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Selena Gomez, Salma Hayek, & Shakira Cover 'Latina'

Selena Gomez, Salma Hayek, & Shakira Cover 'Latina'

Check out the star studded cover of Latina magazine’s 15th Anniversary issue!

The pullout cover features Shakira, Selena Gomez, Salma Hayek, Zoe Saldana, Eva Longoria, Gloria Estefan, Michelle Rodriguez, Jessica Alba, Daisy Fuentes, America Ferrera, Rosario Dawson, Ana de la Reguera, Natalie Morales, Rosie Perez and La La Anthony.

FYI: The anniversary issue took 9 months of planning, 7 photo shoots, more than 100 red hot designer dresses, and upwards of $10 million in jewelry!

Latina‘s October 2011 issue hits newsstands on Tuesday, September 13. For more from the ladies, visit!

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155 Responses to “Selena Gomez, Salma Hayek, & Shakira Cover 'Latina'”

  1. 1
    Sartain Says:

    Why isn’t Sofia Vergara on the cover? She is far more attractive than nearly all of these women.

  2. 2
    laverdadduele Says:

    Photoshop is a wonderful thing.

  3. 3
    Danny McGavin Says:

    Shakira is really gorgeous. She’s amazing. That woman is incredible.

  4. 4
    Dasha Says:

    Way too much photoshop!!
    Where is Sara Ramirez???

  5. 5
    clamity Says:

    lool jessica alba photoshop fail her ankle looks deformed

  6. 6
    Rose Says:

    From what I recall, the issue they had with the movie had more to do with the portrayal of Colombia(ns) that Zoe’s role/ethnicity/look.

    Latinas/Latinos come in so many different shades and skin tones. I like the diversity on the cover of this issue of the magazine and I can’t wait to get it! But I agree with an above post- Sofia Vergara should have been included in this issue’s cover.

  7. 7
    Luciana Perez Says:

    No Puerto Ricans on the cover? Par for the course, I guess Lala Vasquez, Rosie Perez and Evelyn Lozado are too dark for their taste. Zoe sticks out like a sore thumb and I’m sure they held their collective noses when they put her on the cover with all of the half white women. This magazine cover should be called Half Latina since they are the ones who dominate its covers and stories all the time.

  8. 8
    toysoldier Says:

    Where’s J.LO ?

  9. 9
    Gomez Says:

    Once again they only wanted half white Latino women on the cover with the exception of Zoe.

  10. 10
    Gomez Says:

    #^ The Colombians didn’t want Zoe playing that role because she doesn’t represent the ideal looking Colombian and they stated as much, that she can only represent the small numbers of Colombians, not real Colombians.

  11. 11
    Ling Says:

    Shakira and Salma are half Arab.

  12. 12
    El Barrio Says:

    mejorar La Raza at work.

  13. 13
    thequeerofallmedia Says:

    It seems that brazilian women are not considered Latinas because ,There is no one on the cover…

    It has been in this country such a Bs about excluding Brazilian people from the Latino crowed…After all just Because Brazilian speak portuguese ,it doesn’t mean they are not latinos…

    Shame on the spanish latino community!!!!

  14. 14
    Rico Says:

    Shakira is Lebanese and so is Salma, but they made the cover when Lala did not.

  15. 15
    Brasil Says:

    Brazilians aren’t Latino and Spain had nothing to do with Brazil culturally, racially or historically. Brazil has nothing in common with them and we are Brazilian first and foremost!

  16. 16
    Loiza, Puerto Rico Says:


  17. 17
    SugarMagnolia Says:

    Getting tired of Shakira’s blonde hair. What was wrong with her dark hair?

  18. 18
    Gonzalez Says:

    There is a saying that goes, only the right Latina is the right Latina which this magazine endorses obviously. They were just trying to be Politically Correct putting Zoe on the cover.

  19. 19
    Alicia Says:

    They all look beautiful but I don’t get why it was such an expensive shoot? And took sooo long to plan?

  20. 20
    Trujillo Says:

    Did you know that the Argentinians don’t believe that Black Latinos even exist? Many told me this and when I told them to watch Blacks In Latin America they said the descendants of the Spanish slaves don’t count!

  21. 21
    SugarMagnolia Says:

    Also, why are all these people from Puerto Rico so upset? Plenty of countries were not represented and the majority of these women are U.S. born anyway (i doubt they all speak Spanish).
    Beautiful spread though.

  22. 22
    Lopes Says:

    @Brasil: In Brazil the white population are German, Italian, Polish, British and Portuguese which means they are all ethnically western European although they live in Latin America. Brazil does not have a Latin culture either it is composed of many different cultures from many different western European groups who immigrated there. Gisele is German and Ambrosio is Italian and Polish.

  23. 23
    Lyla Says Says:

    @Luciana Perez: Luciana, you’re an idiot.

    @#1 Sofia should’ve been there.I agree.

    @Brasil. Brazil is not racially or culturally different from Hispanic countries. Portugal and Spain share a landmass and bloodties. Portuguese and Spanish are similar languages, lexically and grammar wise, and both Brazil and Spanish-speaking countries are occupied by Europeans/Africans and Indigenous Americans.

  24. 24
    Vanessa Vaquero Says:

    Where is the infamous maid who had a baby with Arnold? My bad, she looks too Latina for their taste I suppose. Latina only wants to feature pale half white Latinas and why mention Jessica Alba at all when she declared that she wasn’t Mexican and only considers herself American.

  25. 25
    Lyla Says Says:

    @Lopes: The overwhelming number of white Brazilians are Portuguese. The percentage of white Germans, Pole, etc is significantly smaller than the Portuguese white. Futhermore, most white Brazilians are not 100% white. They also have African and Indigenous blood.

    The Germans and recent European immigrants may be exceptions because the Germans are inbreds.

