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Selena Gomez, Salma Hayek, & Shakira Cover 'Latina'

Selena Gomez, Salma Hayek, & Shakira Cover 'Latina'

Check out the star studded cover of Latina magazine’s 15th Anniversary issue!

The pullout cover features Shakira, Selena Gomez, Salma Hayek, Zoe Saldana, Eva Longoria, Gloria Estefan, Michelle Rodriguez, Jessica Alba, Daisy Fuentes, America Ferrera, Rosario Dawson, Ana de la Reguera, Natalie Morales, Rosie Perez and La La Anthony.

FYI: The anniversary issue took 9 months of planning, 7 photo shoots, more than 100 red hot designer dresses, and upwards of $10 million in jewelry!

Latina‘s October 2011 issue hits newsstands on Tuesday, September 13. For more from the ladies, visit!

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155 Responses to “Selena Gomez, Salma Hayek, & Shakira Cover 'Latina'”

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  1. 26
    Lyla Says Says:

    @Trujillo: Argentinians see themselves as the White Aryans of Latin America.

    It’s fitting that when they travel to the U.S., they are treated no better than Mexicans. They are racist scums. BTW, maybe Argentina should thank blacks for giving them the Tango.

  2. 27
    Teresa Says:

    The whitest half-sies they could find made the cover and the inset, minus Zoe who is too famous to ignore though they would have if people wouldn’t made a stink about it. In the books The DirtyGirls Social Club by Alisa Rodriguez is being made into a movie but the white Latinas who run the production company, Ann Lopez and Luisa Leschin both white Latinas refuse to have a Black Latina in the movie even though one is featured prominently in the books. There is so much hate in the Latino community against brown and black latino people its is a scandalous shame. They are worse than white Anglos when it comes to color prejudice. Pale and white are always at the top.

  3. 28
    hd Says:

    I like (and don’t even know most of them) none of these women at all. And photoshop, photoshop- you’re creating miracles…

  4. 29
    Cabral Says:

    @Lyla Says: No, you’re wrong! Italian, french and Romanian are also Romance languages but they differ by culture, history and the ethnicity of their people and so does Brazil. The only connection they have to their Spanish speaking neighbors is geography after that nothing else. There are more Italians in Brazil than in America and the large populations of Germans and Poles aren’t Latin in any degree that counts. Gisele is now American and so is her child. Brazil is very different from the other countries in that region and the world knows that which is why they are not lumped in together with the Latinos. Besides, that term latin America is relatively knew but Brazil has always been Brazil and they have their own magazines to show to the world.

  5. 30
    Jen MANSTEALIN Says:

    @ Brasil

    Brasilians are LATINOS !!! They are not hispanic however.
    Latino/latinasis a terms that represent and can be linked to :
    1) Firstly, people of latine origin speaking various forms of the latine language (Spain, Portugal, Italy, France and Romania are latine countries and their people are the original latines, hence latine lover usually implying french or italian lover).
    2) By extension, people with the french, romanian, italian, portuguese, spanish citizenship are latines by association, sharing the same culture. hence you have afro latino, french of african origin
    3) Sometimes Africans colonized by former african countries (mainly portugal and France) or where some latine community exist like Belgiumwhere their official languages are french, dutch and german (hence the Congo where their speak french) are considered Latine Afriacns : they are Latine by culture and bantus by culture and origin by opposition of the anglo saxon sub saharian africans who are all part of the Commonwealth under the Queen of england. In each countrie wether through languages, habits, culture, songs, latine culture is massively intertwined with the local original one and no african country is purely african.
    4) In the Americas, they have modified a little bit the definition to oppose the anglo saxons to the latines ones. Canada & USA against the countries that were funded by latines people : portuguese and spaniards. The thing is there is only one lusophone (meaning where they speak portuguese) country among a dozen of spanish onse and Spain was the direct rival of the UK during the conquest of the continent.
    Notice that the French who took for a while Lousiana are not included in ‘Latines’ in America though technically they are as latine as the other two. But the term ‘creole’ is used for their descents while in countries like the dominican republic, mixed raced or not, they are latines.
    Notice that the Dominican republkic and Haiti are from the same single island divided in two parts : one side speaking spanish, the other side speaking french and both are technically from a latine culture but yet Haiti is not considered as such whereas Martinique and Guadeloupe, being french island are latine by official association to France. You can add French Guyana too.
    And finally, notice that Italian Americans are technically as latines as so called latinos.

  6. 31
    Roma Says:

    England, Ireland and Scotland are all in the same region as well and speak the same language but they are not the same people. Ditto for Brasil and the rest of South America. Brazil has its own culture, language, mores and history so stop trying to link them into the other countries in that area.

  7. 32
    Alga Says:

    The 48% of white Brazilians are white and are counted as white not Portuguese though the Portuguese are white Europeans. They are counted as one in the census, Italian, German, Polish, Portuguese, etc. but they are not Spanish.

  8. 33
    Lyla Says Says:

    @Gomez: Colombians are desperate.

    1.Afro-Colombians make up approximately 21% (9,154,537) of the population according to a projection of the National Administration Department of Statistics (DANE)[4], most of whom are concentrated on the northwest Caribbean coast and the Pacific coast in such departments as Chocó, although considerable numbers are also in Cali, Cartagena, and Barranquilla. Colombia is considered to have the third largest Black/African-descent population in the western hemisphere, following Brazil and the USA.

