. sandra has raised sunny since she was born and to just cut her out – i don’t understand. yes, jesse is so wrong in everything however a child – she doesn’t deserve to say hey i love you today and bye i gotta live my life. i am sure sunny didn’t just stop loving sandra because of her dad. she couldn’t sandra was the only stable mother she has ever known. the winners here are the adults sandra and jesse living their lives and sunny who thought she was so loved most likely wondering why sandra still doesn’t love her, what did she do, why wasn’t she enough to fight for? life isn’t fair! best of luck sunny!

  • JJ sucks


    Sandra had tried to keep a relationship with Sunny but Jesse was an ahole and a problem. Then he threw her under the bus, called her a fake when it came to loving him, called her bad in bed.. and that was to cameras. Imagine what he told Sunny and Sandra. At some point for the health of the child being used by a bad dad as a tool and your own sanity.. you have to cut ties and hope when they are older and independent of the father they will seek you out .

  • TC

    I feel bad for Sandra. No matter how much she distances herself from Jesse, she still carries a torch for him. She’s not over him yet and thats probably why she hasnt started dating. Still has a thing for him. Sad.

  • Karishma

    Sandra looks awesome and I love her look here especially that sweater! Looking good Sandra!