  26. 26
    Lyla Says Says:

    @Trujillo: Argentinians see themselves as the White Aryans of Latin America.

    It’s fitting that when they travel to the U.S., they are treated no better than Mexicans. They are racist scums. BTW, maybe Argentina should thank blacks for giving them the Tango.

  27. 27
    Teresa Says:

    The whitest half-sies they could find made the cover and the inset, minus Zoe who is too famous to ignore though they would have if people wouldn’t made a stink about it. In the books The DirtyGirls Social Club by Alisa Rodriguez is being made into a movie but the white Latinas who run the production company, Ann Lopez and Luisa Leschin both white Latinas refuse to have a Black Latina in the movie even though one is featured prominently in the books. There is so much hate in the Latino community against brown and black latino people its is a scandalous shame. They are worse than white Anglos when it comes to color prejudice. Pale and white are always at the top.

  28. 28
    hd Says:

    I like (and don’t even know most of them) none of these women at all. And photoshop, photoshop- you’re creating miracles…

  29. 29
    Cabral Says:

    @Lyla Says: No, you’re wrong! Italian, french and Romanian are also Romance languages but they differ by culture, history and the ethnicity of their people and so does Brazil. The only connection they have to their Spanish speaking neighbors is geography after that nothing else. There are more Italians in Brazil than in America and the large populations of Germans and Poles aren’t Latin in any degree that counts. Gisele is now American and so is her child. Brazil is very different from the other countries in that region and the world knows that which is why they are not lumped in together with the Latinos. Besides, that term latin America is relatively knew but Brazil has always been Brazil and they have their own magazines to show to the world.

  30. 30
    Jen MANSTEALIN Says:

    @ Brasil

    Brasilians are LATINOS !!! They are not hispanic however.
    Latino/latinasis a terms that represent and can be linked to :
    1) Firstly, people of latine origin speaking various forms of the latine language (Spain, Portugal, Italy, France and Romania are latine countries and their people are the original latines, hence latine lover usually implying french or italian lover).
    2) By extension, people with the french, romanian, italian, portuguese, spanish citizenship are latines by association, sharing the same culture. hence you have afro latino, french of african origin
    3) Sometimes Africans colonized by former african countries (mainly portugal and France) or where some latine community exist like Belgiumwhere their official languages are french, dutch and german (hence the Congo where their speak french) are considered Latine Afriacns : they are Latine by culture and bantus by culture and origin by opposition of the anglo saxon sub saharian africans who are all part of the Commonwealth under the Queen of england. In each countrie wether through languages, habits, culture, songs, latine culture is massively intertwined with the local original one and no african country is purely african.
    4) In the Americas, they have modified a little bit the definition to oppose the anglo saxons to the latines ones. Canada & USA against the countries that were funded by latines people : portuguese and spaniards. The thing is there is only one lusophone (meaning where they speak portuguese) country among a dozen of spanish onse and Spain was the direct rival of the UK during the conquest of the continent.
    Notice that the French who took for a while Lousiana are not included in ‘Latines’ in America though technically they are as latine as the other two. But the term ‘creole’ is used for their descents while in countries like the dominican republic, mixed raced or not, they are latines.
    Notice that the Dominican republkic and Haiti are from the same single island divided in two parts : one side speaking spanish, the other side speaking french and both are technically from a latine culture but yet Haiti is not considered as such whereas Martinique and Guadeloupe, being french island are latine by official association to France. You can add French Guyana too.
    And finally, notice that Italian Americans are technically as latines as so called latinos.

  31. 31
    Roma Says:

    England, Ireland and Scotland are all in the same region as well and speak the same language but they are not the same people. Ditto for Brasil and the rest of South America. Brazil has its own culture, language, mores and history so stop trying to link them into the other countries in that area.

  32. 32
    Alga Says:

    The 48% of white Brazilians are white and are counted as white not Portuguese though the Portuguese are white Europeans. They are counted as one in the census, Italian, German, Polish, Portuguese, etc. but they are not Spanish.

  33. 33
    Lyla Says Says:

    @Gomez: Colombians are desperate.

    1.Afro-Colombians make up approximately 21% (9,154,537) of the population according to a projection of the National Administration Department of Statistics (DANE)[4], most of whom are concentrated on the northwest Caribbean coast and the Pacific coast in such departments as Chocó, although considerable numbers are also in Cali, Cartagena, and Barranquilla. Colombia is considered to have the third largest Black/African-descent population in the western hemisphere, following Brazil and the USA.

    2. According to the CIA World Factbook, the majority of the population (58%) is Mestizo, or of mixed European and Amerindian ancestry. Approximately 20% of the population is of European ancestry (predominantly Spanish, partly Italian, Portuguese, and German). The CIA World Factbook also states that 14% of Colombia’s total population is of mixed African and European ancestry, with 3% being of mixed African and Amerindian ancestry, and 4% having primarily African ancestry. Indigenous Amerindians comprise only 1% of the population

  34. 34
    Jen MANSTEALIN Says:

    Also there are huge differencse in the various latine countries. Tropivcal ones are the ones where plenty of slaves were bought. Manys from central africa : the congo and mainly anglo were bought to Brasil and Cuba.
    Argentina has a contiental weather and didn’t need slaves. It’s the mùost ‘european’ of all latine american countries. the most advanced with the biggest community of argentinos coming from italy.
    Of course for them Black are no latinos since it’s the country where there is few Black people. It’s also one of the most racist one of all latine country. It received money stolen to jewish victims during and after the III reich during Perone reign and many nazis fled there as they were protected.
    Brasil is the latine countries with the who benefitted the most of slavery and is the second biggest country in terms of population of Black and African descents after Nigeria.
    That was one of the main argument for Lulla when he was president to build a bridghe between africa,n the motherland and brasil and strengthen the relations between Brasil and Africa.

