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Hayden Christensen Touches Down in Toronto

Hayden Christensen Touches Down in Toronto

Hayden Christensen lands at Toronto Pearson International Airport on Wednesday (September 7) in Toronto, Canada.

The day before, the 30-year-old actor picked up a few bouquets of flowers from a supermarket in Los Angeles.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Hayden Christensen

Hayden will next be working on the drama, Battlecreek.

The flick takes place in “a small economically depressed southern town” and centers around “a gifted young painter with a rare skin disorder [who] must live his life at night. When a tormented young woman being chased by her own demons stumbles into town, their relationship forces both to ultimately reconcile with their pasts, enabling them to finally move forward to start a new life.”

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  • lexy hates bilson

    Poor guy! Soon Josh Schwartz will have to hire him too! Maybe if Rachel’s show stays on he can join the cast.

  • Observer

    He’s picked up by his Mom (picture #4).
    And somehow this picture shows the maternal inheritance on his (sometimes crude) dressing choices.

  • ka simply amazing

    for hows?

  • thom

    He just kind of dropped off the face of the earth, didn’t he.
    Poor guy.

  • tina

    Welcome home Hayden! Love that smile.

  • tweet

    White flowers, they mean undying pure love, right?

  • Emma

    Flowers for Rachel? If so, how sweet. :)

  • Pepto

    It’s remarkable that the second he gets out of LA and gets back home to Canada, he looks like a different person. He no longer looks like a man headed for the gallows.

  • Emma

    @Pepto: Um, in the airport pictures he looks like he’s being greeted by his mom, obviously he’s going to smile. In the LA ones he’s just leaving a store, why would he be smiling?

  • Pepto

    I’m not talking about just those flower pics, I’m talking 99% of the pics we see of him when he’s in LA. And it’s more than just “smiling.” It’s body language, demeanor. It’s looking relaxed as opposed to looking stressed. It’s being able to read the small clues, not just the obvious ones.

  • Emma

    @Pepto: Seriously, you and others are always making the assumption he is unhappy. If he was really that unhappy, he wouldn’t still be in the relationship he’s been in for the last 4+ years. You can’t judge on if he’s happy or not just by paparazzi photos that take about 5-10 minutes out of the persons day.

  • Karina


    Awww, how RUDE!

  • Karina

    @lexy hates bilson: You know Lexy you and observer are just plain rude…why do you bother following him on the internet via pictures, etc. if you don’t like him or Rachel, really! You both must be really awful people to know, or maybe it’s because you don’t have any friends.

  • Karina

    @Emma: Emma, he and Rachel both don’t like the paparazzi’s harrassement very much. It has to get old, being followed everywhere you go or staying home all the time because you might be mobbed by them. Ugh, I know I wouldn’t like it, I figure if I want to go to a grocery store, or any store I don’t want to have pictures taken of me entering and exiting…good grief, think I would be punching the cameras or something, it’s just too intrusive!

  • Karina

    By the way Lexi he’s up for 3 films, The Diplomat, Money For Nothing and Battlcreek, that isn’t being “desperate” at all! They are waiting on script approvals, etc. Get real!

  • Karina

    Tina, Tweet, and Emma, I can see you are fans as I am. Exciting to see him out and about even though it’s paps pictures, it’s good to see his sweet face again! I also loved seeing Tove in the airport picture with him, he’s still handsome as ever as well! What a nice family!

    Seems to me Pepto needs to take some Immodium, he’s got an awfully “sour” attitude !

  • Karina

    @Pepto: Oh, so you think you can read “body language” eh? How would YOU feel if everytime you went out either walking, riding a bike, shopping, going out to eat or going to get take out you were mobbed by paparazzi snapping pictures all the time? I’m sure that gets old after about the 5th or 6th time and it’s been 10 whole years for Hayden. I wouldn’t like it, it would not only slow you down but be an imposition in getting in and out of somewhere. The REASON Hayden and Rachel do not smile is because if they DO it gives more fuel to the paparazzi to take more pictures then as well as another time. The best way for them is to look straight ahead and move on. and hopefully, get to where they are going with the least amount of fuss. I mean REALLY, everyone has to shop, go to grocery stores, airports, and restaurants…it’s a natural part of life here!

  • Justin

    Hey does anyone who his boots are by?

  • Justin

    Hey does anyone who his boots are by?

  • jess

    Are Hayden’s parents still married? I thought they had already broken up. Whatever, good for Hayden.

  • no-kidding-sherlock

    I won’t be that surprised form the NTH time if that so called Battlecreek would NOT materialized again just like the number of films that his only & still diehard fans had been pressing. Like even in the past that Variety or Hollywood Reporter were even reporting &/or confirming it but it still then get “aborted” huh!
    And Barkson not loving or even liking paparazzi attention?!
    Jeeez, w/ all those obvious & cheesy photo-ops, those who are really in touch w/ reality would absolutely recognized it’s the ONLY one (paparazzi) that give her so-called career a life.

