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Selena Gomez, Salma Hayek, & Shakira Cover 'Latina'

Selena Gomez, Salma Hayek, & Shakira Cover 'Latina'

Check out the star studded cover of Latina magazine’s 15th Anniversary issue!

The pullout cover features Shakira, Selena Gomez, Salma Hayek, Zoe Saldana, Eva Longoria, Gloria Estefan, Michelle Rodriguez, Jessica Alba, Daisy Fuentes, America Ferrera, Rosario Dawson, Ana de la Reguera, Natalie Morales, Rosie Perez and La La Anthony.

FYI: The anniversary issue took 9 months of planning, 7 photo shoots, more than 100 red hot designer dresses, and upwards of $10 million in jewelry!

Latina‘s October 2011 issue hits newsstands on Tuesday, September 13. For more from the ladies, visit!

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155 Responses to “Selena Gomez, Salma Hayek, & Shakira Cover 'Latina'”

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  1. 101
    Smile3 Says:

    Happy to see a project without the Goopy Paltry

  2. 102
    John Says:

    no Penelope Cruz but Selena???!!

  3. 103
    RachelSun Says:

    I call BS on any Columbians not liking Zoe play Columbiana because she doesn’t look Columbian. There are and still are Columbians of African descent. Telemundo did a Spanish Charlie’s Angel some years ago and cast a black Columbian actress she was darker than Zoe Saldana. I am so sick of “white” Hispanics claiming there are no black people in their country. It is BS and racist. Zoe looks like she could be a Columbian of African descent. I hear the same racist BS about Honduras and every other Latin American country.

  4. 104
    Jae Says:

    wait since when was Zoe Saldana Latina?…
    I thought she was black?…

  5. 105
    Judy Says:


    Because there are a lot of Puerto Rican female celebrities that are not included in the spread. Especially the Queen herself JENNIFER LOPEZ!! She’s known around the world!!

  6. 106
    Lelia Watton Says:

    Very disappointed Sofia Vergara didn’t make it, she is born and raised Colombian, she is all over the place and she has worked very hard to get where she is. I am boycotting this magazine.

  7. 107
    asif 2244 Says:

    She is amazingly down to earth and has amazing style and is beautiful! She has it all! She is soooooooooooooooooo lucky girl selena
    online work

  8. 108
    British Latin American Says:

    @RachelSun: *****, stop whining.

  9. 109
    Ivan Says:

    Where`s Sofia Vergara?

  10. 110
    Goth Says:

    English is a Germanic language but people who speak English aren’t German. And the Iberian Peninsula was ruled by the Germans in early history but they are not Latin. Many languages in the world are Latinate in origin but the people who speak them are not Latin in culture or race. You people are confused by trying to tie various ethnic groups into one based on the ancient language that they speak.

  11. 111
    Bahia Says:

    @Jen MANSTEALIN: The Portuguese are Europeans and the original culture of the Iberian Peninsula was Greek not Latin in nature. The original culture and languages of Brazil was Tupi (Tupi-Guarani) and Tapuia and they were not Portuguese by race or culture and a consequence of the migration from Siberia into the Americas. It was the indigenous cultures of these tribes that established Brazil before the European invasion. So in short no, the culture of Brazil was not firstly built by the invading Europeans, the indigenous tribes were already there for thousands of years with their own languages, culture, music, laws and race long before the Europeans came and tried to wipe them out. There were fifteen different tribes who had established and were living in Brazil before the Europeans showed up to categorized them. The Portuguese were never the primal ancestors or language of Brazil, they came later on like everyone else. The culture of Brazil today is a result of ethnic and culturally mixing of the true Natives, the Africans and the Portuguese so you see it is not one thing and certainly not Latin in its original culture. There is no bubble to burst when you know the truth.

  12. 112
    Wondering Says:

    So is Latina a race or not?

  13. 113
    A Says:

    @Wondering: Not.