  35. 35
    julio Says:

    The majority of Argentina people are composed of Italians and Spaniards and they see themselves as European too. Argentina fashions its country after Europe. The people of Argentina are treated like any other white people when they come to America because they have Italian and Spanish names and look European. They have no problems if they do not have a heavy accent. Less than ten percent of the Argentinean people have Mestizo ancestry.

  36. 36
    Cristiano Ronaldo Says:

    Portuguese are Europeans and we don’t like to be called Latino when we are European so learn the truth and stop being stupid Americans.

  37. 37

  38. 38

  39. 39
    Marina Says:

    Jessica Alba is really stunning!)
    Salma Hayek’s dress is awersome!!!

  40. 40
    Anatole Says:

    Brazilians have never called or considered themselves to be Latino they have always stood with their backs toward the Spanish speaking countries surrounding them. Why? Because most of their people are not Hispanic/Latino in origins and neither is their culture.

  41. 41
    Anatole Says:

    One can speak a Latin based language and not be Latino because the french and Italians avoid that word. It is now used to denote people with Spanish names only.

  42. 42
    Adam Says:

    I never knew Zoe Saldana is a Latina!

  43. 43
    Alaia Says:

    What the hell did they do to America Ferrera? She looks anorexic.

  44. 44
    Lyla Says Says:

    @Jen MANSTEALIN: Look up the history of Argentina, There were Black people in Argentina. They still exist there, whether white Argentinians want to admit it or not. The majority of Black Argentinians either blended into the larger population or got ovewhelmed, through genocide or population explosion of European, but they were there.

    Saying 10% of Argentina is Indigenous means nothing, because those so-called 90% Argentinian are not Pure European ancestry as they’d like you to think. Many of those Argentinians have Indigenous and African blood, too.

    It’s like when Mexicans used to claim there were no blacks in Mexico, and the PBS show blacks in Latin America prove there were blacks in mexico and some of their best known revolutionaries were black, also.

    Here’s something about blacks in Argentina:

  45. 45
    Marco Says:

    Brazil is part of the CPLP a Community of Portuguese Language Countries with their own culture separate from its spanish speaking neighbors. Angola, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, Equatorial Guinea also speak the Latin based language of Portuguese but they are not Latino. That term is generally misused in the west as a catch-all way to describe millions of people who generally have nothing to do with one another. It’s crazy how much the word LATINO is misguided and applied where it doesn’t belong. People who think this way are intellectually lazy.

  46. 46
    julio Says:

    #45 Shut up. The Argentinean people are white Italian and Spanish which means EUROPEAN! They have less than ten percent MESTIZO in the population because the Italians and Spaniards did not inter-breed with the small groups of Natives who did not die off from disease.

  47. 47
    Lyla Says Says:

    @Roma: England, Ireland and Scotland have more similiarities than differences. Most ppl cannot tell an English apart from a Scott. They also have similar bloodlines, except for Ireland who are mostly Celtic, but that’s not enough to differentiate them culturally, or otherwise. Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and England belong to a larger “British” culture, or Anglo-culture.

    Likewise, Portugal and Spain have more similarities than differences (I never said there are no differences). I said there are more similiarites. I once had a Portuguese girl translate Spanish for me, because the written languages are 85% similar. Spoken languages aren’t that similar, due to intonation, accent and guttural differences, but written languages are the most similar.

  48. 48
    Jen MANSTEALIN Says:

    Again LATINO is the spanish adjective and comes from european LATINE ulture/people.
    Latine are a sub group of the europeans. There are slavic europeans, latine europeans, anglo saxon europeans, scandinavian europeans.
    Those groups share the same original culture with respective difference today. A same origin which can be represented today through their language. That’s why if you speak spanish you understand easily portuguese and vice versa. that’s why if you speak french, you understand easily romanian and italian. They are all 5 latine language coming from an older similar language/group of people/culture.
    That’s why, danish, norwegian, swedish have the same roots in language. that’s why german and dutch are also from the same roots.
    People act like you are either latine or european. It’s like africans : there are bantus, there are nilohtics : those are sub african groups whose respective language come from a similar older one because at some point they shared the same languag/ culture.

  49. 49
    Lyla Says Says:

    @julio: Yeah, sure a-hole. For a white country, they are sure at the bottom of the pit.
    You know Spain and Italy are marginally white countries.

  50. 50
    Ayiti Says:


    I agree to a point. I feel people like to pick and choose who fits the idea looking latino. If you are going to include Brazil then you must include the French speaking Caribbean too (i.e. Haiti, Guadeloupe, French Guyana etc)

  51. 51
    Ayiti Says:


    What about the French speaking Latin America? They are latinos too.

  52. 52
    retrobanana Says:

    and why are we so concerned about any South American country anyway….definately a continent I could care less about….okay maybe the supermodels that come from there are pretty darn hot…and I myself own a chinchilla …but really have no intrest in brasil or Argentina or chile (what the heck else is down there anyway)…really anything past the carribean isn’t on my radar… me if you’re from S. America you’re latin…get over it…..Now lets talk about a more interesting continent: Antarctica.

  53. 53
    Ayiti Says:

    Why wouldn’t the French Caribbean be considered latino. According to your points about Brazil fitting under the “Latino” category, French speaking Latin America fits into this genre as well. I honestly feel people purposely exclude the French speaking Latin America because it has dominant Afro-population in which they recognize.

  54. 54
    A Says:

    @Adam: Her name should tell you she is…

  55. 55
    Nana Says:

    @Luciana Perez: LaLa and Rosie are on the cover..

  56. 56
    Nana Says:

    @Rico: La La is on the cover…

  57. 57
    Jen MANSTEALIN Says:

    @ Ayiti
    I think so too about the french speakingcountries from the Americas being excluded from Latine culture because being Black, the predominantly feeling is more of them being africans than latine from african ancestors.

