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Beyonce: Baby Bump in Bikini!

Beyonce: Baby Bump in Bikini!

Beyonce shows off her baby bump in a maternity bikini as she and her husband, Jay-Z, vacation on Tuesday (September 6) in Hvar, Croatia.

The superstar entertainer, who’s expecting her first child, celebrated her 30th birthday over the weekend – happy belated birthday, Bey!

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Over the weekend, Bey and Jay were spotted leaving their hotel in Venice, Italy, where the Venice Film Festival was in full swing!

Bey announced her pregnancy in late August while on the carpet at the 2011 MTV VMAs.

Bigger pic inside…

Just Jared on Facebook
beyonce baby bump bikini 01

Credit: Tadic/Cropix; Photos: Sipa
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  • Zazz

    Looks like a food baby to me.

  • http://at slig o lambert ^____^cute


  • SayMyName

    Beautiful mama!

  • lola

    Queen B <3! She looks so gorgeous!

  • lissett

    cute, but i could do without the belly chain

  • edzctor

    watchhhhh ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

    thanks :)

  • Natalie

    are those abs I’m seeing?! cute baby bump though :)

  • laverdadduele

    Not a pretty sight.

  • bee

    Yea they best get as much vacationing in as possible now!

  • snikop

    @lissett. Sorry but I don’t think when bey was getting dressed she stopped and thought I’m going to where this belly chain for my girl LISSETT! Jus don’t think she was getting dressed for anybody but herself!

  • nonono

    this is gonna be one fugly babay..fugly mama fugly dad. Dang she looks 50 years old in that pic above. Old folks don’t make cute babays.

  • MarilynandtheDiamonds

    She looks like the female Jay-Z.

  • k

    @Stacey Dane: what is your deal? lol I bet you’re the same person that give way to much info on your sex life and say everybody has volupsious breast ample cleavage. What is your point ? weirdo lol

  • jay

    she is ugly wh@re faking nigger

  • k

    I have to say Iam happy for them and the bump is cute but B looks kinda crazy here. Just a bad pic and the ruffle swimsuit would be cute while pre ggo if it were a lil more flattering & lose the belly chain.

  • -

    @Stacey Dane: lol why did you copy miranda kerr’s comment?
    which is, btw, freaking superficial.

  • lissett


    I just said didn’t like it(not even, i said i could do without it) you are giving me more credit than I asked for. I don’t think what I said was rude or anything, just stating my opinion and for the record, I love beyonce. Are you wearing a belly chain right now? Because then I could at least understand why your panties are in a bunch.

  • Yo-Landi

    Awww. Now I see it. Haha. I mean, me and my friends we were always like “how would her belly and big ass look when she’s pregnant? I can’t picture it!”) And now that I see her bump, I actually think it looks cute. One meanie friend of mine said “well, she’d better not get pregnant or her huge thighs will get ginormous and that added with the belly UGH” HA. Anyway, Beyoncé’s always been sporting those belly chains, for years. Seems like she thinks it suits her belly. Well, it kinda does IMO. She looks good, can’t wait to see her with a bigger preggo belly and to see the baby!

  • jane

    @Stacey Dane:
    You are a nut.

  • andreanne

    oh so FIERCE B!!!!

  • Hibiscus Tea

    Huge thighs? Queen B? Please. She’s gorgeous from head to toe, and always has been. One of the hardest workers in the business, too.

    Love her, can’t wait to see her with a cute li’l baby on her arm!

  • ValerieQ

    With “fashionable” chain in place. *eyeroll*

  • ValerieQ

    @k: Baby bump is “cute”? Good God…

  • jasmina

    OMG! They are in Hvar, Croatia again-saw them there a couple of years ago .
    Well, it is really heaven on earht there.

  • Lawrence

    I hope he/she ends up with Beyonce’s features rather then Jay-Z’s*lol*.

  • Lucia Lee

    She’s ugly,and so is her husband.And that outfit is ugly as hell,looks like she wore pieces of
    She’s a good singer,but i feel for the baby already.She works so much during the year,that this baby will become another kid raised by nannies.Jay Z also works a lot,so this baby will call the nanny mommy.
    They are another couple that have babies for vanity,to be in the media,for attention.Jay Z is a media-wh*re,and Beyonce loves attention.
    Children are not trophies or dolls that you buy in the near store,are human beings.Celebrities get pregnant and become parents for attention only…they only care about themselves,for money and for being in the media,even messing up innocent kids lives for pathetic photo ops.
    I really hope they don’t treat this baby like a trophy,like a future cash-cow,but knowing how they love to be in the media,i don’t think they will change.But let’s see what will happen after he/she is born…only time will tell.

  • ewh

    @Zazz: she looks awful.. all that bleaching makes her stomach white and look nasty

  • ewh

    @Stacey Dane: really now? recommend having kids,. plus that every mother gets those fully hips n breast u talk about.. go tend to your dam baby n get off here

  • ellie’

    beautiful is how Beyonce looks..!!!

  • Raichill

    She looks like one of the Williams’ sisters in this ridiculous bikini.

  • hm…

    Hvar- the most beautiful island in the world!!!

  • brenda

    Why is she dressed like a 2 year old.

  • olga

    cute! yes, it is :)

  • Pamelia

    Ok we get it your haven a baby your not even really showing yate go seat yo ass down some were damn B

  • Melia

    They only wanted too have a baby because the hold world kept putting that in there head. They won’t even thinkin bout kids two days ago. B. Give it up you and J. There no were too go from the top so you have too go have a baby! Gurl what ever like . Pamelia said go seat yo ass down!!!!!! P.S your not really showin so go head with all of that!

  • Kim-K

    They only wanted too have a baby because the hold world kept putting that in there head. They won’t even thinkin bout kids two days ago. B. Give it up you and J. There no were too go from the top so you have too go have a baby! Gurl what ever like . Pamelia said go seat yo ass down!!!!!! P.S your not really showin so go head with all of that!

  • Nicole Banks

    I agree that why she took a year off .because it gets lonely at the top and now that she’s back this his just a way for her too go rite back too the top. Cause for real nobody even miss her when she was gone I know I didn’t . P.S yo B go seat yo ass down like Pamelia said .lol.=-O

  • Bob Barker

    “Maternity Bikini” – two words that don’t go together. Why do all these pregnant women think we want to look at their baby gut? Cover it up, and enjoy the “miracle of life” privately, thankyouverymuch

  • JeannieK

    It makes no since for all of you people that dont matter to be trying to put bey down. Or is it that she is humble and is hardly ever in the tabloids and now you finally got something to talk about. Get over yourselves I pcan guarantee you what you think dont matter to her and j one way or another.

  • Meme CMD,New Jersey

    I understand, that she’s happy to be pregnant. But, it’s a shame that noone acknowledges Jay Z’s real first born. And he Beyonce’ should feel less of a woman for not doing so. And he’s a less of a man for acting like Beyonce’s unborn child will be his first. I respect them as business people and artist. But, they have no morals.

  • zinny

    Beeyouteeful nomatter what they say!never worry about what ppl say dey don’t do it often’bluddy haters’

  • Felicia

    @jay: I’m sure you’re talking about you own mother.

  • Felicia

    @nonono: Beyoncé looks about 25. I’m sure you look 100.

  • Felicia

    @laverdadduele: Beautiful site. I’m sure you’re as ugly as you appear by your delusional comment.

  • Felicia

    @MarilynandtheDiamonds: You like like a dog Drew Carey.