    2. According to the CIA World Factbook, the majority of the population (58%) is Mestizo, or of mixed European and Amerindian ancestry. Approximately 20% of the population is of European ancestry (predominantly Spanish, partly Italian, Portuguese, and German). The CIA World Factbook also states that 14% of Colombia’s total population is of mixed African and European ancestry, with 3% being of mixed African and Amerindian ancestry, and 4% having primarily African ancestry. Indigenous Amerindians comprise only 1% of the population

  9. 34
    Jen MANSTEALIN Says:

    Also there are huge differencse in the various latine countries. Tropivcal ones are the ones where plenty of slaves were bought. Manys from central africa : the congo and mainly anglo were bought to Brasil and Cuba.
    Argentina has a contiental weather and didn’t need slaves. It’s the mùost ‘european’ of all latine american countries. the most advanced with the biggest community of argentinos coming from italy.
    Of course for them Black are no latinos since it’s the country where there is few Black people. It’s also one of the most racist one of all latine country. It received money stolen to jewish victims during and after the III reich during Perone reign and many nazis fled there as they were protected.
    Brasil is the latine countries with the who benefitted the most of slavery and is the second biggest country in terms of population of Black and African descents after Nigeria.
    That was one of the main argument for Lulla when he was president to build a bridghe between africa,n the motherland and brasil and strengthen the relations between Brasil and Africa.

  10. 35
    julio Says:

    The majority of Argentina people are composed of Italians and Spaniards and they see themselves as European too. Argentina fashions its country after Europe. The people of Argentina are treated like any other white people when they come to America because they have Italian and Spanish names and look European. They have no problems if they do not have a heavy accent. Less than ten percent of the Argentinean people have Mestizo ancestry.

  11. 36
    Cristiano Ronaldo Says:

    Portuguese are Europeans and we don’t like to be called Latino when we are European so learn the truth and stop being stupid Americans.

  12. 37

  13. 38

  14. 39
    Marina Says:

    Jessica Alba is really stunning!)
    Salma Hayek’s dress is awersome!!!

  15. 40
    Anatole Says:

    Brazilians have never called or considered themselves to be Latino they have always stood with their backs toward the Spanish speaking countries surrounding them. Why? Because most of their people are not Hispanic/Latino in origins and neither is their culture.

  16. 41
    Anatole Says:

    One can speak a Latin based language and not be Latino because the french and Italians avoid that word. It is now used to denote people with Spanish names only.

  17. 42
    Adam Says:

    I never knew Zoe Saldana is a Latina!

  18. 43
    Alaia Says:

    What the hell did they do to America Ferrera? She looks anorexic.

  19. 44
    Lyla Says Says:

    @Jen MANSTEALIN: Look up the history of Argentina, There were Black people in Argentina. They still exist there, whether white Argentinians want to admit it or not. The majority of Black Argentinians either blended into the larger population or got ovewhelmed, through genocide or population explosion of European, but they were there.

    Saying 10% of Argentina is Indigenous means nothing, because those so-called 90% Argentinian are not Pure European ancestry as they’d like you to think. Many of those Argentinians have Indigenous and African blood, too.

    It’s like when Mexicans used to claim there were no blacks in Mexico, and the PBS show blacks in Latin America prove there were blacks in mexico and some of their best known revolutionaries were black, also.

    Here’s something about blacks in Argentina:

  20. 45
    Marco Says:

    Brazil is part of the CPLP a Community of Portuguese Language Countries with their own culture separate from its spanish speaking neighbors. Angola, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, Equatorial Guinea also speak the Latin based language of Portuguese but they are not Latino. That term is generally misused in the west as a catch-all way to describe millions of people who generally have nothing to do with one another. It’s crazy how much the word LATINO is misguided and applied where it doesn’t belong. People who think this way are intellectually lazy.

  21. 46
    julio Says:

    #45 Shut up. The Argentinean people are white Italian and Spanish which means EUROPEAN! They have less than ten percent MESTIZO in the population because the Italians and Spaniards did not inter-breed with the small groups of Natives who did not die off from disease.

  22. 47
    Lyla Says Says:

    @Roma: England, Ireland and Scotland have more similiarities than differences. Most ppl cannot tell an English apart from a Scott. They also have similar bloodlines, except for Ireland who are mostly Celtic, but that’s not enough to differentiate them culturally, or otherwise. Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and England belong to a larger “British” culture, or Anglo-culture.

    Likewise, Portugal and Spain have more similarities than differences (I never said there are no differences). I said there are more similiarites. I once had a Portuguese girl translate Spanish for me, because the written languages are 85% similar. Spoken languages aren’t that similar, due to intonation, accent and guttural differences, but written languages are the most similar.

  23. 48
    Jen MANSTEALIN Says:

    Again LATINO is the spanish adjective and comes from european LATINE ulture/people.
    Latine are a sub group of the europeans. There are slavic europeans, latine europeans, anglo saxon europeans, scandinavian europeans.
    Those groups share the same original culture with respective difference today. A same origin which can be represented today through their language. That’s why if you speak spanish you understand easily portuguese and vice versa. that’s why if you speak french, you understand easily romanian and italian. They are all 5 latine language coming from an older similar language/group of people/culture.
    That’s why, danish, norwegian, swedish have the same roots in language. that’s why german and dutch are also from the same roots.
    People act like you are either latine or european. It’s like africans : there are bantus, there are nilohtics : those are sub african groups whose respective language come from a similar older one because at some point they shared the same languag/ culture.

  24. 49
    Lyla Says Says:

    @julio: Yeah, sure a-hole. For a white country, they are sure at the bottom of the pit.
    You know Spain and Italy are marginally white countries.

  25. 50
    Ayiti Says:


    I agree to a point. I feel people like to pick and choose who fits the idea looking latino. If you are going to include Brazil then you must include the French speaking Caribbean too (i.e. Haiti, Guadeloupe, French Guyana etc)

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