    Italian americans are excluded because they are parts of the ‘English speaking Americans so while being technically latine by blood, they are also anglo saxon too by culture.

  58. 58
    Olivo Says:

    if Lala is on the cover they must have bleached the living daylights out of her because I certainly don’t recognize her and I have seen her in person she was never this light.

  59. 59
    jj17 Says:

    Pretty much all of them are dating white boys. Am just saying.

  60. 60
    Marco Says:

    Portuguese are Portuguese we are not Spanish nor are we Latino. Portuguese are a European country so learn the difference. We have our own culture, language, history, people and everything else that makes a many a separate people. There are some people who think Portuguese sound a lot like Italian and think the are the same language and people.

  61. 61
    Papi Says:

    Jessica Alba is part Danish.
    Salma Hayek is part Lebanese.
    Jessica has never called herself Latina and thinks of herself as American only. With Salma, it’s not too kool to say you are Arab.

  62. 62
    Lyla Says Says:

    @Marco: Portuguese and Italian do sound very similar, but Portuguese and Spanish–the WRITTEN versions–are also quite similar.

    Spain is a European country, too. Both Spain and Portugal are Iberian countries andneighbors.

    Brazilian Portuguese is different from Portugal’s Portuguese.
    Brazilians who think they’re so different from their Spanish-speaking neighbors are fooling themselves. My point is that Brazil is not all that different from other Latin-American countries, culturally or racially.

    Brazil’s lingusitic difference is the MAJOR difference. Otherwise, Brazil and its neighbors were occupied by the same people (Iberian Europeans–Spain and Portugal, West Africans and Indigenous Americans).

  63. 63
    Cha Cha Says:

    Argentina is a white country end of. Italian, Spanish and French. Your ignorance is showing envious nobody.

  64. 64
    paul Says:

    i wonder how all they look without photoshop… this is like the perfect ad to see the wonders and (horrors) photoshop can do…

  65. 65
    tincin Says:

    Brazilian Portuguese is infused with African lexicon and there culture is much more heavily influenced by Yoruba/Nigerian culture and that is not the same as its Spanish speaking neighbors. Also its European population is vastly different because Brazil has immigrants from all over Europe not just one area. The Catholicism in Brazil is also different with its elements of Umbanda and Candomble. Brazil has always had a much higher African population than the other countries surrounding them.

  66. 66
    Lyla Says Says:

    @Cha Cha: I don’t care if they consider themselves white. Their white supremacy doesn’t make them any better than their neighbors, like they believe.That’s my issue with those a-holes. Argentina is still a bankrupt, second-world country, no better than any of the countries in Latin-America, despite them claiming to be “pure” white.

    The fact that Argentineans can deny the existence of Africans and Indigenous people is disgusting, also.

    Like I said, maybe Argentina can explain where the Tango comes from, if not from Afr-Argentineans.

  67. 67
    milo Says:

    Selena looks beautiful and Shakira looks great and skinier.

  68. 68
    Henriquez Says:

    @jj17: They all prefer those white Anglo bloodlines don’t they so that their children will be even less Latino than they are who do they think they’re fooling? Want to be as white looking as possible.

  69. 69
    shimmy Says:

    there’s a big discussion here on this post about whether brazilians are latinos or not. I asked a brazilian friend, and she said she considers herself latina, but another told me she didn’t. Since there doesn’t seem to be a clear cut answer, I just go with: it varies with the person’s opinion.

  70. 70
    Jen MANSTEALIN Says:

    It’s not a question, it’s a fact.
    Brasilians are latines by culture, some of them being latine by ancestors too.
    Brasil was founded by Portugal, a latine european country. They speak portuguese, a latine european language and the closest one to spanish. Yes like many countries, their former exclusively latine culture was blended with other culture with the diffrent people forming different communities of the brasilian society : Portugues, africans, natives, firstly, then italians, germans and french more recently, a big community of lebanese and chineze.
    In fact a portuguese understand 80 % of spanish and vice versa. Many words are wrtitten the same way but pronounced differently. The two countries spain and portugal sharing a unique and common border
    I think Americans, wether from the north or from the south have dissolve the true meaning and essence of” latine” and often mix latin with hispanic when latine is related to 5 latine original countries and NOT JUST Spain.
    In the americas there are the lusophone (people who are from portuguese language) and the hispanic (people from spanish language). Both Lusophones and hispanics are latine.
    Wheter they accept it or not is another story but they BOTH fall under the latine definition just like Spaniards and Portuguese are latines in the same way as are italians, romanians and french people. They all are latine EUROPEAN as opposed to anglo saxon EUROPEANS or slavic EUROPEANS or scandinavian EUROPEANS.

  71. 71
    Guy Says:

    Christina Aguilera? Demi Lovato? Penelope Cruz? Sofia Vegara?

  72. 72
    A Says:

    @Henriquez: Don’t project your issues and insecurities onto these ladies.
    It’s mostly wetback men like yourself who think like that.

  73. 73
    MarilynandtheDiamonds Says:

    Selena Gomez doesn’t even know anything about the Latin culture. Can’t even speak Spanish!

  74. 74
    just sayin Says:

    Oh please, why would they leave Jlo out…that is plain dumb!!!!

  75. 75
    me Says:

    Zoe is the token black lol…

  76. 76
    Thequeerofallmedia Says:


    If they are not..they should..

  77. 77
    --- Says:

    Don’t forget that Alexis Bledel is half-Mexican (mother’s side) and half-Argentinian (father’s side). I love her since the Gilmore Girls were around. The last time when Alexis Bledel was naked was in Sin City (2005). I also saw the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants sequels.

  78. 78
    Thequeerofallmedia Says:

    I’ m Glad i have set fire on this Topic…I hope Latina Magazine will apologize for not having Brazilian women on the Magazine…I would like to know what Latina Magazine think about this controversy..