  14. 114
    Zavala Says:

    The term Latino, despite its increasing popularity is still highly debated among those who are called the name. Since adoption of the term by the US Census Bureau and its subsequent widespread use there have been several controversies and disagreements, specially in the US and, to a lesser extent, in Mexico and other Spanish speaking countries. Regarding it as an arbitrary generic term, many Latin American scholars, journalists and Indigenous rights organizations have objected against the mass media use of the word “Latino” pointing out that such ethnonyms are optional and should be used only to describe people involved in the practices, ideologies and identity politics of their supporters. Journalist Rodolfo Acuna writes: wHEN AND WHY THE lATINO IDENTITY CAME ABOUT IS A MORE INVOLVED STORY. ESSENTIALLY, POLITICIANS THE MEDIA AND MARKETERS FIND IT CONVENIENT TO DEAL WITH THE DIFFERENT UNITED STATES SPANISH SPEAKING PEOPLE UNDER ONE UMBRELLA. HOWEVER, MANY PEOPLE WITH SPANISH SURNAMES CONTEST THE TERM LATINO. THEY CLAIM IT IS MISLEADING BECAUSE NO LATINO OR HISPANIC NATIONALITY EXISTS SINCE NO LATINO STATE EXISTS, SO GENERALIZING THE TERM LATINO SLIGHTS THE VARIOUS NATIONAL IDENTITIES INCLUDED UNDER THE UMBRELLA.

  15. 115
    we are all one Says:

    Zavala: great explanation. I never know if the PC term is Hispanic or Latino. How do I know when to say which? Also I believe this is all a ridiculous ploy to further divide people based on race especially a group that is so high in numbers. For example, are blacks from Panama not Latino? Brazilians? And you know how you have to mark off “white non hispanic” and “black non hispanic ” on forms. why why why? i think it is all odd but not sure the solution.

  16. 116
    Academia Says:

    United States official use of the term “Hispanic” has its origins in the 1970 Census using this criteria: Spanish speakers and persons belonging to a household where Spanish was spoken.
    Persons with Spanish heritage by birth location.
    Persons who self-identify with Spanish ancestry or descent.
    Neither “Hispanic” nor “Latino” refers to a race. As officially defined in the United States “Latino” does not include Brazilian Americans and specially refers to “Spanish culture or origins” in the government’s population reports.

  17. 117
    one drop rulers Says:

    So what are Brazilians considered? A mestizo Brazilian? A white Brazilian? A black Brazilian? What would they fill out on a census form?

  18. 118
    just saying Says:

    I think it is weird that the language you speak determines your ethnicity.

  19. 119
    Andorra Says:

    Brazilians are white, black, native, Asian, Arab and what have you. They refer to themselves always as Brazilians. In America they are referred to as American-Brazilians but at home if they are not obviously European in appearance they will describe themselves by coloring. Brazilians have always been fiercely nationalistic. Europeans simply call them Brazilians the way they refer to Americans as just Americans or Yanks regardless of their color and ethnicity.

  20. 120
    madness complete utter madness Says:

    They Sofia Vergara, Paulina Rubio, Thalia,

  21. 121
    madness complete utter madness Says:

    Christina Agulera, Mariah Carey (dad was venezuelan), Demi Lovato

  22. 122
    Andorra Says:

    Today there are less than a million Brazilian Indians left encompassing over 200 tribes and they are scattered throughout the country. They speak 100 Native languages and the largest tribes are the Guarani and Yanomami who have managed to hold fast to their traditions and languages despite the five hundred years of exposure to European diseases, violence and land dispossession that nearly destroyed them. They describe themselves as INDIGENOUS only, nothing else, according to the latest IBGE census.

  23. 123
    madness complete utter madness Says:

    Jennifer Lopez, Sara Ramirez, Gloria Trevi

  24. 124
    Chicano Carlos Says:

    @madness complete utter madness: Mariah’s dad was African American and she stated as much on the George Lopez Show. She had one ancient relative from Venezuela whom she didn’t even know about but all the rest of her relatives on her father’s side were African American and her dad was from Alabama. it is not only her race but her culture and history as well. And Demi Lovato is half white as well.

  25. 125
    Bruno Says:

    There is nothing mad about it if you study and learn the true facts. Madness rears its convoluted head when people try to substitute their personal opinions as facts.

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