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Katie Holmes: 'Don't Be Afraid of the Dark' Sequel?

Katie Holmes: 'Don't Be Afraid of the Dark' Sequel?

Katie Holmes heads out of her apartment on Thursday (September 8) in New York City.

The 32-year-old actress later returned in her workout gear after running some errands around the city.

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Katie was recently asked if there had been any talk about a sequel to her latest film, Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark.

“We never did discuss that, but now I’m wondering. I want to know what [director] Guillermo [del Toro]‘s thinking – he’s got so many amazing ideas, so I don’t know,” she told the WSJ.

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  • Alaia

    Guillermo did not direct that film.

  • darina

    Is this a costume for a new role? I heard there will be a remake of The Beverly Hillbillies, lol!

  • darina

    The hat looks too small for her head. Unbelievable, she can’t even get a hat right!

  • Asha

    Doesn’t a movie have to make money for there to be a sequel?

  • e

    This girl has the absolute worst taste in shoes. Truly hideous.

  • Cari

    She can’t possibly imagine in her wildest nightmare that she looks good here?

    And God, please don’t let those ugly shoes be her new replacement for those awful suede boots!

    And sequel? HAH. The film so far has had a piss-poor showing. Came in way below expectations and viewer ratings have it at a C.

  • dani

    Holy Mother of God. Just when you think her fashion sense can’t sink any lower.

    Hat has a big spot on it. Doesn’t look as tho it is raining either.
    Hat doesn’t fit.
    Hair is messy and dirty and in a limp pig tail (and Katie aren’t you a little old for a pigtail or two).
    Sweater and jacket do not go together in terms of styling of the garments.
    Pants are to tight around the thighs and calves yet too loose and ill fitting around the waist (buying a size larger and having a tailor – which she obviously can afford or she can it herself since she is always bragging about her sewing skills take the waist in would fix this easily).
    And the shoes. Make her feet look giant.
    This is the type of outfit we have seen Kidman wear over a 20 plus year period. Don’t care for this style, but Kidman does it oh so much better. Is she trying to be Kidman now?

  • Stress Test Outfit

    Even XENU would hate this outfit.

  • WhoopiePie

    sequel ? LOL why would it be? Or maybe the director just needs to start over again with better actors.

    here is the “amazing” word again. Airhead has such a limited vocabulary.


    It’s best if you go back to school and get an education as well as taking parental classes…and maybe…just maybe…you could get a job as a cashier as long as you keep your mouth shut.

  • Coots

    ugh..,those hideous shoes. Can she have more awful taste??

    Did she borrow that silly stained hat and butt ugly shoes from hubby boy?

    Hilarious and hideous ! How bad can you get?

    gagging and laughing at the same time!

  • Susie#1

    OMG is right. Just a horrible look. Maybe she bought the shoes to wear with her huge orange purse. There should be a contest: The Ten Worst Katie Holmes Outfits; maybe divide it into Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter. She’s a joke.

  • Annabelle

    the real problem is.. that she REALLY thinks that she is a fashionista and a trend setter looool

  • MangerBouger

    Love the shoes.

  • copycat

    doesnt diane kruger usaully has her hair like that (braids) and doesnt she also wear those hats??

    i mean , diane kruger started with those things.

    give it up, katie. you will never , ever come close to diane kruger.

    i know you want joshua jackson back, but he doesnt.

  • notkidding

    A sequel??? That’s rich. The movie is 3rd one week with a meager 8 mil, and then fades into video oblivion. Yessiree, a sequel only in her head.

  • Kate

    This outfit is very Kidman. It is very obvious Katie is copying Nicole. She is trying too hard to be as sophisticated and classy as her but she just can’t because unlike Kidman, she is not a natural classy, elegant chic. She is more of the frumpy, tomboyish kind. Katie is the total opposite of Nicole. Nicole is all classy, Katie is all frumpy. She is dark-skinned, Nicole is pale. She has masculine body, Nicole is so feminine. She is a young soul, Nicole is an old soul. Tom must be very hurt when he left Kidman that he chose a new wife who is a complete opposite of her and plus she has a man’s body so no wonder Tom likes her more.