  79. 79
    humans are sad Says:

    I read all these posts and they are interesting but don’t you all get ONE major point: DIVIDE and CONQUER in full swing. So Brazilians are not Latino but Hispanic. Caribbean blacks are not Latino but Caribbean. Etc etc etc. Don’t you see it is a why to divide and conquer? It is ABSURD!!! Shakira rocks btw! Celia Crz: the greatest Latina to have ever lived

  80. 80
    Catalina Says:

    @Lyla Says: I wonder where from do you and your silly facts come from?

  81. 81
    gomerpie-l Says:


    Michelle Rodriguez isn’t white. She’s half Puerto Rican/half Dominican.

  82. 82
    gomerpie-l Says:

    @Luciana Perez:

    Again, Michelle Rodriguez is on there and she’s half Puerto Rican (and half Dominican).

  83. 83
    lala Says:

    were’s Penelope, JLO, Sofia,?

  84. 84
    Tanya Says:



  85. 85
    WAA Says:

    Why is Zoe taller than everybody else? isnt she like 5’7”?

  86. 86
    favela Says:

    @Thequeerofallmedia: It doesn’t matter what you think since Brazilians are Brazilian and have there own media and it’s not in any way Spanish.

  87. 87
    Tomas Says:

    @Guy: Xtina is half German and only uses that moniker to suit her needs.

  88. 88
    Tomas Says:

    @Guy: Xtina is half German and only uses that moniker to suit her needs.

  89. 89
    favela Says:

    @Thequeerofallmedia: It doesn’t matter what you think since Brazilians are Brazilian and have there own media and it’s not in any way Spanish.@lala:

  90. 90
    Uruguay Says:

    @lala: Penelope is Spanish therefore European not Latino. Her people were the slave masters who owned you present day Latinos.

  91. 91
    Keene Says:

    @MarilynandtheDiamonds: That’s because most of these women are part white and could care less about you desperate Hispanics trying to claim them. They are laughing at you while they skip to the bank.

  92. 92
    Carnival Says:

    @Jen MANSTEALIN: They don’t have a LATIN culture why is that so hard for you to understand. The culture of Brazil is composed of African and many different European cultures they don’t have one single culture in Brazil. It is a multi-ethnic, multi-racial, multi-cultural country just like the United States. The majority of Brazilians also describe themselves by color not culture.

  93. 93
    Grace Says:

    @MarilynandtheDiamonds: Of course she doesn’t since like Jessica Alba she thinks of herself as American only since they are both half white they have a lot in common.

  94. 94
    Jen MANSTEALIN Says:

    @ Carnival
    Where in my post did i said that they have one single culture ? No american country has a single culture, none of them ! they have all been mixed with local culture, different european and african culture as well as asian one, including the US.
    Now YOU should understand that they are latine because their language, their original culture comes from Portugal, hence they speak the languageof their primal ancestor of the country named Brasil which is one of the main significant tool that link you to your heritage, at least the one that was the main one upon which the society was based at its origin.
    You people think that latine should be declined in one single version, the hispanic one as if hispanic countries were the only latine ones in the world when even between them there are huge differences with countries like venezualla that is more ethnically and culturally closer to Brasil than let’s say very european Argentina. Or like Peru with a massive native culture more indian native than spanish.
    It’s like you think being latine is only being of one single type : spanish with nothing else whatsoever and that you can’t be brasilian AND latine.
    Sorry to burst your bubbles but indeed Brasil is considered a latine country because that’s the original culture it was built on firstly was portuguese, not african, not german, not anglo saxon but portuguese, hence latine.

  95. 95
    S Says:

    They ALL look photoshoped to some extent…really disapointed.

  96. 96
    sianna Says:

    Agree for all the women except Jessica alba, she said she’ not a latina!!!!!!!!
    They can’t put all celebs latinas women on the cover

    The mix Latina/Arab is so great Salma & Shakira are so gorgeous

  97. 97
    alessandra Says:

    Shakira, I hate your hair!

  98. 98
    Anne Says:


    What does that have to do with anything? She was raised in America. We speak English here.

  99. 99
    Laura muller Says:


  100. 100
    jazmín Says:

    Wow, why everyone is so upset just because their countries dont appear in a magazine?!. As a latina, I don’t feel represented by these woman at ALL!. they are not REAL latinas anyway, just some blood (in many cases rejected) most of them even speak spanish! and those of them that DO speak spanish are traitors. Shakira for example, she (tries) to sound (and be) sooo american and you even understand the lyrics of her songs…SO c’mon stop bothering. I don’t feel more than anyone (argentinian btw) and those fellows who does…f*ck ‘em, and for those who are critisazing my country f*ck ‘em too, we’re not all racist!!!!

    ps: shakira, that american-blonde-hairstyle DOESN’T fit on you so…could you please go back to be who you used to be?


  101. 101
    Smile3 Says:

    Happy to see a project without the Goopy Paltry

  102. 102
    John Says:

    no Penelope Cruz but Selena???!!

  103. 103
    RachelSun Says:

    I call BS on any Columbians not liking Zoe play Columbiana because she doesn’t look Columbian. There are and still are Columbians of African descent. Telemundo did a Spanish Charlie’s Angel some years ago and cast a black Columbian actress she was darker than Zoe Saldana. I am so sick of “white” Hispanics claiming there are no black people in their country. It is BS and racist. Zoe looks like she could be a Columbian of African descent. I hear the same racist BS about Honduras and every other Latin American country.

  104. 104
    Jae Says:

    wait since when was Zoe Saldana Latina?…
    I thought she was black?…

  105. 105
    Judy Says:


    Because there are a lot of Puerto Rican female celebrities that are not included in the spread. Especially the Queen herself JENNIFER LOPEZ!! She’s known around the world!!