  • Well Said


    It’s a shame that her mom dresses like a homeless lady. NO test at all, not an elegant lady. Though his grand-ma Rose looks always elegant (maybe cos she is italian and has better test than her american daughter Allie christensen).
    She really looks like she is just step out of a farm or her garden. Not nice at all.
    Well, at least she made 1 cute boy and she looks kind. SO we forgive her (a little).

  • who knows?


    Well that s their personal business. If you look closely she still has her wedding band. So guess.
    Again who is mother is b..g isnt our business, but who hayden is f…k..g is!!!

  • Well said

    @Well Said:

    Sorry i meant no taste at all!

    Guess that mrs christensen failed her fashion test and i failed my spelling check

  • tricia

    @Well said: what a skank comment to make about someone’s mother. You are the one with no taste or etiquette.

  • Deborah

    @Emma: Are you sure? Where has Rachel been? Not with him, is she? She used him and probably threw him away.

  • Deborah

    @Karina: Are you kidding me? She totally lives for it. Not him. Get that straight. POOR HAYDEN! He deserves better.

  • Deborah

    @Karina: Totally agree. He is working. Up until a little while ago she wasn’t at all. She just has friends in high places because of her father being a producer.

  • Deborah

    @tricia: That is uncalled for. His mother has been supportive of his career since he was seven. She deserves respect as his mother. Do not make disparaging comments about someone’s mother. Rachel looks like a bag lady so there. Hayden and his mother have a very special relationship and what is wrong with someone living on a farm in a town they are from. Leave her and him alone. Rachel is the one who should be ignored not him.

  • KC

    @ Deborah

    There is a cute twitpic photo of Hayden and Rachel together from this past Sunday at what looks like a booth and an amusement park (on Sunday 9/4/11). It is on website in the photo section, and a couple other websites. Hayden lives with Rachel in LA when he is in LA, there are photos of him having a Mercedes delivered to her house on the iternet on August 24th, google it and they will come up. Who do you think the flowers were for he bought the day before he flew back to Toronto? Rachel is filming her TV show now, and was at Fashion’s NIght Out Sunglass Hut store event in LA tonight. They have been back together since the end of last October.

  • oy

    ‘The flick takes place in “in a small economically depressed southern town”

    Basically, it could be set anywhere in the USA.

  • Emma

    Don’t worry about Deborah, she’s psycho. All you have to do is search under Rachel or Hayden on FB or Twitter and you’ll see exactly who she is. Because she posts about them all the time. No offense, but if you find Rachel ugly or a “bag lady” you don’t really have room to talk. More like you have NOOO room to talk. Hayden is with her, get over it. Will it last forever? Nobody knows but them, it’s their life. They seem to be in love since they’ve stuck together for all these years. I have no idea what’s going to happen in the future with them, but I hope they get married and have kids. Watching all you haters rant and rant and rant will just be HILARIOUS.

  • Emma

    @Deborah: And I like how you say “do not make disparaging comments about someone’s mother”. You’re right, they shouldn’t. But, it’s okay for you to make rude comments about Rachel? She is a person, too.

  • phat-ruleys

    He’s just an “Orlando Bloom Redux”. If acting jobs would continually be that scarce, He will be seen soon be “”hawking””” some more crap cologne, Japanese or other Asian RTW’s and talking about how he likes not being in the spotlight anymore (really?!).
    A CONSISTENTLY questionable talent like him has.NO.staying.power and /or charisma for a leading actor in HW.

  • tricia

    @Deborah: let’s see if you can focus better. I was referring to the person who actually did make the disparaging remarks about Hayden’s mom. @wellmade

  • tricia

    I mean @well said

  • jamie

    Good to see Hayden and is even better when he appears happy, which does not happen when he is in Los Angeles. But I just wanted to see him in more movies …

  • Well said






  • just me

    Suppose to have met a man and lady there too. jared will you get a picture are natalie and her baby in paris. Also hayden don’t need rachel’s money to keep him going No.1 Nice smile

  • tricia

    @Well said:

    That’s not what you said and you know it. It was/is a rude comment but hey, nothing wrong with being rude. Right?

    Grow up yourself instead of anonymously taking pot shots at someone from behind your computer screen.

  • padme

    @Karina — OMG, if you are such a fan of Rachel, then you would know that she relishes the spotlight!!! She is the mother of all fame/media wh@re$….she can’t act but she knows how to tip off the paps!

  • Tove and Hayden.
    His brother Tove was with him when he arrived in Toronto.. That is a bit unusual. Although it explains why he was getting into Tove’s car when he was shopping before leaving L.A.