  • annie

    don’t be afraid of the dark has made $18,231,928 not $8 million. i read it cost $12,1/2 to make somewhere, then i read it cost 25million somewhere else, either way it’seither made it’s money or on it’s way to making it’s money….then there is the overseas distribution to come.

  • toria


    Actually it has made $19,192,031 so far in both domestic and in foreign markets. It cost $25 million to make, but they also most likely spent another $15 million on marketing based on the advertising, promotion etc. And if you look at the figures in the four countries outside the US that it was released in, it is not exactly kicking buttsky. So chances are since the movie is in a downward spiral due to critical and viewer disappointment, it won’t do all that well in the major foreign markets either. And if I may point out, it fell from opening weekend fourth place (it was projected to come in 1 or 2 and even Colombiana beat it) to 8th. Doesn’t look like it is going to rise this weekend either.

    It also came in way below projected figures and out of 22,237 users on Rotten Tomatoes–only 42 percent cared for it. Same goes for BoxOfficeMojo. Out of 124 reviews, only 58 percent liked the movie.

    As a fan of Katie’s you can cry success for the movie all you want, but the statistics tell a different story. Bailee Madison is getting the best reviews for acting with Katie somewhere in the middle. Guy Pearce uniformly has gotten the worst.

    I believe you have been spouting that this movie would make tons of money and Katie would show us all what a great dramatic actress she is over the last several months on KH threads. Well, unfortunately as a fan, you were wrong.

  • cari


    Agree totally. I just finished the Kidman bio by David Thomson and I don’t know who is guiding Katie’s career, but man, it seems as though she is trying to do everything Kidman CAN do (and Katie fails at) and did do from Broadway to singing and dancing (and Kidman got rave reviews for all three), to modeling, to trying to be a fashion icon, to taking on similar roles that Kidman has chosen. Don’t know if she is trying to show Tom that she is better than Kidman or if Tom is trying to show Kidman that he chose someone better than she is in the talent dept (and maybe the personal dept). Or if it is one BIG coincidence. But reading the book and comparing the achievements Nicole garnered vs. Katie almost mimicking so many things that Kidman has done was rather scary. And now she is dressing like vintage Kidman?

  • annie

    @ toria
    You know toria , whatever I say or give a fact- even if it’s a true fact, you and others will find something to challenge it, to your way of thinking, which is always basically negative.
    i have learnt that it’s always the people who don’t have nice things to say come out first, and that goes for a lot of things, not just here.
    .DBAOTD will come out in November, this way i will judge for myself. I have never said that Katie is the ”best” at anything- if I have defended her quite vigoursly on occasion, it’s because you make her out to be the worst, and that is very far from the truth as you can get.
    Being a fan doesn’t mean, to me, she gets it right, or does it right on every occasion, just because she’s Katie. I’m the first one to say that I can’t figure out why any of those good actors signed on to make The Romantics, it did nothing for me, even tho I like Katie and the rest of the actors.
    As for overseas release, I prefer to wait, and then comment .
    However, the other day I read a really interesting little article. It’s interesting because the person who wrote it questioned a couple of pics , concerning Anjelina Jolie, walking with her kids on the grounds of their estate. There was Shilo. holding her blanket -dragging it on the ground sucking her thumb.
    The writer thought it unusual that those pics went comment free, and compared them to Katie and Suri. In other words , she questioned why is alright for some and not right for others- when in reality kids are kids whoever they are. She also wrote that for the first time she felt sorry for the Cruise family, after seeing the pics.
    This happens all the time, in everything they do.
    Sometimes in defending her , I have to give examples and comparisons, and I can give a lot, but I don’t want to.
    I consider myself a very fair and honest person,and in comparison to many, see it every day here on JJ, she’s pretty good, regardless what ever goes on here.
    Like I said… you have your opinion ..I have mine, and that’s ok too.
    Now ”Crazy Annie” is going to put in her 2 cents .

