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Avril Lavigne: 'Wish You Were Here' Video Premiere!

Avril Lavigne: 'Wish You Were Here' Video Premiere!

Avril Lavigne cries her eyes out in a bathtub in the premiere of her latest video “Wish You Were Here.”

The 26-year-old singer’s song is the latest single off of her album Goodbye Lullaby.

“What do you guys think of the new “Wish You Were Here” video? It’s simple but emotional. Raw and real. Stripped down,” Avril tweeted to her fans.

Check out iTunes to buy Avril‘s fourth studio album Goodbye Lullaby!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the music video for Avril Lavigne’s latest single, “Wish You Were Here”?

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  • Alex

    Simple, yet real and raw. I like it. Avril looks pretty in this as well.

  • Paul

    Just perfect.

  • Alicia

    Amazing video and song.

  • Natalie

    I guess this was the first video that i saw and i thought that she’s back to the old Avril, when she was simply, without so much make up, and she didn’t need really too many decorade for express herself :) She’s really a great artist, and she have everything she needs to make any video wonderful.

  • georgia

    are these really the lyrics? Terrible song!

  • Danny

    I must admite that i expected a little more… but anyway i love this video, her tears are real, this video is, like she said, raw, exposed and real, simple but beautiful, and the most important thing, THIS IS WHAT GOODBYE LULLABY MEANS, i love smile and what the hell but THIS new video is the real meaning of the album, thanks for that Avril…

  • Brett

    I love this song, I like how she gets so emotional in the video, makes me emotional too.

  • Charlotte

    Such a simple video….but that is why I love it :) wonder what her next single is going to be? I really wish “I love you” would be a single it’s such a good song. Love all the imaging used in this video, very powerful, i love it.

  • Herman

    Is she joking? “damn damn damn I wish you were here here here. Who wrote this, a ten year old?”

  • petra

    i don’t understand………

  • Kelley

    I thought the song was terrible…havent liked any of her songs since her first Album. Hopefully the next song that comes out will be better.

  • Kelley

    I thought the song was terrible…havent liked any of her songs since her first Album. Hopefully the next song that comes out will be better.

  • luciana

    is so real and emotional….i have never craied all night —-i love her,

    is amazing

    argentinaa we love youu!!!

  • Christina

    She is beautiful and talented. Love it!

  • hmmm

    pl3ease stop with the dark eyeliner

  • Dear Avril: broaden vocabulary

    Songwriting at it’s best ladies and gentlemen!

  • ace11

    the fact that she gets banged by a total douche bag kills her reputation

    she used to have morals

  • Hi

    I see only 12 year olds comment here otherwise they knew she stole the title from one of greatest Pink Floyd songs ever.

  • what the?

    This is terrible.

  • WYWH

    @Hi: Wow, what a fcuking musical genius. You might as well call out Avril’s Black Star and Everybody Hurts while you’re at it.

    No, seriously? It doesn’t make sense at all. How did Avril steal it when they don’t even own any fcuking rights to the phrase “Wish You Were Here”? Songs with same song titles are fine, just as long as the lyrics are different.

    @Herman: All of her songs have always been straight to the point. She’s not the metaphor, poetic type.

    @hmmm: You’re not Avril’s mother so sit your butt down.

  • julie

    Before all the fans start giving me thumbs down and all the haters thumbs up, I must state that I actually like her music. She is yet to grow on the lyrical level but then again not everyone uses big words and deeeeeep meanings from the get-go. She started off full power, indeed in the ways of Alanis (comparing Canadian songstresses) but I think the fame took (and run her) over (plus she was a few yrs younger than Alanis) and I have since then always felt she perhaps hasn’t really lived out her teenage years and she’s somehow still living in them. Hence the clothes, the heavy make up and insecurity. But that’s okay, she needs to grow and develop and she’s clearly here to stay, no matter what haters say, she’s created an empire with clothes, perfumes, music, etc. The girl works hard for her eyeliner. :)
    I must admit, the lyrics could be a bit deeper or less simple but then again, her audience IS mostly young girls. The music of the song is very Avril and she is staying true to herself. Again, I really like the music, gets stuck in my head and not in a bad way. I have a friend who’s 55 and he is more musical than lyrical, meaning the song means more to him from the musical than lyrical context and he loves hers. And he’s tough audience.
    But the video… It is beautiful, the rawness and the reality of it are amazing and the emotion is breathtaking. She also tells it how it is. But I must admit, I was very disturbed by the amount of make up running down her face. I feel she uses it as a mask from the outside world. She doesn’t need it to be beautiful and I only wish she didn’t need it to feel beautiful.
    This said, I haven’t heard the entire new album yet but given the situation she was in when she was writing it, I think we’ll get the growing Avril. Godspeed girl, you’re talented, just don’t be insecure. :)

  • are you high?


  • shadow


  • Lisa

    I don’t understand the point of wearing 20 gallons of eyeliner and mascara when you know that you are going to cry or somehow get it wet. The running eyeliner and mascara down your face is just NOT a good look. The video reminds me of LeAnn Rime’s video for the song, “Probably Wouldn’t Be This Way.” I don’t like the song or the video.

  • Marcus

    @julie: Very nicely said.Alot of people don’t get Avril but you clearly do.

  • My

    I hate the Max martin songs on her album, they all sucks but atleast this song isn´t about that real loser with no talent and no brain. It´s about Deryck, her real love. Avril would never cry like this in a song for that famewhore moron. Here she says it about a relationship that she was in: (maybe the link will not be shown but it´s on youtube with the titel: Avril Lavigne WYWH about missing Deryck Whibley )

  • My

    @ace11: best and honest post here.

  • sarah

    My heart is bleeding when I’m listening to this song
    It is beautiful.

    @julie yes,I think the lyrics can be deeper

  • kate

    Song speaks for itself is such an EPIC song it doesn’t need that big video they did like Gaga and TEOG and this one still way better

    but I agree that yes they can do a better video!
    also I love how Avril and Britney made tributes to each other! LMAO

  • Lydia

    I actually like the song and the video. It’s just so Avril and I’m glad that she’s back. My brain has been so oversaturated with dance pop (not that there’s anything wrong with that, but it’s been so extreme lately) that I found this to be refreshing. It’s like she’s not trying to be different like other pop stars, but she’s herself and I like that.

  • sara

    Bland predictable video/song, same hitmaking producer (max martin) as the other dance pop artists and same autotune.

  • Hi


    You are defending Avril Lavigne. Do you not understand how embarrassing that is. Also Pink Floyd’s song is one of the most recongizable and best songs ever written. Using that title for this non talented poptard’s “music” is a joke.

  • RealinLA

    Are you people wearing your glasses? Beautiful? AVRIL? No. She’s plainly white trash and 4lbs of mascara rolling on the dirty floor.

    Her voice has the same tone as a bat shriek and I agree—she has the lyrical talent of a child. Brody Jenner may be a douche, but she’s a talentless troll who needs to grow up.

  • Robert

    The video is simple, but it is wonderful just for simplicity.

    @RealinLA: Avril is neither ugly nor talentless. She is beautiful even without makeup. In my opinion she is the most beautiful woman in the world. Her voice is one of the best out there at the present time. You should watch her live perfomances on Youtube. How many of her songs do you know? She is a talented songwriter and has better songs than for example “What the hell” or “Girlfriend”.

  • Marcus

    @RealinLA: Ignorance is bliss,and in your case,a lifestyle.

  • Ramil

    Emotionally touching.


    Avril, I love you

  • http://facebook brittney

    i love this song and video. I love how emotional she gets. Like she said…raw and real. It is simple but it works…especialy for her. (: