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Selena Gomez, Salma Hayek, & Shakira Cover 'Latina'

Selena Gomez, Salma Hayek, & Shakira Cover 'Latina'

Check out the star studded cover of Latina magazine’s 15th Anniversary issue!

The pullout cover features Shakira, Selena Gomez, Salma Hayek, Zoe Saldana, Eva Longoria, Gloria Estefan, Michelle Rodriguez, Jessica Alba, Daisy Fuentes, America Ferrera, Rosario Dawson, Ana de la Reguera, Natalie Morales, Rosie Perez and La La Anthony.

FYI: The anniversary issue took 9 months of planning, 7 photo shoots, more than 100 red hot designer dresses, and upwards of $10 million in jewelry!

Latina‘s October 2011 issue hits newsstands on Tuesday, September 13. For more from the ladies, visit!

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155 Responses to “Selena Gomez, Salma Hayek, & Shakira Cover 'Latina'”

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  1. 76
    Thequeerofallmedia Says:


    If they are not..they should..

  2. 77
    --- Says:

    Don’t forget that Alexis Bledel is half-Mexican (mother’s side) and half-Argentinian (father’s side). I love her since the Gilmore Girls were around. The last time when Alexis Bledel was naked was in Sin City (2005). I also saw the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants sequels.

  3. 78
    Thequeerofallmedia Says:

    I’ m Glad i have set fire on this Topic…I hope Latina Magazine will apologize for not having Brazilian women on the Magazine…I would like to know what Latina Magazine think about this controversy..

  4. 79
    humans are sad Says:

    I read all these posts and they are interesting but don’t you all get ONE major point: DIVIDE and CONQUER in full swing. So Brazilians are not Latino but Hispanic. Caribbean blacks are not Latino but Caribbean. Etc etc etc. Don’t you see it is a why to divide and conquer? It is ABSURD!!! Shakira rocks btw! Celia Crz: the greatest Latina to have ever lived

  5. 80
    Catalina Says:

    @Lyla Says: I wonder where from do you and your silly facts come from?

  6. 81
    gomerpie-l Says:


    Michelle Rodriguez isn’t white. She’s half Puerto Rican/half Dominican.

  7. 82
    gomerpie-l Says:

    @Luciana Perez:

    Again, Michelle Rodriguez is on there and she’s half Puerto Rican (and half Dominican).

  8. 83
    lala Says:

    were’s Penelope, JLO, Sofia,?

  9. 84
    Tanya Says:



  10. 85
    WAA Says:

    Why is Zoe taller than everybody else? isnt she like 5’7”?

  11. 86
    favela Says:

    @Thequeerofallmedia: It doesn’t matter what you think since Brazilians are Brazilian and have there own media and it’s not in any way Spanish.

  12. 87
    Tomas Says:

    @Guy: Xtina is half German and only uses that moniker to suit her needs.

  13. 88
    Tomas Says:

    @Guy: Xtina is half German and only uses that moniker to suit her needs.

  14. 89
    favela Says:

    @Thequeerofallmedia: It doesn’t matter what you think since Brazilians are Brazilian and have there own media and it’s not in any way Spanish.@lala:

  15. 90
    Uruguay Says:

    @lala: Penelope is Spanish therefore European not Latino. Her people were the slave masters who owned you present day Latinos.

  16. 91
    Keene Says:

    @MarilynandtheDiamonds: That’s because most of these women are part white and could care less about you desperate Hispanics trying to claim them. They are laughing at you while they skip to the bank.

  17. 92
    Carnival Says:

    @Jen MANSTEALIN: They don’t have a LATIN culture why is that so hard for you to understand. The culture of Brazil is composed of African and many different European cultures they don’t have one single culture in Brazil. It is a multi-ethnic, multi-racial, multi-cultural country just like the United States. The majority of Brazilians also describe themselves by color not culture.

  18. 93
    Grace Says:

    @MarilynandtheDiamonds: Of course she doesn’t since like Jessica Alba she thinks of herself as American only since they are both half white they have a lot in common.

  19. 94
    Jen MANSTEALIN Says:

    @ Carnival
    Where in my post did i said that they have one single culture ? No american country has a single culture, none of them ! they have all been mixed with local culture, different european and african culture as well as asian one, including the US.
    Now YOU should understand that they are latine because their language, their original culture comes from Portugal, hence they speak the languageof their primal ancestor of the country named Brasil which is one of the main significant tool that link you to your heritage, at least the one that was the main one upon which the society was based at its origin.
    You people think that latine should be declined in one single version, the hispanic one as if hispanic countries were the only latine ones in the world when even between them there are huge differences with countries like venezualla that is more ethnically and culturally closer to Brasil than let’s say very european Argentina. Or like Peru with a massive native culture more indian native than spanish.
    It’s like you think being latine is only being of one single type : spanish with nothing else whatsoever and that you can’t be brasilian AND latine.
    Sorry to burst your bubbles but indeed Brasil is considered a latine country because that’s the original culture it was built on firstly was portuguese, not african, not german, not anglo saxon but portuguese, hence latine.

  20. 95
    S Says:

    They ALL look photoshoped to some extent…really disapointed.

  21. 96
    sianna Says:

    Agree for all the women except Jessica alba, she said she’ not a latina!!!!!!!!
    They can’t put all celebs latinas women on the cover

    The mix Latina/Arab is so great Salma & Shakira are so gorgeous

  22. 97
    alessandra Says:

    Shakira, I hate your hair!

  23. 98
    Anne Says:


    What does that have to do with anything? She was raised in America. We speak English here.

  24. 99
    Laura muller Says:


  25. 100
    jazmín Says:

    Wow, why everyone is so upset just because their countries dont appear in a magazine?!. As a latina, I don’t feel represented by these woman at ALL!. they are not REAL latinas anyway, just some blood (in many cases rejected) most of them even speak spanish! and those of them that DO speak spanish are traitors. Shakira for example, she (tries) to sound (and be) sooo american and you even understand the lyrics of her songs…SO c’mon stop bothering. I don’t feel more than anyone (argentinian btw) and those fellows who does…f*ck ‘em, and for those who are critisazing my country f*ck ‘em too, we’re not all racist!!!!

    ps: shakira, that american-blonde-hairstyle DOESN’T fit on you so…could you please go back to be who you used to be?


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