  106. 106
    Lelia Watton Says:

    Very disappointed Sofia Vergara didn’t make it, she is born and raised Colombian, she is all over the place and she has worked very hard to get where she is. I am boycotting this magazine.

  107. 107
    asif 2244 Says:

    She is amazingly down to earth and has amazing style and is beautiful! She has it all! She is soooooooooooooooooo lucky girl selena
    online work

  108. 108
    British Latin American Says:

    @RachelSun: *****, stop whining.

  109. 109
    Ivan Says:

    Where`s Sofia Vergara?

  110. 110
    Goth Says:

    English is a Germanic language but people who speak English aren’t German. And the Iberian Peninsula was ruled by the Germans in early history but they are not Latin. Many languages in the world are Latinate in origin but the people who speak them are not Latin in culture or race. You people are confused by trying to tie various ethnic groups into one based on the ancient language that they speak.

  111. 111
    Bahia Says:

    @Jen MANSTEALIN: The Portuguese are Europeans and the original culture of the Iberian Peninsula was Greek not Latin in nature. The original culture and languages of Brazil was Tupi (Tupi-Guarani) and Tapuia and they were not Portuguese by race or culture and a consequence of the migration from Siberia into the Americas. It was the indigenous cultures of these tribes that established Brazil before the European invasion. So in short no, the culture of Brazil was not firstly built by the invading Europeans, the indigenous tribes were already there for thousands of years with their own languages, culture, music, laws and race long before the Europeans came and tried to wipe them out. There were fifteen different tribes who had established and were living in Brazil before the Europeans showed up to categorized them. The Portuguese were never the primal ancestors or language of Brazil, they came later on like everyone else. The culture of Brazil today is a result of ethnic and culturally mixing of the true Natives, the Africans and the Portuguese so you see it is not one thing and certainly not Latin in its original culture. There is no bubble to burst when you know the truth.

  112. 112
    Wondering Says:

    So is Latina a race or not?

  113. 113
    A Says:

    @Wondering: Not.

  114. 114
    Zavala Says:

    The term Latino, despite its increasing popularity is still highly debated among those who are called the name. Since adoption of the term by the US Census Bureau and its subsequent widespread use there have been several controversies and disagreements, specially in the US and, to a lesser extent, in Mexico and other Spanish speaking countries. Regarding it as an arbitrary generic term, many Latin American scholars, journalists and Indigenous rights organizations have objected against the mass media use of the word “Latino” pointing out that such ethnonyms are optional and should be used only to describe people involved in the practices, ideologies and identity politics of their supporters. Journalist Rodolfo Acuna writes: wHEN AND WHY THE lATINO IDENTITY CAME ABOUT IS A MORE INVOLVED STORY. ESSENTIALLY, POLITICIANS THE MEDIA AND MARKETERS FIND IT CONVENIENT TO DEAL WITH THE DIFFERENT UNITED STATES SPANISH SPEAKING PEOPLE UNDER ONE UMBRELLA. HOWEVER, MANY PEOPLE WITH SPANISH SURNAMES CONTEST THE TERM LATINO. THEY CLAIM IT IS MISLEADING BECAUSE NO LATINO OR HISPANIC NATIONALITY EXISTS SINCE NO LATINO STATE EXISTS, SO GENERALIZING THE TERM LATINO SLIGHTS THE VARIOUS NATIONAL IDENTITIES INCLUDED UNDER THE UMBRELLA.

  115. 115
    we are all one Says:

    Zavala: great explanation. I never know if the PC term is Hispanic or Latino. How do I know when to say which? Also I believe this is all a ridiculous ploy to further divide people based on race especially a group that is so high in numbers. For example, are blacks from Panama not Latino? Brazilians? And you know how you have to mark off “white non hispanic” and “black non hispanic ” on forms. why why why? i think it is all odd but not sure the solution.

  116. 116
    Academia Says:

    United States official use of the term “Hispanic” has its origins in the 1970 Census using this criteria: Spanish speakers and persons belonging to a household where Spanish was spoken.
    Persons with Spanish heritage by birth location.
    Persons who self-identify with Spanish ancestry or descent.
    Neither “Hispanic” nor “Latino” refers to a race. As officially defined in the United States “Latino” does not include Brazilian Americans and specially refers to “Spanish culture or origins” in the government’s population reports.

  117. 117
    one drop rulers Says:

    So what are Brazilians considered? A mestizo Brazilian? A white Brazilian? A black Brazilian? What would they fill out on a census form?

  118. 118
    just saying Says:

    I think it is weird that the language you speak determines your ethnicity.

  119. 119
    Andorra Says:

    Brazilians are white, black, native, Asian, Arab and what have you. They refer to themselves always as Brazilians. In America they are referred to as American-Brazilians but at home if they are not obviously European in appearance they will describe themselves by coloring. Brazilians have always been fiercely nationalistic. Europeans simply call them Brazilians the way they refer to Americans as just Americans or Yanks regardless of their color and ethnicity.

  120. 120
    madness complete utter madness Says:

    They Sofia Vergara, Paulina Rubio, Thalia,

  121. 121
    madness complete utter madness Says:

    Christina Agulera, Mariah Carey (dad was venezuelan), Demi Lovato

  122. 122
    Andorra Says:

    Today there are less than a million Brazilian Indians left encompassing over 200 tribes and they are scattered throughout the country. They speak 100 Native languages and the largest tribes are the Guarani and Yanomami who have managed to hold fast to their traditions and languages despite the five hundred years of exposure to European diseases, violence and land dispossession that nearly destroyed them. They describe themselves as INDIGENOUS only, nothing else, according to the latest IBGE census.