  • toria


    Annie, did you ever stop to think why Katie is the object of dislike when once she was well-liked while she was in DC and before TC?

    First as a woman who has fought my way through the business world to get to wherever I am…it offends me mightily when she says things like (Letterman after meeting Cruise) – if she had two premieres to go to–hers and Tom’s–she would support her man. What about all the costars and people on her film? She worked for/with them and they deserve her support in this case, not Tom.

    Huffington Post had an article about which actor was the face of Scientology. She won. Not Cruise, not Travolta. That is very telling about people’s perceptions of her (right or wrong). Most people seem to feel after meeting TC–a few weeks later she dumps all her old friends (and many of them have come out and said that once she met Tom they were history–no returned calls, emails nada), her religion and the people that supported her in her career.

    Her intelligence being questioned is her own fault. Even Vanity Fair said of one of her first interviews where she constantly exclaimed things like “amazing” or “magical” that she seemed vacant. Does she not have a stronger, more extensive and vibrant vocabulary than to just say everything is amazing?

    Although Romeo and I’m sure you challenge this – she WAS fired from Batman 2. That was the first info that came out and then Tom’s machine jumped in and suddenly she had conflicts and had quit for Mad Money–give us all a break–no one would give up a blockbuster like Batman for Mad Money in Hollywood. Well, having worked in media PR–I can tell you that her antics promoting the movie were without a doubt the cause of her being fired. She did not promote the movie, she promoted Tom Cruise.

    No major or minor film is going to stand for the way she went about promoting the movie by promoting another movie. And many industry experts think Tom’s antics caused War of the Worlds to come in at $100 million less than projected.

    She is A list by association and being A list the public expects her to look better than a drunken D lister. A good fifty percent of the photos out there seem to show her looking like a mess and not a hot a mess. Maybe KH feels comfort comes before fashion, but you can go out in clean, unwrinkled flattering comfortable clothes with clean, well managed hair. Admittedly she has a less than stellar body and thick legs, but there are clothes that will downplay these faults instead of calling attention to them. Seems like she often chooses clothes that accentuates her faults.And you don’t foist a fashion line on the public when you are unwilling to work at looking good.

    and Annie, she has made bomb after bomb of a film. If she wasn’t Mrs. Tom Cruise, I truly don’t think she’d have been hired to make the movies she has made. Industry insiders crunch numbers constantly. Kidman often bombs in the US, but she is still a huge hit internationally. Aniston, while constantly getting poor reviews, has a huge fan base which makes her cheaply produced movies profitable. Katie bombs overseas and she does not have a huge movie going fan base. And her movies are not profitable.

    On parenting–although Suri has a fan club, there are many parents who look at TomKat and wonder what the heck is going on–Suri seems to be the one making the decisions, ruling the roost etc. Katie obviously loves this child deeply, but her parenting skills to the average parent su-ck big time.

    So while you may be a fan, many of us never watched DC and basically first heard of KH due to TC’s amorous couch jumping and over-the-top ravings. Maybe she is sweet. Maybe she is everything you think she is–but the moves she has made since TC or the moves she was directed to make since meeting up with the controlling TC–certainly have not painted her as someone with a brain, normal intelligence etc. Since TC most of her interviews have her sounding like a vapid, empty headed Paris Hilton. She would most likely gain greater acceptance amongst the general public if she were to grow a spine and quit with the little girls looks and acts. She is what 34? Time to grow up.

  • annie

    @ Toria
    ok- what can I say, we say the same things over and over.
    Even tho I don’t think she was fired, because of what Nolan said- you are very sure she was, and that’s the tone of your post.
    Katie never had very successful movies, she always said so, herself DBAOTD is her most successful so far.
    She’s never been in the A list of actresses, whoever they are, and there’s not many either. There’s room for all types in Hollywood, and all work. When you come on to a Katie story on JJ, you don’t see photos of others.
    Sorry Toria, I respect your opinions but can’t agree.