  123. 123
    madness complete utter madness Says:

    Jennifer Lopez, Sara Ramirez, Gloria Trevi

  124. 124
    Chicano Carlos Says:

    @madness complete utter madness: Mariah’s dad was African American and she stated as much on the George Lopez Show. She had one ancient relative from Venezuela whom she didn’t even know about but all the rest of her relatives on her father’s side were African American and her dad was from Alabama. it is not only her race but her culture and history as well. And Demi Lovato is half white as well.

  125. 125
    Bruno Says:

    There is nothing mad about it if you study and learn the true facts. Madness rears its convoluted head when people try to substitute their personal opinions as facts.

  126. 126
    Yamila Says:

    @Trujillo: You’re crazy

  127. 127
    Yamila Says:

    @Brasil: Are you kidding me? Brazilians ARE latinos!!! Their languages is latin. And like always these women are or half mexican or half puerto rican or from central america, but what about south american girls???!!!!

  128. 128
    Curitiba Says:

    @Andorra: I was going to say this before you did that Brazilian people describe themselves first by race and/or color and then by nationality. In 2008 according to their government figures the population was divided this way: 48.43% as white Brazilians, 43.80% as multiracial Brazilians, 6.84% as Black Brazilian, 0.58% as Asian Brazilian and 0.28% as Amerindian.

  129. 129
    Astoria Says:

    Curitiba, Americans do the same thing.

  130. 130
    Curitiba Says:

    @AstoriaCalm down it wasn’t meant as a criticism or a dig it’s just what they do.

  131. 131
    anna Says:

    well I’m brazilian and this Latino terminology thing doesn’t exist here and probably doesn’t exist in all of these other contries either, this is something you americans invented, as if we are all the same race! All of these countries have lots of different races and have ancestry form all over the world! The language that you speak does not define a race, if not you’d all be called anglo saxons!

  132. 132
    marina Says:

    I think sport and politics have a bettern idea than all these cultural fights and polemics.
    The Comunidad de Estados Latinoamericanos y Caribeños does not exclude Brasil (nor Brasil is excluding itself) because of any reason. also, the caribbean countries are very much present.
    The Asociacion Latinoamericana de Libre comercio also includes BRasil, but many smaller countries are not present.
    The Grupo de Rio englobes practically every country South of the border, and also in the Caribbean, exception of the Guyanas, I think.

    Hispanoamerica is a restrictive term (to spanish language)
    Latinamerican is a much wider term.
    i would be interested to know what term would be applied to those Mexican descendants who lived in the californias and other border states and kept the spanish language?
    I, as Mexican , am not fixated with that beig darker or whiter defines our nationality or culture.
    An in-law relative of mine is very much German, in blood, looks and culture, but I would not bother to ask her if she is Mexican. She is, and if she does feel more GErman, then it is a personal choice of hers to say that. ust like in Gisele’s case, I’ve read that she considers herself very BRzilian regardless of her family keeping breeding within the germann lines (there are some cultures like that, I guess, not only the Germans, but the Jews, Lebanese, etc here in Mexico did the same to try to preserve their culture).
    And in my country a in most otheres there are big influences, not only of the native or Spanish /Europen countries. Here we had also Blacks coming to certain areas, but also I read that some of the black population came escaping from their Central american/caribbean owners and ended in coastal areas, where you can easily see their influence. The Asian influence/chinese and some Japanese is present.

    Hey I bet the Menonite living in MExico have Mexican passports too, even tough they are protected by international treatys and they try to protect their way of life.

    sorry about the typos and the rant.

  133. 133
    Eresyn Says:


    Jazmín, i totally agree with you..not all argentinian are racists. Most of us are half native and half european, so we’re not calling ourselves european, we’re just plain argentinian, and that’s all…I do not feel represented for any of these women, they may have Latin/Hispanic names but most of them don’t even know how to speak Spanish…just IMO ;)

  134. 134
    Eresyn Says:


    very well said Anna, we don’t use this “latino” to name other south american people…if you’re from Brazil, you’re Brazilian, if you’re from Peru you are just peruvian but “Latino/a?????”

  135. 135
    Balkeo Says:

    Brazilians are the MOST beautiful people on the planet, barnone. Brazilian women are considered beyond beautiful. Brazilians are a little color struck with all their color groupings but gotta admit, they are STUNNING!

  136. 136
    Marina PLEASE! Says:

    Marina: are you kiding? all the dark Indio looking Mexicans are the illegals trying to escape the border. All the white MExicans are on Telenovelas and Univision. Mexico is deeply color struck and racist. Are you really kidding me?? lol.! Denial much?

  137. 137
    d Says:


    Argentina sucks.

  138. 138
    marina Says:

    that would be your opinion.
    I have a BIG bucnh of relatives (probably as 90% of Mexican do) who live in the USA and probably crossed as illegals ever since the 50s, that I know.
    6 half brothers and sisters of mine live up there. They were young when they left. You would not know they are 100% Mexican if you saw them. Maybe 2 or 3 do not want American to know they are Mexican either. tall, white skin. all of them American citizens by now. all of them productitve and hardworking and almost all of them assimilated into the white American culture. Good for them, since they do not have to face the racism against darker mexicans or latin americans.
    On the other hand, I have cousins that left for the US in the 80′s poorer, already adults, and yes darker in skin (my family has blondes, green/blue eyed and also darker, shorter types) and they went to the factories, to poorer areas. Hardworking as well, and they typical type that sends money to their younger brothers, and their children are studying and trying to make it. I bet they face more racism than did my siblings.

    Firs time I went to the states people asked me if I was Italian or Spanish, haha Mexican, I said. I could very well see the kind of dissapointment. being Mexican is not “glamorous” I guess. It made me see how superficial some people are. And I did not learn that in my country, Mexico.
    Good thing I learned that there are wonderful people that are not fixated in races, looks and tones of skin.
    Yes, you can see lighter skined people in TV, but not all of them are, and I do not watch that much tv to help your case.
    Yes, the poorest, not the “darkest” are the ones that have to travel to look for jobs, and they do it within Mexico too, like I guess happens in every country.
    The poorest people here live in the Southern states, in the states with more difficult orographic conditions. MAny of them risk their lives and the few money they have to go up there like many Salvadorians, Guatemalans, etc, do. MExicans who cross are not only poor, but also they have had little oppportunity to go to school.
    So after living here, they go to a country where even their fellow “latins” consider them badly. For what I know, cubans and others consider those with Mexican ancestry “less” than them. So the racist cycle would not end.
    I work in public schools and I do not see racism as bad as you do here in my own country. There was a Veracruzana girl that looked very much in they type of Jada pinkett in one of my classes last year and she was not bullied at all. Maybe you had a bad experience.

  139. 139
    Marina's INS officer Says:

    Marina, sounds like you are desperately trying to prove to us something that statistics refutes. I ive in LA. You go to Van Nuys, East LA, the barrio, ANYWHERE and ALL the Mexicans are Native American looking – very short and stocky, dark, sraight hair and very Indio. The white Mexicans you talk of are not here in numbers honey sorry. But the White Mexican minority refuses to care for these folks thus why so many are here suffering. Despite their own suffering and profiling (See arizona immigrations laws) Mexicans still discriminate against others. Marina you need a wake up call. I think you are delusional.

  140. 140
    jane Says:

    @Marina’s INS officer: so what, you don;t think there are white mexicans too? I know some blond ones as well, it’s a mixed country as all others in the americas. they’re not all in the US for your information

  141. 141
    Valeria Says:

    @Lyla Says:
    Funny, I don’t remember ANY of my friends or acquaintances looking anything like Zoe Saldana in Colombia. The Colombiana movie is a joke. Its not that we are desperate, its that she doesn’t look like shes from medellin, bogota or cali.(where the movie takes place) She does though like shes from el choco or la costa. There are alot more talented Colombian women who could’ve easily played this character but they decided to go with fake and hollywood….like always…. que pesar.

  142. 142
    Valeria Says:

    COLOMBIANS no ColUMbians…. jesus!

  143. 143
    Janes' Illegal Lawn Mowers Says:

    Jane: yes there are white mexicans but they are not the car valets, cleaning ladies, car wash people or undocumented poor immigrants in Los Angeles or Arizona. All the white mexican minority is in Mexico putting themselves on Telenovelas. Come to Los Angeles and see what we mean.

  144. 144
    Valeria Only Likes White Says:

    Valeria – there are black Columbians silly woman. Those blondes at Miss Universe are only there because Columbians think white people are better than they are! lol! But Hollywood only sees you as drug dealers. lol! Get over yourself.

  145. 145
    @blue letters Says:

    You are clearly in need of a therapyst. And in need of a good education too. Livin in what? LA? doesn’t give you knowledge nor authority about a country’s real culture. YOu know what you see there, or what people tell you, but… it is never the same to go an live for a while in a place.

    Before, I would criticize all Americans, making generalizations because I did not know better.
    Now I know that besides people like you, all nasty, prejudiced, uneducated, I know that there are americans from all colors and races that are very nice to foreigners, nor racist, etc. You may get my point, but I see you only agreeing with yourself, so, keep on hating.

  146. 146
    Grape Pickers=not blonde Says:

    #146: I have been to Mexico many many times. I have Mexican friends of all walks of life. My point is this: THE MAJORITY (like 99%) of Mexicans here in the US illegally are poor INDIOS and vey Native American-looking dark short stocky Mexicans who escaped hardship. European features is closely aligned to one’s class in MExico. MOST rich and upper middle class Mexcians are NOT part of that ethnic group. There are historical reasons why that is – whites inherited white european wealth etc. The valets, carwashers, factory workers, fruit pickers, farmers in LA, Arizona, Texas etc are all non white Mexicans. I dare say if they were indeed white, they wouldn’t be treated so awfully by Whites in this country and Mexicans (rich ones) in Mexico.

  147. 147
    LeBraun Says:

    Many people don’t consider Zoe Saldana, La La Vasquez, Rosie Perez, or even Rosario Dawson as authentic Latinas. They just consider as black women. Seriously this is just Latina trying to sell more magazines to the black community and having them eat it up. Also these woman are just playing both sides of the fences so they can make more money which is very sad and manipulative. Eventually people will get tired of it and a backlash will occur so bad it may cost them serious money in the long run.

  148. 148
    LeBraun Says:

    Wow so many bad choices in the Latina Magazine it is crazy. Jessica Alba should not be consider Latina when she said she wasn’t Mexican. Latina Magazine really sucks as a publication. It seems like they want to claim everyone on the planet as Latino/Latina to sell more magazines. It is sad and people should realize their agenda. I would just boycott the magazine from now on if it isn’t really gonna represent true Latinos/Latinas

    To many fakes are starting to show up and really are true representatives of the Latin culture. Many can’t even speak a romance language among other things some can even pronounce their names correctly. It is sad.

  149. 149
    brianna bermudez Says:

    Valeria – C’mon, I find it VERY hard to believe that you were in Cali and you didn’t see any black colombians there. And while Medellin and Bogota don’t have large black colombian populations, doesn’t mean it’s totally unrealistic. Just b/c YOU didn’t see them doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

  150. 150
    brianna bermudez Says:

    Also, Sofia Vergara and Penelope Cruz or JLo could’ve easily replaced Selena Gomez and Jessica Alba. The only thing ‘Latina’ about those two are their surnames. Selena was raised by her white mother and doesn’t know anything about her culture and Jessica constantly tries to distance herself from her Latin roots. Idk why Latinos are so pressed on claiming a woman who has made it clear she wants nothing to do with us. -.-

  151. 151
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